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Adelle's Favorite Doll


The following story is inspired by the popular TV series Dollhouse.

Eliza Dushku is undoubtedly its beautiful star, but according to my criteria the character played by 41 y.o. Olivia Williams is way more charming: she’s mature, self-confident, cynical, conscious of her own power.

Needless to say, what follows is pure fantasy. The reference above is purely inspirational and represents just a tribute to those two actresses. Enjoy!

“You’re so young and pretty, my dear Echo. And you’re proving to be so valuable to the company!” Adelle was enchanted by the shaken girl sitting in front of her. Echo had fulfilled so many assignments that Adelle was now wondering whether – at this point – she could keep the girl for herself after all…

Everything had started a few weeks before, when Adelle had asked Topher to program Echo’s brain and turn the girl into her willing slave. Nothing more than a temporary test… of course very consistent with the woman’s sexual preferences. But Echo had been such an amazing submissive lover that Adelle now couldn’t give up enjoying her services between one mission and another.

This produced a side effect: having been fed with the same personality so many times, now Echo behaved as a slave in front of Adelle even during the doll-phase, when her brain was supposed to be erased.

“I’m not that valuable, my Goddess,” the girl answered. “I’m so flawed compared to the perfect slave you would deserve.”

Once again, Adelle’s sadistic nature prevailed: a few minutes later, Echo was on her knees under the table, her face plunged between Adelle’s thighs. The woman held the girl’s hair with a hand, while digging her sharp heels into the girl’s back. “Oh, yes… your tongue turns me on like I’ve never experienced before!”

After that episode, Adelle called a quick meeting with her closer co-workers.

“My dear associates, I think it’s time for Echo to get an early retirement. She’s by far our top performer and I don’t want to put her life on stake anymore. Furthermore, she’s recently proved to keep trace of her past personalities, which might turn out to be a huge risk for our business. Can you imagine a client learning details of a past mission from her? That would be a nightmare for our reputation of extreme confidentiality.”

Some colleagues tried to object, but the decision was already taken. “Of course I know Echo can’t be restored into her past life straight away” Adelle continued. “While waiting to find out the best solution, she’ll be a guest at my house. This way I’ll be able to keep a constant report of how much she remembers from the past missions. That will represent a precious source of information for programming future dolls more carefully.”

Everybody knew why Adelle was suddenly so caring with the pretty girl, but no one dared making further objections: Miss DeWitt was very influent within the organization and had often proved to be merciless.

Adelle DeWitt watched everyone leave her office. Once the door was shut, she looked under her desk. Echo had been licking her shoes for the entire meeting, silently and relentlessly as instructed. “You’re coming home with me tonight, my beautiful little doll.”

What follows is the diary kept by Mrs DeWitt as a top-secret report of Echo’s behavior…

Week 1. Echo’s first week in my house has been highly satisfying. I had no doubt that she could bear everything while properly programmed, but she’s performing even better as a doll. I’m actually thinking she might have been naturally submissive in her ordinary life, even before we kidnapped her to turn her into a programmable doll.

On the first few days, I kept making her lick and massage my feet and service me orally (her ability and dedication when giving pleasure is extraordinary). Then yesterday I decided to test her further. I came home and I found her moving around naked, on all fours: she’s never even tried to walk as a human being since my order.

“It’s been a long tiring day at work, sweetheart. I want you to take care of me. Undress your Goddess and bathe her with your magnificent tongue, everywhere.”

Sat on my bed with Echo knelt down on the floor, I was looking for every slight sign of hesitation. She didn’t show any. First she licked my leather boots clean, took them off and massaged my tired feet. As soon as she started sucking my sweaty toes, I was already in heaven. Then she rubbed her face and hair all over my legs and thighs, until she reached my crotch and started her marvelous job with devastating slowness. I moaned and yelled and scratched her shoulders with my fingernails… but she didn’t speed up: she was relentlessly following my order and methodically tongue-bathing her Goddess.

Once she felt my climax, Echo gently took my hand and asked me to stand up. Then she sat on the floor and placed the back of her head on the bed, looking towards the ceiling. Her face was willingly waiting for me to sit down on it…

I must confess that I had wiped off my ass negligently that day, on purpose. I can be so sadistic sometimes! But now, before sitting down on that pretty girl half-my-age, it was my turn to hesitate for a little moment. Then of course I did it. Comfortably sat on Echo’s face, her tongue licking my ass clean with complete devotion, I looked at that perfect young body under my soft thighs and I couldn’t resist anymore: I stood up, took my favorite riding crop, sat back on her mouth and started whipping her abdomen, thighs, pussy as she kept licking me…

I never knew it was possible to reach a climax through analingus.

When I finally got up, Echo humbly went back to her default position: naked, all fours, on the floor. Once again, I looked at her younger perfect body at my disposal and my worst sadistic instincts came up. I must weigh at least 30 pounds more than her, but I didn’t even try to be gradual or kind while sitting full-weight on her back. I took a comfortable position, with my naked ass enjoying the smoothness of her back and both my legs dangling from the same side. I could feel her struggle under me, but I could also still sense her extreme desire to please.

First, I asked her to alternatively bend and arch her back, just for my amusement. Being gently moved up and down by that small sexy body was so relaxing! Then I slashed her buttock with my crop and said: “Carry me to the bathroom, slave.” She was already tired and definitely overwhelmed by my weight, which must have crushed her hands and knees onto the wooden floor, but she let me ride her this way along the corridor until we reached our destination.

“Now wash your dirty mouth while your Goddess takes a break,” I said. While she removed the taste of my ass from her tongue, I sat on the toilet and I was about to pee. I initially just wanted to close the day with her tongue serving as toilet paper, but I suddenly decided to push her further. “Get on your knees and sit onto your own ankles, my little slave.” I stood up, got closer, caught her hair with my hand and put her mouth between my thighs. “Open your mouth, and feel privileged. No one else has ever tasted it after just a few days in my service.” She swallowed every drop of my piss, looked at me adoringly, then without any order she gently licked my pussy clean.

Impressive. Beyond any expectation. I don’t know what else to say: it looks like I’ve just found the perfect slave!

Week 2. During these last few days, I’ve made one main addition to the training program of my little slave: I started pushing her hard on the physical side.

After the satisfying experiment done last week, I wanted to test her longer as a beast of burden. So I provided her with a pair of kneepads and I put on her back a real pony saddle, made of leather and complete with stirrups. As soon as I took place astride my little ponygirl, I was already wet with arousal. I put my boots in the stirrups and fastened a couple of small but sharp spurs on them, then I gently brushed Echo’s long hair and split it into two braids, to be used as bridles.

As I said before, I must be about 30 pounds heavier than her… so I could clearly feel her struggle beneath my comfortable ass, even after those few minutes on the spot. That was such an exciting feeling! Only very sadistic or submissive people can understand what I mean: having full control on a human being, reduced to a beast of burden for an older and heavier woman… I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of it deeply for a short while.

Then I pulled the left of my very special bridles: she understood (smart girl!) and turned around on the spot. Once she was headed towards the door, I dug my spurs into her naked thighs… and our ride started. She managed to carry me very well, putting every inch of her strength into the task and following every order very promptly.

After a couple of tours around the house, I led my little ponygirl into my private garden. Here I became much more demanding: I started digging the spurs into her thighs often and harshly, and I slashed her buttocks with the crop every time I wanted an additional effort.

Yes, of course at this point she was almost finished. I could feel her struggle to keep the requested pace, and see her bleeding thighs and scratched hands. But I kept spurring her for a few minutes, before slowing her down by pulling her hair. Even while allowing a little break, I always kept my full weight on her beautiful saddled back.

“Bend your back, sweet ponygirl” I said. I enjoyed the feeling of sinking a bit into her. At this point she probably expected me to order some bend-and-arch, or perhaps she was too tired and devastated even to think… Anyway, I decided to keep her in this very uncomfortable position. “Don’t you dare move your back. Your Goddess is very comfortable.” Then I took my feet away from the stirrups and I put them beside her head, so she could lick my boots. This shifted more weight towards her exhausted arms, but she carried on serving me this way for around 10 minutes.

She even improved her endurance as a ponygirl during the week. Yesterday I rode her for more than one hour non-stop! But this time – when I felt she was truly exhausted – I removed the saddle and I mounted her again. “Now I’m really beating the shit out of you” I said. Sat on her naked pretty back, I put my thighs on her shoulders so my boots could dangle by the sides of her head, then I grabbed her hair very tightly so I could have control and keep balance. Now I wanted to get Echo’s very last drops of energy, so… yes, I dug my spurs into those naked, small, beautiful boobs of hers!

This final ride, with Echo’s extreme pain and struggle, turned me on like never before. So that night I made her give me pleasure savagely and intensely for the longest time. Finally satisfied, I ordered Echo to lay on the floor, on her back. I looked at that astoundingly beautiful body. She was mine.

The scratches my spurs had made on her thighs and breasts were very visible. Full of gratitude for the marvelous gift that little slave represented in my life, I stood over her and massaged her clit with my naked foot, until she reached an overwhelming climax.

While Echo squirmed and moaned on the floor, I promised myself that I would give her pleasure more often. She had really deserved it. And I decided I would start sharing this incredible little slave with a couple of my girlfriends…

Finally calm, Echo looked straight into my eyes from the floor and swiftly whispered: “I love you, my Goddess.”

Mrs DeWitt’s diary ends here. It’s been found on her night table, not far from the dead bodies. The evidence suggests that Adelle made Echo service her together with two more women (traces of the girl’s saliva have been found on the intimate parts of every body), until Echo killed them all in an attack of jealousy.

One of the most surprising aspects is the way she killed them: using some kung-fu techniques that had supposedly been erased from her mind a few months before.

By now, the young girl has disappeared with no further clues.

This strictly classified report ends here.