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The Last of the Human Horses - Part 5


Princess Marjan continued the training of her new slave during the following weeks. He learned quickly and he showed remarkable strength and endurance at her service, as well as blind obedience to her orders. The Princess soon received a full tack for him: a comfortable shoulder saddle made of the finest leather, bit and bridles, and of course stirrups.

Sometimes she would ride him in equestrian gear, using sharp spurs and a nasty whip to make him carry her faster and farther. On other days, she would ride barefoot and simply tap his abdomen with her soft heels. His devotion was such that he performed similarly in both situations, so the Princess gradually limited the use of her spurs to the occasional day when she felt particularly sadistic.

Steven was also at her service behind close doors.

One morning, the Princess woke up to find him asleep in a fetal position, on the floor beside her bed. He was supposed to always sleep on his back, so she could use his chest as a bedside carpet for her bare feet. Marjan was not seriously upset by such a minor thing, but she decided to use his rare mistake as a chance for further training. So she kicked Steven in the face with her heel, and immediately ordered: “Whip!” The slave woke up from his deep sleep, and after the initial surprise he picked up Marjan’s riding crop from a table and offered it to his Owner. The Princess proceeded to brutally whip his chest and abdomen, for the entire time that Steven spent under her, receiving her pee into is mouth like every morning. This sadistic addition to their normal routine clearly excited the Princess, who let her slave clean her for a long time and then rode his face to achieve an extremely satisfying orgasm.

She was still sitting on his face when somebody knocked at the bedroom door.

“Who is it?”

“Your Mother.”

Marjan quickly covered herself with the bed sheets, then she looked at her slave and pointed a finger towards the door. Steven hesitantly crawled towards it, waiting for instructions. “Come on in!” the Princess said to her mother.

The Queen looked at Steven, who was naked on the floor and was not even wearing kneepads. She showed him her hand with the birthmark, which immediately caused him to lower his face all the way to the floor as a sign of complete submission. The Queen placed a foot on the back of his head, pressing fairly hard and rubbing the sole of her sandal against his hair. Then she looked at her daughter and said: “We need to talk, sweetie.”

They started a conversation that would last over an hour, with the Princess sitting in bed and her mother on Steven’s back. The combination of her heavier weight and the absence of kneepads soon brought Steven to tears, but he stayed steady and silent.

“Marjan, you have been doing an amazing job training Steven by yourself. I decided to give you full independence for the first month or so, and you have not disappointed. But as you know, he is the only human horse left to the Royal Family. So I can no longer let you use him 24 hours a day. There are more duties for him.”

“Mom, that’s not fair! He’s mine! I’m the heir to the throne and I need…”

“Let me finish” the Queen interrupted her. “You will have a chance to use Steven every day. But we need to follow a schedule. First of all, I wish to ride him in the woods at least twice a week. Second, I want each of your sisters to have a chance to ride him at least once a week. As you know, they will need either you or myself to be present, because Steven won’t obey them unless we order him to.”

“Mom, you don’t understand. He truly belongs to me. I feel bad even seeing him serve as your chair right now… like, it’s unnatural!”

“Honey, I do understand. I have been through this myself. Owning a true slave is an incredible feeling, one of the most intimate. You probably feel nearly in love with him, even as you treat him like a servant and a beast of burden. It’s complicated. But you have to trust me.”

“Can I have him for myself at least another few weeks? His training is not over yet, and I want to make sure he’s ready for you and for my sisters!”

“No, sweetie. It’s time. And there is more: Steven’s role is critical to the survival of our monarchy. So we need to use him for breeding, to create the next generation of human horses that will serve you and your future daughters. There is nothing more important.”

“So, do you want me to…?”

“No, honey. The time will come for you to have intercourse with him, to generate more Princesses and perhaps some male servants for the palace. But the tradition is that all new human horses must be given birth by strong female slaves, and I have the perfect ones in mind.”

“Wait, are you saying that you – the Queen – actually pay attention to any slaves?”

“Oh, no. I don’t even look at a slave’s face while being served, unless it’s someone remarkable like our Steven here…”

“You mean my Steven, right?” Marjan asked pointedly.

“All right, yes. I know he’s yours. Anyway, I want him to breed the twins! Think about it: they are strong slaves, yet they have royal blood from the dynasty that we defeated. Their offspring will symbolize not only our rule on the human horses, but also our triumph among the matriarchal dynasties!”

“Oh no, my twins?! The worthless bitches that used to carry my palanquin? I will kill them before they can touch my Steven!”

“The decision is taken. Please, don’t be difficult. Think about it, and I am sure you will understand. Now I am going to let you go about your morning, and I am expecting to have Steven ready for my afternoon ride in the stables after lunch.”

The Queen finally stood up, kissed her pouty daughter on a cheek, and left the room.

Marjan was livid with jealousy. She pulled Steven’s hair towards her feet, and he obediently started kissing and licking them, while she calmed down and started thinking of her next move. Finally more relaxed, the Princess looked at her slave and said: “Well, it looks like I have no choice but to start sharing you. However, at the very least I want to be your first…”

Against her mother’s orders, Marjan had sex with Steven, over and over again. They spent the entire morning in bed. And while she felt always in control – often digging her fingernails deep into his muscles – she also allowed him to take some initiative, enjoying his strong body as he made love to her and took away her virginity.

To be continued. Illustration by Oldman Equine.