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Women's Planet - 8. Girls Become Women


Danielle took Marjorie to the local slave rental office, then she rode Steven back home where she met Monica. The sea house was quite large. The girls had slept in the same room at first, in order to share Steven’s services, but now Monica kept their previous room, while Danielle didn’t dismount and made Steven go upstairs to her mother’s room. When she stood up, Steven’s back muscles suddenly got very stiff: his mistress had been riding him for so many hours that his body had gotten somehow used to feeling her weight on it. Danielle sat on the bed, put a foot on Steven’s shoulder and said: “You’ve been great today, my dear slave. I didn’t believe you could tolerate so much effort, but you did it for me. You must really love me!” Steven looked exhausted. His back, shoulders and right arm were visibly bruised by Danielle’s whip. His hands were scratched and his knees were visibly bleeding. But he felt the luckiest man in the world, even if he didn’t know that the best part was still to come…

“Now I want you to come with me into the bathroom.” This had never happened before: slaves used to wash themselves in the stables. Danielle let Steven take bit and stirrups off, and made him sprawl inside the shower unit. She opened the water jet and left him there while getting undressed. Once the water temperature was fine, she entered the shower unit, stepping on his chest, and enjoyed a long shower on top of his muscular body. She never looked at him, while he couldn’t believe his own eyes: she was standing on him, completely naked, beautiful beyond imagination. Those minutes seemed so short: she soon stepped out, wore a bathrobe, then poured some bath foam on him. “You deserved a real shower. Take your time, then dry your body with that towel, clean up the bathroom and come back to me.”

Ten minutes later he joined her in the bedroom, where Danielle showed Steven how to fasten some straps to the ceiling and hang himself to them in order to become a human hammock. Then she hopped on him and took a comfortable position, with a foot on his head. She slept there for a couple of hours, then she went to the bathroom.

Once back she made him sit on the floor, with his head on the bed facing upwards. Then, without a word, she gently sat on his face. Of course he knew what to do.

The feeling of his diligent tongue was a dream! He perfectly cleaned her ass and gave her a completely new kind of pleasure. After a while, she sent him to wash mouth and tongue. Steven came back crawling, found Danielle sat on the bed and saw her desire: he plunged his head between her legs and started licking her passionately. Danielle soon felt carried away and couldn’t avoid moaning loudly. She initially caressed Steven’s hair, then pulled it, and finally took the whip and hit his back with all of her might.

Her memories were a bit confused when she woke up in the morning. Danielle couldn’t remember how many orgasms she had had. She had tested everything Marjorie had narrated the day before, eventually losing her virginity. And she had frequently switched behaviour, from kissing and caressing Steven, to tormenting him with no mercy.

She felt happy, feminine, complete. But something troubled her. A doubt: had she only used her slave for her own pleasure, or actually made love to him?