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Women's Planet - 1. The Gift


On the day of her twenty-first birthday, Danielle finally received the most desired gift: her personal lifetime slave. Some of her classmates were a few months older and had already received their own. No more reason to be jealous though: the slave kneeling before her was a beautiful young man, he was completely hers, and Danielle’s eyes were full of joy and anticipation.

Steven had been perfectly trained in the local slavery school. Brainwashed into believing that women are superior beings, he had faced pain and humiliation under a number of cruel female trainers while waiting for the start of his true life. Now he was finally meeting his Goddess, the woman he had the honor to serve for the rest of his life. His body was strong enough to be ridden by women heavier than him, and his soul completely dedicated to one aim: satisfy every whim of his true Goddess. He was ready. Yet he felt very emotional when he saw her for the first time.

Naked, except for leather shorts and a collar, he walked through the room towards her, got on his knees and kissed her feet. Then he remained on all fours, close to the table, ready to be her chair for the birthday dinner. He had tested that ritual dozens of time.

She felt like in Heaven. This young muscular man was hers, and he had just shown his complete devotion. A chill ran through her spine when she noticed her own name carved on the slave’s collar. Happy and excited, she gently sat on his back as the family started having dinner. She felt very comfortable and started thinking of all the ways she was going to use him. Her adult life had just begun: she was finally independent, she could be served at any time and transported anywhere.

Sat on their own respective slaves, Danielle’s mother, aunt and cousins looked proud of her and enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner. That afternoon they had burned their last wooden chair: now the youngest family member was a woman too, so they didn’t need anything but their men’s strong backs.