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Amanda and the Sorority - Part 1


Amanda could feel her own body bend a little further by the minute: the exhausted muscles of her back were giving in, allowing the weight of her tormentor to painfully push directly against the center of her spine. She wondered: how have I ended up in this nightmare, serving a sadistic girl who is so much younger and heavier than myself? She kept staring at her own elbows, making sure they stayed locked as she kept her position on all fours: the muscles of her arms were so tired, but she was terrified of what her Queen would do if she dropped her.

Janice was entitled and arrogant. She believed the world belonged to people ruthless enough to take everything they wanted. Her leadership role, as President of the most exclusive sorority on campus, was simply a tool to gain even more popularity and power at Princeton. Some people – especially the fellow sorority girls whom she ruled with an iron fist – wondered why Janice was so ambitious and driven: she was born rich, after all. Nobody knew that the financial empire accumulated by her family was on the brink of collapse. But Janice was not going to let anyone or anything get in her way. She was going to have a life of comfort and power, no matter what.

These thoughts were distracting Janice from her study. At the same time, she felt her own bubbly ass sink even further into the arch of her new human chair. “Oh yes, suffer for me,” she whispered with a long sigh, unsure whether Amanda could even hear those words from her position under the desk.

“Rock me, back and forth, slowly and steadily,” she added with a louder voice and a commanding tone. Amanda immediately obeyed. She couldn’t help but moan as the constant shift of Janice’s weight tortured her sore spine.

Janice was not only indifferent to the woman’s pain. She loved it. First she pushed herself up on the stirrups for a second, only to immediately land heavily with her butt in the middle of Amanda’s back. Then she grabbed Amanda’s hair with one hand, pulling it toward herself to deepen the arch of her back even further, and she started spanking her rhythmically while yelling: “Faster, slave! Rock me and suffer. Suffer for me! Suffer! Yeah, I love it…”

She forced her exhausted human chair to continue for a few minutes, until she reached an amazing climax. “Good girl. Oh, that felt great. I came without even removing my shorts” she gasped. Then she took her bare feet off the stirrups, placed them on the back of Amanda’s head, and said: “You may now collapse on the floor.” The slave promptly obeyed, hitting the carpeted floor pretty hard with her face and breasts.

Janice’s full weight was still on her. Then the girl stood up for a few seconds, ordered Amanda to turn around, and she sat on her belly. Amanda knew what to do: her bent legs became a backrest, while her mouth started kissing the bottom of the feet that were promptly placed on her face.

“You should consider yourself lucky, slave. It’s not for everyone to serve someone so classy and superior. The whole world should kneel in front of me, and I will make sure that happens one day… figuratively if not literally,” Janice was clearly relaxing now, and she loved the sound of her own voice. She removed her feet from Amanda’s face. “Tell me, what do you think about me?”

“I believe you are superior, and you are supposed to be served and obeyed.” Amanda whispered.

“That’s right. Do you enjoy suffering for me, slave?”

“I am always ready for anything you wish, my Queen.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Janice replied pointedly, while kicking the woman’s face.

“I am sorry, my Queen. Yes, I enjoy suffering for you. It is an honor.”

“Very well. I believe it’s time for you to start a shift as elevator, so I will let you go in a minute. But first, you know that I always need to pee after an orgasm. Where should I do that?” Janice had quickly learned that she could push Amanda much further than any of her young maids.

“Wherever you desire, my Queen.” The fear in Amanda’s voice was easy to detect.

“Wrong answer!” Another kick hit the woman’s face. “I want you to beg,” Janice added, with her most evil smile.

“Please, my Queen. I beg you. Please, use my mouth. I beg for the privilege of serving as your toilet…”

When Megan reached the mansion that hosted the sorority, the carrier underneath her gave a sigh of relief. Although exhausted, she lowered her rider slowly as she had been taught, so Megan could step on the ground softly and stand up off her shoulders with minimum effort.

The two freshmen were wearing the same cheerleading uniform, but the similarities ended there. Megan was a petite redhead and clearly a flyer, while Tiffany – one of the new bases in the team – was a tall and athletic black girl. And of course it was clear who was in charge, and who at service.

“Go get a shower, then meet me in my room” Megan said with a tone of superiority. “You are a strong base, and those broad shoulders are very comfortable. But you sweat so much under me! I don’t know what I would do without that little towel on your neck.”

” As you command, my Princess,” the girl immediately responded, looking down humbly while facing the much shorter girl.

Megan entered the hall, walked the few steps that separated her from the majestic staircase, then stopped by the first step and pressed a buzzer on the wall with an annoyed and impatient expression.

“Rush time, eh?” a pretty Asian girl said with a smile, coming in right after Megan.

“Hey Emily, good to see you! Yes, I wish I could find an elevator ready for me, just for a change.”

Emily was a senior, and among the last cheerleaders left from the team that had won the national championship three years earlier. A photo of her in action was framed proudly in the living room of the sorority. Megan looked up to her, and she wanted to bond with the older girl as much as a freshman could hope for. So when an elevator became available – rushing down the steps of the huge staircase – she said: “You go first, Emily. I’ll wait for the next one.”

“Oh, thanks sweetie. I appreciate that.”

Emily’s elevator was a tall brunette. Megan believed she was a sophomore: she had seen her around, although she had had no chance to use her yet. The brunette reached the bottom of the staircase and – without making eye contact with either one of the girls – she dropped on her hands and knees and waited. She was among the most beautiful girls in the sorority, with a sexy body dressed only in shorts and a sports bra. A thin leather saddle was placed in the middle of her back and tightly fastened round her chest. Emily barely looked at her as she placed a sneaker in one of the stirrups, swung her other leg across, and sat gracefully yet firmly on the saddle.

“See you around. What’s your name again?”

“I’m Megan. It was nice to see you Emily. I hope we can hang out soon!”

“Yeah, I’m sure we’ll have a chance. Bye!” Emily responded. Then she resolutely kicked the thighs of the girl beneath her: “Let’s go!” The brunette stood up on her long legs, while keeping her back parallel to the ground for her rider’s comfort, and she started climbing the steps at a good pace. Once she reached the top, she gently dropped back down on all fours, and started crawling towards Emily’s room.

While observing that scene, Megan finally saw another elevator heading down the steps. She immediately recognized her former slave. Amanda’s eyes became watery as soon as she recognized her. The woman reached the hall, dropped on all fours, and started desperately kissing Megan’s feet and legs.

“Oh, it looks like you missed me!” Megan said with a giggle. “I haven’t seen you in over a week. How’s Janice treating you?” she asked, without actually expecting an answer. She hopped on the woman’s back as heavily as her small figure allowed, and simply said “Go.” Amanda climbed a few steps, then she moaned in pain as Megan pulled her hair and said: “Wait, go back.”

Megan had just noticed that Kayla – a fellow freshman and cheerleader who was just as petite as herself – was now waiting in the hall together with two more girls. “Let’s give Kayla a ride, so the other girls won’t have to wait too long. Come on, slave, go backwards!”

As Amanda obeyed, Kayla laughed out loud. “Are you serious? She must be 5’2″ or 5’3″. I don’t even know if there is enough space for both of us on her back, let alone if she can carry our combined weight…”

“Oh, don’t worry. I know this one very well. She’s stronger than she looks. I’ll let you use the stirrups.” As Amanda reached the hall and got down on her hands and knees, Megan removed her feet from the stirrups and slid forward, sitting on the woman’s scapulas, with her own legs dangling next to her head.

“All right, if you insist. I just hope we don’t end up rolling down the stairs!” Kayla said, sitting on Amanda’s back and then placing her feet in the stirrups. As Megan commanded her to move, Amanda cleverly crawled forward until her hands touched the first step, then the second, and she extended her legs only when that was possible without losing contact with her hands. She managed to climb the entire staircase like that, crying in pain while her two riders and the girls in the hall kept laughing at her.

Up on the second floor, Megan first directed Amanda to Kayla’s room to drop her off, then to her own room. “I’ve been missing my little slave. At what time does your shift end? You may respond,” she said while dismounting.

“I will be done in 20 minutes, Princess. Then I will be working in the kitchen until 9 pm, when Queen Janice will be expecting me in her room.”

“Ok. Drop by my room in 20 minutes, before you head to the kitchen. I want to talk to you.”

“As you wish, Princess.”

After a relaxing shower, Megan was reading a magazine on her bed while Tiffany was on her knees by the bedside, painting her toenails.

Life was so good! She would have done anything to belong to such an exclusive sorority, but she had ended up with a much better deal than she could have hoped for. “I guess I should thank my Dad for dating Amanda!” she thought with a smile.

Kappa Alpha Gamma was the most prominent sorority at Princeton. To any outsider, it looked like half of its members were very rich, and the other half was made of girls particularly gifted in intelligence, athleticism and beauty. All girls from the sorority ended up performing brilliantly at Princeton and beyond, invariably ending up in the leadership ranks of society. So the competition to be accepted was fierce. When Megan applied a few months earlier, she was informed that Kappa Alpha Gamma had two categories of members: the girls whose family could afford an exorbitant annual fee were admitted as Princesses, whereas the others were accepted on the condition that they served as their maids. Every Princess had one maid at her service, with duties that kept growing over the decades as the sorority gained increasing prestige. Depending on the personality of each Princess, the life of a maid could range from being a slightly submissive friend all the way to becoming her slave. But all maids were allowed enough time to study and to keep excelling at the University.

Megan was over the moon when she received a provisional admission to Kappa Alpha Gamma. Her achievements at the high school’s cheerleading squad had clearly gone a long way! She was invited to a private meeting with the board of directors, and her heart was pounding as she walked into the sorority mansion for the first time. Then – as soon as she entered the meeting room – her jaw dropped. The room was large, completely empty, with padded floors and mirrored walls. Three expensively dressed women were sitting right in the middle of the room. Each one of them had two young girls underneath: one serving as a chair on all-fours, and one laying beneath their feet as a footstool.

The pretty athletic girl that had led Megan to the center of the room said: “Please, have a seat. The committee has some questions for you.” Then she smiled at Megan, and dropped down on her hands and knees. Although used to being served by Amanda, Megan was so surprised that she hesitated for a second. Then she sat in the middle of the girl’s back, crossed her legs and said: “Good afternoon, Ladies.”

She studied the three women in front of her. Two were middle-aged, most likely former members or the parents of current members. Megan couldn’t believe how naturally they were using for their comfort the bodies of young girls who could have been (or perhaps were) their daughters. The third was a young woman in her early twenties, attractive but quite fleshy, who did much of the talking while the other two mostly took notes: “Hello Megan. My name is Janice, but here I’m better known as the Queen. The council of Princesses has elected me as their leader for the past two years.”

Janice went on to explain the structure of the sorority, the difference between Princesses and maids, and the absolute secrecy of everything happening within those walls. Then she informed Megan that they had accepted her as a maid.

Megan had expected this: she had no money to contribute, and she could only attend such a prestigious University thanks to a scholarship. But she had a plan: “I am honored, my Queen. Thank you for admitting me. However, I believe I would serve the sorority much better as a Princess, because of my leadership skills and dominant personality. In fact, I own my former stepmother as a 24/7 slave. I would be happy to offer her to the sorority as a full-time servant for the duration of my stay, in exchange for being made a Princess.”

That was unprecedented, but Janice was intrigued by the idea of having an older woman at her service. Besides, as the Queen she could already own as many maids as she wanted, but all maids had to be allowed time to study, practice sports and be successful at Princeton. This woman could be a 24/7 slave, making sure Janice was served and pampered at all times. They arranged for a second meeting, in which Megan brought Amanda and let Janice mercilessly test her. Amanda looked like an overburdened donkey beneath the heavy and cruel Queen, and her eyes implored Megan not to give her away. Megan didn’t even know if her petite former stepmother could survive at Janice’s service, but her selfish nature prevailed and she made a deal with Janice.

Under the terms of their deal, Amanda was to be a public servant always available to every member of the sorority. Of course that implied that the Queen’s requests to use her were always prioritized over any other Princess. Megan was going to be accepted in the sorority as a Princess, but – as a secret condition just between the two of them – she would privately serve Janice one night a week, from 7 pm to 7 am. That last part was a little scary, but Megan knew that – all considered – she had obtained a great deal.

Somebody knocked. “Go open the door” Megan told Tiffany, who put the nail polish aside and promptly obeyed, letting Amanda in.

“Tiffany, leave us alone. And you, pick up where she left” she told Amanda, moving her toes for clarity.

Amanda knelt down, took Megan’s feet in her hands, and started crying her eyes out.

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