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Women's Planet - 14. A New Life


“I’m going to be late. This rickshaw is slower than the ones I’m used to riding!” Danielle whipped Steven again. “Kate, I expect you to come and pick up me at 5:30 in the afternoon. Have a good day!” she said a few minutes later, passing her the bridles and disappearing through the College entrance.

Kate was one of the reasons because she could be back to attending College.

Three months before, after been rescued by Steven, Danielle had ridden him beyond the border of Zenobia’s Kingdom. This had taken seven days, of which four by rickshaw and the last three on his shoulders, in order to avoid the guards at the border. Steven had almost starved at the end, but she had never dismounted except for sleeping: “You carried Elizabeth out of the desert, now you must go through this for me or die!” she said at one point, hitting his abdomen with the spurs. After the initial thankful reaction for having been saved, her experience as a ponygirl had made her angry and more merciless than ever. Once across the border, they had survived with little thefts, until Danielle had realized that renting Steven to farms or factories could be very profitable: slaves were rare and valuable in that Kingdom, because most had been killed during the last war against Zenobia’s. With the first money, she had bought fake documents, food, clothes. Then she had rented a small but luxurious apartment in Alanya, a medium-sized commercial city on the sea. Finally, giving Steven away to a riding school for two entire weeks had been remunerated with that large expensive rickshaw.

Kate whipped Steven, uncovered the plate “taxi” and led the rickshaw downtown. She was Danielle's age, but she had grown up in a poor family. She had never had the chance to command a slave before, but considered herself a quick learner. Her deal with Danielle was simple: Kate had quit her previous job and now worked as a taxi driver, using Steven and the rickshaw while Danielle was at school. They shared the taxi revenues 50/50.

It was a perfect solution: Danielle could get a good income, largely sufficient to pay the tuition fee and live comfortably, while keeping Steven’s services for all the time she spent out of College. She looked gorgeous and happy, more beautiful than ever, but she was still haunted by bad memories and sometimes she suddenly turned very mean to Steven, who accepted any abuse with complete devotion.

On the other hand, Kate had the chance to seriously improve her standard of living. This became clear after a few weeks, when she started wearing nice dresses, trying new hairstyles, emphasizing her cute face with a light make-up. She was a flourishing girl, with big nut-brown eyes and long blond hair which framed an angelic face.

Steven, of course, had the hardest role. The new rickshaw was different than the ones he had been accustomed to. It was much heavier, had four wheels instead of two, and was set up to accommodate up to four women. Kate sat on the first row, where she could see the road and control Steven with bridles and whip, while the largest seats for the clients were behind her, provided with softer cushions and a backrest. Typical journeys had one or two passengers (plus Kate’s 130 lbs, of course), but if the women appeared not too heavy, Kate would let their daughter sit beside her and sometimes allowed them to play with the bridles and whip. As a very outgoing girl, she loved the job very much.

Nonetheless, after the tough days in the woods, Steven had now resumed a good diet and appeared more handsome and in shape than ever. Kate felt very attracted to him. Danielle had expressly forbidden any sexual contact, but she still made Steven massage and kiss her feet during most breaks.

One morning, three elegant ladies got off a ferry and spent about 10 minutes at the harbor bar, sipping cold drinks. When Steven reached the first position of the taxi queue, they stood up and asked Kate for a ride. “I’m afraid you should take two rickshaws, or wait for a dual-slave one. Mine is only certified for two passengers, sorry,” the girl replied, while noticing that two of the women were identical twins. The ladies insisted, offering to pay double the regular fare. Since Steven had just been resting for about fifteen minutes, Kate accepted. The taller identical ladies took the usual passenger seats, while the tiny younger one sat beside Kate and started chatting with her. Their destination wasn’t exactly known: they claimed to be expected in a large country house on the main road to the countryside.

After 30 minutes, Kate began feeling worried: she didn’t know that area, and Steven appeared really exhausted pulling four women on frequent uphill sections. “Is it still far away?” she asked several times. But Elise, the 22 y.o. tiny girl who sat beside Kate, seemed eager to keep her calm and off-guard. She also asked and obtained to take bridles and whip, to relieve Kate’s arms which began to be tired. The twins always remained silent; even if very well dressed, they appeared quite muscular.

They finally reached the house. Steven ran through a portal and entered a beautiful park, finally stopping in front of a huge building. That new rickshaw had one only benefit: he didn’t have to serve as human step. So he bent forward his sweaty and hurt back, breathing deeply to get back to a sustainable heart rate. The perspective of going back pulling only Kate appeared like a pleasant walk now! But it wasn’t going to happen.

Elise let the bridles fall on the ground and suddenly jumped on Steven’s shoulders. “Don’t move!” she said, pressing a knife on his throat, while the twins easily captured Kate. Steven was too exhausted to try any resistance: they had probably planned that long ride just to break down all of his strength. Elise untied the bridles from Steven’s head, then ordered him to get down on hands and knees. She remained sat very close to his neck, holding his hair with one hand and the knife with the other. “Carry me inside, and don’t play tricks or you’re dead.” The twins followed them, dragging Kate. They were probably soldiers, while Elise soon revealed to be one of Zenobia’s ancillas: “Don’t you recognize me, slave? Your eyes used to be covered with a bandage, but you surely remember how I loved hitting your nipples with my spurs, while I rode you sitting forward on your neck just like this...”

They all entered a large hall and climbed a long staircase. Of course Elise neither dismounted nor took a different position: she remained sat on Steven’s back, very close to his neck, making him carry her on all fours up the steps. He didn’t wear knee pads, but she didn’t care. Her only concern was to keep him under control.

Once reached the first floor and accessed the last door, they spent some hours in a room furnished with every conceivable torture tools. Elise ordered Steven to stand up on his feet, but keeping his back horizontal for her to remain seated. Then she moved herself to the middle of his back, moving her legs from his shoulders to his sides, and she let one of the soldiers block Steven’s head and arms in a pillory.

They raped both Steven and Kate, whipped his ass with long leather whips until it became completely striped, used the girl’s mouth as their toilet while Steven always remained chained. The atmosphere soon became one of extreme arousal. Elise was clearly the one in charge: she always told the others what to do, dismounting from Steven’s back only to make Kate drink from her. When the phone rang, a crying Kate was orally servicing the soldiers, while Elise was trying to make perfectly aligned stripes on Steven’s shoulders with a tiny crop (while pushing her boobs into his mouth).

All the women immediately stopped the torture and sat on a alrge sofa, then Elise pushed a button and a huge screen suddenly came to life. Elizabeth appeared, talking to them via video call. “All done as ordered, my Goddess” Elise said, revealing to be Danielle’s replacement as Elizabeth’s personal slave.

Elizabeth smiled and asked everybody to exit the room, leaving Steven locked in the pillory. Once they were alone, she started talking to Steven: “Perhaps I should let them kill you… However, I can understand why you betrayed me: you were Danielle’s slave in the first place, since her name was marked on your skin as a lifetime owner after riding school. Unfortunately I met you later, but now it’s just on your loyalty and devotion to her that I’m going to rely.”

The others were allowed to enter thirty minutes later.

Elizabeth announced: “Steven has accepted to voluntarily come back to Zara as my personal slave. He won’t try any resistance, so please unlock his hands and consider him completely loyal from this moment on. In fact, Danielle’s life will be protected as long as he belongs to me.”

Then she said: “Ladies, your mission was perfectly executed. Congratulations. Now I want Elise to bring Steven back home. Remember, my darling, that you are in hostile territory. Therefore no rickshaws: you’ll ride him on the shoulders through the forest. This will be morem tiring for you, but safer. We will discuss further details later.”

Elizabeth pushed a button on her throne armrest. The others probably didn’t notice it, but Steven thought Lydia or another slave must have taken place inside the throne and was surely licking her mistress’ ass. Despite the situation, he couldn’t avoid to feel aroused: being under Elizabeth’s divine ass was simply wonderful.

Elizabeth continued: “Twins, I’ve got a new mission for you. I want both of you to become Steven’s replacement as Danielle’s slaves. I’m talking about an authentic full-time slavery, with only two exceptions: she will neither have the right to kill you, nor to prevail over my orders. You’ll be undercover agents: if Steven disappoints me, I will order you to kill Danielle. Until that very unlikely moment, you will be fully devoted to her.”

The twins didn’t say a word, but they looked clearly terrified: that would have possibly meant an entire life of the hardest slavery, in service of a young woman who had many reasons to hate their owner.

The call ended and everybody moved to the stables. Elise locked the twins in their new ponygirl suit: a beautiful system of leather belts which barely covered their pussy and tits, leaving naked their back and ass. Then she tied down their hair and put the bit in their mouths, without hiding a sadistic smile. They were provided with running shoes and a large supply of energy pills.

Elise spent the following two hours riding Danielle’s rickshaw, pulled by the twins. They made several loops in the park to practice, then they rode a dozen miles on the road. Kate sat beside her, to learn how to lead a double-slave rickshaw. The twins, whipped with no mercy, revealed to be quite fast and resistant. Completely identical, they had no known name and could be distinguished by a small detail: one had a green shade in their brown eyes. Tall and muscular, about 25 years old, they had been great soldiers… until that day. Elise had a lot of fun. And she behaved very kindly with Kate: now they shared the dominant position.

She finally gave her the bridles and a new beautiful leather whip. “A little gift from me, just to apologize about my behavior when we reached the house. I’m sorry, we were just following orders. Anyway… this whip is more painful than the one you had before. It will help you getting impressive performances out of those sluts! Their combined effort should result in a good speed, almost comparable with Steven’s.” She smiled and added: “Yes, I know: Steven is not easy to replace. He’s probably the best and most handsome slave I’ve ever used in my life. My mistress Elizabeth would have moved heaven and heart just to take him back. She confessed to me that she had probably loved Danielle in the past just to keep Steven close to her, because after their escape she realized that she truly missed him only.”

Kate left after a while, to reach Danielle’s college on time. Still shaken for having been sexually abused, she took revenge by wildly whipping her new horses. This way she had a very fast ride across the countryside. A few miles before reaching the city, she stopped at a service station. She got off the rickshaw, walked in front of the twins and whipped them on their face, breasts, thighs… Then she spit on their faces and ordered them to kneel down and lick her boots clean. They obeyed instantly, but Kate whipped their shoulders and crushed their hands under her heels.

“I’m going to make your life a nightmare. You have no idea of what I will do to torture and humiliate you every day! But I need to be able to tell you apart. Since I believe you are not as good as ordinary human horses, your names will be ‘donkey’ and ‘mule’. Now get on your hands and knees!” Kate unlocked the bridles and made the twins crawl with no knee pads for a couple of minutes, standing with a foot on each back until they reached the shop. “If you make me fall off, you’re dead!” Kate bought a set of metallic letters and composed the words ‘donkey’ and ‘mule’, then asked the clerk for a very common service: she put the letters in a dedicated oven until the metal became red-hot, then marked the chosen names on the slaves’ skin, between their shoulder blades. The twins screamed desperately in pain. Satisfied, Kate ordered Mule to go out and look after the rickshaw while she rode Donkey on all fours through the shop for a while.

They finally left. Kate realized to be late and launched the twins at a gallop, overtaking all the other rickshaws she met along the road. She had fun trying to hit the new fire-brands on the slaves’ back with her whip: every point gathered in this sadistic game was marked by a desperate scream of the poor new ponygirls. Focused on her merciless game, she forgot to think of an appropriate way to tell Danielle what had happened that day.

When Kate stopped the rickshaw with a tough pull of the bridles, just in front of the college gate, Danielle had a disappointed expression because of the few minutes she had been waiting. Then she recognized Kate and the rickshaw, but just couldn’t see Steven…

"What in the world?..."