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Women's Planet - 11. Lost in the Desert


The ancillas took a look out of the palanquin curtains to check the situation: now they were quite far from the battlefield and no further chasers could be spotted, but the men’s army was surely going to win because more than double in number: that attack had been an unexpected tragedy.

And their only hope was now to escape fast enough to disappear before the end of the battle. So the ancillas took a couple of whips and started hitting the carriers right from the palanquin… including the female soldier! The palanquin had left the beaten track and was now quickly penetrating the desert with no precise direction, but a couple of rebels materialized behind them and started launching arrows. They succeeded in killing one more carrier. Now the female soldier was alone in sustaining the back side of the palanquin, so she collapsed after a few seconds. The sandy ground softened the impact. The Queen remained inside the palanquin to stay protected, while the ancillas got off and ordered the soldier and the slaves to take care of those rebels. Steven and the other young man, who was the Queen’s slave called to replace the fallen local carrier, charged unarmed against one of them and used kicks and punches to have the best of him. Meanwhile, the soldier killed the other one with a knife extracted from her boot.

When Steven and Aaron (the Queen’s slave) dragged the prisoner to the palanquin, Elizabeth ordered the soldier to cut his throat.

“No!” an authoritative voice screamed. The Queen got off the palanquin and claimed: “I see four women with two slaves only. We’ll kill this bastard only after using every drop of his energy for our convenience.”

Proceeding with a palanquin carried by two slaves, one female soldier and one prisoner would have been slow, dangerous and uncomfortable. Therefore Elizabeth and Amanda took the riding gear from the luggage in the palanquin. Steven, Aaron and the prisoner’s shoulders were saddled, while Zenobia and the two ancillas got ready for the ride by wearing their riding boots and covering their heads with large hats.

The small group left, with no precise direction: just away from the battlefield, somewhere in the desert. The Queen rode her slave Aaron, while Elizabeth mounted Steven’s shoulders. They were comfortable on their saddles, had their feet in the stirrups and received prompt responses when using bridles, spurs and crop: those were first quality, well trained slaves. Amanda had a less comfortable ride. She was the lighter woman, so the Queen assigned to her the worst mount: the prisoner. Despite his hands tied behing his back, he initially tried to fight her, but Amanda was a practiced rider and soon dominated him, thanks to large use of her spurs and harsh whipping. However he was a weak and untrained horse and this forced the entire group to a slower pace. Lydia, the survived soldier, of course had no horse at this point so she followed the group on foot, carrying a large bag with a supply of food and water. She was athletic and well trained, so she had no problems in doing that.

Four hours later, they reached an oasis and decided to stay for the night. The ancillas were quite scared, while the Queen appeared calm because she firmly counted on the protection of the Goddesses. Nevertheless, they all appeared more tired and troubled than their own slaves: used to a comfortable life at the Royal Palace, they were now living an authentic nightmare.

Lydia left to pick some wood in order to set a fire. When she came back, the slaves were on their hands and knees, serving as chairs for Zenobia and the ancillas.

“With due respect, my Queen, I think we’d better save the slaves’ strength” she said. “They are our only resource in the middle of a desert. Our scheduled destination may be under attack by the rebels, so the best chance is to proceed eastwards to the closest safe city, which is still about five days of intensive riding away. This means that we are probably going to ride these slaves down to death, before having to proceed on foot.”

“Thanks for your advice, Lydia. You were heroic today, so I’ll pretend you didn’t give me such an absurd suggestion,” the Queen replied. “Of course I will never sit on the ground! I am the Queen of this country!!”

Zenobia didn’t even want to touch the ground with her feet: she sat on Aaron’s back and used his calves as a footrest. Now she also ordered Amanda to join Elizabeth on Steven’s back, and Lydia to sit on the prisoner. “We are women, meant to be served. The matter is closed. Please sit down and get comfortable, soldier.”

The women had a light dinner on top of their thirsty, exhausted human chairs. Then the Queen ordered: “Lydia, I want you to stay here with the prisoner. Don’t give him any food or water: I want him dead very soon. I am going to retire with my ancillas behind those trees, and I want total privacy until sunrise.”

Zenobia made Aaron carry her on all fours through the oasis, while Elizabeth and Amanda rode Steven’s back together. They reached a small area surrounded by bushes and trees. First of all, the women prioritized two needs: using a proper toilet and quenching their slaves’ thirst. So Zenobia peed into Aaron’s mouth, while Elizabeth and Amanda used Steven as their human toilet. The younger ancilla made Steven lick her for longer than needed for cleaning, enjoying his tongue between her thighs. Then the Queen said: “Well, my ladies. We are in a tragic situation, but I believe in the favor of the Goddesses and I am not afraid. Now I want you to serve me as usual. Imagine we are in our magnificent palace.”

The ancillas made Aaron get back on hands and knees, and Steven lay on the ground beside him. Zenobia sat on Aaron’s back and put her feet on Steven’s abdomen. Amanda knelt on Steven’s chest, removed the Queen’s boots and started licking her feet. She did so passionately, sucking her toes and removing any trace of sweat between them. After a few minutes she stretched her knees and sat directly on Steven’s face, lifting her skirt. He licked her ass and then her pussy, spurred by cruel pinches on his nipples. Zenobia initially attributed Amanda’s arousal to the passion for her feet, then she realized what Steven was doing but she let her continue to enjoy his tongue. At the same time, Elizabeth massaged the Queen’s shoulders, combed her long hair, caressed her breasts…

After over 40 minutes of this treatment, Zenobia was finally relaxed but she also felt aroused. So she stood up, standing on Steven’s chest, and took Amanda’s place on his face. While Steven licked her ass, Amanda laid on him and started licking her pussy. Elizabeth sat on Amanda’s back and kissed the Queen’s breasts, neck, lips. Soon the Queen couldn’t resist anymore: she mounted Steven’s cock and rode him for her pleasure, still surrounded and caressed by her ancillas.

Eventually pleased, Zenobia decided it was time to sleep. Elizabeth and Amanda knew what to do: they laid with their backs on the grass, letting the Queen use their bodies as a soft warm bed. Aaron and Steven were authorized to scout the small oasis and look for some fruit or water: the existing supply of food and water was reserved for the women.

Steven found and ate some carobs. There was no water, but Lydia cut a cactus with her knife and they drank its juice. How could the Queen be so careless? The slaves couldn’t resist for long with no food or water, drinking from their bodies only! Steven was used to hard work, but also to eat properly. Like every slave, he took special pills for energy every morning. He always had a supply of those in a special pocket of his shorts: no man was able to perform as a human horse for so long without those special drugs, which were considered the most innovative product of that century. But pills couldn’t be the only meal of a 190 lbs young man. So Steven’s stomach was screaming, and he felt doubtful about how much longer he could endure.

Although exhausted, he needed more than one hour to fall asleep. He watched the starred sky and thought about Danielle, his owner and only true love. His greatest desire was to go back to her, to make love with her, to worship and serve her for the rest of his life. Steven was a well-trained slave, so he truly believed in women’s superiority and was ready to die for any whim of the Queen and their ancillas. But serving Danielle was something else: he felt so happy with her, even when she was demanding and sadistic. He simply belonged to her.

Elizabeth suddenly appeared. She had taken a chance when Zenobia, moving during her sleep, had placed herself completely on Amanda’s body. Steven expected her to require some kind of service, but she simply looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. It was a sweet, tender kiss. Then she gave him some food and whispered: “I’ll need all of your strength tomorrow, my dear. You are one of the steadiest slaves I have ever ridden.” Then she ran away to take her place before the Queen could notice her absence.

Elizabeth's gesture made Steven feel better. While her main purpose was obviously to keep him alive so she could ride him, her concern for him seemed sincere. And she was a beautiful woman: brunette, long hair, oriental eyes, a long soft body. Her kiss felt amazing. Steven learned that sometimes kindness could be found where you don’t expect. He felt a bit less lonely.

Several hours later, the slaves were urged to wake up by Amanda’s whip. Zenobia resolutely took Steven’s hair and pushed his head between her own thighs. While he drank her, she said: “I slept very well after using this slave last night. He’s as strong as Aaron and more attractive. Today I’m going to ride him.”

It was an endless day. Zenobia was heavier than Elizabeth and made a gratuitous use of her spurs and whip, even when Steven was completely meeting her expectations. She just loved feeling his pain.

The prisoner died under the midday sun, killed by Amanda’s attempt to keep the others’ pace with continuous use of her spurs. The young ancilla was a petite and pretty girl, without any kind of athletic training: so now she had little chance to survive, walking on the sand dunes. On the other hand, she was one of the Queen’s favorite lovers and weighed 100 lbs only. So Zenobia made an unprecedented decision: she ordered Lydia to let Amanda ride her. The young strong soldier was astonished: ancillas were technically the only female slaves on Earth, while she was a proud knight. But the Queen’s power was unlimited. Even if conscious that her few surviving chances were now almost reset to zero, Lydia got down on her knees, removed her armour and let Amanda put the saddle on her shoulders and the bite into her mouth. The young ancilla mounted on her with a sadistic smile, put her feet in the stirrups and hit Lydia’s abdomen to make her stand up. Amanda felt so mighty after the Queen’s decision and treated Lydia even worse than a male slave, with intense use of her cruel spurs. She had always dreamed of using a female slave: male slaves were just pack animals, meant to be used until exhaustion, while a female human horse was so sexy and exciting! That night, even if the Queen had chosen Steven as her own horse, Elizabeth gave him some food again. This time she requested him to lick her pussy and had an intense orgasm, but still had a very kind and sweet attitude towards him.

On the third day, after some hours of riding in the sun, women and slaves started to feel dizzy. All the human horses fell down a few times, and were immediately spurred on by their riders. Steven appeared more tired than Aaron, probably because the Queen used her spurs with no care and weighed about 155 lbs, while Elizabeth was not as merciless and weighed 140 lbs. But Steven was younger and regained his energy very quickly when they took a break. Lydia of course was the most exhausted: she was young and athletic, but not trained to work as a horse.

When going through a series of steep dunes, the ladies started to ride their mounts’ back instead of shoulders for safety, making them proceed on their hands and knees. This was the only way to avoid continuous falls. Here Amanda reached the highest level of sadism, as she hit Lydia’s breasts with her spurs. The young soldier, humiliated and in deep pain, kept obeying her cruel rider without a word. And Amanda’s cruel ways actually worked: that torture inflicted so much pain to Lydia, that she revealed some last unexpected energies. Zenobia knew the heroic soldier didn’t deserve such a treatment, but that scene was too exciting to be stopped.

In the afternoon, when they reached the peak of a very high dune, Lydia finally fell down with her face in the sand, passed out. Amanda was again desperate, wondering how she was going to survive without a mount. So she whipped Lydia’s shoulders with all of her strength, trying to wake her up, but the woman beneath her didn’t move. Desperate, she looked at the Queen with weeping eyes. Zenobia ordered her to leave there the poor soldier and to join her on Steven’s back. Amanda sat in front of her, mounting from a side and sitting with both her legs hanging next to Steven’s left arm. Zenobia, who had moved herself back a little to make space for her young ancilla, kept her feet in the stirrups and hit Steven’s thighs with her spurs.

The group now had to proceed with 4-legged horses for the entire time. This was good for Aaron, because Elizabeth’s weight was easier to carry on hands and knees. But Steven really started to feel hopeless: he was exhausted, undernourished, cooked by the desert sun. Zenobia was demanding and quite heavy, while Amanda was now an additional weight sitting practically on his neck. The two of them together were very hard to carry for long, especially in those conditions. Towards the end of the day, Steven’s arms were visibly shaky: he couldn’t avoid falling down a couple of times.

Steven barely survived. That night he thought a lot, concluding that he couldn’t afford another day in those conditions. The following morning, as soon as he finished drinking Zenobia’s pee, he recalled all his courage and said: “May I say something, my Queen?”

Zenobia was flabbergasted, but also tired and hungry: her great self-confidence was starting to show some cracks. So, after consulting Elizabeth with a glance, she allowed him to speak with a gesture.

“My Queen, the pain I am going through is an honor, because its purpose is to save you and your ancillas. I wouldn’t hesitate to die for you. But I’m afraid I’m actually going to die and leave you in the middle of the desert today. We are exhausted and starving. Three women with two slaves only… Therefore, I would curse myself if I didn’t make a suggestion: I think we should rest today, to regain some energies in the shade of this oasis, and start travelling at night when it’s colder. I also suggest that we take a 5 minute break every hour, because it would give us a faster overall pace: I heard this from a friend of my owner's, who competes in endurance races.”

Zenobia remained silent for a few seconds. She mostly seemed surprised that the slave she had been riding and abusing for days actually had a working brain. Elizabeth, who probably knew the Queen better than anyone, caught the chance and said: “My Queen, I would normally torture this slave for his insolence, just to make it clear that he’s just a beast of burden for us. But we are not in an ordinary situation. We are risking our lives, and I can’t imagine a world without you, your Majesty. So I am surprised to find myself willing to accept his suggestions.”

The conversation was interrupted by a scream. Two rebels suddenly came out from the bushes, armed with short knives. They must have followed them up to that oasis! Steven confronted the taller one, engaging in a furious fight. But the other man managed to surprise Aaron and cut his throat. Then he directed his knife toward Zenobia, ready to kill her. “Nooooo!” Amanda put herself in front of the Queen and received the stab instead, falling down in a blood bath. Elizabeth promptly struck the rebel’s face with her riding crop, earning a precious second: Steven, now successful in killing the first rebel, hit the second one’s face with a strong punch before he could again attack Zenobia or Elizabeth. They fought desperately and the rebel seemed to overcome him, also because Steven had been injured in the first fight. But a flying knife suddenly came out and killed the rebel.

Lydia was the pitcher of that stunning launch! Somehow she was still alive, and she had managed to catch up with them!

Elizabeth took her in a hug. Then everybody cried for Amanda: she hadn’t hesitated to sacrifice her own life for the Queen.

This further tragedy changed something in their hearts. They finally felt stronger and closer.

They proceeded travelling at night and following this schedule: – 55 minutes with Zenobia riding on Steven’s shoulders and Elizabeth on Lydia’s – 5 minutes break – 55 minutes with both Zenobia and Elizabeth riding on Steven’s back, while Lydia followed them on foot – 5 minutes break

And so on. They kept going for three more nights, before getting finally rescued by a squadron of the Royal Army.