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Women's Planet - 13. Two Years Later


Danielle couldn’t figure out the reason of her recent sadness.

Her birthday had just been celebrated with a great party. She had a comfortable life at Court, where her beloved Steven and many other slaves were at her beck and call. Elizabeth was an expert and irresistible lover. The duties she had as ancilla were not very demanding: checking up on the slaves’ housework, combing the Queen’s hair…

Moreover, Elizabeth often obtained from the Queen to keep Danielle all for herself. Thus her duties soon became hours of pleasure. Danielle, though previously known as a confident young woman, felt completely powerless in front of Elizabeth. Theirs was still a passionate love story, but Danielle had progressively become her secret little slave too.

That afternoon, Elizabeth was really busy with paperwork. Lydia was on hands and knees, serving as her human chair, while Danielle laid on the floor under the desk: her young breasts were Elizabeth’s favourite footrest. Absentmindedly, Elizabeth’s feet sometimes moved to Danielle’s mouth, demanding to be kissed and licked. After several hours, Lydia felt really finished: her mistress used to sit on Steven for such long sessions, but that day he had been assigned to the Queen for a hunting trip in the countryside. Elizabeth felt her trembling body, but still had 30 minutes of work to do. So she stood up and made an unprecedented decision: “Slaves, exchange your places!”. Danielle thought she must have misunderstood: yes, Elizabeth was getting more and more dominant with her, but always with a special kindness (she had never asked her to perform such tiring roles… and never called her slave before!). “Danielle, don’t make me waste time. I need you on your hands and knees, now! I know you’re weak and lighter than me, but I still want you to be my chair and I’m surely going to enjoy your struggle. Don’t you want to make me happy? Doesn’t your Goddess deserve this?” Of course she obeyed. Being Elizabeth’s chair was the hardest experience of her life, but the consciousness of being useful to her mistress indeed turned her on. Unbelievable! Elizabeth proved her appreciation by caressing her head, but didn’t do anything to reduce the weight on her back (on the contrary, she even crossed her legs).

Half an hour later, Elizabeth and Danielle were in a “69” and had one of the most overwhelming orgasms of their lives…

No, her gradual submission to Elizabeth wasn’t surely the reason of Danielle’s sadness!

Nothing was bad in her life at Court. There was just something missing… Town, family, friends? Maybe. But more than anything, life goals. Yes, that was it. Her ambitious plans to attend a college, to become a top manager, to be worthy of power and responsibilities. Life at Court was just an amazing unreal dream.

She expressed these thoughts to Elizabeth, who completely understood. “I’ve studied to the highest level and worked at large companies, before being taken here after my family’s bankruptcy. I was 26. I’m getting a revenge only recently, because the Queen has noticed my skills. I can be considered her first advisor by now, especially about economical and foreign affairs… Therefore I perfectly understand your desire. Just let me work on it.”

Elizabeth quickly organized everything, gaining the Queen’s full support:

– the few seminaries attended in the last two years at Court were acknowledged as a High School diploma (after all, Danielle had left school only 8 months before graduation); – Danielle enrolled in the Royal Business College, with a full scholarship offered by the Queen; – Steven was assigned to her exclusive service 7 am – 3 pm, because the College was two hours away from the Royal Palace by rickshaw (and Elizabeth didn’t want Danielle to sleep by the campus like most students… but in her own bed).

When she broke the news to Danielle, the girl gave her an enthusiastic hug. Elizabeth, who was sitting on Steven’s back, almost fell off but laughed with her. She truly loved Danielle.

“Perhaps there is a different way you may thank me…” she said then with a bright smile. “Yes, my Goddess” Danielle replied, then she got on her knees and passionately plunged her mouth between her thighs. They had sex right there, on Steven’s back.

The following months were very tough. Danielle had challenging days at the College and little time to spend with her two lovers. Steven now spent the full morning in her service, and she appreciated the chance to pull the rickshaw daily again, but they rarely had time to spend together in privacy: as soon as they were back to the Palace, her slave was brought away to make up for lost time in his usual duties (which often meant being Elizabeth’s chair, pony and sexual toy). Danielle still used to spend all the nights in Elizabeth’s bed, but they were both so busy and tired! Moreover, Elizabeth was quite irritated with Danielle’s way of riding the rickshaw: “You know I love using Steven’s back with no blankets, feeling his skin under me. Do you really need to whip him so much? I’m ruining all my favorite dresses with blood stains!”

Anyway, things were seriously going to change.

"Recent achievements confirm you as my most precious advisor, Elizabeth. The end of the war is mainly due to your diplomatic efforts. And the rebels have been nearly exterminated. But these last years have taught us a lesson: we need deeper control over the territory. So I decided to split my Kingdom into five Regions, each administered by a Governor. And I want you to be Governor of the largest one." Elizabeth was astonished. Not even in her best dreams the Queen had been so generous! "You have the right to choose three personal slaves from the Court," the Queen continued. "They will be your exclusive property. Of course I already imagine your first two picks."

“Thanks, my Queen. My first picks are obviously Steven and Lydia. The third one is Danielle.”

“That might be a problem, my dear. I’m the only Queen, and only my personal servants can keep the special status of ancilla. If you choose Danielle, she will be degraded to pure slave!”

Elizabeth appeared torn. “I know I’m being very selfish. But I need her, and I’m already about to lose her: after her graduation, she will surely want to leave me. The only solution is to take her devotion to the next level: slavery. Please, Zenobia: in the name of my friendship and loyalty, don’t tell her anything. I’ll explain her the real situation after our departure.”

Elizabeth became more and more demanding with Danielle, who felt surprised (and surprisingly excited) but kept being devoted to her: her Goddess always knew how to reward her efforts.

First of all, Elizabeth requested some queening: she gently sat on Danielle’s face, on the bed, then squeezed her nipples to spur an intense tongue work. “Oh my God, your perfect mouth was created just to adore my ass!” This lasted half an hour and became a daily duty, which Danielle performed every morning (before going to the College) while Steven combed Elizabeth’s long hair.

Danielle’s tongue soon became her favourite toilet paper too. Elizabeth made Steven drink from her, then Danielle lick the remaining drops. Of course she often kept her tongue there much longer than necessary.

The most interesting activities were the tiring ones: Danielle tried her best, but she was tiny and not trained at all, while her mistress was about 20 lbs heavier than her. Elizabeth acted kindly with her, starting it like a lovers’ game, but could also be cruel and demanded progressive improvements. She usually spent the morning with Lydia, who was really finished by the time Steven and Danielle came back from the College. Then she complained about the wounds on Steven’s back, and this way she had the excuse to force Danielle on her hands and knees. She gently sat on Danielle’s back, keeping her feet on the floor and spending some minutes with cuddles and caresses, then put her legs on her shoulders. Now all her weight was on Danielle, whose arms started shaking in a few minutes, and who nonetheless had to lick her feet. “It’s so exciting to feel you struggle under me. And I’m so comfortable on your little soft body!” Elizabeth remained comfortably sat until her young slave collapsed, and required a longer time every day.

After that, Elizabeth started the “ponygirl training”. She didn’t use any riding tool, setting the whole thing as a game: both she and Danielle were completely naked (except for a couple of knee pads for Danielle). As usual, Elizabeth’s secret recipe was a magic mixture of sadism and kindness. Danielle’s long hair functioned as bridles, while her breasts were kicked and her ass slapped by her rider. She learned to obey orders and was soon able to carry Elizabeth for about 10 minutes no-stop. The riding sessions eventually turned into marvelous time on the bed. Danielle wondered why Elizabeth now had all this time to spend with her, but didn’t dare to ask…

One afternoon Danielle was ridden for almost 20 minutes, until complete exhaustion. She eventually laid on the floor and refused to stand up, even when Elizabeth invited her to join her in bed. So Elizabeth mounted Steven and, sat on his back, kicked her face and breasts very lightly. Danielle kept acting naughty. “Ok, you wanted it!” Elizabeth ordered Steven to have sex with Danielle from behind. And she didn’t dismount.

She knew Danielle and Steven had never stopped being lovers, and now she wanted to be part of that private thing, with the final target of totally owning Danielle’s soul. Steven felt very surprised to find Danielle so wet: Elizabeth’s dominance really turned her on! He was excited, but doing it with Elizabeth on his back proved hard. Danielle initially tried to offer resistance (she didn’t want to share her and Steven’s special moments with anybody), but soon let her body enjoy that wild pleasure. Meanwhile, Elizabeth used whip and bridles to control Steven’s speed, exactly like during a ride. Then she moved her feet from the stirrups to Danielle’s breasts, rubbing them…

Danielle was completely gone, Elizabeth appeared like possessed, Steven sweated very much and thought his back was going to break… then Steven was finally allowed to cum by Elizabeth, who started whipping his neck with all her strength and said: “Yes, slaves!! I want you to have a child! He will be my slave when I’m an old woman!”

After that, Elizabeth and Danielle slept together, having a sweet night of cuddles and hugs. In the morning, Elizabeth asked her to skip her lesson at the College. She woke up, relieved herself into Steven’s mouth, let Danielle lick and clean… Then they went back to bed. Elizabeth sat on Danielle’s stomach, resting her own back on her thighs and caressing her face and hair with her own feet. “I love you, Danielle. And I’m crazy about the way you’re becoming more and more submissive. You are my lover, my woman, but even my sweet pet… You would do anything for me, wouldn’t you?…”

When Elizabeth revealed her the plans for their immediate future, Danielle thought her new status of slave was going to be just formal. The beautiful ride in the countryside they had that afternoon, with Elizabeth riding Steven and Danielle mounting Lydia, seemed to confirm it.

But when they moved to Zara, the city where Elizabeth had been assigned as Governor, she realized that her right to attend College had been turned into full-day duties in Elizabeth’s service. She was never treated hard like Steven and Lydia, but she was definitely a slave. Elizabeth’s whim could turn her from lover to submissive pet at any time. Sometimes Danielle was taken in meetings as Elizabeth’s advisor. But the new Governor soon bought a very special throne: Danielle was chained and hidden in it, so she could lick Elizabeth’s ass while nobody else could notice. That soon became Danielle’s usual place during meetings, which used to last hours everyday. This brought an issue: Danielle’s tongue became tired and slow after a while, and Elizabeth had no way to urge her! So she requested a refinement to the throne: a small button which squeezed a couple of clips, locked on Danielle’s nipples.

Every night, Elizabeth told Danielle she was sorry for the pain she had inflicted her, and kissed her breasts with sweetness. “I’m sorry, my little slave. But your tongue makes me lose control!” Then in the morning, before sitting down on the throne and let her guests enter the room, she always looked at Danielle’s face (through the hole in the seat cushion) and smiled with a sadistic face. Sometimes she wiped her ass negligently on purpose, before sitting on the throne: a couple of clicks on the button were enough to win the consequent hesitation of her young slave.

Danielle accepted everything. She loved Elizabeth so much, and considered her the only person in the world who could ask her anything.

But her limit was about to be overstepped…

Elizabeth received the visit of Cassie. She was a former senior ancilla, an arrogant woman despised by the other ancillas at Court (Danielle included). Now she was Governor of the adjacent region. When Elizabeth received guests, they were usually carried in the conference room by Steven or Lydia and remained sat on their backs. Cassie was alone, so she asked to use both: Steven as chair and Lydia as footrest. She wore riding boots, and had fun tormenting Lydia’s breasts with her heels and spurs while discussing with Elizabeth. Cassie was cruel and attractive, and her behavior made Elizabeth very aroused. So she pushed the button insistently, enjoying Danielle’s tongue in her ass, until a little whimper from her little slave was clearly heard in the room.

Cassie stopped talking about their topic, a dispute about who had the right to collect taxes from a border town, then stood up on poor Lydia’s abdomen and said: “That must be Danielle! I was surprised to count only two of your personal slaves… Well, Elizabeth: the taxes of that town are yours, if you let me use your throne now. I’ve always dreamed of using Danielle’s beautiful mouth as my toilet paper, but she’s always had eyes for you only at Court.”

Elizabeth smiled and stood up. Cassie saw a tear on Danielle’s face, before sitting on it. This make her even more aroused! She had been traveling for three days through the desert, sleeping in a tent without any water to wash herself, so Danielle’s task proved really hard. But a continuous merciless pressure of the button broke any hesitation and the young slave’s tongue cleaned her up perfectly. That torture continued for about half an hour.

Danielle had never worshipped any woman other than Elizabeth. Steven, who was now serving as Elizabeth’s chair, felt very concerned about her reaction…

But Danielle didn’t say a word. Once unchained, she just went to the bathroom and took a long shower. When she came out, Elizabeth was in front of her, sat on Lydia’s back. “Come here” she said. Danielle stepped forward, and Elizabeth hit her face with a violent slap. “You enjoyed Cassie’s ass, didn’t you? I’m so jealous!! You’re only mine, bitch!” Elizabeth was out of control. She took Danielle’s hair, forced the girl on her knees, then peed into her mouth. This was her first time as a human toilet, but she was too scared by Elizabeth’s insane behavior and she managed to swallow almost every drop.

Ten minutes later, Elizabeth heard Danielle’s steps towards her. “Why are you walking instead of rid…?” She couldn’t end the sentence: a knife hit her back.

Danielle was crying, her hands now stained with Elizabeth’s blood. “I would have done anything for you. Anything! I loved you more than myself! Why did you have to share me with that horrible witch?!?”

Elizabeth was promptly rescued and she recovered quickly. She said that an unknown masked person had entered the palace and stabbed her, or the Queen would have surely ordered Danielle to be executed. Dozens of soldiers patrolled the city but couldn’t find any suspect.

Since that terrible day, a desperate Steven never saw Danielle anymore. He didn't even hear anything about her for weeks, until a rich merchant said to Elizabeth during a meeting (while sitting on him): “My younger daughter has just entered the riding school. And guess whom she is usually mounting? Your cute female slave, the one that was deported. She must have been really undisciplined to deserve such an assignment!”

Steven fled the Palace that night. He stole a rickshaw, then placed in it a mannequin taken from Elizabeth’s huge wardrobe: a lonely man walking in the streets would have been immediately noticed. He reached the local Riding School at sunrise.

The school occupied an entire farm, who included riding tracks and two stables for ponyboys and ponygirls. Women were theoretically all superior beings, but female slavery had been legalized by Zenobia for criminals, deserters and a few other cases. The purpose of this measure was to help replace the hundreds of male slaves killed during the recent wars.

Steven parked the rickshaw in a field and hid the mannequin in the bushes. He had maybe a couple of hours before his absence from the Palace would be noticed. He wore full pony gear (shoulders saddle, stirrups, bit and bridles), then he was able (and lucky enough) to mix himself with the ponyboys who were exiting the stable for the first morning ride. He joined the group of those who were rented to external clients, since Danielle had been reported to carry beginner young riders. Of course women didn’t even look at the slaves’ face, so he was easily unnoticed and assigned to an elegant woman who was about 45 years old and weighed at least 170 lbs: the typical 'new rich' who wanted to learn riding skills. He was ridden around the track for half an hour, and it proved harder than expected: that was one of the heaviest riders he had ever carried, and she incorrectly sat way too forward, crushing his neck between her thighs. Then he finally saw Danielle.

Those last weeks had really changed her body, which must have been submitted to very hard training. She was running at a fast trot, mounted by a cute girl who probably weighed just a few pounds less than her. Unlike Steven, Danielle was ridden clockwise, so they crossed each other many times along that ring in the following 30 minutes. On the first lap Steven, used to consider her owner and lover like a Goddess, was very disturbed by the image in front of him: the sad and focused expression on Danielle’s face, who was clearly summoning up all her strength to perform as a human horse, compared to the carefree smile of her young rider. Then he could notice the bleeding wounds that the girl’s spurs had already left on Danielle’s abdomen. The last time he crossed her, Danielle had been launched to a gallop: the young rider astride her shoulders was whipping her hips with no mercy. Steven saw a tear of utter desperation on Danielle's face, still beautiful even with a bit in her mouth.

The one-hour session was finally over. Steven got on his knees and let his clumsy rider dismount. She required him to lick her boots, saying they were dusty. Then he was brought back to the stables. That early morning session was mainly dedicated to mothers and school-girls who wanted to have a ride before school, so now most slaves had some time to rest. After being washed with a rough jet of cold water, Steven used the first occasion to escape and approached the ponygirl stable. Caught by an instructor, he hit her with a strong punch and hid her body. He quickly found Danielle, since the ponygirls were not so numerous, and carried her away in his arms.

They could take advantage of a quiet moment and escape, but their absence was surely going to be noticed soon. Steven ran over a hill and reached the rickshaw with Danielle clutched to his neck, whispering thankful and loving words to him.

She sat on the rickshaw, threw away the leather straps she was dressed with, and quickly wore the gown and boots that Steven had brought for her in a bag. She also found a hairbrush inside it, so she unleashed her hair (still arranged in a ponytail) and started combing it just while Steven started pulling. They travelled for hours and hours with no breaks and not even a word, having the only stop of the day near a small river: approaching a city or a service station was out of question, because their mug shots had surely been already affixed. They slept in the forest. Steven embraced Danielle for the entire night, keeping her warm and safe. At sunrise, they made love in the most tender way ever.

Some hours later, Steven finally realized that he wasn’t feeling strange for being an outlaw, nor because of Danielle’s silence (she was understandably upset). The unusual thing was to pull a rickshaw without being whipped!

But on the day after, when he really started to feel exhausted (even because of a diet exclusively made of a few wild fruits), the first lash reached his back. “You aren’t planning to be sluggish just because you saved me, are you? Faster, slave!” Danielle said, then whipped him again and again.

“Welcome back, my Goddess” he thought with a happy smile, immediately increasing his pace.