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Women's Planet - 3. Worship of a Young Goddess


It took Danielle several days before she felt like speaking to Steven for the first time: she initially gave him direct orders only, using her feet and the riding crop. She was conscious of being superior and she truly considered Steven as her private property, fully dedicated to her comfort and pleasure, but she needed some time to feel completely relaxed with him.

At home the slave had some breaks for eating, going to the bathroom and sharing the housework with the other slaves. For all the remaining time, he was constantly in her service. Danielle rode him on all fours in the home, sat on his back while studying, sometimes used his face as a footrest while watching TV on the sofa. She really loved Steven’s tongue on her feet, especially between her toes. One of her lovely small feet could almost be entirely held in his mouth! Those games used to last entire afternoons. Danielle never had enough of feeling worshipped and served.

Then one day she realized that the slave could be her chair and lick her feet at the same time. She turned 90° from the usual position on his back, placing her legs forward so they would hang from the sides of his neck. Then she ordered: “Slave, now you must resist on three legs! Use one hand to keep my foot and lick it, until I order you to change and take the other one.” That was challenging for Steven, but so relaxing and exciting for his Goddess! He had to keep doing that until dinner time…

On that evening, after dinner, Danielle finally talked to Steven. “Do you know, slave, how happy am I with you? You really are changing my life for the better,” she said while sitting on a sofa, her big toe in his mouth. “It feels so natural to use you for all my needs and whims: it’s my prerogative. And I love it so much! Having your strong body at my beck and call feels great. You’re the best slave I could have expected to own: all my friends are so jealous, and soon I’ll be able to use you until complete exhaustion. Your pain is my highest pleasure!” She kicked his face to remark this last sentence. He immediately reacted with a long, passionate kiss on her foot. No answer could have been more eloquent.