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Women's Planet - 12. Life at the Royal Palace


Steven quickly learned how to recognize who was riding him, even when blind: tradition wanted slaves to stay constantly naked, four legged, saddled and with their eyes covered by a bandage in the harem. They were allowed to see only when ridden on shoulders, in the outdoors.

Elizabeth weighed about 140 lbs, had soft and parfumed skin, was determined with bridles and crop. She used to whip him on neck and shoulders, while sitting on his back with her feet in the stirrups, usually barefoot and with no spurs. In short she was demanding and not particularly light, but proper. Her feet were long and delicate, and she loved having them licked and worshipped for hours. Steven had become her favorite slave, after the tough days in the desert. Elizabeth had used all her influence with the Queen to make him be expropriated to Court.

But ancillas had no property rights, so each slave could be freely used by any of them. Steven learned the names of some of his other users by listening to their chats, and gave imaginary names to others, identifying everyone by weight, voice, scent, domination style. The youngest girls were usually lighter but more sadistic. The harem was composed by about 30 ancillas and 50 male slaves, who were at their full disposal. Senior ancillas assigned about 20 slaves to housework, creating monthly work shifts, but they preferred keeping always for themselves the most handsome and sexy ones (including Steven, who was very much in demand). Even if numerous, slaves were often ridden by pairs of women, usually as a preliminary game towards sex.

Only the Queen could prevail in selecting a slave for her amusement. She had five exclusive male slaves and, of course, all the ancillas were considered in her service. But sometimes she picked slaves from the Court, just to break the monotony. Steven had already had several chances to serve her. Those were his most challenging days at Court: Zenobia weighed about 155 lbs and was very demanding and cruel. She loved using and torturing him with no breaks, and Steven could clearly feel her sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain to her servants.

However, being in her service allowed Steven to hear some news about the world outside. Zenobia had declared a holy war against the male rebels, claiming that she wasn’t going to stop until they were completely extinct or enslaved. Captured rebels were usually assigned to the hardest jobs: bus puller, heavy goods carrier, power plant worker (electricity was only generated by the sun, wind and human strength). Recent successful battles had taken place close to Steven’s native city, so he felt really concerned about Danielle (he missed her so much!)

Lydia was one of the officers who visited the Queen more often. She had been promoted after the heroic days in the desert, and now commanded the forces in charge of overkilling the rebels. During the final days in the desert, when used as a human horse by Elizabeth, Lydia had fallen in love with her. Elizabeth’s magic mix of dominance and kindness had won her heart. That day, after arriving at Court to update the Queen about the last massacre of rebels, she got to spend the night there. Elizabeth and Lydia rode Steven on all fours up the steps and along an aisle until they found a quiet bedroom. Then they started caressing and licking each other, without getting off his back. Steven, accustomed to the ancillas’ soft and feminine bodies, felt different in being mounted by Lydia’s muscular thighs. He also noticed the submissive behavior Lydia had with Elizabeth. She called her “my Goddess”, and all her actions were primarily meant for the ancilla’s pleasure. This clearly clashed with her usual appearance of proud soldier, with an irresistible effect. Lydia stood up and knelt on the floor, leaving Elizabeth sat on Steven’s back. She licked Elizabeth’s feet, sucking her toes with great devotion. Elizabeth enjoyed that treatment for a while, then she gently pulled her hair to make her lover proceed. Steven could feel her as she opened her thighs while sitting astride him. Lydia kissed every inch of her legs, then plunged into her pussy and licked all of her pleasure, giving her several intense orgasms. They had a passionate night, making an intense use of Steven’s body too. Elizabeth loved Lydia’s submission and wanted to live experiences inspired by their days in the desert. She made Lydia get on hands and knees, rode her for a while with cruelty, then ordered Steven to penetrate her from behind while reverse sitting on her back, whipping his chest to give him the rhythm. Elizabeth also loved being worshipped by Lydia and Steven at the same time: she sat on his face, letting him lick her ass while Lydia ate her pussy again.

Ten days later, the rebels set an ambush and seriously hurt Lydia, whose life was saved only by the sacrifice of the slave she was riding. As soon as she heard the news, Elizabeth mounted Steven’s back and literally galloped along the corridors up to the Queen’s audition room. Zenobia allowed her to enter after a few minutes. “Lydia is being cured by my medical staff. She’s out of danger now. But I also have bad news, my dear Elizabeth. Lydia has been hit by a burning dart in full face. She’s disfigured and has lost her sight. There are no chances about that: she’ll be blind forever.”

“Oh my God! It’s terrible! You know how attached I am to her, my Queen. And now I feel especially concerned about her mind: how can a proud soldier accept to live as a disabled person?”

“Actually, she’s surprisingly clear-headed. She asked me to take her into Court, but she doesn’t want to become an ancilla. Her desire is to become a slave, used for your convenience just like men. I was surprised at first: I had planned to reward her with great honors and a lifelong annuity. But I am now leaning toward granting her request. We’ve had other strong female slaves in past, and she appears determined. Before making it official, I am interested in your opinion though: you must be aware that she will be at general disposal. You’ll have to share her with the other ancillas, including the youngest sadistic ones.”

“My Queen. If Lydia asked for this, I’m sure she evaluated the consequences. She’s not as strong and resistant as men, but the desert showed us how she can compensate with persistence and devotion. I’m sure she’s going to be a great slave. About me, well… the idea of having her in my service full time is actually amazing! And I’m also excited about seeing her used by the others: she will tolerate it just for staying here and having the chance to serve me, and this will make me feel very good.”

“Well, it’s decided then," the Queen replied with a sadistic smile “and I’ll surely be among the women taking advantage of her.”

Lydia arrived one month later, once she was allowed to leave the hospital. She wore a leather mask to hide her devastated face, and was saddled and harnessed like the male slaves. Elizabeth mounted her for a while around the huge hall, enjoying her struggle to keep the pace she requested with a riding crop. The purpose of this little show was to introduce the new slave to her friends. Then she allowed the others to try the new toy. She comfortably sat on Steven’s back, putting her feet on his calves, and enjoyed the scene. The girls rode Lydia for hours, even in pairs, spurring her with no mercy. They also set up some improvised races. Shannon, a young and petite ancilla, was incredibly able to ride Lydia to victory against Helen, who was heavier but rode a man! Several women wanted to be served by Lydia’s tongue, and a couple of them also used her mouth as human urinal.

In the evening, Elizabeth stood up from Steven’s back and asked her friends to have Lydia back. She wanted to give her a proper welcome, in her bedroom. A new ancilla immediately mounted Steven. He was accustomed to be in demand: the time he spent alone was always short. He was also conscious that some new ancillas had arrived several days before, but the new ones always took a while before being allowed to get the best slaves. So Steven was not surprised to feel a new rider on his back. But something struck him deeply. That weight, that perfume, that silky skin, those little cruel feet, that double strike on his neck to order him to move… Even if blind, even if it didn’t make any sense, Steven felt sure: Danielle!!

It was a night of stories and revelations. Elizabeth had plenty of cuddles and kisses for Lydia. “You scared me to death! But I’m so happy now: you’ll be here in my service forever.” Lydia let her remove her mask, clarifying that nobody else was allowed to see her devastated face (under precise deal with the Queen). “I’m a monster, my Goddess. But I still have my soul and a strong body. Now the only purpose of my life is to love, worship and serve you. I will tolerate any abuse from the others, just because it lets me stay close to you. You know… the Queen probably thought I was crazy when I refused all the honors and I chose this life. But the truth is that I hadn’t done this before my accident only for sense of duty.” Elizabeth felt so aroused that Lydia’s night became very challenging.

Three rooms forward, Danielle was enjoying Steven’s tongue on every inch of her body. She appeared like possessed for a couple of hours: Steven had never seen her be so demanding and sadistic with him. Then she said: “You don’t know how I’ve been feeling. How could you leave me that way? I thought you were dead for days, then I humiliated myself to come find you here. Do you have any idea what the Queen requires her ancillas to do?” She finally cried, and held him in a long long hug. “Newspapers reported the attack to the Queen’s cavalcade. My God, it was a massacre. Everybody was sure you were dead. My Mum even bought me a new slave! Then the Queen was rescued, and the legend of one slave and one soldier able to carry her through the desert spread all over the country. I knew it was you, I felt sure. So I travelled for days by rickshaw, pushing my new slave beyond his limit. Monica came with me, even if she thought I was crazy in giving away my freedom for a pure hope. I donated the slave to her and said goodbye. Being selected and trained as ancilla took a couple of weeks – Now I know, beyond any doubt, that I’m not meant to serve anybody: I’m dominant to the bone! – But do you know which part was the hardest? Staying here for days while other women abused you, with no chance to get in contact with you!”

They spent the entire night making love, talking about everything, indulging in her favourite domination games. Steven also gave Danielle some suggestions about life at Court: “Elizabeth is my main user, since she rode me in the desert. She probably saved my life by giving me some food in secret, while I carried her and the Queen with every ounce of my strength. So we’ve got very fond of each other. She’s a senior ancilla, very trusted by the Queen. Becoming her friend is your best chance to spend time with me, especially now that her lover has become a slave. You might manage to have me and Lydia in yours and Elizabeth’s service.”

One week later, Elizabeth and Danielle had a long ride in the countryside. Danielle has been successful in winning her heart, while also feeling very attracted by the senior ancilla. Their slaves were 2-legged: Elizabeth rode Steven, while the lighter Danielle mounted Lydia. Riding a woman was a new experience for her, but she quickly got accustomed. She also made a large use of spurs and whip, not only in order to keep Elizabeth’s pace: she really enjoyed torturing her former rival, giving Lydia a very hard time. Even if blindness was a handicap when being ridden 2-legged in the outdoors, Lydia made her best and gave her cruel young mistress a comfortable long ride.

Elizabeth didn’t care: Lydia had chosen to completely donate herself to her, so now she was just meant to serve and suffer. These thoughts, and the view of the cute Danielle enjoying the ride, made Elizabeth very aroused. Ten minutes later, under the shadow of a huge tree, Elizabeth and Danielle were loving each other on their human bed (made by Steven and Lydia’s naked bodies).

Elizabeth was 34 and beautiful, even if not in perfect shape like she used to be in her twenties. This had undermined her self-confidence more than she was ready to admit. Now she was smitten with Danielle, who was half her age and looked so pretty and innocent! Danielle’s perfect mouth was her new passion. On the other hand, Danielle had started the relationship for selfish purposes, but she had soon been won over by Elizabeth’s personality. She still loved Steven, of course: this was just a different thing. She even let Elizabeth dominate her!

Now Steven was on his hands and knees. Lydia laid on the grass under him, crossing his body. Elizabeth sat on his back like a Queen, using Lydia’s breasts like her personal footrest. What a sexy scene! Danielle fell down on her knees, sitting on Lydia’s face; she passionately kissed Elizabeth’s thighs and pussy, while Lydia humbly licked her ass.

Steven felt more happy and excited than ever: Elizabeth was somehow his second owner, while Danielle would own his heart forever. Now they loved each other and made him serve both together. He couldn’t ask more from life. Even Lydia felt incredibly gratified: after losing her sight and beauty, all she wanted was to be used and degraded in every way Elizabeth chose. She considered herself just a slave by now, unworthy of feeling jealousy. Everything was fine, as long as Elizabeth was happy and satisfied.

The huge tree saw one last scene, before the women rode back to the Royal Palace: Elizabeth wanted to feel full now. She made Steven lay and she mounted his hard cock. Lydia was ordered to lick her ass. Danielle sat on Steven’s face, in front of Elizabeth. The lovers caressed and kissed each other everywhere, enjoying and whipping their slave’s body under them. They exchanged place several times, using Steven’s tongue and cock until they felt exhausted. Heaven was finally on Earth.