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Amanda and the Sorority - Part 3


The training started on a Sunday morning, when Megan rented a car and drove to the New Jersey shore. Amanda and Tiffany traveled in the trunk, handcuffed to each other, “so they could bond” in the words of their young Owner.

“Have you really chosen to become this girl’s slave? What’s in it for you?” Tiffany whispered in Amanda’s ear.

“It may sound crazy, but I enjoy serving her. I literally adore Megan. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m in love with her.”

“That sounds like a Stockholm syndrome to me. Did she kidnap you or something?”

“No, it was entirely my choice. I used to be her stepmother, increasingly submissive to both my boyfriend and to her, his daughter. Then I decided to break up with him to focus entirely on serving her. I have never looked back. How about you? Do you enjoy being at Megan’s service?”

“She’s pretty tough on me, while most other Princesses seem to be less demanding with their maids. But I am ready to do anything it takes to stay in Kappa Alpha Gamma. Besides, this is nothing compared to the abuse I endured during my childhood. I’m an outsider, Amanda. I have nothing to lose, and a very tall ladder to climb.”

“I’m glad you see it that way. Megan’s success in the sorority could definitely work in your favor. What’s the toughest part of serving her, for you?”

“Well, I have primarily been her human horse so far. She makes me carry her everywhere – like I’m her private means of transportation – and she seems to love it when I start getting really exhausted. She’s petite and I’m pretty strong, so it can take a while until I reach that point.”

“But I bet you it will make you even stronger, both physically and mentally.”

“Yes, I suppose. I have always been proud of my mental toughness.”

“That’s great, because you will need it. I want to share some interesting facts with you. Do you know where we are going?”

“She just said we would go to the shore, so I guess she will be riding and using us while enjoying the beach. By the way, I hope we get there soon: I have never traveled in a car trunk before, and it’s starting to give me motion sickness.”

“We shouldn’t be too long. Megan is going to start training you today, with my help. You will be her human horse at a riding competition in a few weeks, and she is determined to win.”

“Hmm… That makes it sound like things have been easy so far. I wonder how far she is willing to go, and at what point I should perhaps consider complaining with the Queen…”

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. Megan can be demanding and even sadistic, but serving her loyally is always worthwhile.”

“See, that’s where I’m confused. How is it worthwhile? Your life doesn’t seem that great to me, serving the Queen and everybody else all day long…”

“For me, being with Megan is the only reward I need. I understand you may not feel the same way yet. That’s why Megan is going to have an interesting proposition. I would listen very carefully if I were you.”

“Did she set you up to this? Are you supposed to mollify me in preparation for a little speech of hers?”

“Just listen to her, and try to see things in perspective. A harder time for you this year could translate into a much better deal for the rest of your life!”

“Hmm… We’ll see. Are we there yet? I bet she’s kill me if I throw up in the trunk…”

The two slaves were dazzled when the trunk was finally opened. Megan looked at them with a self-satisfied smirk: “That was a nice drive. Get ready, we have a long day ahead of us!”

Minutes later, the three women headed towards the ocean. Megan mounted Tiffany’s broad shoulders in the parking lot, leaving her flip-flops behind as she stepped on the thigh of the kneeling girl to climb on top of her. As usual, she demanded that the girl keep her head low – looking at her own feet – to offer a more comfortable seat to her rider. Tiffany’s hands were placed beneath Megan’s bare feet – serving as human stirrups – while Megan’s hands rested on top of her head, completing an image of complete domination / submission.

Amanda picked up her Owner’s flip-flops from the ground and placed them back in the car, after furtively kissing the area where Megan’s delicious toes had rested. Then she loaded herself with a beach chair, umbrella, cooler and a bunch of other things, locked the car and proceeded in the sand like an overburdened mule, hopelessly trying to catch up with Megan’s long-legged mount.

When they reached a nice spot on the long deserted beach, Megan ordered: “Seiza, slave.” Tiffany had been taught the meaning of that order, though she ignored that it was a Japanese word. She promptly knelt down and sat on her own ankles, allowing Megan to use her thighs as a footrest while still sitting on her shoulders. Tiffany also bent her head forward, to the point where her own chin and chest were touching, making the back of her head approximately parallel to the ground. “That’s a well trained ponygirl” Megan complimented her, while placing a thigh on Tiffany’s head and crossing the other leg on top of it.

Megan was ready to enjoy the sun and the breeze on her human throne. She took off her beach cover-up and let it fall on the sand, revealing a cute pink bikini, just as Amanda joined them with her heavy load. The woman immediately picked up her Owner’s garment, which made her tilt forward enough to be drop the backpack she was carrying.

“Can you stop being so clumsy?” Megan rolled her eyes. “Drop everything and give me a towel: I don’t want the pony’s sweat on my swimsuit. Then come here and rub plenty of sun-lotion all over me: my skin is very delicate. And finally, hurry and set up the beach chair, umbrella and everything else.”

Amanda obeyed all orders as best as she could, while Tiffany silently suffered beneath her Princess’ full weight. When everything was ready, Amanda took her place on the sand laying on her own back, with her head inches away from Tiffany’s knees and her hips right below the beach chair. Megan stood up on Tiffany’s thighs and proceeded to walk on Amanda’s face, breasts and stomach, then she turned around and sat on the beach chair, using Amanda’s breasts as a comfortable footrest.

“You may now lift your head and look at me, slave” she addressed Tiffany. She had never used that word with her before this day. “Yes, you heard me right. I said slave, because things are about to evolve between us. Kiss my feet.” The girl obeyed.

“Press your boobs against Amanda’s face as you do that. You two had better get used to dealing with each other a lot more…” Again, Tiffany complied. And she felt Amanda’s lips gently kissing the skin left uncovered by her bathing suit. Now Tiffany was curious to see where this was going, and of course she obeyed because genuinely intimidated by Megan’s dominant personality.

“Now, get up on your knees and scoot forward a little. Yes, come closer to me. Ok, now sit down.” The girl hesitated for a second, looking around to see if anybody else was on the beach. “Are you deaf?” Megan snapped. “I expect blind and immediate obedience. And yes, I want you to sit right on Amanda’s face. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, Princess. I’m sorry.” Tiffany replied, sitting down as ordered. She immediately felt Amanda’s warm breath between her thighs.

Megan and Tiffany were pretty close now, looking at each other in the eyes. Megan lifted one of her feet from Amanda’s chest, and placed it on one of Tiffany’s soft boobs. “I assume the slave beneath you has already partially briefed you in the car. I want to take things to the next level, and I need your absolute loyalty. It will be harder than you can imagine, but if we succeed and I become Queen, next year I will make you a Princess.”

Tiffany was open-mouthed. “Wait… Are you saying that first you want to make my life harder as your maid, and then you will make me a Princess?”

“Not exactly. First, I want you to become much more than a maid. You will be my slave. I will ride you until you collapse, and then more, and then even more. I will hurt you, with no remorse. I will use you as hard and thoroughly as I use Amanda. You will learn to live to please me. I will make you better, stronger, more skilled. A triumph in the upcoming ponygirl race will be only the first step in my rise to power. And once I become Queen, you will be rewarded for your loyal service and be promoted to Princess. Imagine what doors that could open for you, a poor black girl from Queens…”

“I don’t know what to say. I never thought I had a shot at becoming a Princess. Would I have my own maid?”

“Of course you would. Probably one of next year’s freshmen. Do you like that idea?”

“Well, I’ve never been a dominant person. But life as a Princess seems pretty sweet at Kappa Alpha Gamma…”

“Let’s give you a little taste of it. Why don’t you push that swimsuit of yours to the side a little bit?”

Again, Tiffany’s jaw dropped in complete surprise. This had not been planned in advance, so Amanda was not prepared for it. Megan was improvising, to manipulate Tiffany and bring her completely under her control. But as soon as Tiffany obeyed, Megan pinched Amanda’s nipples with her toes through the swimsuit. The woman immediately understood the order, and started licking and sucking the meaty pussy above her.

Tiffany’s breath quickly accelerated, but she was still nervous. She looked around one more time, making sure that nobody was looking at them.

“It’s a weekday in April. Nobody will come here” Megan assured her. “Just close your eyes and enjoy yourself. Imagine your life as a Princess…”

Tiffany gradually relaxed and got very aroused, until she was riding Amanda’s face hard enough that the woman had trouble breathing. That’s when Megan placed her foot on Tiffany’s mouth: “Don’t forget that you have to be my slave though, before you can be a Princess. Now suck my toes!”

Tiffany started sucking Megan’s toes with passion, then most of her petite foot. She sucked that lovely foot as if she was giving it a blowjob, while furiously riding Amanda’s face at the same time. The combination soon brought her over the edge: she exploded in a loud orgasm, squirting all over the face beneath her.

Megan gave her some time to catch her breath, then she said knowingly: “I guess that seals our deal, slave.”

“Yes, my Princess. I will be your slave and I will do whatever it takes, until you become Queen and make me your Princess.” Tiffany’s ambition was now paired with even more admiration for Megan’s powerful and dominant personality.

“Very well. There is no time to waste. Get up on your knees and down on all-fours. And you, clean up your face and saddle our ponygirl. You will be riding her first, while I relax on this chair and catch up with some reading.”

Now it was Amanda’s turn to be open-mouthed. As the two slaves promptly obeyed their orders – getting ready to swap their place on top of each other – Megan pretended to start reading on her Kindle. But she secretly observed their every move, relishing the absolute power she had on them.

To be continued.