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My Sister, My Goddess


Alison ran through the park. Some sweat covered her pretty face, while the hair was collected in a ponytail. She wore just sun-top, shorts and sneakers, so her sexy and well-trained body could be admired by every people, whose glances were unequivocal. Despite the hot temperature, she was running at a very good pace from more than one hour.

She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t even slow down.

She had a goal.

Running a marathon? Losing some weight? No. She had to serve her own Goddess!

A savage lash suddenly hit Alison’s naked shoulders. “Faster, you snail!” Serena yelled at her slave, who immediately summoned up all her energy to further speed up. Serena was as merciless as beautiful. Dressed in a light skirt and a sexy blouse, she was cross-legged and swung her naked foot like highlighting her comfortable and dominant status, while sitting on the rickshaw leather couch and holding a long whip. Her best friend Emily sat beside her and enjoyed the pleasant tour, looking at the young slave harnessed in front of them.

“What’s the hurry?” Emily asked to her friend.

“There’s no hurry, my dear. I just want my slave to give always the best for me. Moreover… whipping her is so exciting!” Serena followed this last sentence with a couple of harsh lashes to Alison’s buttocks.

“Ok. Please just try not to break her: we’ve been riding for more than one hour, and we haven’t taken the way back yet. I’m not willing to walk, it’s so sultry today!”

They reached a crossroad. Serena wanted to spend some time at the lake, so she roughly pulled a bridle to make Alison turn right. The young slave couldn’t avoid to moan.

“Damn, Serena! Why are you so sadistic? Connecting the bridles to her nipple rings is an example of gratuitous cruelty!” Emily said.

“Calm down, my friend. First of all, you can’t realize how much I enjoy making her suffer. Second, your weight is contributing to her exhaustion and pain. Aren’t you enjoying a comfortable ride? Third, should I think that you’re staying on her side just because you two are lovers?” Serena said, sarcastic.

“You know we’re lovers, and it appears you take advantage from it by using my slave at the same time” Emily answered back. “I don’t want to fight with you, my dear Serena. Alison is your slave and I love being carried by her together with you, I like the feeling of her exhaustion and submission. Right now, I would have much fun by trampling the whip marks on her back. I just think you sometimes cross the line with your sadism. I mean, she’s still your sister!”

Serena burst into a sadistic laughter. Then she whipped Alison’s back once, twice, many times until the ponygirl reached an intolerable pace and started groaning desperately. “This is exactly because that slut is my damned sister!”

Some hours later, in the evening, Emily was browsing the Internet with her own laptop. She eventually switched it off and looked down at her very special chair: “Come on, Alison. Let’s go to bed.”

The young girl’s back was really in pain: Emily was kind as a dominatrix, but her soft mature sensual body was not as thin and light as Serena’s: she must have weighed about thirty pounds more than Alison’s sister. Nonetheless, the slave moved her hands and knees and carried the Goddess as ordered. On the bed, Emily wanted the slave to lick her feet (since they had taken some dust during the long rickshaw ride with open shoes), then ordered her to slowly kiss every inch of her legs, and finally to lick her longing pussy. At that point, completely turned on, she started pulling the girl’s hair and telling her things like “oh yes, lick me slut… make your Goddess cum… you live for my pleasure, just like today… when I was comfortably carried by your exhausted muscles, letting your sister torture you for our fun… you slave… you beast… lick me… you bitch… ahhh…”

Once satisfied, the woman suddenly changed her own mood, just like every time they slept together. She made Alison lie on the bed and caressed her wounded back with her own red soft hair, kissed the deep scratches made by Serena’s whip, pampered her young lover with some sweet words. Those moments were essential for Alison’s soul. Without Emily in her life, she would have probably become insane after more than two years of merciless slavery.

A few years before, Alison had been a wealthy teenager in Los Angeles, CA. Spoiled by her parents and courted by handsome guys, just like her younger sister Serena, she had lived like in a bubble. Then, within a few months, the two sisters’ life had been completely upset: their father had died in a car accident, and their mum’s new boyfriend had repeatedly tried to take advantage of them. So Alison and Serena, used to fight each other like the typical couple of rich sisters, this time had found in each other the strength to take a fatal decision: they had escaped together.

Life was hard for two lonely young girls, aged respectively 19 and 17. They had finished the money in a few weeks, then worked as waitresses in some restaurants until earned enough cash for one more leg. They had cruised across the US West Coast, persuaded not to go back home: her mother would have always pretended everything was all right.

Then, one day, they had met Eleftheria: the most beautiful and charming woman they had ever seen. She had gradually introduced the girls into the concept of a very special sect, whose founders preached to be the successors of three mytological greek Goddesses: Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite. The latter, Goddess of Love and Beauty, was acted by Eleftheria in the current age. The sect was incredibly rich, thanks to generous donations from its wealthy joiners: Eleftheria was the Queen of one of its three owned territories. It was located in Oregon and included fields, woodlands with rivers and lakes, large parks and a small modern town, overarched by Eleftheria’s castle.

Women’s supremacy was the main rule of the sect. Men were enslaved and lived just for the ladies’ service and satisfaction. The whole idea had persuaded Alison and Serena, shaken by the terrible experience with their mother’s boyfriend: “We’ve finally found the right place for us!”

So they had agreed to follow Eleftheria into her Kingdom. The three women had taken a train together, and found a luxury car waiting for them at the station. After a couple of hours, the car had stopped in the middle of a desert. “We’re about to enter my Kingdom, in which polluting engines are not admitted. From this point on, we’ll proceed by a different means of transportation” Eleftheria had announced. The girls had gotten off the car… and immediately started asking themselves whether believing or not to their eyes…

A large chariot was waiting for them. Two well-dressed young women sat upon the front bench, holding the bridles and a long whip. Eleftheria had invited the girls to follow her upon the large passenger couch, just behind the two coachwomen. As soon as the chariot had moved, Alison and Serena had finally realized that everything was real: four muscular young men were harnessed to the chariot, and now run desperately under the harsh continuous lashes of the coachwomen. A sudden feeling of fear and excitement had conquered every inch of their bodies…

“Alison, get up!” Emily said with a worried voice. “We fell asleep, and it’s already morning. You know what happens if Serena doesn’t find you ready when she wakes up!” Fortunately, Serena was still dreaming after a hot night with her lover: Emily’s slave Steven.

That was a win-win agreement: Emily was lesbian and owned a young handsome male slave, while Serena was straight and owned her own sister Alison, so at night the two Goddesses simply exchanged their slaves for some hours.

Alison took her place, knelt beside her sister’s bed, and remained perfectly still looking at the ceiling. Thirty minutes later, Serena got up. Without even a glance, she walked towards her slave and gave her just a second to plunge her mouth between her thighs. Then she pissed. Alison swallowed all of her sister’s nectar. Only one drop slipped through the girl’s face and ended its way into Alison’s hair, but Serena didn’t notice it… or maybe wasn’t just in the mood to punish her elder sister…

Steven was still in Serena’s apartment: the Goddess had ordered him to spend the entire night on all fours, inside the large shower unit. Serena entered the bathroom and looked at him: his young submitted body rippled with muscles and was totally in her service. Wow! He was one of the most attractive men she had ever seen. She sat on his back without a word and let the hot water flow. After enjoying the relaxing shower for a while, she ordered Steven to wash her. He started from the Goddess’ feet with a proven sequence (licking, soaping, rinsing), studied by Serena to make him taste every part of her body before washing it. She made him work a lot with his tongue into her pussy and anus, gaining several marvelous orgasms. She was done with him only after twenty amazing minutes under the hot shower. Unfortunately, that week Steven was borrowed by Queen Eleftheria during the day, so she had to let him go.

Just like Alison and Serena, Steven had been a normal teenager until a few years before. Perhaps he was a bit lonely and sad, because he had grown up with his father only, while his mum was a famous actress who had left them very early. He was nonetheless very popular at school, thanks to his beautiful aspect.

But Steven didn’t like his classmates: he wondered about elder women with dominant nature! He wasn’t comfortable with his own beauty, he didn’t consider himself worth all that admiration. He rather wanted to be used, submitted, degraded. His dreams had come true when he had first met a new teacher: Emily Richardson. Steven had immediately thought he was born just to serve her: Emily was a beautiful 50 y.o. woman, whose every movement appeared full of sensuality and class. He had caught every occasion to be in touch with her during classes, offered to help her with books or bags, opened doors for her in the most submissive way he could…

One day, she had eventually given him some hope: “Steven, you’re always so kind with me. Listen, this week-end I’ve got to move into a new house. Would you help me? I don’t trust the porters, they always break something!” He had worked like a mule for three entire days under Emily’s kind but firm orders, and had felt so happy and grateful…

On Sunday evening, finally settled in the new house, Emily had asked him to celebrate by having a drink together. She was astonishingly sensual even in her housewife dress. Steven had accepted, but he had insisted to sit on the floor in front of her: “I’m still in the clothes I wore while working today, and I don’t want to make your new couch dirty.” Emily had sat on the couch and crossed her legs, looking down at him like a mistress to her own dog. Her swinging foot was so close that he couldn’t resist: he had gently taken her slipper off and started kissing it with deep devotion.

Emily had let him go on for a while, offered him the other foot for about the same time, then she had said: “I knew you was meant to become my young willing slave. But there’s something you must know: I don’t like men. I mean, not sexually. You’re beautiful and I like you, but if you want to be my slave I’ll consider you a working beast, a human furniture, a pack animal… perhaps a dog. If you’re willing to accept, consider that any attempt to sexually approach me will mean losing your Mistress forever. I want you to live to accomplish my desires only.”

He had spent that entire night naked, on his hands and knees, with Emily and her young girlfriend making love upon his back. That had been exhausting, but he had felt like in heaven! Once satisfied, the two women had put a funnel into his mouth and pissed into it in turn. Steven’s new life had begun.

On the following days, Emily joined Serena’s rickshaw excursions again: she loved spending time with her young friend, and Steven was borrowed to the Queen for the entire week anyway. Eleftheria was generous with her Goddesses, who had a very wealthy life in her Kingdom, but she required a full respect of the sect rules (including her own right to borrow any slave).

As previously said, female supremacy was the first principle of the sect lifestyle: no man was free in Eleftheria’s Kingdom. But only 70% of the slaves were men: the remaining 30% were submissive women.

The Queen had the ability to recognize those women who had a Goddess inside. So she was the only picker of new members from the outside society, who were always chosen in couples: mistress and slave. She believed every superior woman owns an alter-ego on planet Earth, whose presence usually tends to ruin her life if not managed properly: a violent husband, an annoying neighbour, a jealous brother or sister, a friend who brings you on the wrong way…

In Eleftheria’s Kingdom the evil component of those natural couples was enslaved, so superior women could live as Goddesses even on Earth. The usual requirements which made a woman worth to become Goddess were not traditional human qualities like kindness and generosity, but rather a dominant and selfish nature.

Alison and Serena’s first journey across the Kingdom had been astonishing. Comfortably sat on the human-pulled chariot, they had seen many scenes of extreme slavery along the route. Eleftheria had closely examined their reactions, just to have further confirmation of what she had previously noticed: Alison was stronger and had a kind spirit, while the younger Serena was more superficial, selfish and sadistic.

They had entered the town, then the exhausted human horses had been spurred uphill to reach the Queen’s castle. Ten minutes later, they had finally arrived.

Eleftheria had assigned to the sisters two of her personal male slaves: they were waiting for them on the gate together with a female slave, on all fours and already saddled. The Queen had heavily mounted the female pony. Two more girls had suddenly appeared and started licking her boots until they had been perfectly clean, soles included. Then they had fastened a couple of large spurs to the Queen’s boots, and started providing the same service to Alison and Serena.

“Don’t be embarassed, girls” Eleftheria had said. “They live happily just to satisfy me and my guests. So let them lick your dusty boots. You’re gonna live in my castle for two weeks with a royal treatment, then you’ll choose which role to play in our community. At that point you’ll have an initiation ceremony. Everybody chose and accepted his own role here, including these two ponyboys. They’re assigned to your personal service for these two weeks”.

Alison and Serena had mounted the guys’ back and let Eleftheria guide them through a long tour of the castle. They had quickly learned how to guide their human ponies, which was especially important since every slave had the eyes covered with a bandage inside the castle. Serena had seemed particularly confident and amused, while spurring and whipping the unknown young man who was struggling under her comfortable ass.

The girls’ human ponies were harnessed with a classical saddle, whose stirrups were located between the slaves’ arms and thighs. Eleftheria’s personal ponygirl was instead saddled with her rider’s weight closer to her neck, and a couple of stirrups hanging from a leather collar. So the Queen had her own feet just under the girl’s face, and painfully hit her breasts with a couple of razor-sharp spurs. The ponygirl’s body had become very muscular, thanks to that kind of life, but her extreme struggle and pain were visible: Eleftheria appeared taller and more voluptuous than the slave, so her royal 130 lbs must have been a torture for the ponygirl’s arms. Calm and smiling, the Queen regularly injured the girl’s breasts with the spurs every few seconds for the pleasure of it, even when she didn’t need to make her speed up. Serena hadn’t hidden a special admiration for that expression of extreme sadism. She was going to become an excellent Goddess, the Queen had thought…

That day Serena chose a different course, shorter but more uphill compared to the day before. Of course she demanded a good pace even in the steepest parts, using the whip with no mercy. This time Emily enjoyed the ride and didn’t even try to contain her friend’s sadism. The two women had a delicious brunch at a restaurant, with Alison under the table as their carpet and boots licker. Some hours later, on their way back, they found the route interrupted at a crossroad: some royal soldiers, all athletic women mounting tall 2-legged ponyboys, were preparing the way for the Queen.

Serena roughly pulled the bridles, making Alison desperately groan: she didn’t even consider Emily’s suggestion to connect the bridles to a classical mouth bite, rather than to her sister’s nipple rings. They remained waiting until the cavalcade appeared. Eight male slaves (including Steven) carried a large wood platform, on which five female slaves created a human throne: one was on all fours with a pillow on her naked back and sustained the Queen’s full weight, the second lied on the platform with her own breasts as a soft carpet for Eleftheria’s bare feet, other three girls were on their knees and served as armrests and chair-back. Eleftheria didn’t tolerate any contact with a male body, not even through a pillow or a saddle.

Several soldiers rode 2-legged ponyboys and surrounded the huge palanquin, spurring the carriers with their thin crops.

The women’s rickshaw joined the small crowd that slowly followed the cavalcade. The rumor that Eleftheria was going to make an important announcement rapidly spread. Most of the followers were Goddesses on their 2-legged slaves, so the two friends didn’t have a good view from their rickshaw.

Emily, who was very close to the Queen and used to spend some nights with her, said to her friend: “I wish I could see more. Eleftheria’s cavalcade is always so spectacular, with those strong carriers, the human throne, all that petal throwing. And today there’s Steven among her slaves!”

“Alison, come closer to the rickshaw and let Emily mount upon your shoulders!” Serena immediately ordered. Her sister promptly obeyed, sliding with her hands through the shafts slowly, to get closer without losing the rickshaw balance.

“Oh, no Serena… thanks, but this is not necessary. I’m too heavy for Alison to carry me on her shoulders” Emily replied.

But Serena insisted until her friend accepted. So Alison had to proceed with a heavier-than-her rider on her shoulders, while of course still pulling her younger sister on the rickshaw. Even if more kind than the average Goddess, Emily was definitely a dominant lady: she quickly got aroused by the feeling of her slave’s struggling body under her. So the most sadistic part of her soul eventually won the day…

Since they were proceeding at a quite slow pace, Serena had fastened her side of the bridles to the rickshaw: Alison was just supposed to keep following the cavalcade, with no need for further orders. Meanwhile Emily, who rode Alison without a shoulder-saddle, felt uncomfortable because didn’t know where to rest her feet on. So she put her boot soles upon the bridles, gradually adding weight until they got tightened. That was a terrible torture for Alison’s nipples, and the girl couldn’t avoid to groan. “Shut up, slave!” Emily whispered, pulling the girl’s hair. “I don’t want Serena to notice this. Remember that the comfort of my feet is far more important than the pain of your tits. Keep suffering in silence for your Goddess!”

That was one of the hardest day ever for the poor Alison: Emily’s 145 lbs really put her shoulders to the test, while the woman’s feet tormented her breasts over any tolerable level. Meanwhile her torturer was extremely comfortable and had several intense orgasms, thanks to the feeling of the girl’s pain and to her pussy rubbing against Alison’s nape.

Ten minutes before reaching the town square, Serena even let a friend climb upon the rickshaw beside her for some chatting. This meant more weight to pull for the poor Alison, and especially the lost of every hope that Emily could get annoyed and go back to the rickshaw couch.

Reached the central square, the Queen’s carriers climbed a staircase and put the palanquin where everybody could see the Queen. Eleftheria stood up and remained with her feet upon the human carpet breasts, keeping herself in balance by putting her hands on the human armrests heads. So her exhausted chair could have some rest, while a long torture just began for the footrest’s tits.

Meanwhile, even if Serena’s friend had left her and joined another rickshaw for starting a new gossip session, Emily didn’t even think about leaving her comfortable and scenic seat on Alison’s worn-out shoulders.

“My fellow Goddesses!” Eleftheria started. “You know how much our community success depends on the strict compliance with its rules. Since the initiation ceremony, you and your slaves are connected forever in the respective roles. No matter if you get tired of your slave, if he or she gets seriously hurt. No matter if you fall in love. This balance cannot be broken!”

The young slave who served as Eleftheria’s carpet, at this point really short of breath, released a faint groan. The Queen lifted her own olive-skinned right foot, so beautiful in its perfect long shape, and slapped the slave face. Then she put it back onto the girl’s left breast. That slave was surely going to face entire days of hard punishments: Eleftheria wanted perfection from her dozens of personal slaves, and was equally demanding with the slaves she borrowed from her Goddesses.

“Something very serious happened last night” Eleftheria continued. “Goddess Anna kidnapped one of my personal male slaves and escaped. I knew they were lovers and I tolerated it, but unfortunately she wasn’t as trustworthy as I thought. Now we think they’re going back to the external life. She’s probably riding him on shoulders, while we suppose her personal female slave is following them and carrying Anna’s luggage. This is absolutely unacceptable.” Short break, before the final exhortation: “As your Supreme Goddess, now I order you to bring me Anna’s head on a silver plate!!”

Of course the entire audience applauded, but many faces were really astonished. By the way, the Queen’s orders were law!

Emily urged Alison to kneel down: “Didn’t you listen, stupid? We gotta move! Put me down!” The young slave was so drowned in pain, caused by one hour with Emily’s full weight on her shoulders and the woman’s feet hanging from her nipple rings, that barely heard the Goddess’ order. She fell on her knees very heavily, perhaps looking for a new intense pain to mitigate her current agony.

Emily climbed on the rickshaw couch, while Serena’s cruel whip persuaded the exhausted Alison to summon up the last energies and carry them home. The entire night will have been dedicated to prepare the greatest hunting expedition in the history of the Kingdom.

Given the extraordinary situation, Eleftheria totally accomplished Emily’s request: she let her take Steven immediately back, and temporarily assigned to Serena one additional male slave from the royal stables. He will have been faster and more resistant than Alison as a 2-legged ponyboy.

The Queen didn’t directly participate to the hunting expedition, but she had already sent most of her soldiers to chase Anna, and now she was borrowing her male human horses to those women who owned female slaves. Every sacrifice must have done: if Anna’s escape had succeeded, it would have set a dangerous precedent.

At sunrise, Emily and Serena were ready to leave. Dressed in full riding suits, with white jodhpurs and black jackets, they both had large sharp spurs fastened to the leather boots: that was going to be a long journey, perhaps worth riding those slaves down to death. “We’ll finally give a sense to all those archery lessons” Emily said while fastening the weapons to the luggage. Then she mounted Steven’s saddled large shoulders, and struck his abdomen with the spurs to make him stand up.

Serena did the same with the borrowed royal slave, whose name was Henry. He was shorter than Steven and not as attractive, but appeared solid and well-trained. Serena’s sister Alison, loaded with the women’s luggage like a mule, was supposed to follow the two riders. Even if her nipples displayed the clearly visible signs of Emily’s recent torture, Serena connected her nipple rings to Henry’s saddle through a leather rope. Of course she didn’t even consider the hypothesis of her sister’s escape: Alison was totally submitted and would have willingly died for her. That was just an umpteenth sadistic game.

The two Goddesses rode at slow trot to the main square, where royal soldiers were assigning the research areas. Without dismounting, Emily made Steven turn around the soldiers and get on his knees, with practiced use of bridles and spurs.

“Emily Richardson and Serena Flint. We’re leaving together, with 2-legged ponyboys and one additional slave for carrying our luggage. We’ve got supplies for 10 days and small arms.”

“Very good” the young soldier replied. “We’re assigning valleys to those Goddesses who can move by rickshaw only, so you’ll patrol a wooded uphill sector”. She gave Emily a map and highlighted their assigned zone. “By the way, we’re quite sure that Anna didn’t take a rickshaw. She’s probably hiding in the bushes during the day and riding the two-legged pony at night, when the Queen can more difficultly track her down by satellite.”

Eleftheria wanted the femdom sect to follow some ancient rules, like travelling with human powered vehicles and getting trained with weapons like arch and sword. But she could be also very technology friendly: the entire town took energy from solar panels and an uphill wind farm. Additionally, since one of her former clients as a prodomme was now in the Pentagon, she had full access to observation satellites.

While Emily and Serena spurred their slaves to a fast trot pace and left the town, Eleftheria was in the most well-equipped room of her own castle. Comfortably sat on her favourite female slave’s back, she was surrounded by other two young girls: one served as chair back, the other was knelt down and kept a keyboard in front of her like a lectern. Three huge flat screens displayed the results of the Kingdom territory scanning, brought by satellites. At sunset, the Queen suddenly shouted: “Yes, these must be you! Who is in charge to patrol that zone?”

“Goddess Emily and Goddess Serena. The GPS signal, coming from the slave you borrowed to Serena, indicates they’re half-day far from Anna” replied Sara, an attractive woman who was general of the Royal Army.

“Make them proceed for the entire night, so they won’t lose road from the fugitives. Then, if we’re lucky, they might intercept them at noon” Eleftheria ordered.

Meanwhile, the two friends were just stretching after a long tiring day in the saddle. They ordered Alison to take the saddle off the ponyboys and sent them to drink some water at a small creek. The slave-girl was equally thirsty, but didn’t dare to ask if she could join them.

Steven and Henry, exhausted and with bleeding wounds on their abdomen (thanks to the ladies’ cruel spurs), drank avidly: water supplies were narrowed during the day, in order to have a less heavy luggage, so Emily and Serena took it all for themselves. Slaves could quench their thist by serving as ladies’ toilet only. Of course the effort of carrying the Goddesses would have needed much more liquid resources, even because three slaves needed to share two women’s nectar (and Alison was their favourite toilet, thanks to her softer feminine mouth).

When the guys went back to their Goddesses and got on all fours to serve as chairs for the dinner, Emily was just evacuating into Alison’s throat. That amazing scene, the mature sensual Emily standing while the young kneeled Alison drank her piss directly from her pussy, turned Steven’s dick into a powerful erection. Serena pretended not to see it, but she secretly planned to punish and screw him after dinner.

Emily sat upon Steven’s back, while Serena preferred saving her ponyboy energy and made Alison serve as her own chair. Actually, her cute sister was as tired as the two men, since she had carried a heavy luggage while keeping the ponyboys’ pace. But the Goddesses’ orders couldn’t been questioned. Meanwhile, Henry was sent to collect some firewood.

The walkie-talkie started croacking ten minutes later. Sara referred the Queen’s orders, giving to the tired Goddesses a sudden shake of adrenaline. The exhausted guys were rapidly saddled by a scared Alison, who had realized the perspective of twenty more hours of nonstop march. At least, in that hurry, Serena forgot to chain her nipple rings to the ponyboy saddle.

The small posse left in a short while: Emily rode Steven, Serena mounted Henry’s shoulders, Alison followed with the heavy luggage. After a long day, none of the slaves had had the chance to eat anything. But the Goddesses seemed not to care about it, since they kept cruelly hitting them with the spurs.

Night time riding is not so safe. Both Goddessed and slaves were frequently scratched by branches and frightened by wild animals. Alison now preceeded the ponyboys on the narrow path, since she could keep the torch: ponyboys’ arms were always fastened behind their backs, in order to make their abdomen clear for their riders’ legs and feet.

At 4 o’clock in the morning the worst part seemed gone, since some amber light started appearing from the horizon.

But Henry suddenly stumbled.

Serena didn’t get hurt for a miracle: while Henry fell down, she was able to hang on Emily’s arm for a second, just in time to let Henry fall under her before landing with her ass against his head. “You son of a bitch” she exploded, kicking his already hurt face repeatedly with her leather boots. Usual human-pony falls injure the rider’s legs, because they remain blocked under the slave’s chest. This time, thanks to her readiness, Serena was totally unhurt. But nevertheless very angry!

As soon as her friend finished kicking the slave, Emily made Steven kneel down and said: “That slave is unforgivable, but what just happened proves that we gotta rest for a while. I know we must chase Anna, but what could we do against her if we arrived there completely exhausted? She’s moving at night and resting during the day, so she and her slaves must have saved much more energies. Do you agree, my friend?”

Serena approved her friend’s idea, so Emily dismounted. Steven suddenly felt so strange: his Goddess had spent 23 of the last 24 hours upon his shoulders, so he was now so used to have her weight on! His body was well beyond exhaustion. Alison appeared as upset, while the poor Henry even had his entire face bleeding.

The slaves fastened two hammocks for the ladies, choosing the largest trees in order to avoid new accidents, then Alison and Steven provided the usual toilet service respectively for Emily and Serena. At that point, even those merciless women understood the appropriateness of letting their slaves get some rest: they were allowed to sleep on the ground, just under their owners’ hammocks.

Four hours later, at about 8 o’clock in the morning, the noise of wild animals made them wake up.

“Serena, I’m gonna borrow Alison again” Emily said.

“Of course. We should both use her mouth this morning, since I’m gonna ride her today. That damned ponyboy will never have the honor to carry me again! And the landscape is getting more and more arid while we move eastward, so we’re gonna have limited supplies of water” Serena replied.

But Emily didn’t just want to piss into Alison’s. Before that, she asked the slave for a different service, asserting that the lack of a shower didn’t mean she must have remained unwashed. The girl knew what to do. She removed Emily’s boots and stockings and licked her feet with devotion, sucking her toes and inserting the tongue between them to eat any trace of sweat and dirt.

Once satisfied, the Goddess ordered Alison to proceed with the next step. The slave-girl knelt down and sat upon her own calves, with hands on the ground and eyes to the sky. Emily took her jodhpurs down and literally sat on Alison’s face: she wanted her ass perfectly clean. The girl’s tongue started working, spurred by cruel pinches on her nipples.

Serena looked at Emily with visible admiration. “You’re so beautiful, sat on my sister’s face! As you know, I love fucking men. But what I never told you is that I’ve tried lesbian sex a couple of times. It’s not my favourite, but… honestly, right know I can’t resist in front of this amazing picture!” She got closer to her friend, sat upon her sister’s thighs, and started licking Emily’s pussy.

The mature woman, already turned on by Alison’s tongue in her anus, welcomed that unexpected gift by keeping her friends hair and pushing her face between her own thighs. That morning she reached some of the most intense orgasms ever.

One hour later, the two pleased Goddesses were riding side by side. Their chat topic was the slaves’ performances. “Your sister is very loyal and determined. She really adores you” Emily said, highlighting that Serena must have weighed just some lbs less than her own slightly taller ponygirl. “You should be proud of her.”

“Yes, she’s very submissive. But she does deserve all of this: serving her own sister for the entire life will only lighten her guilt” Serena replied. “You often said I should be less merciless with her. But my tortures actually help her expiate. Right know, when I strike her abdomen with my sharp spurs or I pull the bridles connected to her nipple rings, she should be thankful. And I know she is” the Goddess continued, while actually switching between spurring and pulling reins, spurring and pulling reins…

The poor girl struggled to obey: she sped up and slowed down, sped up and slowed down…

“I suggest you save her energies, my friend, especially if you really don’t want to give Henry a second chance” Emily replied, looking at the ponyboy who followed them with their heavy luggage. “Anyway, you always say Alison deserves to be abused. But what has she really done to deserve becoming her own sister’s slave?…”

Alison and Serena’s first days in the castle had been a luxury holiday. They had spent much time in Eleftheria’s swimming pool and visiting the huge castle, costantly transported by their 4-legged ponyboys and served in every way by many submissive girls. Sometimes the Queen had summoned one of them for individual conversations, aimed to determine their future role inside her femdom community.

Of course she had already decided. But she wanted the final result to appear spontaneously chosen by her young guests…

“Do you mind if I make a psychologist talk with us?” Eleftheria had asked Alison during one of those sessions. Then she had introduced Marjorie, one of her devoted slaves, who had achieved a psicology degree before joining the Kingdom.

Marjorie had started spending much time with Alison, during the following days. At first she had described the joy of being enslaved, the amazing feeling of devoting an entire life to accomplish every desire of a superior being. Then she had started brainwashing the girl into believing that she was responsible for their stepfather’s attempted abuses, using even hypnosis after Alison’s initial resistance. “Can you imagine how much your sister has suffered because of you?”

The initiation ceremony had taken place exactly two weeks after their arrival. Alison and Serena had entered a large hall completely naked, riding a couple of ponygirls. Then they had dismounted and kneeled down in front of the Queen. Every Goddess attended the ceremony, while the few participating slaves had their eyes covered with a bandage. A small tattoo had been designed on both the girls’ nape, then they had read the pledge: “While joining the Kingdom of Eleftheria, I declare myself aware of its rules and loyal to it forever.”

At that point, the Queen had stood up from her human throne. “Serena, which role would you like to have in my Kingdom?”

“My Queen, for my entire life I’ve been thinking to deserve more. I feel superior to most of the people, I love being worshipped and served. And I think I own the qualities to become one of your lucky Goddesses” Serena had replied.

“What about you, Alison?”

“My Queen. When I reached your Kingdom I immediately loved being surrounded by devoted slave. But in these two weeks I had the chance to think very much about what I actually deserve. I even asked myself which is my place in the world, what does my life mean. Well, I realized that I failed as elder sister: my younger sister Serena, who is so better than me in every way, has suffered very much because of me. So I want to spend my entire life making amends, living with the only purpose of serving her.”

Then Alison had walked towards her younger sister and kneeled down. “Goddess Serena, I beg you to accept me as your devoted slave for our entire life” she had said, kissing her bare feet.

“So it’s all true! God, I didn’t want to believe it… The nightmare we’ve been going through is entirely your fault!”Serena had kicked her sister’s nose several times, but Alison had always come back kissing her sister’s feet, begging for forgiveness.

“You’ll earn forgiveness by serving me forever, you evil bitch!” Serena had shouted. A Goddess from the audience, the sensual red-haired Emily, had passed her a small narrow crop. Serena had taken it and started whipping her sister’s shoulders, face, breasts…

The two sisters had met again only three months later, when Alison had exited Eleftheria’s Academy as a perfectly trained slave-girl.

Their new life together could now begin.

Serena and Emily reached Anna’s approximate location in the afternoon. The satellite cameras hadn’t been detecting the fugitive for hours, so she was supposed to be hidden in a refuge with her slaves. Emily and Serena thought that leaving the footpath was a good idea at that point. Henry was ordered to hide behind the bushes and wait with the luggage. Then the girls made their exhausted human ponies kneel down, and they eventually dismounted. “Uff… I’m so tired! My ass is not used to sit on a saddle for so much time” Emily had the spirit to say.

But Alison and Steven’s relief was going to last a few minutes only: they were ordered to unsaddle each other’s shoulders, but just to fasten the 4-legged-pony larger saddles on their backs and to wear knee-pads and padded gloves. The two slaves looked at each other with a frightened expression, but of course they were ready to serve their Goddesses until their weight would break down their backs.

A few minutes later, Emily and Serena were penetrating the forest on their 4-legged human ponies. Armed with two letal archs, they kept winnowing the entire area for a couple of hours. It was not a thick forest: the landscape was becoming more and more desert while they proceeded eastwards. But it was still a hard job to carry them on all fours along a rugged territory, especially for the poor Alison, whose rider was about her same weight. Nonetheless, Serena sat upon her sister’s back in the way she had learnt from Eleftheria: her legs hanging from the pony’s shoulders, the spurs hitting Alison’s breasts. The girl kept suffering and crawling, looking at her sister’s boots and feeling proud, since the Goddess was comfortably carried thanks to her own exhausted servile body.

Emily suddenly heard a moan. “No, it wasn’t a wild animal” she answered back to Serena’s doubtful face. They rode their slaves slowly, trying to identify the source of that slight noise, until they saw the entrance of a cave. Hidden behind the bushes and still sat on their slaves’ back, they saw a scene they won’t have easily forgotten: Anna’s female slave was on her knees, orally servicing her Goddess. But the motion of her head wasn’t the one of somebody who licks a longing pussy. Not at all! That young girl was definitely sucking Anna’s cock!

“Is she wearing a strap-on?” asked Serena in her young innocence.

“No, my dear” Emily replied. “I guess Goddess Anna is actually a shemale. And this eventually explains me many things, starting from the fierceness Eleftheria put in asking us to chase her”.

“Maybe you won’t believe me, but i think this is so exciting! I mean, she owns the best of both human genres: female sensitiveness and male genitals” Serena said.

“You think so because you like having sex with men. But for me she’s a damned freak!” a disgusted Emily answered back.

Distracted by this conversation, the two Goddesses didn’t see Anna’s male slave until he appeared at a few meters and aimed a gun to their heads. At this point they had no time for embracing the archs without being shot. Surrender was the only option. Ten minutes later, tied up inside the cave just like their own slaves, Emily and Serena felt so ashamed! The chance to finally use their abilities was completely thrown away: they had been catched like two amateurs.

Anna, sat on Steven’s comfortable back, stopped staring at them and eventually said: “Well, well, well. The old sensual Emily and her young cute friend, with two marvelous specimens of slave. You can’t even imagine how useful you’re gonna be for my escape”.

“How could you, Anna? Betraying Eleftheria after what she’d done for all of us! And you know that owning firearms is strictly prohibited!” Emily shouted.

“Shut up, Emily. You can’t even imagine what she made me go through since she discovered my… Well, I suppose you know my secret at this point” Anna replied sharply.

“Wait a second! Listen, I can understand your anger, but I beg you to let us go. I don’t want to be involved in this… please…” Serena cried. “I’ll do anything you want, but please let me go!”

Anna opened her mouth in an evil smile: “Look at who’s gonna finish the job that was interrupted before!”

A couple of minutes later, Serena was on her knees on the rugged ground, with her wrists fastened behind the back. Anna’s small cock completely filled her cute mouth. The shemale roughly pulled the girl’s hair to move her head as she pleased. Serena felt scared and humiliated, but secretly excited too. Anyway, the bad feelings definitely took the upper hand when Anna stopped using her own hands and chose a different kind of spurring method: she ordered her female slave, an attractive black girl named Ashleigh, to whip Serena’s shoulders and ass with a riding crop. Dozens of lashes beat the shit out of the poor crying girl, who had never received even a slap in her entire life, until she succeeded in giving Anna an intense orgasm: at that point the whipping stopped, but Serena’s mouth was filled up by so much sperm that the girl thought she was going to drown. She eventually swallowed every single drop.

Alison yelled and cried for the whole time, trying to protect her own younger sister and merciless Goddess, begging Anna to abuse her instead. Of course the only outcome was to have her mouth covered with a gag.

Meanwhile, Emily remained absolutely calm and emotionless. As soon as Anna finished with Serena, she just said: “I think we can make an arrangement, my friend”. Anna made Ashleigh untie Emily, so the two women could move a few meters inside the cave and talk.

Emily and Anna came back fifteen minutes later, smiling and chatting. Emily looked at Serena, still kneeled on the floor like in a trance, and said: “Why don’t we seal our agreement through my new slave?” Then she hardly pulled Serena’s hair, shifted her own knickers and pissed into the girl’s mouth. Of course Serena hadn’t ever been trained, so she drank the most but let some piss flow through her neck and moisten her hair and skirt. The Goddess smiled and didn’t care. A few seconds later, it was Anna’s turn. The shemale inserted her cock into the upset girl’s mouth, looked at her and said: “I’m gonna do it very slowly. If you lose even one single drop, I’ll make you wish to die.” Serena thought back at the hundred times she had used her sister’s mouth as a toilet in the morning, trying to quickly realize which was the right method. Her desperation somehow made her succeed. “Oh yes, you’re gonna become a great slave for my friend Emily” Anna said after finishing with her…

One year later, Emily was enjoying the breeze on her new rickshaw. Her new lover, a young beautiful blonde woman named Clarissa, sat beside her and caressed her soft thighs.

The pathway was quite uphill, but the Goddess wasn’t satisfied with the current speed. “Honey, I think our ponygirls should always make their best for us. I mean: we’re Goddesses, superior beings… We deserve that! Would you make them remember it?”

Clarissa smiled and took the long leather whip. She slashed Alison’s shoulders twice, then focused on Serena’s buttocks with a sequence of cruel strokes. “You’re so lucky to own this cute couple of slaves!” she said, while the two sisters made their own muscles work harder for the Goddesses’ comfort and amusement.

“Yes, I’m quite satisfied with them. I already told you they’re sisters, but you probably don’t know they have become my slaves only recently. One year ago, Alison was already a slave while Serena was her owner.”

“That slut? Was she a Goddess? Now I understand while she’s always the slowest one!”

“Yes, actually they made a great job with Serena at the slavery school, but Alison is still a better performer. Anyway, for much time I hadn’t even thought about enslaving both of them… Then one day, while Alison’s face was under my ass and her servile tongue had the honor of cleaning up my bottom hole, Serena walked towards me and made something that really surprised me: she kneeled down and started licking my fanny. Worshipped in the sandwich of these cute sisters, their beautiful mouths working for my pleasure, I had the most intense orgasms of my entire life. That’s the moment I decided they had to become my slaves.”

“And how did you make Serena turn into a slave? I used to know Eleftheria is quite strict when she determines that a woman is dominant or submissive.”

“Let’s say that one day Serena made an unexpected blowjob… and I found the way to take advantage of it by blackmailing her. The story is longer than this, but I’ll narrate it to you one other time, honey. Anyway, the most exciting aspect of it is that the girl once known as Goddess Serena quickly became so submissive to me! She worships me like no slave has ever done, she lives for me… and now she can no longer conceive her own life in a different way!”

“Sometimes it appears slaves are the lucky ones, in this Kingdom. I mean, they have a hard life but in the end they get exactly what they want!”

“Well, I guess it depends on your real deep nature. For instance, I’m dominant to the marrow. But if you are not as persuaded as me, who knows… one day you might become my next toy!”

They both burst into laughter, but Emily’s destiny was clearly written in the stars: becoming a new supreme Goddess, owning a harem of dozens female slaves (plus the faithful Steven as her only male slave, for the hardest jobs) and being worshipped as a mytological greek Goddess.