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Women's Planet - 2. At School


Danielle struggled to fall asleep, her mind so full of emotions and anticipation. Steven kissed her feet and then laid on the floor, just next to her bed, ready to be her carpet in the morning.

On the following day, Danielle was enthusiastically welcomed by her friends when she arrived at school on her new rickshaw, hand-pulled by Steven.

In the classroom, of course Steven was her comfortable chair. Slaves were all provided with earplugs, because women didn’t want them to listen to the lessons: the only school for slaves was the one where they could learn how to serve women.

Steven felt very proud: many congratulations depended on how attractive, strong and well-trained Danielle’s slave was. He spent the entire morning on his hands and knees, as a chair for his Goddess. Danielle was not very heavy, but hours and hours in the same position made his wrists sore. Yet he kept his back slightly bent to be more comfortable and he didn’t dare moving, even when a jealous classmate of Danielle’s stepped on his hand while going to the bathroom.

After school, Danielle’s classmate Monica used to get on the bus. Public transportation was provided with large coaches, pulled by six slaves and led by merciless female drivers. Each bus could transport up to 20 women plus the driver. Life was really hard for those public slaves: they were heavily whipped and used until exhaustion, hence they could expect to survive just a few years. Public slavery was the destiny of criminals and runaways, but a mistress could also send her slave to the public workforce because not satisfied or simply bored of him. That day, however, Monica’s weight was not going to contribute to their sufferings: Danielle asked her if she wanted a ride.

“But I live on the other side of town, while you’re just 15 minutes from home,” Monica replied at first.

“Oh, don’t worry! I’d be glad to spend the added time chatting with you,” Danielle said with a lovely smile “and this will help me train the new slave.” Steven promptly put down the cart and got on all fours, so that Monica could use his back as a step and climb on the cart. So their ride began. Danielle wanted to make a good impression on her friend, who was among the school’s most popular girls, so she whipped Steven with no mercy to obtain a great performance. Steven did very well and the girls truly enjoyed the 30 minute ride, chatting for the whole time.

That became a regular occurrence: every morning Steven would carry Danielle to Monica’s house, then both the girls to school. The whole trip lasted about one hour. Danielle was usually relatively relaxed in the first part, but very demanding once Monica joined them. At school, while serving as a chair, Steven could often feel his back burn under Danielle’s ass because of the whipping he had suffered.

One day Danielle was late, but she didn’t want to make her best friend wait: so she whipped Steven so harshly that Monica, when stepping upon his back to climb on the cart, commented with gusto: “Wow, I’ve got a striped carpet here today!” After school, when stopping at Monica’s house, Steven also had to carry her on his shoulders up to the door through a staircase, before going back to the rickshaw and carrying his Goddess home.

Danielle and Monica became unseparable friends.