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The Illegal Ponyboy - Part 2


Michael was beyond exhaustion. His legs felt heavy and shaky, while his lower back was getting stiffer with each step. But the short rope between his own neck and the human pony’s harness did not allow him to slow down. In a state of confusion, he kept chasing Sarah’s ass like the proverbial carrot for a horse, while it bounced comfortably on Shadow’s shoulders and neck.

When Sarah suddenly reined in her mount, Michael bumped straight into his back, placing his hands around the other man’s ribs in an attempt to regain his precarious balance. That’s when Sarah’s left spur went to jab Shadow’s abdomen, and hit the back of Michael’s hand instead. Despite hearing a groan of pain, the woman didn’t realize why her mount had just ignored her order. Annoyed, she hit him even harder, this time reaching her target. Shadow reacted by turning towards the side of the road and running into the woods much more quickly than she originally intended, dragging Michael on the ground for a few feet before he managed to get back up.

By the time they reached a private spot in the woods, Michael collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. This time Sarah ordered Shadow on all fours and sat on his back, to give his shoulders and neck a little break. She looked at her lover and new slave with concern: it was getting late, and he was certainly not about to go any faster. He looked completely drained, covered in scratches, and his hand was bleeding. She considered leaving him in the woods and coming back for him on the following day, perhaps with a carriage on which she could hide him, but the risk was too great: what if somebody found him? He was not branded, so they could have claimed him as their own property. Thus she decided for a different course of action.

“Lay flat on your back!” she said with a tone between harshness and concern, as she kicked Michael’s ribs with the toe of her boot. Then she stood up, placed her booted feet by the sides of the man’s face, and pulled down her leggings and underwear.

“You are not trained for this yet, but we must make it work” she said, looking down at him. “Just stay calm, and do exactly what I say.”

She squatted down. Her crotch was an inch above Michael’s face, and she was pleased to notice an admiring expression on his face despite his extreme tiredness.

Then she focused on the task at hand: “Open your mouth.”

Michael obeyed. “Now, listen to me slave. I need you to focus. Keep your mouth wide open and let my piss fill it up. Do not panic. Before it overflows, I will get further down to have your lips sealed against my crotch. That’s when you will start swallowing at regular intervals, by reducing the gap between your lips without closing your mouth completely, so you can keep receiving more piss at the same time. Be warned, I have a lot.”

He looked in a trance. “Are you ready?” she asked. Mindful that he was banned from speaking, he nervously nodded with his head. The first bitter drops hit Michael’s tongue and quickly flowed down, stopping at the beginning of his throat and giving him a burning sensation. Michael had dreamed of taking his submission to Sarah to the point of becoming her human toilet, but he had never imagined their first time happening in that context. Satisfied with her aim, Sarah increased the speed of her flow and lowered herself, pressing much more of her own weight onto Michael’s face. He immediately realized that now he could start swallowing while still receiving more of his Owner’s nectar, thanks to the seal created between his own lips and the woman’s crotch. The flow became increasingly fast as Sarah relaxed, making him struggle to keep up. When it finally stopped, Michael proudly realized that he had swallowed all of it, except a few drops that traveled down his cheeks and into his ears. Not bad for a first time, he thought!

“Not too bad” Sarah confirmed, “But next time you’d better not waste any. In just a few minutes, you will realize how powerful and precious my nectar actually is.” Sarah sounded more convinced than ever about her own superiority.

“Now lick me clean.” Michael obeyed her firm order and quickly started enjoying it. But his Owner was not in the mood for sexual pleasure. Instead, after allowing a few long strokes of his tongue, she let out a little fart and then she moved forward, so his tongue could continue its work on her asshole. Michael was suddenly aware that they had not shared any actual intimacy: she had simply used him as her own human urinal and toilet paper, just like she must have used other slaves thousands of times. That realization made him a little sad, but also aroused in a whole new way.

He quickly got a hard-on, and from there he felt a wave of energy expand throughout his body. He got up on his knees and looked at Sarah, who had taken her seat on Shadow’s back again.

“Ok, you may speak” she said. “But keep your voice to a whisper.”

“This is amazing. Minutes ago I was almost delirious, and now I feel strong and full of energy!”

“I know. As I explained, this is among our biggest sources of power over men. I need you to be careful though.”

“Careful? I feel indestructible!”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t get too excited. The effects of the pills on intact men are completely unknown, so we are taking a risk here, learning on the go. I have no idea how long it’s going to last on you. Besides, you took what was supposed to be Shadow’s next dose, so the next couple of hours will become increasingly painful for him.”

“Why don’t you ride me? I will be a perfect human pony, I promise!”

“Absolutely not. You need weeks of training before I can possibly ride you in public. We will proceed like before: you will follow Shadow in complete silence and with your head low. And be sure nobody notices how much energy you have now. We will stay on this road for another two hours, then join increasingly large ones where you will see more traffic, including all sorts of carts and carriages.”

“As you wish, my Owner.”

“Well said, slave. Now stop talking though. Let’s get going.”

Michael could now easily keep up with Shadow. Having so much extra energy, and nothing to carry but a bag full of branches, he started noticing many more details about his surroundings. The beaten path they were following was quite narrow: that’s probably why it was forbidden to vehicles and only accessible by shoulder riders. While being careful not to make eye contact, he glanced at every other person he could spot. He was amazed to see women of all sizes riding their human ponies like the most natural thing.

One pony was loaded with many heavy bags of hay all around his back and chest, making Michael wonder how he could also carry on his shoulders an old woman, who had no space to whip him but kept jabbing his abdomen mercilessly with her spurs. As Sarah and her slaves slowly passed the old woman – who was proceeding at a surprisingly respectable speed – Michael also noticed that she was not using any stirrups. Instead, the palms of her slave’s hands were placed underneath the soles of her shoes, sustaining their weight while allowing freedom of movement so the woman could easily hit him with her spurs. That scene looked so cruel, yet so beautiful in showing such absolute devotion: the man looked like an overburdened mule Michael had once seen on an old book, yet he was still willing to ensure the comfort of his Owner’s feet, turning his own hands into a pair of human stirrups, while receiving nothing but harsh kicks from the old woman who was exploiting his strength and youth for her own comfort.

Another pony (see drawing at the top) looked much too small for his tall and voluptuous Rider. Yet he must have been ridden non-stop for hours, because he looked absolutely exhausted and he was drooling copiously. His entire right side was covered in bloody welts where the woman’s whip kept hitting him, yet he couldn’t go beyond a fast walk.

“Good afternoon, fellow traveler” the woman addressed Sarah, after forcing her human pony to make a U-turn. Although blindfolded, the pony looked very precise in his movements and perfectly easy to handle. He must have received very good training.

“Hello, Ma’am. How may I help you?” Sarah immediately replied, slowing down Shadow to ride at a walk next to the woman.

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing. The truth is that I forgot to take my pill this morning, so my slave here has been struggling. He’s getting nothing but simple hydration whenever we make a stop.”

“I understand, no worries. Here’s a spare one for you.”

“Oh, thank you so much for your generosity! My name is Janet. I wish you all the best on your journey, young woman! Perhaps one day I will be able to do something for you in return.”

“No problem at all. And my name is Sarah. Have a safe trip!” Sarah replied, then she kicked Shadow twice with her spurs to resume a faster pace.

As he trotted along, Michael saw with the corner of his eyes that the woman was riding her human pony into the woods, most likely in order to feed him with her nectar right away. He found himself envying that man. Was he already getting addicted to the power of women’s nectar?

Michael’s thoughts were soon interrupted, when he saw a generously sized woman in her late thirties standing alone by the side of the road, and he realized that she was wearing a police uniform. Hoping she had not noticed his glances around, he focused on acting as dumb as he could… only to again bump into Shadow’s back as Sarah reined him to a sudden halt… Damn it!

“What is wrong with that clumsy slave of yours, Miss?” the policewoman asked with a thick southern accent.

“He’s still in training. In fact, I’m on my way to deliver him to the Stonebridge School for an intensive course,” Sarah replied, while pushing Shadow’s head down to make him kneel and become her seat right in front of the other woman. Michael found himself standing next to Shadow, and suddenly wondering what a beast of burden was supposed to do in that situation. Then he decided to follow the example of his fellow slave: he dropped to his knees, sat on his own ankles, and lowered his head until he was looking at his own crotch.

“I see. Well, I guess he’s still my best bet. I’ve been standing here for almost an hour and my feet are killing me.”

“Why don’t you take a seat and tell me how I could be of help, officer?” Sarah said with an accommodating yet slightly nervous voice, while reaching behind Michael’s neck to untie a knot and let his bag full of branches fall to the ground.

Michael felt the weight of a heavy boot on one of his thighs, then his neck and shoulders exploded in pain as the policewoman’s large bottom plopped down on top of him. She was much heavier than Sarah, and she had not made any effort to slow her movement as she landed on him. Michael made his best effort to remain perfectly still under her crushing weight, while hoping she would leave soon. Instead, the officer started telling her story like she had all the time in the world: “We came here to the scene of an accident, my colleague and me. This girl somehow fell from her young pony and had a compound fracture on her right leg. It looked nasty. There was blood everywhere, because the girl’s mother – who was riding next to her – got so mad that she stabbed her daughter’s pony, injuring him pretty seriously. It was a total mess. So the next question was: how are we going to take the girl to the hospital? You might have guessed: they loaded the girl on my pony and took off. I thought I would just hitch a ride on a cart or something, but I wasn’t thinking straight with all that commotion going on: this damn road is only for shoulder riding! Then I saw you…”

Michael’s blood froze. Was that woman about to ask Sarah for a ride on him? He thought in a panic: I am not really a pony! And she’s so damn heavy!

Sarah had the same obvious guess: “I would love to help you, officer. But this slave is really not trained yet. Look, he’s already shaking just from being your chair for a few minutes. He might even collapse under you and get you hurt. We don’t want that to happen, do we?”

“Hmm… He looks a little old for a pony without any training. He must be in his early twenties. Where did you get him?”

“I bought him from a farmer. He had only been used to pull a plow all day, so he’s not really trained for anything else. That means he developed strong legs, but his back and shoulders are not ready for riding. I think he’s got potential though.”

“I see. Well, do you have proof of your purchase? And I don’t see any branding on him…”

Michael could tell that Sarah’s voice was starting to sound nervous: “They said they will send me a contract by email. And I was planning to have him branded at the training school.”

“Hmm… Young woman, you obviously know that it’s illegal to hit the road with an unbranded slave.” The woman sounded confident and matter-of-fact. She knew exactly where this conversation would end, and so did Sarah and Michael by now.

“I apologize, officer. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, since he’s only carrying a bag of supplies.”

“I suppose it’s not a big deal, which means I could turn a blind eye and help you out. Just like I’m sure you are willing to help me out!” she concluded with a smile of understanding.

Sarah didn’t even need to say anything. The woman opened her thighs, pulled Michael’s hair to move his neck up against her crotch and said: “Up, slave! You are getting a riding lesson before you even get to your school!”

The woman did not expect Michael to actually understand her words. Sarah prayed that he would be smart enough not to react to them, which could have revealed his real nature. Then the policewoman kicked his abdomen and pulled his hair at the same time, harshly: “Up! Up!”

Michael got up on his knees, then he managed to stand up. Fortunately he still had a lot of energy from Sarah’s pee, yet his new rider felt very heavy. Her big thighs were literally pushing against the sides of his face, and her position with dangling feet seemed to press most of her weight against the nape of his neck.

Sarah quickly got Shadow to stand up, and offered: “Perhaps we should swap mounts. This one is stronger and fully harnessed.”

“It’s all right. I enjoy riding bareback from time to time, and it will be fun to break your farm boy here. I want stirrups though.” Sarah wondered how in the world she was going to explain to Michael that his hands were now supposed to serve as the policewoman’s stirrups, without using any words and revealing his true nature. But her new slave surprised her, by spontaneously placing the palms of his hands beneath the policewoman’s boots. “Well, it looks like that farmer of yours taught him the ‘stirrups’ command,” the policewoman said with a loud giggle. “I’m tired of staying here. And I assume you don’t mind coming back later for that bag of yours, do you?”

“Of course not, officer” Sarah replied.

“All right. Let’s go!” As she said that, the policewoman kicked Michael’s abdomen twice. He groaned and started moving on a fast walk, which fortunately seemed to satisfy his rider for the time being. Michael noticed that her spurs were very different from Sarah’s: they had no rowels, but they looked more like cones with a pointy end. They felt a little less sharp, but produced pain that seemed to expand deeply into his abdomen.

The following hour was a struggle for Michael, and even more so for Shadow: deprived of Sarah’s nectar, the human pony was now sweating profusely and feeling a little shaky under her. Of course both riders kept torturing their respective mounts with kicks and whiplashes, while chatting away as they rode side-by-side. Sarah tried to sound relaxed but she was secretly concerned about their predicament: a policewoman was the last person she wanted around Michael… and now he had one right astride his shoulders!

Fortunately the ride ended with no further incidents: shortly after they hit the main road, the policewoman saw a large wagon pulled by half a dozen slaves and decided to get on board. So she pushed Michael’s head forward, and to her surprise he executed a pretty good dismount procedure, by doing exactly what he saw Shadow do next to him.

“This pony is a natural!” the woman commented, while finally lifting her crushing weight off Michael’s shoulders. “He seems to be kind of smart for a man. Did you say he was only used to pull a plow?”

“Yes, that’s what I was told!” Sarah tried to sound perfectly innocent.

“All right.” The woman was probably too tired to investigate any further. “Thanks for your help, and ride safely!” she said, while boarding the heavy wagon.

Finally alone by the side of the road, Sarah whispered: “If something like that happens again, I will have a heart attack. So you got your wish: I will be riding you all the way home, and Shadow will be following us. Not a word, and try to obey my orders as well as you can.”

She stepped on his thigh and landed heavily on the nape of his neck. Yet she felt relatively light, in comparison to his previous rider: Sarah was probably about 140 pounds, while the policewoman must have weighed at least 200. Michael could not believe how much action he was getting on his first day away from his confinement.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sequence of orders from his Owner… who made him stand up, turn his hands into a pair of stirrups for her booted feet, and carry her at increasingly fast speeds. Michael was expecting some sort of preferential treatment – at least while he was not fully trained yet – but now Sarah seemed to be even more dominant with him than she had been with Shadow during the previous few hours. As he ran faster and faster – following her painful orders – Michael wondered if she was simply trying to make up for the lost time, or also trying to teach him a lesson for some reason.

Sarah had always loved riding, but this felt even better than her first time: the strong man between her thighs was willingly submitting to her, giving her absolute power over him. Every single one of his actions were now dedicated to her comfort: his neck and shoulders had become a saddle for her butt, his hands were placed underneath the soles of her boots to sustain the weight of her legs, his muscles worked hard to transport her at the speed she demanded. She spurred and whipped him again, and again, and again. He was running pretty fast now. Holding his hair tightly in her hands like makeshift reins, Sarah closed her eyes and focused on the sensation of her crotch bouncing and rubbing against Michael’s neck. She was getting so aroused. They hit an uphill section, but she couldn’t let her pony slow down right now. So she started whipping him constantly, enjoying his pain and the sound of her riding crop against his skin. When Michael made a desperate groan, she whipped him even harder and added a cruel jab with her spurs for good measure. That’s when she reached an exploding orgasm, to which she reacted by pulling Michael’s hair back and forth to further increase the friction against her crotch.

Short of breath, covered in whip marks and confused by the hair pulling, Michael slowed to a walk and was relieved that Sarah didn’t react with more spurring. Instead, he felt her weight relax and sink a little further into his shoulders.

She kicked his left side lightly, turning his head to the right at the same time with a gentle jerk of her hand. He obediently turned to the right, heading into the woods by the side of the road. This was pretty intuitive, he thought.

When Sarah pushed him down to his knees, stood up on his thighs to lower her leggings and underwear, and sat on his face like she had done earlier with Shadow, Michael immediately realized why she had ridden him so hard: he perfectly knew the sweet taste of her orgasms.

“Lick me clean, slowly” she said with a relaxed voice, but he had already started. So he simply slowed his tongue. His neck was painfully pushed all the way back by Sarah’s weight, but he was in Heaven. Then she said “Open wide” and her warm nectar immediately started flowing down his throat. A few drops got wasted, but Michael soon adapted to the new position and found his rhythm.

Most importantly, he had just found true meaning to his life. He was going to be belong to Sarah forever, serving her in every way she wanted, dedicating himself to her comfort and happiness as a man, and of course as a slave.