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Women's Planet - 7. Beach Life


The beach is ideal for fun riding. Women make slaves get on all-fours and they spend entire days on their comfortable backs. Slaves don’t need to wear anything but shorts: their hands and knees can walk on the sand with no serious injuries, and this makes their use extremely flexible: they can switch from ponies to sea-horses with no breaks, and their mistresses don’t even need to get off to use them as sun beds, stools, rugs...

Danielle and Monica were just approaching the beach, so excited about their first holiday with no parents! They had put a towel on Steven’s back, for two reasons: keeping his sweat off their bottoms… and hiding the wounds from the day before! Danielle rode in the middle of Steven's back, her feet in special beach stirrups (made of latex instead of leather) while Monica sat in front of her, close to the slave’s neck, with both her pretty legs hanging from one side next to Steven’s right arm.

“Danielle, it looks like you’re a knight and you just saved me!”, Monica said with a bright smile. Both girls were barefoot, following the latest trend: it meant they were rich enough to own a first quality slave, able to endure an entire day with his owner’s weight on his back. They would have never gone out of trend! No problem if it was two women riding one slave only. No worries if he had had to carry them on a beaten track with no knee pads for a few minutes, before reaching the softer sand…

Once arrived to the beach umbrella, the girls dismounted and got undressed. What a beautiful couple in their bikinis! Danielle was 5'4" and about 120 lbs. She had a beautiful golden skin, hair the color of honey, large brown eyes which turned green with sunlight. Monica was a bit smaller, a brunette, with deep blue eyes and porcelain white skin.

They jumped back on Steven’s back and rode him at full gallop into the sea!

Half an hour later, they were relaxing and getting tanned. Steven’s back was not large enough for both to sprawl, so Monica rented a plastic sun bed while Danielle had her strong, comfortable slave under her.

The girls they had met the day before arrived soon, riding at a fast trot, barefoot and topless. They harshly pulled the bridles to stop their slaves and joined their new friends, renting the umbrella alongside theirs.

Marjorie, Lindsay and Jennifer were respectively 22, 19 and 25. Danielle and Monica soon noticed how much smarter and more experienced they were: they often talked about sex, wore no bras, used their slave with extreme sadism. Sex was still taboo for Danielle and Monica, whose mothers had preferred to wait until they were 18 before telling them anything about it. Yes, they got aroused by the slave bodies under them, they knew the difference between male and female bodies, and sometimes they touched themselves at night to get pleasure in secret… But that was it. A couple of days with their new friends was like a crash course in adulthood!

Women truly believed in male inferiority, and applied that to any activities in bed as well. They only kissed and caressed other women’s lips and bodies, usually close friends, while using men’s bodies under them for their pleasure. If two women wanted to share the same slave, for example, they sat naked in front of each other with the slave’s body under them, using his mouth and genitals for their pleasure: the slave constantly licked one lady and penetrated the other, but couldn’t cum until authorized. If a woman simply wanted to have sex with her own slave, she usually dominated and tortured him for the whole time: everything was meant for her pleasure only.

Danielle and Monica were astonished by the sadism of their new friends. Jennifer used to turn off cigarettes on her slave’s back, of course while sitting on him. Marjorie loved riding more than anything: she had a large collection of razor-sharp spurs and used to boast of having killed a slave during a race across the desert. Lindsay always found out new ways to torture his slave: her latest game was to ride him on all fours, covering his eyes with a bandage, and launching him at full gallop against walls, trees and other obstacles: the slave knew her intentions and that he was going to get hurt, yet he kept obeying. Last but not least, the three girls regularly used the tongues of their slaves to clean themselves, and their mouths as toilets on-the-go!

“And we’re known at school as cruel mistresses,” Monica whispered to her best friend “just because we frequently ride Steven together!”

“Yes, I think they can be a little extreme,” Danielle replied “but I’m still going to listen to everything: there are some nice ideas we may still want to try!”

The following day was cloudy. The girls decided to take advantage of the empty beach and have a long ride for some exploration. Monica took her place on Steven’s back in front of Danielle, but this time she sat in a forward direction, with her legs hanging by the sides of his face and the bridles in her hands. Danielle sat behind her, feet in the stirrups, left hand around Monica’s waistline, right hand often whipping Steven to make him keep the others’ pace (whose slaves had one rider only). Danielle had been a bit concerned about sharing Steven with Monica for the entire holiday, but he was so strong and devoted that everything was working out great.

Hours later, Marjorie was the first to suggest a race. Jennifer and Lindsay promptly agreed, while Danielle and Monica were hesitant because they were sharing the same human pony. “I’ve got an idea…” Jennifer said “We’ll have several races, each with three contenders, with one slave standing as chair for the other two women. The course will be: reaching that tree over there, turning around and coming back here. It should be about 1 mile in total.”

– First race. Danielle rides Steven, Jennifer and Lindsay mount their respective slaves. Monica and Marjorie give the start, while sitting on the fourth slave’s back. The riders seem careful at first, then they begin to push harder and harder. Danielle starts whipping Steven harshly on his nape and shoulders just before reaching the tree, and with a great return leg she gains a clear victory. Lindsay beats Jennifer by a hair.

– Second race. Marjorie approaches the start line. She’s the most experienced rider, her slave is the most muscular and is also supposed to be less tired. The others hesitate a second, then Monica borrows Steven from Danielle and joins the race, followed by Lindsay on her slave. Marjorie leads the race from the beginning, but Lindsay wants a revenge and almost reaches her at the tree. Monica arrives last at the turning point, but she is able to take tighter turn and exit on the best path. She starts whipping Steven’s shouders with no mercy; he responds with a great progression and they fly to victory!

– Third race. Marjorie, surprised by the previous result, is so angry with her slave for losing that she doesn’t want to ride him anymore. So she asks Monica to swap, but Danielle says she never lends Steven to anybody: Monica is the only exception. So they arrange a last race with two-girl teams: Danielle and Marjorie ride Steven together, Lindsay and Monica mount Marjorie’s slave. Jennifer is allowed to ride her slave alone, because he’s clearly the slowest, while Lindsay’s slave will wait there alone, to be a human finish line. So much fun! Both the fully-loaded slaves stumble a couple of times, but react quickly and don’t make Danielle and Monica’s legs (the two riders sitting at the front) touch the sand. The girls just laugh and whip them harder. Jennifer of course wins, being the only solo rider, while Steven beats Marjorie’s slave again.

At the end, all the girls left their exhausted slaves to lay on the sand for a few minutes and walked to the sea to stretch their legs, smiling and chatting about how fun the races had been. After a while, they didn’t want to come back with any sand on their feet. So they called the slaves with a whistle. The guys promptly crawled into the low water, to serve as chairs for their ladies. Marjorie didn’t sit on her slave though, but suddenly kicked his face and put her foot on his neck, keeping his head under water. “I won dozens of official races with different slaves, including him,” she said to the others. “I can’t tolerate that he made me lose today! No offence, Danielle: Steven is great. But he’s not professionally trained! I’m supposed to beat him without even using the whip! I will never ride this asshole again: he doesn’t deserve the honor. Monica, would you like to use him until the end of the holidays? After that, I will sell him to the public transport company: he’ll finish his days pulling buses!” Monica immediately accepted, so Marjorie lifted her foot and let the poor slave breathe. All the girls were a bit scared: no one doubted that Marjorie would have let the slave drown, had Monica refused to borrow him. Marjorie’s slave was terrified. He hadn’t heard her decision, but knew Marjorie well enough to be aware that his already hard life was soon going to become a nightmare!

“You belong to Monica for the rest of the vacation," Marjorie said. Then she looked at the other girls and smiled: “Ok, friends. Accident closed. Would you like to go back? Danielle, would you be so kind to give me a ride? I like mounting winners only…”

Of course Danielle accepted: she was a bit scared by some of Marjorie’s ways, but also much fascinated by her strong personality. A couple of hours separated the group from the houses. Monica soon forgot the scary episode, and felt so happy to enjoy her own dedicated slave! Lindsay and Jennifer rode next to her and they had a long chat. Meanwhile Danielle was immersed in deep conversation with Marjorie, who sat on Steven’s shoulders with both legs hanging from one side (exactly like Monica on the day before): this allowed them to see each other’s face while speaking. Marjorie talked a lot about riding competitions. She told Danielle that her slave had great potential and she might be a good racer. But she also warned her: “Professional level is challenging. It requires strong discipline and hard training. And you must accept some compromises… Professional race-slaves get injured, and sooner or later you must give them heavy drugs, this way accepting to shorten their lives. Did you see my slave today? I’m giving him away on a whim, and I love myself for being so cynical. But maybe I’m doing him a favor: the last time I kept a slave who was on his descending path, I rode him to death during an endurance race in the desert.”

Now Danielle was really impressed. She loved the idea of competing, but she wanted to have Steven serving her for the rest of her life. Steven heard the entire conversation while carrying the girls on his back, but he had other concerns at that moment: his arms were seriously starting to hurt. He had spent the entire day on his hands and knees, carrying two women for most of the time. And now Marjorie, who was beautiful and in shape but weighed about 20 lbs more than Monica, was practically sitting on his neck. In the meantime Danielle was of course on his back, with her pretty feet in the stirrups. She wanted to impress Marjorie again about her slave’s performance, so she demanded him to keep the others’ pace, frequently whipping his right shoulder and arm (because Marjorie’s legs were hanging from his left side), even when it started raining and the other girls resolutely increased their speed.