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Van Life? Better with a Slave - Part 1


Alexis was unlike anybody he had met before, and Tom couldn’t stop thinking about their first encounter: her long legs had felt so good when briefly wrapped around him at the dance-improvisation class he had attended on a whim, looking for a distraction after a long week at work. And her soft long feet were among the sexiest he had ever seen. She was not a traditional beauty, with her unruly curly hair and nearly flat chest, but something about her personality was totally captivating. Was it the way she seemed to give no damn about the world around, unapologetically choosing to be herself?

Tom had successfully invited her out for a quick bite at a nearby café after that class, but she had seemed totally unimpressed by his handsome looks and confident demeanor. As a high-flying executive in Silicon Valley, he was used to being openly fancied by the most beautiful women.

When another participant to the class had walked by – with his long beard and overweight figure – Alexis had immediately invited him to join them at the same table and treated him just as nicely as Tom. That had driven him crazy.

Now something primal compelled Tom to invite her out for a real date. At least she had accepted to give him her number.

He chose a fancy restaurant in San Francisco and promised to pick her up at her address in the Mission District at 7 pm. When he arrived in his Tesla Model X and the passenger door opened upwards, she was supposed to be impressed. Instead she just popped in and said with a childish-looking smile: “Oh, just like in Back to the Future!” Tom found her uniquely beautiful, but her outfit was very informal even by Bay Area standards. And had she even combed her hair? Tom resolved to leave his blazer on the back seat, and he pulled his shirt out of his jeans to tone down his own appearance.

At the restaurant he learned a lot more about Alexis, who was an open book and adorably eloquent. She had lived all over the world and worked all sort of jobs, meditated in Tibet and studied yoga in India, explored the Australian Outback with a girlfriend in a campervan. And she was only 25, over a decade younger than him! Suddenly his life didn’t seem so exciting anymore. He could have listened to her for hours, but it was time for the bill and she made no attempt to reach for it.

Despite that, Tom was elated when she accepted to come to his place for a drink. Alexis looked like a time-traveling hippie, sitting on his expensive leather sofa while wearing a colorful dress made of organic cotton, but she didn’t seem intimidated at all. In fact, she immediately kicked off her sandals and placed her bare feet on the footstool. As he walked back with their drinks, Tom seemed hypnotized by the shape of her toes and the arch of her feet. Without a second thought he sat on the footstool in front of her, and just as naturally she rested one foot on his lap.

“Cheers to our first date” he said with a smile, clicking his glass against hers.

“Yeah, I had a good time too” she replied, seemingly unimpressed. “I walked a lot today though, and I could really use a foot massage…”

Tom immediately started giving her the most dedicated foot rub he could, enjoying the soft skin of her arch, squeezing her heel, gently pulling her toes one by one. All the while, Alexis closed her eyes and enjoyed herself, seemingly uninterested in anything else. She just released a subtle moan from time to time and let him continue with his service. It was about 10 minutes before she took her foot back, only to give Tom the other one and close her eyes again for another 10 minutes or so. Even a foot lover like Tom was starting to get tired, and wondering if things were going to progress any further.

“That brought me back to life, thank you…” she finally whispered, giving him a much craved feeling of reward. Nearly any other woman would have only allowed a short massage as foreplay on a first date – if at all – but Alexis had just unapologetically taken as much service as she desired. “Come closer” she added, while pushing the bottom of her foot against Tom’s chest and grabbing his shirt with her long toes to pull him towards her.

As soon as his neck was within reach, Alexis wrapped her hands behind his head, pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. Tom responded enthusiastically, enjoying the taste of her young mouth as their tongues played with each other. It lasted just a few seconds before she pulled back though. Then she gave him a bright and naughty smile, placed a hand on top of his head and firmly pushed it down. Tom thought such an explicit action would have been indelicate even for a guy, let alone a girl. Alexis was just something else! He hesitated for a moment, then thought: “What the hell!” and he got down on his knees, as she pulled up her dress to reveal no underwear.

Tom had always loved going down on women. Encouraged by her firm grip on his hair, he quickly switched from some kisses on her inner thighs to enthusiastically licking her crotch from top to bottom. Alexis had a strong taste – which made him honestly doubt that she had taken a shower right before their date – but he was intoxicated by desire and he kept servicing her with enthusiasm. Alexis allowed him to enjoy her for a minute or two, then she noticed that he was slowing down, probably thinking that he could now move back up for some more action. Her reaction was to start giving him detailed instructions: “You feel good down there, Tom. Keep licking me… Yeah, now suck my lips down there, just like that… And now all the way down, yes, push your tongue into me, in and out… harder… harder” she said while moving his head to give him a rhythm. “Oh, I’m going to come soon… keep fucking me with your tongue… good boy! Don’t stop until I say so…” She moved one hand to her clit and started touching herself – while literally using Tom’s tongue as a dildo – until she reached a loud orgasm and squirted copiously into his mouth.

Once released from her grasp, Tom sat down on his own heels and looked at her in awe: “Wow… You are just… something else!”

“I’ve been told that before, actually…” she replied with a coy smile. “Now why don’t you join me up here, Mister Long Tongue?”

Tom was hard as a rock, his dick clearly ready for some action. But Alexis was clearly not done being in control: she pushed him onto the sofa until he laid on his back, and pulled down his pants while he opened his shirt. He tried to get closer to kiss her, but she pushed him back down with her hand on his chest. Then she seemingly looked at his dick for the first time: “What do we have here?” She stuck out her tongue and licked him from his balls all the way up… then – after a brief pause to take a deep breath – she took his dick in her mouth. Tom could not believe how easily she took all of it into her mouth, until her lower lip was pressed against his balls. It felt so amazing that he almost lost control, feeling some pre-cum dripping out of his pulsing member into her warm throat. Thankfully she stopped right there for a few seconds, holding him inside while looking up at him with a naughty expression. Then she quickly released him with a loud pop.

Tom was bewildered by this woman, who could simply not stop surprising him. He looked at her as she quickly reached inside her purse, took out a condom and skillfully placed it on his dick, still super-hard and now wet with her saliva. Then Alexis mounted him. She moved up and down slowly a few times, until she could take him all inside her tight vagina. Then she stopped moving, feeling the fullness of him inside herself. “I want you to give me a nice ride now. Giddy up!” On those last words, she dug her fingernails into his naked buttocks. Tom could simply not believe what an assertive lover this young woman was. He obeyed without even thinking, and started moving beneath her.

It was hard work, because Alexis did not help him at all. She simply sat on him like a rider on a horse, and it was quickly clear that she wanted an increase in his pace every time she dug her fingernails into his skin, harder and harder. Tom was being ridden. He felt used, and he loved every second of it… even though he was getting tired, and his rider kept demanding a faster and faster pace. Her nails kept spurring him in the same spot on his buttocks, and he felt like his skin was probably starting to bleed by now.

Alexis sensed that he was getting close to an orgasm, and immediately gave him another order: “Don’t you cum until I say so, horsey!” The sound of her own voice seemed to arouse her even more, and she started moaning louder and louder. Then she finally released her grip from one of his buttocks, but only to reach back for his pants on the floor and pull out his belt. A painful lash hit his chest before he could fully figure out what was going on. “Gallop, horsey! Faster, faster… please your rider!” Alexis was on fire, and a few more lashes were enough to trigger another amazing orgasm while Tom – distracted by the unexpected pain and exhausted by the physical exertion – missed out on his own climax. He felt disappointed at first, then immediately relieved: she had ordered him not to cum, and who knows how she would have punished his disobedience!

“That’s a good boy, Tom. I am really enjoying you… and now I think somebody needs a reward…” Alexis whispered while turning around to straddle his chest, facing his dick. Then she started expertly stroking it with a hand. It was not long before Tom exploded copiously into his condom, while admiring her small sexy butt sitting full weight on his own chest.

Alexis’ body seemed to relax, and Tom – now sexually relieved and thoroughly exhausted – assumed she would now get up and possibly lay next to him. Instead she slowly slid back and propped herself up to sit on his face in a reverse position. “Lick me clean, Tommy boy. You made me happy tonight, and now you’ll get to taste it some more…” Tom obeyed somewhat reluctantly, given that his sexual desire had now faded. As he lapped her wet pussy and swallowed her tasty juices, Alexis sensually caressed his chest and enjoyed his oral attention once more.

Then she slid a couple of inches forward. “No way!” Tom thought, and he tried to free himself. But Alexis would not have any of it. She made herself heavier on his face, while pinching both of his nipples: “Now, you don’t want to become a disappointment right at the end, do you Tom? Be a dear and lick my ass clean…” Tom could just not believe this. She was really going too far. But it had been such an unforgettable experience until this point, and the last thing he wanted was to ruin their night. So he made up his mind and – for the first time in his life – he licked a woman’s asshole. It didn’t taste good at all, and he felt his tongue almost burn at the bitterness of it, but it got gradually better as he kept lapping, encouraged by Alexis’ painful pinches and sweet moans.

After a shower, they slept in each other’s arms for the entire night. Alexis was sweet and relaxed in the morning, as if the predatory lover from the night before had temporarily given way to a new side of her. It was a sunny Saturday morning in San Francisco, and they shared a delightful breakfast while losing track of time.

Then Alexis finally checked her phone. “Oh my God, is it really 10:30? Damn, I have to run! No, wait… I need to pee first…” Alexis ran into the bathroom – leaving the door open – and Tom followed her with a surprised look.

“Do you really need to go?”

“Yes, but only for a couple of hours” she responded while sitting on the toilet, as she started peeing without any concern for his presence there. “What is it, Tom? You haven’t had enough of me?”

“Of course not. I was thinking…”

“No time for thinking right now. Just get on your knees, quick… let me say goodbye…”

Tom obeyed, though wondering why they couldn’t simply kiss once she stood up. Or he could have just squatted down… But it just seemed that Alexis loved having him on his knees in front of her.

Then she quickly stood up, grabbed his hair and pushed his face into her crotch. “Lick me clean. I want my taste in your mouth for the entire morning…”

Was she for real? Tom immediately realized that she had not wiped herself, but she expected his tongue to perform toilet-paper duties. He was appalled, but also aroused by her incredible audacity. He licked her clean, swallowing a few drops of her acidic piss and quickly starting to get aroused.

“Okay, that’s enough. Don’t get greedy…” Alexis kissed his forehead, slipped into her dress and stormed out of the apartment. “I’ll text you later!”

Still on his knees, Tom said out loud to himself: “Oh yes, you are certainly something else!”

He spent the following few hours anxiously waiting for her text message. Some buddies invited him over to brunch, but he passed. A beautiful woman he had seen a few times suggested a date, but he said he was busy this weekend. What was happening to him? Why was he getting head over heels for this adorable selfish brat? He was supposedly out of her league in every way, yet she had used him like a toy and a slave, and he had absolutely loved it.

Her text finally came around 2 pm. “Meet me at Golden Gate Park. I’m in the mood for a pic-nic!” Tom was so happy that he didn’t even think of her presumption that he would be available, at her beck and call.

“Did you really not bring any food?” Alexis immediately asked when he showed up. For some reason Tom had assumed that she would take care of it, but in hindsight he should have known that Alexis would expect him to do all the work. He stood there for a few seconds, uncertain on what to say.

“It’s all right. You will learn” she continued. “There’s a great bakery on the other side of the park, so we can just go there and get some delicious sandwiches. But I really don’t feel like walking all the way there, especially while wearing these cute shoes and having such a nice stud at my disposal…” she added, while rubbing his neck and shoulders with her soft hand.