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Women's Planet - 9. Back Home


The two weeks of vacation eventually came to an end.

Steven loaded Danielle and Monica’s luggage while the girls said goodbye to their friends, with long hugs and heartfelt commitments to keep in touch. Lindsay rode her slave on the shoulders for the first mile beside their rickshaw, keeping Monica’s hand and saying that they absolutely had to meet again soon. Then Danielle whipped Steven, who took a faster pace: they had hours of road ahead.

“I did it, Monica,” Danielle said after a while.

“What are you talking about?”

“I had sex. Great, fantastic, exhausting sex…”

“Oh my God! You really… I mean… you and Steven?… You bad girl! Why didn’t you tell me before?!? I wanna know every single detail!!”

“Well, it was a dream… I can’t describe all the feelings… I mean, at the end I completely lost control, like my soul left my own body… and for a moment he was no longer my slave… but we were part of the same human being!”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it. No no no… You can’t! You didn’t just have sex. You’re falling in love with him!” Monica replied, turning serious. “My Mum warned me, there are some things we can’t do with slaves: sex is allowed, of course, but we must follow strict rules!”

“Don’t worry, Monica. I’m not in love! He’s my slave, I love this, not him… and I just used him for my pleasure… I was always in control, I whipped his back while he was on his knees, licking me… and he never did anything but follow my orders!”

“Ok. Then please, tell me you haven’t left space to any affection… not even for a moment.”

“Well… yes… but it’s been when I wanted it only! I found it exciting to change my behavior as I wanted, suddenly turning from kisses to hard whipping.” Danielle was smiling now, with dreaming eyes. But her voice unveiled some concern too…

“You must be crazy!!! You can’t kiss him!! Men are pack animals, slaves, meant to serve us… Women suffered for centuries, before truly realizing it and building a better world. If you kiss a man, you’re putting in danger the entire system!” Monica took a short break, afraid to have been a bit extreme. Then she added: “Danielle, you’re my best friend and I’m just worried about you right now. My Grandma used to say that once you caress a slave’s head, you lose half of your power over him. Men don’t deserve anything but submission and pain. They’re all born to serve us. They must constantly feel inferior, they’re meant to live and die for our convenience.”

Danielle started to feel resentful toward her friend, but also a bit scared. She felt sure to have full control over Steven, but she knew she was young and she had much respect for the experience of the female leadership. After all, a world without male slavery was unimaginable! Perhaps she had just confused Steven’s devotion with love, and she had fallen into the mistake of giving him some love in return…

She looked at his muscular body in action and she felt so comfortable, superior, excited. She whipped him once, twice… and he promptly speeded up. What a beautiful feeling!

Monica observed the scene, then said: “Ok, honey. You love whipping your slave, like every woman on Earth. What is that supposed to demonstrate? If you really want to feel sure that he’s just a slave for you, give me the whip.” Monica hit Steven’s back repeatedly, and the girl’s rickshaw gained further speed. Then she said: “I’m going to be so merciless that we’ll set a new record. I may even end up killing him. If you really want to persuade me of what you said, that he’s just a slave for you, you will let me go through with it without a word.”

Monica kept her promise. For the following hour, she literally whipped Steven’s back every few seconds. Had she been a stronger woman, Steven would truly have risked his life! Then they took a brief stop at the service station, where Monica realized how tired her arm had gotten.

So she ordered Steven to wear the shoulder riding saddle, while she wore a couple of riding boots with spurs.

Steven had to continue the trip with Monica sitting on his shoulders. This way she could spur him more comfortably, avoiding to tire her arm with the long whip. Her feet were comfortable in the stirrups, and a subtle movement was sufficient to hurt Steven’s abdomen with the razor-sharp spurs. Monica was genuinely doing this for her best friend… but she also found it incredibly arousing! She had never felt so powerful. Steven’s amazing body was under her, reacting to the cruel orders of her feet, while she sat comfortably and just thought of how to make him suffer and pull the rickshaw as fast as possible.

Meanwhile Danielle, alone on the rickshaw, knew that Monica could no longer see her face… so she started crying. “Yes, I love him” she confessed to herself. But she wasn’t going to stop Monica, or she would tell her mother everything and have Steven sold, or worse. So she just watched as Monica tortured him with unbelievable cruelty, hour after hour. She just prayed that he was strong enough to go through this… for her.

Then she suddenly stopped crying and started to watch the scene in front of her from a different perspective: Monica was pushing Steven unreasonably hard? Fine! He had to resist for his owner and Goddess, Danielle. He had to prove his unlimited love and devotion. “Suffer for me, slave!” she thought.

Yes, she decided: love could be compatible with the rules of the new world: theirs was a love story in which Steven had to devote his life to her, while she could always decide whether to torture or caress him. Danielle’s fear was suddenly replaced by sexual excitement. “I want you to suffer, slave! I want to let Monica have fun on your shoulders, while you pull me on the rickshaw. These are my orders! I want your extreme pain for our pleasure and comfort…” She touched herself while whispering this, and gained one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

“Hey, Monica!” she yelled a few minutes after that. “I’m afraid we’re proceeding too slow this way. We’ll reach home at night! I know that you’re having fun, and I am too… but Steven is going to be faster if you come back to seat here instead of riding his shoulders. If you’re still not persuaded that I consider him as a slave only, just let me show you something.”

Monica made Steven slow down, then stopped on the side of the road and quickly dismounted as Steven kneeled down for her. Danielle snapped her fingers and Steven got into position to let her step down, beside the rickshaw. She noticed his shaking exhausted muscles and bleeding injuries, but she stepped on his back slowly with her high-heel sandals, showing no mercy. “We’re in the middle of the desert. There’s no human being on the horizon. You can’t die, slave, at least not before you carry us home. So here’s a secret potion for you, to regain energy.”

Danielle grabbed his hair and put his face under her short skirt…

He drank every single drop of her warm nectar.

Danielle couldn’t help but notice some tears in his exhausted eyes. Monica had pushed him to utter desperation with her extreme cruelty.

It worked though: Monica had never seen a slave used as a toilet and she was genuinely impressed, so she stopped doubting her friend and the journey could continue with no further problems. The girls spent the following hours chatting about other stuff, as if nothing had happened: tales from the vacation and expectations about the coming academic year were the favourite topics, while Steven was ignored and simply used as their devoted human horse.