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The Illegal Ponyboy - Part 1


It was another restless night for Michael. When the sun finally started rising, he turned away from the window to observe his lover in the morning light. Her body was only partially covered by the sheets. He stared at her long toes, tan legs and the sexy curve of her bubbly ass. He adored her.

The fight from the previous night still burned though, despite the great make-up sex that followed it. He was tired of hiding and he needed answers, but she just demanded that he trust her and remain exiled without an explanation. “I will try to visit more often” she had promised, before remarking that they had to be extremely careful: “The world has completely changed, babe. The riots you have witnessed as a kid were just the beginning. As a man, you don’t want to go back out there.”

He walked to the bed and laid down, spooning her as delicately as he could. She took a deep breath in her sleep, but didn’t seem to wake up just yet. Michael inhaled the scent of her dark hair, and looked at their bodies closed together: he loved the contrast between his own lighter European complexion and the darker skin tone of his lover, who was half-Mexican.

Sarah turned around and kissed him on the lips. “How did you sleep?” She looked sleepy and beautiful.

“Hmm… Not much, to be honest.”

“I’m sorry about last night. Believe me, I’m just trying to protect you.”

“Sarah, I do believe you. But I am an adult now, and I deserve to know the truth. I keep having these bad dreams, because part of me feels like I am your prisoner. Sure, a cabin in the woods is better than jail. But I feel so lonely: you are the only person I have seen in years! And all I get is a couple of weekends per month to spend with you. I don’t even know how you manage to come all the way here. I just take you to the other side of the lake with my kayak, then you disappear in the woods. Please, I’m begging you. Tell me what’s going on.”

“All right, listen. I have a video on my phone that I’ve been planning to show you, sooner or later. You were just a kid when my sister and I first took you here, after your family was arrested for opposing the regime. So much has changed since. But you are a man now and I guess you are ready. Please, just don’t overreact. I will explain everything and answer your questions at the end of the video.”

Michael looked frightened. Where was his curiosity going to lead? Was he better off not knowing? He could not change his mind about this though. Perhaps the nightmares would stop, once he knew the truth.

Sarah picked up her smartphone and they sat up on the bed. There was no radio service in that area, but she had saved the video so she could play it offline. She tapped the play button.

Michael saw a large amphitheater classroom. The image was very shaky for about 15 seconds, then it looked like the camera was placed on a table – probably held up by a small tripod – and immediately zoomed in to show the teacher, a tall woman in her forties who was presenting slides while pacing on a podium.

“Wait a second. Go back please…” Michael asked. Sarah hesitated, so he took the phone from her hand and he started rewinding and pausing – without even hearing her “Hey!” of protest – until he got a fairly clear snapshot. “Oh my God, what is the meaning of that?” he asked. “They are using them as chairs!”

“Honey, just listen to the lesson. It will explain the entire story, how the revolution led to that and more.”

“No, please just tell me. All the students are girls, and they are all sitting on the back of boys on all fours. They are using them as human chairs, like the most natural thing! Is that really how bad it got?”

“Michael, I took that video many years ago, when I was in college. Things have actually gotten a lot worse for men since then. You are all powerless slaves. This is really hard for me to explain. I don’t even know where to start. Please, just watch the video…”

“Were you sitting on a boy’s back as well?”

“Of course! Everyone was. Enough now… Just watch the damn video!”

Michael frowned, but obeyed. The teacher on the video went on: “Ladies, we are fortunate enough to live in a peaceful matriarchal society, but things have not always looked so rosy. The world was on the brink of collapse, devastated by climate change and the ensuing famines, wars and destruction. So many species have gone extinct, and so much land has been lost to rising sea level. But we are lucky that Mother Nature – in her superior feminine wisdom – gave us a second chance, by turning the previously dominant male gender into an army of slaves for us to lead and exploit…”

The lecture went on, but Michael’s attention started fading. He looked at Sarah: “Am I your slave?”

“No, you are not.”

“Is that why you love being so dominant with me?”

“Honey, listen. I care about you. Don’t forget that I saved your life when you were very young, years before we became lovers. Of course I am a feminist, and I have learned about the apocalypse brought on humanity by male leadership. I believe women have a more sensible leadership style, and deserve to be respected and served by their male partners. If that makes me demanding or even dominant, I am not going to apologize for it. You are submissive to me in bed, but that’s only one aspect of a relationship based on love and respect. Besides, I thought you liked it that way!”

“You know I do. I adore you, Sarah. And I love pleasing you more than anything. But that woman was talking about men being exploited. Is that what you are doing to me, in any way?”

“Michael, you are clearly in shock so I won’t get mad at you. But you’d better watch what you are saying, and stop sounding like an ungrateful little kid. You owe me your life, because I chose to protect and love you. Would you like to know what it’s like for men to be exploited? Well, I can guarantee you that being our chairs for hours in school is nothing in comparison with everything else that we do to our slaves!”

“Oh my God. How is that even possible? Doesn’t anyone rebel?”

“You don’t understand, because you are different. You still have thoughts, emotions. That’s exactly what makes me crazy about you: I feel loved for who I am, instead of obeyed because of my position in society. Most men out there are dumber than animals. They are our eco-friendly workforce, and we don’t even think of them as people anymore. Those like you are very rare, and they are not tolerated. That’s why I have kept you in hiding all these years.”

“I don’t know what to say. I always assumed I was hiding from persecution because of my family’s crimes. And yes, I knew women were in power. But this is… this is surreal.”

“I know it’s a lot for you to take. But it wasn’t really our choice. We fought for equality, not domination. Did you hear when the teacher talked about Mother Nature giving us a second chance? Let me fast forward to the Q&A…”

Sarah played with her phone for a few seconds, until she found the right segment. The video was zoomed out to show a chubby student stand up from her human chair to ask a question: “How exactly did Mother Nature make men our slaves? Did they simply accept their failure and decided to submit to us?” The girl looked somewhat shy: as soon as she was done asking her question, she quickly sat down, landing heavily on her human chair. Michael noticed the boy’s back suddenly bend under her weight. At the same time, he noticed another student in the audience pull the hair of the slave under her a few times, moving his head up and down: every time his head was pulled up, the slave diligently arched his back down a little further, letting his Owner sink more and more with her butt until she reached the desired height and comfort. It looked painful, but the boy seemed to perform as efficiently as an oiled machine. Michael was open-mouthed.

Then the teacher answered the question, and Michael listened intently: “Mother Nature made all men physically stronger and mentally weaker, to the point where they reached a vegetative state. We tried to take care of them, but they would be indifferent or sometimes even become aggressive. Then we discovered that they react to pain with extreme fear, which makes them docile and obedient. It became obvious that they were meant to become our workforce, since animals like horses and oxen were extinct, and any polluting engine had to be avoided to prevent further global warming.”

Another student asked: “Do we know how that actually happened? I mean, it’s not like Mother Nature is a fairy with a magic wand!” Some giggles were heard in the audience.

“I teach history, not science, but the scientific community believes that most of the drinking water became infected with a virus that attacks the Y chromosome. Only men have that chromosome, so we were immune. The virus was Mother Nature’s way to fix the world, and we now live in a new way to respect her will.”

The same student stood up again: “Has a cure ever been found for that virus?”

“Not that I know of” said the teacher. “Much effort was put into that type of research at first, but then we all realized that the world was better off with men as our slaves.”

Yet another student posed a question: “What about the pills we give our slaves? Why do they need them, if the virus already made them strong and submissive? And why do we administer them… um… through ourselves?”

“The pills give them nutrition and dramatically increase their endurance. Men have become strongly addicted to them. So the fact that a slave can only get them through their Owner makes him extremely loyal and subservient to her. We don’t know exactly how their brains work anymore. But I guess that makes them see women as a divine source of life and strength, thus completing the work Mother Nature started.”

Sarah stopped the video. “I think that’s enough for today. And I have to go soon.”

“But I still have so many questions!” Michael complained, while she stood up and went to use the toilet.

As soon as she was back, Sarah looked at his pouty face and said: “Michael, I’ve been patient with you. Don’t force my hand. We will talk more next time. Now, I want you to please me before I go… Where is my sexy servant?” Sarah looked at him sensually as she asked that question.

That was a magic word between them. As soon as Sarah called him “servant”, it was like turning a switch: he would get aroused and couldn’t help but immediately obey her. Michael was literally addicted to the only woman he had ever met as an adult, but he had also always admired strong-willed and dominant females, since he had his first erotic dreams as a kid.

This time it took him a few seconds to submit. He lowered his head, slipped off the bed to kneel down on the floor, and started kissing one of Sarah’s pretty feet. She immediately placed the sole of her other foot on one of his shoulders, then on top of his head. She loved turning a sentient man into her servant whenever she wanted, feeling his heartfelt submission. No regular slave could make her so excited and wet.

Michael slowly kissed Sarah’s legs, then he moved up to kiss and lick her inner thighs. Now he was close enough to smell her arousal, and that made him crazy with desire. He rubbed his hard-on against the arch of her foot, while turning up to look at her in the eyes, waiting for orders. She grabbed his hair with a hand, pulling hard. He expected her to push his face towards her crotch, but she held him like that for a couple of seconds: “I said that I wish to be pleased, servant. There is nothing for your penis to do this morning. So stop rubbing yourself, and focus on worshipping the superior gender.”

She was pushing things a little further than usual with her words. He didn’t seem to mind, as he started licking and sucking her with as much skill and enthusiasm as ever. Sarah loved having a willing oral servant, and she always kept the sole of a foot on his back as a sign of dominance while he pleased her. Two delightful orgasms later, she placed one foot on his shoulder to push him away, then the other foot right on his face. He looked at her through the space between her toes as she ordered: “On your back!”

She rode his face harder than ever, enjoying his struggle to breathe while she selfishly focused on her own pleasure. Her third orgasm was a lot more intense, and she squirted abundantly into his eager mouth. Feeling weak and pleased, Sarah leaned forward and placed her hands on her lover’s strong chest. When she sat back on his face a few seconds later, her ass was right on top of his mouth. Michael had rimmed her before, but this time she had not had a shower for about 24 hours. He hesitated, so she pinched his nipples as hard as she could: “Lick me clean, servant!”

He obeyed, and she loved it.

The balance between love and domination had often varied during the years of their relationship. Sarah had always held the upper hand – thanks to her older age and his complete lack of alternatives – but now she felt like Michael’s recent attitude deserved to be tamed with an additional dose of authority.

About one hour later, Michael’s kayak reached the opposite side of the lake. They had been silent for most of the crossing, lost in their respective thoughts and sad about their imminent separation. Sarah had also admired her partner’s muscles, as they worked hard with the paddle while she was transported in comfort. As it should be.

When they touched the shore, Sarah kissed him on the lips and promised: “I will see you in two weeks, my love. And we will talk more. I promise. Just let all the information sink in. We will always figure out what’s best for us.”

“Ok, honey. I miss you already. Have a safe trip… wherever you are going…”

As Sarah walked away towards the woods, Michael looked admiringly at her hourglass figure, at the sexy ass whose taste was still fresh on his tongue. He loved and adored her with all his heart. But when she walked out of sight – instead of pushing his kayak back into the water as usual – he jumped off, dragged it onto the sand and ran behind her. His heart was pounding, but he couldn’t help himself: once he had discovered a little bit of the truth, he needed all of it.

Michael moved carefully through the thick vegetation until he spotted her. He hid behind a bush and observed. Sarah walked towards what looked like a large bag of flour, and kicked it twice with the tip of her cowgirl boots. A trim and athletic man slowly crawled out of it, kneeled on the ground – sitting on his own ankles – and looked down at the woman’s feet in a pose of complete submission. Sarah grabbed his hair and roughly jerked it back, forcing him to look up towards the sky. She placed a booted foot on one of his thighs, then it looked like she heard something, because she suddenly stopped and turned in the direction where Michael was hiding.

Almost paralyzed by fear, Michael managed to slowly squat further down behind the bush to make sure she wouldn’t see him. A few seconds later he looked again – carefully – and noticed that the man was still in the same position, while Sarah was using his face as a seat and his thighs as a footrest. Michael felt a twinge of jealousy, but he couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on: it looked like Sarah was simply sitting with her full weight on his face. He slowly moved to find a better vantage point, but when he looked at Sarah again, she was standing next to the kneeling man and getting something out of a backpack on his back. No, it was more like a pocket attached to the back of a leather harness, which appeared to be tightly fastened around the man’s chest and to include some sort of small saddle behind his neck.

Sarah produced a thin leather bit with bridles. She placed it into the man’s mouth and fastened it tightly around his head. Then she stepped on his thigh again, and with a quick swing of her other leg she landed expertly – yet heavily – on his shoulders. A harsh kick by Sarah into his ribs was enough for the man to stand up. He looked trim and pretty strong, although not particularly large. Michael observed Sarah expertly slip her booted feet into a pair of stirrups, kick her human pony’s left side while pulling the right bridle at the same time, then kick him harshly a few times with both feet. He instantly obeyed, first turning to the right and then breaking straight into a fast trot.

Michael got up and started following them on a beaten path in the woods, keeping enough distance to go unobserved. He noticed Sarah’s ass bouncing on her pony’s shoulders, and he wished it was still on his own face instead. Then he saw her pull a small riding crop out of the side of her boot, and whip her pony’s back several times with what looked like all her strength. That first part must have been an easy warm up, because now the human pony started running for his life. Michael could barely keep up with him, even though the other man had a person astride his shoulders! Then he realized that the path would make a C-shaped turn, and he decided to cut through the vegetation to catch up. Branches started scratching him everywhere, but he kept running. He was not thinking straight. What did he want to achieve? Then he saw the light out of that thick vegetation, and immediately something hit the side of his head. He fell hard to the ground. The next thing he saw was Sarah’s beautiful face and disappointed expression. She looked like a Goddess, high up on top of her slave.

Sarah grabbed her mount’s hair and pushed it forward, forcing him to look down towards his own feet. That must have been a command he was trained for, because he immediately dropped to his knees and sat on his own ankles, while keeping his chin so low that the back of his head became a perfectly horizontal surface for Sarah to sit on.

“Really, Michael? We could have gotten seriously hurt, if I hadn’t had enough space to slow him down. What the hell are you doing here? I’m so incredibly disappointed in you! I gave you my trust, and this is how you repay me?!”

Michael crawled forward and kissed one of her boots, which were resting on top of her mount’s thighs. “I’m sorry, Sarah. Please don’t be mad at me. I wasn’t even thinking… I’m just so tired of living in isolation! As soon as you gave me some information, I just had to know everything else…”

“Michael, the world out there is a shitty place to be a man. Look at this one underneath me. See all those layers of scars on his abdomen? I made many of them with my spurs. And believe me, I am one of the kindest slave owners out there.”

”I understand that you are trying to protect me, Sarah. But life is not worth living in complete solitude, waiting for a few hours with you every couple of weeks.”

”Do you realize that you are going to be a slave out there, treated worse than an animal?”

”I do. And you know I’ve always loved being your servant…”

”This is different, for God’s sake! It’s brutal torture. You will be constantly used and exploited. You will be controlled through pain, pushed beyond your limits.”

”I just want to be with you. I will accept anything you want to do to me. I love you, I adore you, and I am ready to serve you every day if that’s the only way we can be together!”

Sarah took a deep breath. “There is something else. You would need to pretend you are as dumb as any other slave, or your life will be in grave danger. As I said earlier, those like you are not tolerated.”

”Those like me?”

”Yes, those with a personality, emotions, thoughts. I told you: you are one of the last few intact men left.”

”Ok, I will do my best.”

”Your best will not be enough” Sarah said firmly, but she seemed to be softening her stance. She thought for a few seconds, then she added: “There’s only one way we can do this. We will go back to Shadow’s hiding place and find the sack he was hiding in.”

”Shadow? Is that the name of your…?”

”Yes, Shadow is my slave. Actually he’s my sister’s slave, but that’s beside the point. I could sit on him in this position for the entire day and he wouldn’t move, no matter how painful it gets. And I will ride him like a horse for hours today. He’s dumb, strong and perfectly trained. This is how the world works nowadays. Understand?”

”Yes, I’m sorry.”

”It’s all right. So, as I was saying: we will recover his bag and fill it with branches, leaves… whatever makes it look full and heavy. Then I will tie it on your back to make you look like my second pony, who’s carrying a load for me while I ride the first one. I will tie you to Shadow’s saddle with a rope and you will follow us in complete silence, keeping your head low and never making eye contact with anyone. Your life will depend on doing exactly what I’m saying. Once we reach the village, I will hide you in my barn. Then I will talk to a friend of mine who works at a training facility: she’s very good at her job, and I’m pretty sure I can trust her to turn you into a credible and well-trained slave, while secretly preserving your personality. Do you understand?”

”Yes. I will do as you say” Michael replied, bowing from his kneeling position to kiss her boot again.

Sarah placed the sole of her other boot on top of Michael’s head, while still sitting comfortably on Shadow’s shoulders and neck. She could not help but smile in excitement. The truth is that she had long entertained the idea of having Michael with herself all the time: it would be the ultimate solution, allowing her to enjoy the usual services of a slave, together with the unique excitement of genuine submission by a sentient man. Ethical reasons had kept her from acting on such thoughts so far. But now Michael was asking for it. No, he was begging!

Yes, he would become her slave. She would use him as hard as Shadow – once his training was complete – and he would also be her consensual, passionate yet submissive lover every time she wanted. The path to that outcome had challenges and risks, but she was excited. They just needed to make it home safely, then things would work out.

”Who are you?” she asked.

”I am your slave, Sarah. I know what that means. And I am sorry for balking at the idea yesterday. The truth is that I am in love with you, and I absolutely love serving you. So I am ready for anything. My life is in your hands. And that actually makes me feel like my real life is just about to start.”

”Very well, slave. Starting now, you will not say a word until we are home and I explicitly ask you to speak. We will travel for about 8 hours, possibly longer if you can’t keep Shadow’s pace. Since you have no training yet, this will be the most dangerous part. Just look down, follow me and don’t say anything. You need to appear like you are sleepwalking. No looking around, no curiosity, no initiatives. This is critical. I don’t want to lose you.”

About two hours later, Michael was already exhausted. Sarah had been riding Shadow at a fast trot, and Michael had no idea how the slave could keep that pace with her full weight on his shoulders. Michael was also appalled by how merciless Sarah could be with Shadow, hitting him constantly and very hard with her spurs and whip.

Sarah roughly jerked the reins, and it finally looked like they could take a short break. A couple of light kicks with the spurs were enough to order Shadow to make a 180-turn, so they could face Michael. Then Sarah pushed her mount’s head down to make him kneel, sit on his own ankles and become her chair once again. However this time she dismounted and looked at Michael, who dropped to his knees as well, gasping for air. He looked exhausted, much more than the slave she had been riding.

Michael could not help but notice the sorry state of Shadow’s skin, after two hours of cruel riding: he had red and blue whip marks all over his sides, and his abdomen was bruised and bleeding where Sarah’s spurs had been jabbing him. The disturbing thing is that his sweet and sensitive Sarah seemed completely indifferent to the pain she was causing.

”Observe what I do, and learn” Sarah said, interrupting his thoughts.

”Ok…” he responded, and that’s when Sarah suddenly hit his face with her riding crop. He exploded in pain and surprise.

”What have I told you about not talking?! You will get yourself killed and me arrested!” she yelled at him. Then she calmed down and continued: “We are about to leave this path in the woods and join the main road. You will see other women using men as transportation. Some will be riding on shoulders like me, some will be on carts and carriages pulled by slaves. Don’t look, don’t talk, just follow me like the dumbest pack animal.”

Michael lowered his head a little further, to signal he understood.

”Very well” Sarah continued. “Now watch.” She removed Shadow’s bit and bridle with an expert move, then she roughly pulled his hair to make him look upwards. She stepped on his thighs, turned around, pulled her own leggings and underwear down, and sat on his face. She didn’t even try to sit gracefully, but literally plopped down with her bubbly ass onto the slave’s face, covering it entirely. Michael was open-mouthed. This must be what he had partially witnessed earlier in the woods. But why was she doing this? Was she trying to hurt Michael and make him jealous, by showing him that she had the right to use another man as her oral servant?

Then he saw Shadow’s throat bulge, as the slave started making an unmistakable sound: Sarah was pissing straight into his mouth, and he was efficiently swallowing every drop.

Sarah finally explained: “Yes, he is my toilet among the other things. It’s practical and – most importantly – it is how we give slaves their nutrition. Every morning I take a pill that releases key nutrients through my urine. It gives my slave all the strength he needs. And it makes him think of me as a Goddess, no matter how much I abuse him, because I am literally his only source of survival. It’s one of the most brilliant solutions devised by our matriarchal society. You will learn to be used like that soon.”

Sarah stood up and took a step towards Michael. “Normally, right now I would jab him with my spurs to order him to lick me clean. But guess who’s having that honor today?” She grabbed his hair and guided his face to her crotch. He licked her with passion – tasting her piss for the first time – and she clearly started getting aroused, placing a thigh on one of Michael’s shoulders and making him feel the small rowel of her spur on his sweaty back. It was razor-sharp, Michael noticed. Then she pulled back, with a frustrated sigh. “We have to go. I want to be home before dark.”

Michael wanted to beg for a longer break, so he could please her and regain some more energy. He was exhausted, and there had been no special nutrition for him. But he had promised not to talk, and he decided not to test his old girlfriend and new Owner any further.

As they started moving, his thoughts of jealousy and surprise quickly faded as he focused entirely on the challenging task of keeping up with Shadow, who kept trotting underneath Sarah, obeying her cruel and painful orders.

To be continued...