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First Pony Ride for a Real-Life Domme


I have always loved introducing people to Ponyplay, but few have embraced it as enthusiastically as my new friend Miss M.

She and her husband are in a 24/7 Femdom Relationship, and they have decided to share their journey online on a web site called Bdsm Couple that has already scored over 1.5 Million views / year. And yes, Ponyplay is now part of their story!

Naturally I decided to interview Miss M about her feelings trying this beautiful practice for the first time, as well as her plans for the future. The interview follows below, and a video of Miss M’s first ride is available here!

Steven: “Miss M, how did your Female-Led Relationship start? And why did you decide to share your story on the Web?”

Miss M: “At first we were switching. But after a while we agreed that staying in the same roles permanently would be so much more fun and lead to much more intense experiences. I was the lucky winner, since my husband enjoys pain a whole lot more than I do, and since I really enjoy torturing him. So my husband became my slave 24/7/365 and in my book we are a perfect match! And then there is my website. We both get turned on by knowing the whole world is watching the naughty part of our life I choose to publish on my site. That’s a big part of the reason! But another reason was the fact that we had great difficulties finding websites about BDSM featuring ‘real people’. The vast majority is commercial porn – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but it was just not what we were looking for. So we decided to create our own little corner of the internet and tell about our special way of life and our kinky adventures. By telling our story we are hoping to inspire others to get the courage to pursue their erotic dreams and fantasies.”

Steven: ” What are your favorite 3 ways to use your husband-slave?”

Miss M: “1: First of all I love our morning ritual. My slave wakes up at the first beep of the alarm clock and turns it off before it awakens me. Then he gets between my legs and start licking my pussy very gently. At this point I am still asleep, and his soft tongue sloooowly wakes me up…. and before I am all awake I cum. After that I edge him. I masturbate him to the point when he is just about to cum and then I stop… I grab one or sometimes both of his testicles and squeeze really hard… and then I masturbate him again. In the weekends this little game goes on for a long time driving him mad. And before we get up I sometimes have two or even three orgasms. It’s the perfect way to start the day! 2: Then there are the little tasks I tell him to perform during the day. It’s just little things, but I enjoy the game we play, and I secretly hope he forgets to do some of it – giving me an excuse to cane him! 3: And then there is the fact that he never leaves the house without wearing his cock cage. I love the fact that his cock is locked inside the steel cage and that I hold the key!!!”

Steven: “That sounds wonderful. But let’s talk about Ponyplay. I am proud to say that I was recently instrumental in triggering your interest in this practice. What did you think when you first read about it? And what were your feelings when riding your slave for the first time?”

Miss M: “I had heard about pony play but never read about it and never tried it, until I had a request for a custom made video of me riding my slave. Then I began to search for videos and websites about it. I realized how big a thing it is, and I became increasingly curious! What struck me the first time I rode my slave was the wonderful feeling of his muscles working hard beneath me as he was working to transport me around. I enjoyed how he slowly became more and more exhausted, while all I had to do was to enjoy the ride and use my cane to keep him moving. I really love the cane part, and I am considering buying a saddle, but they are so expensive!”

Steven: “Would you consider starting a training program for your husband as a human pony, riding him regularly until exhaustion, and expecting a longer ride every time?”

Miss M: “Every time I ride him he is able to go a little further than the time before – I don’t know if it’s really a training program, but I enjoy it a lot. Under all circumstances I expect my slave to stay fit and improve his pony abilities!”

Steven: “Your husband was on all-fours for your first ride. Would you also enjoy riding on his shoulders?”

Miss M: “That’s a tough one. I have a fear of heights! But I know that he would be able to carry me much further, if I sit on his shoulders, and I would really like that. So in the near future I’ll try to overcome my fear of heights and give it a shot!”

Steven: “And do you like the idea of riding in a cart pulled by your slave?”

Miss M: “That would be so much fun, and I would really enjoy going for a ride in the morning before breakfast – my slave would of course be naked! But unfortunately we have neither our own estate without curious eyes nor the cart. So that ride is probably not going to happen.”

Steven: “Never say never! In the context of a Ponyplay event, with no intimacy involved, would you share your slave with other Dommes and/or use other human ponies?”

Miss M: “We have never played with others, so for now I am the only one who gets to ride him. But if our play eventually involves others, I might let another Domme have a ride and try another pony myself – but only if the pony appeared to be as good as my own!”

Steven: “Last but not least, would you recommend Ponyplay to other Dominant Women? And what would you tell them, in order to persuade them to give it a try?”

Miss M: “YES! It’s so much fun! No harm is done – except from the slave getting exhausted, and part is just wonderful! I would tell her about the erotic experience of sitting all relaxed feeling your naked slave’s strong muscles work so hard to carry your entire weight for as long as possible. I would tell about using the cane harder and harder to keep him going until he collapses. And I would tell her how intoxicating and arousing the feeling of absolute power is!”