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Amanda and the Sorority - Part 2


“I can’t do this anymore. I am constantly exhausted, in pain… and most importantly, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind!” Amanda sounded desperate.

“Of course you can do it. You will do everything I say, because you are mine” Megan replied with a matter-of-fact attitude.

“You know that I adore you, Princess. I would do anything to serve you. But we have barely seen each other during the last few weeks, while Janice has been using me every day, in ways that I don’t even want to mention. This is too much… I am not even a lesbian! You were the first and only woman I’ve ever been attracted to. Please, take me away from this place!”

“Calm down. I said you could speak freely. But you should talk respectfully about our Queen.”

“Queen? Are you kidding? This is not a Kingdom, and we are in 2017 for God’s sake!”

“Ok, now you are making me mad!” Megan kicked Amanda’s face with her naked foot. The woman was startled and almost fell backwards from her kneeling position, but she promptly recovered, took the girl’s feet in her own hands, and started kissing them with devotion.

“I am sorry, my Princess.” Then she seemed to calm down a little. “I just wish things could go back to the way they were. I truly miss you. And you are the only one I wish to serve! I even broke up with your Dad to be yours. Please, take me back. Let’s go home…”

Now Amanda was openly begging Megan. She looked so servile and vulnerable, on her knees in front of a girl a dozen years younger than her. It was as if somebody has cast a spell on the woman, making Megan’s satisfaction her only purpose in life.

Megan placed her own feet on Amanda’s breasts, using them as a pair of small pillows. And she smiled as the woman promptly started caressing her legs, looking up adoringly. “Here’s what we are going to do, slave. First of all, you will continue serving Janice as if your life depends on it. That’s my ticket to this sorority and to a better life, and I’d rather kill you than give it up. You will even learn to love being her slave! Every time you do anything for her, I want you to think of me – your Princess – and what a great life I am going to enjoy thanks to your sacrifice. Second, I want you to be recognized as the best slave in this sorority. I don’t care how hard you have to work, or if you have to stop sleeping. You will spend 24 hours a day proactively pleasing and impressing every Princess in the sorority, reminding them who brought you into their life: me. Keep this in mind: Janice is a Senior, so she will be out of here at the end of this academic year. And if I win the following election, thus becoming the youngest Queen this sorority has ever had, you will be back to serving me 24/7. How would you like that? Third, I will talk to Janice and find a way for you to spend more time with me. I understand and appreciate that you need your Owner to survive.”

Amanda looked completely entranced. She loved serving as Megan’s footrest and masseuse. When her Owner finished talking, she simply said: “As you wish, Princess.”

“There you go. All you needed was a few minutes at my service, and all of that nonsense is forgotten. Now head over to the kitchen, they must be waiting for you.”

On the following day, Megan was scheduled to spend her weekly night at Janice’s service. That was the least favorite part of their deal, but it gave her the opportunity to befriend and – hopefully – even manipulate the powerful Queen. The ultimate goal was to obtain her endorsement for the election in a year’s time.

Janice seemed to genuinely like Megan. “You remind me of myself” she had said a few times, probably referring to her ambition and natural sense of superiority. She was also very aware that Megan was a Princess, so she was never too tough on her: so far she had not demanded any humiliating service, nor had the two girls had any intimacy. Megan was determined to change that, however. She would have done anything to inherit her power.

“How does it feel to be constantly revered by everyone around you?” she asked Janice. The Queen was laying on her own plush bed, surrounded by pillows, while Megan sat by her feet and took care of her toenails.

“To be honest, I am used to it. And I feel entitled to nothing less. Yet, at the same time, I will never stop loving it…”

“It must be great. Janice, I would love to follow in your footsteps one day. You absolutely convey that sense of entitlement, and it feels natural to become subservient in front of you… even for a spoiled Princess like myself.”

“That’s good, because I am just getting started with you. I’ve been taking it easy so far…”

“Please, don’t.” Megan interrupted her. “Whenever we are alone for these sessions, I am ready to do absolutely anything to please you, my Queen…”

Two days later, Megan was sitting on Amanda’s chest. She was naked, about to get a shower after cheerleading practice. “I won’t even tell you what I had to do, to get her in the right state of mind. But I got Janice to accept that you will spend every other night in my bedroom.”

“Thank you, my Princess. I don’t know what to say. I am so happy to belong to you!”

“There is more. She put me in charge of organizing the next quarterly ponygirl race, which I have every intention to win. I don’t have all the details yet, but she gave me the drawing that was used to publicize the last one. Look at this, and you may tell me what you think…”

“Wow, that looks crazy! So far I haven’t seen much domination happen in the public areas of the sorority, except the human elevators. It feels like every Princess-maid pair only plays in private.”

“You are right. But my plan is to change that. Only the Princesses get to vote for the next Queen, and I will promise them to turn their maids into full-out slaves. But first I need to show them the advantages of true slavery, by winning that race with a wide margin on a perfectly trained human pony. My plan is to significantly increase the length and toughness of the course, turning good training into an even bigger advantage.”

“I am ready to do anything for you, my Princess. By the way, are both ponies and riders actually going to be topless?”

“I know you are ready. I’m planning to ride Tiffany – she is taller and stronger than you – but I will need your help to train her. We have 8 weeks, and no time to waste. As for the topless thing… yes, that’s the way it will be. A group of wealthy men will be attending, gambling on the results, and supporting the sorority with generous donations. Our privacy is guaranteed, and no pictures will be taken.”

“Tiffany doesn’t know it yet, but her life is about to have a dramatic change” Megan thought, while sliding forward to sit on Amanda’s face. “Lick my ass, slave” she said, while starting to rub her own clit. She loved to masturbate while Amanda’s tongue stimulated her.

Yes, life was good. But this was just the beginning for Megan O’Connell. Soon her power would go way beyond owning her former stepmother and cheerleading base.

To be continued.