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Women's Planet - 4. Riding in the Countryside


Soon it was Spring, and the girls started spending long afternoons outdoors. Equestrian activities of course became a daily occurrence for Danielle and her friends. The girls still used faster and comfortable rickshaws every day, but now they started riding their slaves’ shoulders regularly too.

Steven knew that day was going to be hard: while pulling the girls home after school, he had heard them agree to spend the entire afternoon in the countryside. After lunch, Danielle stood up from his back and sent him to get ready for the ride.

He put the shoulder saddle on himself and adjusted the stirrups length. Then he went back to Danielle, bringing her bridle and crop, and got on his knees. His Goddess looked beautiful in her favourite cowgirl boots. She began with the bridle, putting the bit in his mouth and the reins behind his head, then locked the slave’s arms behind his back with a leather handcuff: of course she didn’t even consider the idea of an escape, but this helped keeping clear the slave’s abdomen for her legs and feet. Finally, she took the crop in her right hand and mounted him. As soon as her boots were in the stirrups, she firmly kicked Steven. The spurs hit his abdomen and he suddenly got up. Half an hour later, when they reached the meeting point with Danielle’s friends, Steven’s body was already visibly injured by her spurs and crop. Danielle loved so much the feeling of his muscles under her… the consciousness of her total power over him… the effect of spurring and whipping him with no mercy! She knew Steven’s devotion and she demanded a greater performance every time.

The other girls arrived soon, including Monica on her sister’s slave. What a beautiful afternoon! Bright blue sky, fresh breeze in the hair… The girls rode their slaves for hours, going across tracks and open fields and having lots of fun.