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Van Life? Better with a Slave - Part 2


Tom was in pretty good shape, but carrying Alexis on his shoulders through the park turned out to be a demanding task.

She immediately pushed his head so low that his chin almost touched his own chest: this gave her a comfortable saddle made by his neck and shoulders, with her buttocks fully supported and her feet dangling freely in front of his abdomen. When they reached a junction in the trail, she gently kicked him with the heel of her left foot. Confused, he slowed down and prompted her to say: "Have you ever ridden a horse, Tom? It's not complicated. A left kick tells you to go right, and vice-versa. Come on," she kicked him again on the left side, this time a little harder, and then added a sharp kick with both of her heels to ask for more speed. "Giddy up, Tommy boy. I'm hungry!"

He kept carrying her as best as he could, a little resentful but mostly just excited to be with her. It was very clear that he was not simply carrying her: he was being ridden like a beast of burden. "Now I want your hands under my feet. Take the weight of my legs on your palms, that's right, like stirrups. From the side though, so my heels can still reach your abdomen for commands. There you go... You could make a good horsey with some training" Alexis accompanied that last comment with a playful caress on his head, then she rested that arm on top of it. With these latest changes, she really looked like a Queen on top of a humble slave: every part of his body was dedicated to her comfort and service, as he obediently transported her.

Tom silently prayed that nobody he knew would see him in this predicament. Increasingly sore and sweaty, he could not wait to reach the other side of the park. But his attitude gradually changed to a more peaceful and accepting one: he focused on Alexis' beautiful feet, kept comfortable by the humble placement of his hands beneath her sandals. He relaxed his shoulders, letting her sexy butt sag into his muscles, enjoying the feeling of her crotch rubbing slightly against his neck with every step. He was aware of the unusual nature of this situation, yet he reached a state of abandon that made him feel paradoxically free... just as he was used like a slave.

When they reached the bakery and he gently Alexis her down, he was exhausted but he immediately missed the feeling of her body on top of him.

They had a lovely time at the park, eating sandwiches on a bench by the lake, telling each other stories about their (very different) life experiences. Then, out of the blue, Alexis dropped a bomb on him: "I am leaving the Bay Area next week."

"What do you mean? Leaving for good?" he asked in shock.

"I told you: I never stay anywhere for very long."

"But what about us?"

"You are very sweet, Tom. But saying that our lives are different is an understatement. We could have some more fun if I was staying, but we just wouldn't work out."

"I can't just let you out of my life, Alexis. I feel so alive with you, constantly surprised and challenged. You are just something else..."

She smiled. "I think you have said that before."

"Is there anything I could do to change your mind?"

"No, honey. It's all planned: I will spend the next three months in Alaska, photographing wildlife. My friend Sara is going with me, and we will be living in a 4x4 adventure van."

Tom felt his heart sink. "We could be in touch, and meet again after those three months..."

"I doubt I will have much cell reception in the wilderness. And I don't know yet where I will live after that. I am not for you, Tom."

"I disagree," Tom heard himself sound like a heartbroken teenager, almost childish.

She looked at him with an amused expression. "I don't do well in relationships. Not traditional ones, anyway. You may have noticed that I am kind of bossy..."

"Yeah, I guess," he smiled.

"It goes much deeper than you can imagine. I have been basically vanilla with you so far, but that never lasts as I quickly lose interest. Your only long-term role in my life could be that of a 24/7 slave."

Tom could not believe how openly she had just said that. He was simply speechless. So he awkwardly changed topic, but their conversation was not as enjoyable after that.

Alexis was constantly on his mind during the following couple of weeks, but he forced himself not to reach out. Besides, she was probably already unreachable, away from civilization.

Then, in the middle of an important meeting, he saw a notification on his phone and his heart started pounding. He excused himself and went to the bathroom, where he rinsed his face, took a deep breath and then opened the text message her had just received from Alexis: "Here's a snapshot of my lifestyle these days..."

He assumed she had sent a picture together with that message, but it took 5 long minutes until the photo got delivered. She was probably in an area with poor cellular signal. When it finally arrived, Tom stared at it open-mouthed: it was the photo of a pretty woman's face, laying in the grass, with Alexis' bare foot resting on it: the heel on her mouth, the ball of the foot on her nose, and those beautiful toes on her forehead. Tom instantly felt an erection forming inside his pants. He realized that he deeply envied that woman, and he understood her... they were simply under the same spell. He wished to take her place, or at least to witness her servitude to his Alexis.

Who was he kidding? She was not his. She would never be owned. The only choice was to submit to her.

Tom was very unproductive for the rest of the day. They exchanged a few more messages, and he learned that Sara was on the trip as a full-time servant for Alexis, who only loved living on the road when she could use the comforts provided by an obedient and submissive companion.

"She had been my human chair for a few hours, when I took that photo," Alexis texted him. Tom figured that Alexis must have been using her belly as a seat, her face as a footrest, and probably het thighs as a backrest. "And of course I rode her up here from the van, as she carried all of my gear at the same time. You know how my beautiful feet don't like walking long distances..."

For some reason, after disappearing for weeks, she was now teasing Tom. He didn't know what to make of it. Was she just bored and looking for attention? After a couple more messages, the true reason became apparent: she was shopping for a new 24/7 slave to use on her trip. It turns out that Sara had a family emergency, so she was going to leave in a few days. Alexis' opportunism should have been infuriating, but Tom could only think of how wonderful it would be to be constantly in her presence, at her service. Was he under an actual spell?

He started wondering if he could actually pull this off. He definitely had enough savings to take a sabbatical. But what would his life actually be with Alexis? As if reading his mind, she texted him the link to an online journal that Sara had been updating daily since the beginning of their trip.

He spent the entire evening reading Sara's notes, in a state of constant amazement and arousal. It was clear that Alexis knew how to fully exploit an eager servant, and she considered herself entitled to complete obedience. Some of her demands were playful and led to intimate fun, but most of them were purely practical: being carried everywhere, using her slave as a human chair in numerous positions, being served with meals and chores... all the way to using the slave's tongue for the cleaning of her body parts, and even the slave's mouth to pee in, since the van has no bathroom. Sara described quite eloquently the state of constant arousal and adoration that made her completely subservient to Alexis, and the feeling of fulfillment that she felt whenever her Owner's life was improved by her service.

On the next day, Tom took a leave of absence at work and booked a one-way ticket to Alaska.