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The Last of the Human Horses - Part 6


That afternoon’s ride was the most challenging yet for Steven. The Queen was much heavier than Marjan on his shoulders, and unreasonably demanding: whenever they hit an uphill section she demanded that he not only keep his speed, but even increase it. She was clearly testing him, and she literally rode him to the ground: already weakened by an intense morning, Steven fell on his knees when the Queen finally ordered him to stop with a harsh yank of the reins. She had just ridden him for over three hours.

When a groom walked over to take Steven from the Queen, he could read horror on her face because of his conditions. As she proceeded to wash him and disinfect his wounds, he realized that the Queen’s brutal spurs had broken the skin of his abdomen. The bridles had been used so harshly that the bit had cut through the corner of his lips. And his back, arms and bottom had the worst damage: the Queen had made liberal use of a thin dressage whip, so he was covered in long painful welts.

When the Princess saw him in the evening – completely naked at her feet – his aspect had been significantly improved by the care of the groom. Yet she gasped, and her eyes filled with tears. “I will talk to my Mother tomorrow. This is too much! Poor you, come here…”

She allowed Steven on her bed and hugged him, but he was in so much pain that she could hardly touch him anywhere. As her hands kept accidentally hurting him, she started feeling differently about the situation: now she was getting horny. She stripped, sat on his face and started riding it, facing his magnificent body. He obediently started licking her, but that was not enough: Marjan leaned forward and started scratching her slave’s wounds, carefully at first, then with more abandon. He screamed desperately beneath her, but he kept licking while she rode his face savagely. “That’s it, slave. Please me while I torture you. Suffer for me! I love it. My Mother can hurt you as much as she wants, and so can I. Your only purpose is to serve us…”

Marjan’s orgasm was incredible. She relaxed a little, but now she wanted Steven inside her. However – exhausted by the incredibly demanding day – he was not fully erect, so she reached down and took his penis in her mouth, starting the first blowjob of her life. What happened next was even more incredible: after a few seconds, Steven placed a hand on the back of her head and started giving her the pace that satisfied him the most. Marjan was overwhelmed with the unexpected pleasure of being used by the strong man that she owned. She stood up and walked away from the bed, turning back after a few steps to reveal a terrified expression on her face, mixed with breathtaking arousal. Steven sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her in silence.

“Oh my Goddess, what is happening to me? What have you done to me?” she cried. Then she walked back towards the bed, knelt down on the floor and started her blowjob again. Steven was fully erect now, and – encouraged by the Princess’ new position of clear submission – he grabbed her hair and pushed himself deeper and deeper into her mouth, making her gag several times. When he let go of her, she fell to the floor on all fours. So he promptly took her from behind, harshly, giving her two more orgasms before ejaculating inside her.

It became Marjan’s dirty little secret. She was as dominant as always with Steven in most circumstances, but she got completely addicted to his body, and her newly found desire for sexual gratification made her want to submit to him whenever his penis was involved. The craziest thing is that Steven was extremely submissive as her slave, yet he became extremely demanding whenever the roles switched: under his guidance, she even learned to let him down her throat and swallow all of his semen. Was he just doing so because it obviously excited his Owner, or getting some sort of revenge as well?

Regardless, Steven’s sexual life became very active. It drained much of his energy, but he was still expected to perform at his best as a human horse: Marjan rode him all the time, and her mother and sisters didn’t miss any opportunity either.

As announced, the Queen soon added a further demand on the young slave: he was expected to procreate many more human horses, by impregnating the enslaved twin Princesses. The twins had become maids for Marjan’s sisters. That represented a huge improvement from their previous life as palanquin carriers, even though their new owners often rode them side-by-side on all fours around the castle, sometimes setting up improvised races.

Their first meeting with Steven was at least dignified by complete privacy, but when he entered the room – with padded floors and mirrored walls – the young slave found them chained to two opposite walls, naked and terrified. For the first few minutes he simply sat on the floor. Then he seemed to choose the less scared of the identical women, and he approached her. “Leave me alone!” she screamed, and Steven was flabbergasted: for the first time in months, somebody was speaking to him in English! He had literally not heard a single intelligible word for the longest time, while only being handled through painful physical orders. The young man started sobbing. He knelt on the floor, next to the tall amazonian woman, and he hugged her. After the initial surprise, she reciprocated and was soon joined by her twin sister.

“Who are you? How do you know my language?” he asked.

“My name is Amelia, and this is my sister Eloise. Our Mother used to rule a vast reign, until Queen Elaheh conquered it, executed her and enslaved us. We learned English and many other languages years ago, at our Court. But Eloise has not spoken a word since our capture, not even to me. We’ve been through Hell. And I guess I was always the stronger one.”

“Queen Elaheh? That must be Marjan’s Mother, the woman who rode me to the ground a few days ago. I seriously thought she intended to kill me.”

“These women are ruthless, especially the ruling line: Queen Elaheh and Princess Marjan. We are now in service to Marjan’s older sisters, who are pretty spoiled and sadistic, but not as merciless. We used to serve Marjan and it was a complete nightmare, but then she finally found you, so I suppose we should be thankful. Why do you serve them so willingly?”

“I come from a patriarchal world, far away from here. Yet I have always adored women and considered myself a feminist. A matriarchal society is something I’ve always dreamed about, but two strange things happened to me in this world: first, something inside makes me go crazy if any woman tries to mount me. That doesn’t make sense: I have even paid women to ride me like that in the past! And second, whenever I see those birthmarks on Elaheh’s and Marjan’s hands, I am completely powerless: I would do anything to please them, including letting them mount me… or even kill me!”

“Hmmm, there is some truth to the legend then! I wonder…”

They got interrupted and immediately shut up as the door opened, and a young groom stepped into the room. Steven had been groomed by her at the stables before, and she clearly knew hot to handle him: first she signaled with a hand that she wanted him to stand up. Then she poured a few drops of a green potion on his penis, and she massaged it with her hand for a few seconds. Steven gained a formidable erection in no time.

The groom then looked at the twins, pointed her finger to the floor and smiled as they obediently got down on all fours. Then she grabbed Steven’s hair and forced his face into the crotch of one of them. There was no need for further orders. Steven had sex with both women for hours, under the supervision of the groom, who enjoyed hitting his back with a riding crop for encouragement from time to time. That clearly turned her on, because – for the first time ever – she demanded that Steven serve her orally at the end.

Steven started looking forward to being taken to the “mirror room” for those breeding sessions, that progressively became more frequent and creative. Not only the twins were expert and enthusiastic lovers, but he often had some time to secretly talk to them. It felt like a much needed way to preserve his humanity.

One rainy afternoon, the Queen decided to take Steven on a long all-fours ride inside the castle. She felt pretty heavy in the middle of his back, and she let herself lazily bounce up and down as he obediently trotted along, encouraged by her cruel spurs. Princess Marjan was having a private lesson with her music teacher, but her sisters had had the same idea as their mother, who found them chatting as they slowly rode the twins side by side, on all fours.

As she approached them from behind at a faster walk, the Queen used the bridles to jokingly direct Steven’s head to bump into the naked ass of one of the twins. The saddled woman instinctively broke into a trot for a few steps, surprising her rider who turned around, laughed out loud and yelled: “Mom, you scared me!”

That little prank gave the sadistic Queen an idea. So, just minutes later, the three riders were in the mirror room and stayed mounted on their respective slaves as Steven was made to have sex with them from behind. The twins – already exhausted after over an hour beneath their spoiled riders – struggled to maintain their position. One of them fell from her hands to her elbows, only for her rider to remove her own boots from the stirrups and place them on top of her head. But Steven had the hardest job, as the heavy Elaheh enjoyed a sort of rodeo on his back, spurring and whipping him as he thrust himself back and forth. Eventually the Queen and her daughters grew tired of their sadistic game, dismounted and left the three slaves alone in the room. Steven – for the first time – kissed both of the twins on their mouth. Then they all fell asleep in each other’s arms, still saddled and bridled, absolutely exhausted.

When Marjan found out about that episode from one of her sisters, her immediate jealousy was overshadowed by the desire to do something similar, or even better.

Two days later, the twins were chained in the mirror room, expecting Steven to be delivered to them at some point. When he entered the room he was naked, on all fours, and mounted bareback by Princess Marjan. At first the Princess simply stayed mounted on his back – just like her Mother had done – as he took each of the twins from behind. Then she had one of the twins lick her asshole and Steven lick her pussy, while he had intercourse with the other twin at the same time. She reached an incredible orgasm, and paused for a second, sitting on the padded floor. That’s when Steven pulled back and stood up.

Then it happened. She didn’t think twice of the fact that they were not alone. Her addiction and lust prevailed. Princess Marjan got up on her knees and she started giving her slave a passionate blowjob, not even realizing that she was in fact cleaning him of the twin’s juices. Steven’s surprise was short-lived, and he soon grabbed her hair, forcing her head back and forth and enjoying the feeling of his penis reaching deeper and deeper into his Owner’s mouth and throat.

The twin sisters couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Amelia was the first to react. She stood up, approached Marjan, and grabbed her hair to replace Steven’s hand in managing the movement of her head, while kissing him on the lips. “That’s it, whore. You finally found somebody capable of taming you!” she told Marjan with contempt. The Princess kept sucking, docile as if she was hypnotized. They had to seize the opportunity. With her sister’s help, Amelia circled Marjan’s ankles with their chains and searched for a key in the tiny pouch that the Princess was wearing. That’s when Steven reached his orgasm, pushing himself even deeper into the woman’s throat and letting her swallow every drop.

Marjan had instructed her servants to give her complete privacy. So it took until the following morning before anybody realized that the Princess, Steven and the twins had disappeared.

This unexpected turn of events would lead them to new incredible adventures. But that’s another story.