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Women's Planet - 5. Back to the Slavery School


“Steven should be able to keep an average speed of 5 miles per hour, even fully loaded,” Danielle’s mother said, “but you’d better persuade Monica to take her own rickshaw.”

“It’s impossible, Mum. You know she’s a few months younger than me and doesn’t have her own slave yet,” Danielle replied. “It was even a miracle that she could borrow her sister’s for an entire afternoon in the countryside. This time we’re talking about two weeks! We need to share Steven.”

“Ok, honey. But listen to me: you’ll leave very soon in the morning, because it’s a 30 mile trip and I want you to arrive before sunset. And I’ll send Steven to his instructor for a couple of days beforehand, just to be sure that he’s in perfect condition to face that long journey.”

“No, Mum… please! I hate being without him! And how am I supposed to go to school?”

“You’ll take the bus, like you did before owning him. It’s just for a couple of days. And this is the only way I will allow you to have this trip to the shore. No discussions.”

She eventually had to accept her Mum’s decision. Steven had Danielle sitting on his back and heard the entire conversation. He was expected to run more than a marathon in hot weather, while pulling the girls and their luggage to Danielle’s family beach house, and then of course he had to constantly serve both the girls for two weeks before carrying them back home. Fair enough, he could endure that. But he felt like coming back to Hell when overstepping the gateway of the slavery school.

He had spent many years of his life there, attending a hard training program and suffering every kind of abuse. He had lived with one aim: completing the school and starting a new life with his Goddess.

Danielle’s family had purchased him when he was young, and since then her mother had visited the school about once a year to watch the progress of her investment. So Steven had grown up conscious of his own destiny. He had been lucky: other slaves were bought when older (so they were used with even less care by the instructors), and the unsold ones were purchased en bloc by the public transport company.

Slaves received a generic athletic training and were brainwashed into believing in female superiority. First they learned how to serve a woman in the house: feet worship, human chair, etc. Then equestrian activities became a primary part of the training. Instructors were all adult women but they had various weights, appropriate for the different training stages. Slaves usually changed instructor every 12 months, but Steven was stronger and more willing than average: he reached the last stage in advance, so he spent almost two years serving the heaviest and most inflexible instructor of the school: Grace. She was a tall 160 lb blonde woman, known for her passion for leather clothing and her large collection of whips. Being ridden by her was an endless torture, and stories about slaves ridden down to death were narrated in the dormitories. But Steven appeared able to endure, and that hard training brought excellent results: Grace won many races and set some endurance records in her weight category, before delivering her favorite apprentice to his legitimate owner.

Now Danielle’s mother was asking for a special maintenance session. Slaves usually attended an update course every 6 months: it lasted a full week-end and ended with a complete evaluation, which could include suggestions about lifestyle and nutrition of the slave. This time, the purpose was just to check on Steven’s ability to tolerate a long trip, and letting Danielle’s mother feel confident about it.

Grace found Steven in perfect conditions. “Well, after two months you still look great,” she whispered in his ear, “You must have found a demanding but gentle owner, I guess!” Yet she required one entire week to complete the task and she asked for the pay of two instructors: Steven was going to be trained as a two-seat chair, and to cover hundreds of miles with a fully loaded rickshaw. Grace planned a descending program, so that training was going to be harder on the first days with a final taper: this way Steven could go back to Danielle’s place in excellent conditions.

“Oh slave, I missed you so much!” Danielle exclaimed one week later. She spent the following days using him with no breaks, ignoring her mother’s suggestions to save his strength for the trip.

On the established day, Monica arrived at Danielle’s house with her mother at sunrise. The girls kissed each other, while Steven loaded all the luggage in the back of the rickshaw (asking himself what they were going to do with all those clothes!)

The young slave got on his knees and elbows, allowing the girls to step on his back and take a seat on the cart, then he took his position. They were so excited! Those two weeks were going to be unforgettable. “Danielle, remember to save the slave’s energy. Don’t start too fast!” her mother said. “Sure, don’t worry Mum. I’m gonna miss you!” she replied smiling, and swiftly whipped Steven’s back to get a quick start.