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Ella the Sweet Human Pony - Part 4


The following morning, as rain poured down on the small Pacific island, the Smith women found themselves snugly sheltered beneath their makeshift shelter, nestled atop their loyal servants, Ella and Courtney.

The girls laid on their back, with their knees bent and their feet planted on the ground, so that Sarah and Chloe could sit comfortably on their abdomens and use their thighs as a backrest. The comfortable seats were enhanced by the availability of Ella’s and Courtney’s faces as a footrest, with their tongues tirelessly washing and massaging the Smith women’s feet.

The servants’ arms and hands were also put to use, providing a relaxing massage to their owners’ legs and thighs, or stretching on the ground to support those same legs whenever the women chose to extend them. This service guaranteed that the superior bodies of the Smith women never touched the ground, staying comfortable, clean, and dry.

Sarah and Chloe called this position “the lounge chair”, and they demanded it pretty much any time they were not using Ella and Courtney as ponies or chairs on all-fours.

The Smith mother and daughter reckoned that they had enough food to sustain them for the day, but the looming concern was their dwindling supply of drinking water. The women glanced at each other, exchanging silent thoughts that mirrored their shared predicament. They knew they couldn't risk consuming rainwater without knowing whether it was safe to drink. Reluctantly, they decided that a trip to the water source was necessary.

Then Chloe came up with an idea: she didn’t feel like going out in the rain, and she knew that Courtney, having been at their constant service in this situation of survival, had not had a chance to fulfill her dominant side in a while. She looked at her mother with a thoughtful expression and asked her: “Do you mind?...”

As Sarah nodded, basically offering her daughter consent to proceed with whatever plan she had just figured out, Chloe saddled Ella, and carefully placed all their empty water bottles in the saddlebags.

It was Courtney who would embark on this mission, riding Ella to retrieve the much-needed water while the Smith women remained dry and comfortable in their shelter, grateful for their devoted servants and their ability to adapt to every challenge.

“Don’t take too long, sweetie. We are much more comfortable sitting on top of you. Now go!” Chloe ordered Courtney, before kissing her softly on the lips.

Riding Ella on the beach under the pouring rain, Courtney felt a sense of exhilaration. With her makeshift riding crop in hand, she urged Ella to pick up speed, the thrill of the ride mingling with the refreshing downpour. The dominance Courtney had over her pony was palpable, and she reveled in it. “It’s just like riding a bike,” she thought.

Ella, drenched from the rain, responded eagerly to Courtney's commands, her hands and knees splashing through puddles as she raced along the beach. Courtney's laughter mixed with the sound of rain drops, her joy infectious as she reveled in the sense of freedom that riding Ella provided.

The beach stretched out before them, the gray sky and relentless rain doing little to dampen Courtney's spirits. She leaned forward slightly and gave Ella a new series of lashes, her grip on the reins firm, and Ella obeyed, accelerating with every stride. It was a dance of trust and control, a moment of sheer exhilaration in the midst of a rainy day.

As they rode together, Courtney couldn't help but appreciate the extraordinary bond she shared with Ella. The unspoken connection between them was a testament to their unique lifestyle, one that blended dominance and devotion in a way that was both thrilling and deeply satisfying. While both girls thrived when serving the two Goddesses that Sarah and Chloe Smith were to them, Courtney’s superiority over Ella had never been put in doubt.

Spotting the arrow sign made of branches up ahead, built days ago to mark the directions to the water source, Courtney skillfully pulled the bridles to signal Ella to slow down. The human pony obediently began to ease her pace, transitioning from the exhilarating ride along the beach to a more controlled gait as they entered the wooded area.

The forest welcomed them with dense vegetation, and the sound of raindrops hitting the leaves created a soothing backdrop to their journey. However, as they ventured further into the woods, they encountered a new challenge – the muddy terrain. The path became increasingly slippery, and Ella's hands and knees found it difficult to gain traction.

Courtney could feel Ella's effort as she carefully navigated through the mud, her determination unwavering despite the challenging conditions. She gently urged her pony forward with reassuring words, and she whipped her at regular intervals to ensure her best effort, obtaining Ella's unwavering commitment to fulfilling her commands.

Together, they pressed on. Courtney couldn't help but admire Ella's resilience and her willingness to overcome obstacles, mirroring the deep connection they shared as partners on this remarkable journey.

Upon reaching the freshwater source, Courtney kept Ella steady in the shallow water as she skillfully filled all the empty bottles and securely stashed them back into the saddlebags attached to Ella's saddle. The clear, cool water was a welcome sight.

Courtney and Ella took a moment to quench their thirst, savoring the refreshing taste of the freshwater. The rain had cleansed them earlier, but they still used the water to wash their faces and bodies, ensuring they felt invigorated and rejuvenated.

Throughout the entire process, Courtney never once dismounted from Ella's back, just like both Smith women always did with their ponies. However Courtney leaned forward to exchange some kisses and cuddles with the sweet Ella, both girls feeling a heartwarming sense of unity and affection.

After their brief respite by the water, they headed back to the campsite.

As Courtney and Ella navigated the dense forest, the rhythmic patter of raindrops on the leaves above provided a soothing backdrop to their journey. Amidst the natural symphony, Courtney thought she heard a sound that resembled someone sobbing. Intrigued and concerned, she urged Ella forward and guided her with precision, determined to investigate the source of the mysterious cries.

As they ventured deeper into the woods, the sobbing grew louder, tugging at Courtney's heartstrings. Her curiosity and apprehension battled within her as she anticipated what or who they might find. Then, through the thick foliage, she spotted the origin of the distress – a young Asian girl sitting on the ground with her back against a large tree.

Recognition sparked in Courtney's eyes as she realized that this was the daughter of the sailor who had brought them to the island but had never returned to pick them up. The girl's eyes were filled with fear and uncertainty, yet there was a glimmer of relief and recognition when she saw Courtney and Ella. Courtney remembered that the girl was 18 or 19 years old, and that she helped her single Dad in managing the boat service for tourists, but she couldn’t recall her name.

Language was a barrier, as the girl didn't speak any English, and Courtney found herself relying on gestures to communicate. She reached down and gently patted Ella's upper back, signaling to the young girl that she could sit in front of her. It was a silent invitation, a way to convey that they could ride Ella together back to their camp, where they would find safety and comfort. The girl's petite frame fit snugly in front of Courtney’s saddle on Ella's shoulder blades, and with a reassuring smile, Courtney guided Ella back in the direction of their camp, now accompanied by an unexpected new friend.

As they rode through the woods, Courtney could sense the young girl's trepidation and uncertainty. Wrapping her arms around her new companion from behind, Courtney offered a warm and reassuring hug. She wanted the girl to feel safe and comforted, even in the midst of this unfamiliar and frightening situation.

When they finally emerged from the woods and onto the beach, Courtney urged Ella to pick up the pace with a few well-placed lashes of her riding crop. It was a silent invitation for the young girl to experience the exhilaration of the ride and to momentarily forget her worries. Ella couldn’t go as fast as earlier, with an additional rider’s weight pushing almost entirely on her arms, but she tried her best to obey Courtney and serve her two riders. In response, the Asian girl's apprehensive expression slowly transformed into a tentative smile, a glimmer of joy amidst their shared adventure. Riding Ella together, they headed back towards their camp, two riders and one loyal pony, bound by an unexpected bond of companionship.

When the Smiths laid eyes on the young Asian girl riding with Courtney on Ella, their expressions quickly shifted from surprise to concern, and they approached the girl with a mix of curiosity and compassion. They understood that something significant had occurred during Courtney's excursion.

Courtney dismounted, while the girl kept her seat on Ella’s back with her legs dangling in front, looking disoriented and unsure.

With reassuring smiles directed at the girl, Courtney explained the unexpected encounter in the woods and how she had found the girl, who seemed to be the daughter of the sailor who had initially brought them to the island. The Smith women exchanged glances, their hearts going out to the girl, realizing the fear and isolation she must have felt alone in the wilderness.

As they welcomed her into their family and invited her into their shelter, they offered the girl water, food, and a place by the fire to warm up. Their collective concern was evident, as they tried to convey through gestures that she was no longer alone, and they would do their best to provide comfort and care in their challenging circumstances.

Sarah and Chloe made Ella and Courtney get down on their hands and knees as human chairs by the fire, and they showed their willingness to share their comfort with the new guest by gently patting their ponies' backs and gesturing for her to sit down. The girl hesitated for a moment but then she accepted their offer, taking a seat on Ella’s back next to Chloe, while Sarah had Courtney’s back all for herself.

Ella soon found herself in a bit of a predicament, because the young Asian girl timidly sat all the way up on her shoulder blades, just like before, but this time she was sitting sideways, so one of her butt cheeks was on Ella’s neck. Ella had to use her neck muscles to keep her own head up and sustain the girl’s weight, which was becoming increasingly hard, but she certainly didn’t want to let the girl fall off.

Courtney realized her discomfort and she placed her own head next to Ella’s under the girl’s thigh, sharing the burden with her fellow chair as their faces touched tenderly, cheek to cheek. This required Courtney to move slightly under Sarah’s weight, but the woman understood her intentions and did not complain.

As they all sat by the fire, the Smith women tried to communicate with the girl through gestures and expressive faces. They pointed at the ocean to inquire about her father and the boat that had brought them to the island, their brows furrowed with concern. They used their hands to mimic waves and a boat sailing to see if she could understand their questions.

The young girl seemed to comprehend their inquiry and nodded solemnly. She pointed to the horizon, mimicking waves crashing, and then made a gesture that suggested something going down into the water. Her eyes welled up with tears as she made a gesture to her own throat, which they interpreted as a tragedy at sea. It became clear that her father had likely perished in a boating accident.

The Smith women exchanged somber glances, empathizing with the girl's grief. They gestured comfortingly and offered her a warm hug, understanding the gravity of the situation. The island had brought them together under unusual circumstances, and they were determined to provide support and solace to their newfound companion.

Sarah used gestures to also introduce herself and Chloe to the young Asian girl. She pointed to herself and then gestured towards Chloe, trying to convey that they were Sarah and Chloe. With a warm smile, Sarah then pointed towards the girl and raised an eyebrow inquisitively, silently asking for her name.

The girl looked at Sarah and Chloe, her eyes wide with a mixture of fear and curiosity. After a moment, a timid smile crossed her face, and she pointed to herself, saying softly, "Mia."

Sarah and Chloe both nodded in understanding and relief. They had a name to call her now — Mia. It was a small step, but it felt like progress in their communication with their newfound guest.

Mia looked curiously at Ella and Courtney, the two girls who had rescued her, and whom Sarah and Chloe were now using as servile human chairs. Her gaze shifted between Ella and Courtney, and she raised her hand, pointing towards them with a questioning expression, silently inquiring about these unusual "chairs" she found herself sitting on.

Sarah and Chloe exchanged glances, then smiled warmly at Mia. Sarah gestured to Ella and Courtney, saying their names and patting the girls affectionately, and then pointed to herself and Chloe, using hand signals to indicate that they were superior and they owned Ella and Courtney.

The girl didn’t seem to understand, so Sarah stood up, and she invited Chloe and Mia to stand up as well. Then she stepped with one foot towards Courtney, she snapped her fingers, and she pointed with her index finger at her own foot. Courtney understood her intentions, and she got down on her elbows from her all-fours position to cover Sarah’s foot with humble and adoring kisses. Then Sarah did the same exact thing with Ella, obtaining the same outcome. Next, Chloe ordered Ella and then Courtney to kiss her own feet as well, again using a snap of her fingers as the command.

Then the Smith women looked at Mia with a questioning expression, checking if she now understood that Ella and Courtney were subservient to them.

After a moment of hesitation, Mia smiled timidly and then, turning serious, she took a step forward towards Ella. Then she snapped her fingers. Ella looked at Sarah for guidance, and the woman nodded with a soft expression, so Ella repeatedly kissed Mia’s feet for a few seconds until the girl took a step back.

Next, Mia stepped towards Courtney and snapped her fingers again. Courtney followed Ella’s example and kissed Mia’s feet, but the petite Asian girl let her continue for several seconds without taking a step back. Then she placed the bottom of her own right foot on top of Courtney’s head while the kneeling girl kissed her left foot, looking at Sarah and Chloe with a proud smile. Eventually she released Courtney’s head from the uncomfortable and humiliating sandwich of her own petite feet, and she stepped back to simultaneously hug the two Smith women.

“What did just happen here?” Courtney asked herself. She guessed that Sarah’s intention, when encouraging Ella to kiss Mia’s feet, had been simply to make the young girl feel welcome. But it seemed that Mia had taken it as an invitation to join the “dominant club”, and to assert her own superiority over Ella and Courtney. That would also explain why she had been more dominant and forceful with Courtney, whom she had seen riding Ella and thus proving superior to her fellow slave.

Once the rain stopped and all the women came out of the shelter, Mia joined the group, still looking a bit unsure but curious. Sarah and Chloe, with their limited ability to communicate through gestures, made an effort to include Mia in their daily routine. They indicated that she could join them on Ella or Courtney, offering her a choice between the two ponies.

Mia, feeling a bit more at ease, approached Courtney and gently patted her neck. She seemed to have made her choice. With a warm smile, Chloe helped Mia onto Courtney's back, making sure she was comfortable sitting on the girl’s shoulder blades in front of her saddle, the same position she had adopted on Ella’s back after being rescued by Courtney.

As the day went on, Mia observed the way the Smith women and their ponies interacted. She watched how Sarah and Chloe used their bridles for precise directions, whipped their human ponies without hesitation to demand speed, and they seamlessly switched between riding and using their subservient girls as chairs or footrests, rarely if ever touching the ground with their feet. Mia, intrigued by this unique family dynamic, seemed increasingly eager to participate.

Throughout the afternoon, the three riders explored the island together, shared food, and communicated through gestures and smiles. Mia may not have spoken their language, but she quickly became a part of their close-knit group, adding a new dimension to their family bond.

On the next day, after taking Mia with them on the usual morning trip to the water source, the Smith women prepared for a new fishing expedition in the shallow waters of the ocean. Mia showed her interest and skill by quickly fashioning her own makeshift spear from a long, sturdy branch. Then she again mounted Courtney’s shoulder blades, this time sharing the human pony with Sarah, while Chloe rode on Ella.

Once the Smiths ordered Ella and Courtney to a stop, making them stay steady on all-fours with the shallow water almost reaching their abdomens, the three riders prepared to spear some fish for their next meal.

While the Smith women patiently waited for an opportunity from the comfort of their saddles, Mia sprang into action. Showing remarkable agility, probably learned when moving around her Dad’s small boat in choppy waters, she stood up in front of Sarah by standing with one foot on Courtney’s back and the other on the human pony’s head. As she looked for fish, she kept walking around the Smith women, standing on every part of the ponies’ bodies that was not occupied by Sarah and Chloe’s saddles, using Ella and Courtney's bodies as a platform.

Mia quickly demonstrated her skill by accurately spearing a fish with her improvised tool. She skillfully launched the spear into the water, rather than accompanying it with her hand like Sarah and Chloe did. The women were impressed by Mia's proficiency, and they all cheered for her. Within two hours, Mia had successfully speared a dozen decently sized fish, providing the group with more food than they could eat. Mia's presence not only added to their success in catching food, but also strengthened the bond between them as they shared in the responsibilities of island survival.

Mia and the Smith women returned to their campsite, cooked the fish over an open fire, and enjoyed a delicious meal together, all while seated comfortably on Ella’s and Courtney’s backs. As usual, Sarah and Chloe affectionately fed pieces of fish to their human chairs directly from their own hands while sitting on them. Mia observed their actions, and she soon started doing the same, but she placed her clenched fist by their mouth, waiting for them to kiss her hand before opening it and letting them eat the food from the palm of her hand. She seemed to enjoy small acts of humiliation, trying to assert herself in a role of superiority to the two loyal servants of the Smith family, especially with Courtney.

After dinner, the Smith women ordered Ella and Courtney to assume the “lounge chair” position, and they made them lay next to each other to become a single larger chair. Sarah sat on Courtney’s abdomen and Chloe on Ella’s, the Smith women relaxing their backs against the girls’ thighs and stretching their legs over the girls’ arms and hands. When they inevitably invited Mia to join, the young Asian girl stepped with her foot on Courtney’s chest in order to reach a spot between the Smith women, where she sat with one butt cheek on Ella’s abdomen and the other on Courtney’s.

Then, when she saw Chloe casually place a foot on Ella’s face to have it thoroughly kissed and licked, Mia put her own foot on Courtney’s face and implicitly demanded the same service. Since the girl had been invited by the Smiths to join them, Courtney had no choice but to obey. Soon Mia pushed all of her toes at once into Courtney’s mouth, going progressively deeper and obtaining a very humiliating tongue bath for both of her feet. Courtney hoped that Sarah would step in, but the woman seemed tired and distracted by an on-going conversation with Chloe, in which they wondered what exactly had happened to Mia’s Dad, and why nobody was coming to their rescue once realized that the boat was missing.

In the following days, Courtney found herself carrying not only the weight of the Smith woman who was using her on that day, but also the added burden of Mia, who almost invariably chose to ride on her rather than Ella. While she had always been a dedicated and loyal pony, the increased load began to take its toll on Courtney. Her strong and graceful stride would eventually become slower and more labored, and her back ached every night from the constant double weight.

Courtney couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions as she carried Mia on her shoulder blades, constantly looking at the young girl’s dangling feet right in front of her own face. While she was glad to have Mia safe and under their care, there were moments when she wished for a break, a moment of respite from the constant demands of her role as a pony.

She also missed her intimacy with the Smith women and even with Ella, which had been extremely limited here on the island, especially since Mia had joined them. And she longed for the days when she and Chloe or Sarah would ride together alone, their bond unshared with anyone else.

Despite her fatigue and the physical strain, Courtney continued to carry her riders with unwavering determination. She knew that her loyalty to the Smith women went beyond her own comfort, and she realized that her owners were increasingly reliant on Mia’s survival skills as well as fond of the young Asian girl, so she was willing to endure the hardships to ensure their safety and well-being on the island.

A hint of resentment crept into Courtney’s thoughts, however, as she couldn't help but wish Mia had shown some gratitude to her for finding and rescuing her, rather than seizing every opportunity to use her as a slave.

Ella, on the other hand, seemed to really enjoy her own interactions with the bossy little Mia. That was not surprising to Courtney, because Ella always thrived on being dominated.

One morning, Mia decided to surprise the Smith women with an impromptu morning show. She had always been agile and adventurous, and her desire to entertain and bring some joy to their daily routine was evident.

As Sarah and Chloe worked on some makeshift food storage containers, Mia approached Ella, who had been resting nearby on the soft sand. Without a saddle or any riding gear, Mia pulled Ella up on all-fours and mounted her bareback. She could feel the warmth of Ella's smooth skin beneath her thighs as she settled into position.

With a mischievous glint in her eye, Mia dug her bare heels into Ella’s flanks, urging her into a graceful trot along the beach. The pony responded eagerly, her hands and knees kicking up sand as she picked up speed. Mia's dark hair flowed behind her as she leaned forward, gripping Ella's hair with one hand while keeping the other in the air to maintain her balance.

Sarah drew Chloe’s attention to what was happening, then she ordered Courtney on all-fours and the two Smith women sat together on her back to enjoy the show.

As she raced along the shore, Mia noticed that she had an audience and her confidence grew, so she decided to add some daring maneuvers to her performance. She leaned to the side and reached down to scoop up a thin twig from the sand. Ella continued her brisk pace, her muscles flexing as she effortlessly carried her diminutive rider through each daring move.

Mia's show didn't end there. She used the twig to whip Ella until the human pony was flying under her small weight, then she shifted her weight further to one side, wrapping her legs around Ella's back and leaning sideways like a circus acrobat. With arms outstretched, she rode Ella like a daredevil, feeling the wind rush past her and the exhilaration of the moment. She even stood up and surfed on top of Ella’s back while riding her at high speed, showing incredible balance. Her laughter echoed along the beach as she continued her impressive display.

Finally she jumped down, landing heavily with her butt on Ella’s back, and brought the pony to a quick stop by pulling hard on her hair. As Ella slowed down, she let her own body hop off her back and land standing in front of the panting human pony. Then she turned around to face her, extended a foot forward and snapped her fingers. Ella promptly showed her natural submissive nature by kissing Mia’s foot.

Without giving Ella time to bring her head back up, she stood on it, pushing her face into the soft sand with her full weight. Then she rapidly walked upwards on Ella’s inclined back until she reached her sacrum. Once she found her balance in that location, she hit the middle of Ella’s back twice with the sole of her foot. Ella guessed the meaning of that command and got back up on her hands and knees, making her back parallel to the ground once again. That’s when Mia walked comfortably to the middle of Ella’s back, crossed her own legs, and thanked her audience with a deep bow, earning a standing ovation from the Smith women.

Sarah and Chloe had watched the entire show in amazement, comfortable on Courtney’s back, their smiles growing wider with each passing moment. It was a remarkable performance that brought a sense of joy and excitement to their otherwise secluded island life, reminding them that life could be joyous even in daunting circumstances.

Courtney couldn't help but notice the striking differences in the way her riders sat on her back. Sarah and Chloe Smith exuded an air of grace and entitlement as they perched elegantly in their saddles, resembling queens on a throne. Their postures were regal, backs straight, and movements deliberate. They rode her with a sense of authority, befitting their dominant roles.

Sarah and Chloe were the epitome of poise and composure, their legs resting gently against her sides, communicating their needs through the reins and the ever-present riding crops. To Courtney, they were the embodiment of authority and effortless dominance.

Courtney couldn't help but feel a surge of pride and fulfillment when she glanced at Sarah’s or Chloe's feet, resting comfortably in the stirrups while she carried their full weight upon her back. To her, those feet lifted off the ground were a symbol of superiority and trust, a testament to the unbreakable bond that she had formed with her beautiful owners.

When she carried the weight of her riders, Courtney felt a deep sense of purpose and contentment. She knew that her role extended beyond being a mode of transportation. She was their protector, their loyal companion, and their source of comfort. Courtney cherished the feeling of their presence, and she responded to their commands with the utmost diligence, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout their journeys.

Mia, on the other hand, brought a lively, almost exuberant energy to her rides. She treated Ella’s and Courtney's backs as a stage for her seamless acrobatics. Her positions were ever-changing: one moment sitting upright, the next leaning forward, and then swinging her legs over the pony’s shoulders or resting them on her head.

Courtney felt a sense of amusement and fascination with Mia's unique riding style. It was a stark contrast to the confidence and composed elegance of the Smith women. She just wished that Mia would choose to ride on Ella more often, allowing Courtney to spend less time beneath the combined weight of two riders. And she could not shake the feeling that Mia was making her life harder on purpose: trying to assert her dominance over the pony that was undoubtedly less submissive, and even capable of becoming Ella’s occasional rider.

Just as Courtney reflected on those thoughts during a long expedition on the beach, carrying Sarah and Mia while Chloe was mounted on Ella, she heard the Smith women engage in a heartfelt conversation about the fairness of involving Mia in riding their ponies. The rhythm of Ella and Courtney's hands and knees crawling on the sand, combined with the gentle sound of the waves, provided a serene backdrop for their discussion.

Chloe was the first to voice her thoughts, her brow furrowing with concern as she noticed Courtney’s fatigue. "Mom, do you think this is fair to Courtney and Ella? I mean, we've always been their riders, and now we're letting Mia use them too."

Sarah contemplated her daughter's question, her gaze fixed on the horizon. "You raise a valid point, Chloe. Our ponies have been our loyal companions for a long time, and they've always known us as their riders. Adding Mia to the mix might be confusing for them."

Chloe nodded in agreement. "Exactly. And even though Mia is petite, she's still an additional weight on their backs. Are we pushing them too hard?"

Sarah let out a sigh. "It's a complex situation, sweetheart. On one hand, Mia's help has been invaluable, and I feel a strong instinct to protect her after everything she’s been through. On the other hand, we must ensure we're still considering our ponies' well-being."

After a moment of thoughtful silence, Sarah continued, "I think we will simply need Ella and Courtney to trust our judgment as we demand that they serve Mia. They've been loyal to us for years, and I know they can rise to the challenge once again." She accompanied those words with two firm lashes of her riding crop on Courtney’s butt, demanding more speed as the girl’s energy was starting to fade under the double weight.

Chloe smiled, appreciating her mother's wisdom. "You're right, Mom. We should feel confident that they can handle these changes. After all, they've shown us incredible resilience and devotion. One thing though: let’s try to be mindful about inviting Mia to ride with us on Ella more often, since Courtney seems to be carrying two riders almost every day for some reason."

“That’s a good point, sweetheart. We should do that going forward.”

With their decision made, the Smith women continued their journey back to camp, ready to embrace the evolving dynamics of their unique family on the isolated island, where dominance and trust would guide their actions with Ella and Courtney.

In the following days, as the Smith women got in the way of Mia’s desire to always overburden Courtney, the Asian girl noticed the change and started targeting Courtney with small acts of spite, like casually stepping on her hands while she was serving as a human chair, or dropping pieces of food on her head while sitting on her back during meals.

Courtney knew that the girl just wanted to establish her presence and dominance within their unique family dynamic, but she was growing tired of this situation between them. She considered confronting Mia or complaining with the Smith women, but she didn’t want to cause any problems in the already hard life on the uninhabited island. So she decided that she needed to put her own pride aside, and proactively show Mia that she accepted a position of inferiority to her.

As soon as she saw an opportunity during some idle time, Courtney crawled towards Mia on the beach, lowered her head, and pressed her lips against Mia's feet, softly kissing them. It was a gesture of proactive submission, a way to convey loyalty and respect to her new rider.

Mia's heart swelled with emotion as she realized the significance of the act, but she made a conscious effort to hide her own feelings. After allowing Courtney to worship her feet for some time, she stepped on the human pony’s back, turned around, and let herself plop down into a seated position on her back. Courtney was wearing no saddle or tack – just her usual bikini thong and sports bra – so Mia’s hard landing in the middle of her back took her breath away.

Calling out Sarah’s name, Mia explained through gestures that she wanted to take Courtney for a solo ride. The Smith woman nodded from a distance, and Mia’s heels urged Courtney into motion.

It was clear that Courtney’s act of submission, although well received, was not enough for Mia. As soon as they were out of sight, the girl picked up a twig from the beach and whipped Courtney until she was racing desperately under her cruel rider, who added to her pain by holding on to her hair and using it as makeshift bridles.

When Courtney thought that her own heart was about to explode, Mia pulled her to a stop and dismounted. Grabbing Courtney’s hair again, she made her get up on her knees and sit down on her own ankles. Then she roughly pulled up Courtney’s sports bra and whipped her naked breasts a few times with her thin and flexible twig.

Still panting from the exertion of the fast ride, Courtney cried in pain and found herself unable to react. She knew Mia was literally trying to break her, to turn her into a complete slave, and she found herself willing to allow it, suddenly feeling wet and aroused by the cruel treatment despite the intense pain.

As soon as she stopped whipping her boobs, Mia extended her hand and Courtney promptly kissed it with devotion, as if thanking her for the torture. The Asian girl kept alternating a few cruel strokes of her makeshift whip, her expression apparently indifferent to Courtney’s screams and tears, with a silent request for kisses on her hand that the slave kept offering with desperate devotion.

Eventually she dropped her twig on the sand and put Courtney’s sports bra back in place, the nasty marks from her brutal torture now impossible for anyone to see. Then she grabbed Courtney’s arms and made her cross them in front of her chest, while looking into her eyes with an expression of absolute power and lust.

Next, she climbed Courtney’s body like a ladder by stepping onto her thighs, crossed arms and shoulders until she was standing up on her feet, balanced on the girl’s shoulders and looking in the opposite direction. As Courtney looked up to her, Mia let some spit slowly pour out of her own mouth. Courtney understood her intention and opened her mouth wide with her tongue extended all the way out. Just like when fishing, Mia showed to have excellent aim. Then Courtney kept her mouth open as Mia suddenly squatted down, grabbed Courtney’s hair with a hand, and started pissing into her open mouth.

The Smith women had been using Ella and Courtney as their urinals all the time since arriving on the island, so this should not have been shocking to Courtney. Yet it was different: it was forceful and obscene, an act of intentional humiliation rather than the convenient use of a devoted slave. Once Courtney’s mouth was almost full, Mia pressed herself against it to allow the girl to swallow and to keep up with her flow without having to stop.

Later that day, Courtney decided in hindsight that Mia must have observed the Smiths using her mouth, even though they had tried to be discreet since Mia had joined them. That thought was reinforced by what Mia did next: after emptying her bladder into Courtney’s mouth and getting licked clean, she stepped down onto Courtney’s thighs, turned around, and stepped back up onto her crossed arms to sit on the girl’s face.

Shaken, exhausted and sore, yet ridiculously turned on, Courtney wasted no time and started licking Mia’s ass with passion and devotion, cleaning it thoroughly. Again, this was nothing new for Courtney, in theory: hygiene was obviously a challenge on the deserted island, and the Smith mother and daughter, after some initial attempt to wipe themselves with leaves, had given up and decided that Ella and Courtney would have to lick them clean whenever needed. (This means that Ella had gotten her wish to become their toilet paper!) However Mia made it more demanding and humiliating for Courtney by actively rubbing her ass crack against the slave’s mouth, and even bouncing on her face when the girl devotedly started pushing her tongue into her torturer’s asshole.

Courtney could not contain her own arousal anymore. After some hesitation, she decided that the dominant Mia would probably appreciate a display of arousal as a consequence of the abuse she had been administering. So she started obscenely rubbing herself against the sand under her crotch while moaning into Mia’s ass.

The girl hopped off to stand on Courtney’s thighs, and she turned around. Her expression finally softened as she looked into the slave’s eyes and caressed her face. Then she slipped her own foot inside the bikini thong of her impossibly aroused victim, who reached the most powerful orgasm of her entire life within seconds.

Their ride back was more relaxed and uneventful. Mia sat on Courtney’s upper back with her own feet dangling in front, kicking the girl’s tortured breasts with her bare heels whenever she wanted more speed.

From that day on, Mia never felt any insecurity about Courtney’s subservience to her. She used her whenever she got a chance, and she basked in Courtney’s efforts to always find proactive ways to serve her and adore her. For example, whenever Sarah or Chloe pulled her to a stop for more than a few seconds while Mia was sitting in front of them, Courtney would take the initiative and go through the discomfort of sustaining the double weight on a single hand, just so she could lift one of Mia’s feet with her other hand and kiss it.

Mia never again tortured Courtney as brutally as that first time, although she still occasionally enjoyed whipping the girl’s breasts while being orally pleasured. Courtney was now completely broken, endlessly submissive to her, and life was better than ever for young little Mia.

Mia gradually got into the habit of going for solo hunting and fishing expeditions in the afternoon, taking Courtney as her mount. She was usually away for several hours, but she always came back with plentiful game and fish, so the Smith women didn’t mind and simply shared Ella’s service during that time, riding their original human pony together like in the old days to collect fruit or just relax.

One afternoon, proudly carrying a good-sized rabbit that would be their dinner, Mia was riding back to camp on her Courtney when she spotted a large suitcase that the ocean had brought to shore.

The piece of luggage was secured by a sizeable lock, and Mia could not find any suitable tool to break it open, so she made Courtney carry it on her back. Then she climbed up to make herself comfortable atop the large suitcase.

With her feet resting on Courtney's head and shoulders, Mia's sole means of communication with the pony from her high position was through kicks with the bottom of her small feet. The human pony’s muscles obediently flexed and rippled beneath her load, but the journey back was noticeably longer than usual due to the suitcase's bulk and weight. Despite the added challenge, Courtney remained unwavering in her commitment to her adored rider.

It was almost dark when they approached the campsite, and the Smith women were relieved to see them safely back.

With some teamwork, they eventually managed to pry the suitcase open, and they found a collection of items that could prove useful for their island survival.

Among the contents were plenty of clothing, including a complete equestrian outfit that piqued their interest. Other practical items included toiletries, which would provide a bit of comfort, and a couple of tools that could be useful for various tasks around the camp. And to the delight of the equestrian enthusiasts, they discovered a dressage whip, sparking their curiosity about trying it out with their ponies.

The most exciting item inside the suitcase was initially a satellite phone, though it turned out to be dead, either out of battery or damaged by the sea water. They kept it as a potential last resort, in case they ever found a way to try and charge it.

Since Mia’s first acrobatic show on Ella’s back, Sarah had decided that the group needed to find occasional chances to relax and entertain themselves, to maintain their sanity in the stressful situation or surviving away from civilization.

The discovery of the dressage whip presented an unmissable opportunity. With the elegant and flexible instrument in hand, the Smith women and Mia couldn't resist the temptation to see how their ponies would respond. It was a sunny day, and the beach seemed like the perfect place for a little equestrian fun.

Chloe decided to take the first turn, mounting Ella. Courtney and Mia formed a small audience, eager to see how this experiment would unfold.

With a flick of the dressage whip, Chloe signaled Ella to start trotting along the shoreline. The pony, sensing her rider's intent, obediently picked up the pace. Chloe was thrilled with the newfound control and power she felt. Ella's movements became even more responsive, instantly following every command from her dominant rider.

Not to be outdone, Sarah decided to give it a try with Courtney. She mounted her, feeling a bit of excitement mixed with a touch of nervousness. With a gentle tap of the dressage whip and a firm leg squeeze, Courtney responded by moving straight into a trot on her hands and knees. Sarah couldn't help but smile as she felt the increased energy and responsiveness from her loyal human pony, using the whip with increasing assertiveness. She loved that the long dressage whip required minimal effort for the rider, delivering painful commands with just a little rotation of her wrist.

Courtney's strides were powerful and graceful, her hands and knees creating a rhythmic beat in the sand. Sarah leaned forward slightly and used the dressage whip with abandon, urging her pony to give her best performance. She couldn’t contain her excitement by the end of it.

Mia, looking inspired by the women's enjoyment, asked if she could try riding Courtney and using the dressage whip. Chloe, still mounted on Ella, gave Mia an encouraging nod.

Showing a bit of hesitation at first, Mia gently used the dressage whip to signal Courtney to move forward. The experienced pony understood the cues and began to trot. Mia's face lit up with excitement as she felt the power and coordination that came with using the whip. Once she was far enough from the Smith women, she repeatedly whipped Courtney until the girl moaned in pain while crawling on her hands and knees at an unprecedented speed under her petite rider.

Once they came back, the beach turned into an impromptu racetrack as they decided to have a friendly competition: it was Mia on Courtney vs. Chloe on Ella, with Chloe using the dressage whip to compensate for being the heavier rider.

At Sarah’s signal, the ponies burst into action, their hands and knees kicking up sand as they raced along the beach. The race was neck and neck, and it was impossible to tell who crossed the finish line first. That was the first time Mia had not clearly won a race, since she was much lighter than the Smith mother and daughter, and the women attributed it to the power of the dressage whip, unaware of how much Mia had already exhausted Courtney before the race.

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting a warm, orange glow across the tranquil beach, they decided to conclude their equestrian games and return to their campsite.

After dinner, Mia, Sarah, and Chloe gathered around the crackling fire. The flickering flames painted dancing shadows on the sand, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere. The soothing sounds of the waves provided a serene backdrop to their evening.

Seated comfortably on the backs of Ella and Courtney, the human chairs that had long become a cherished part of their daily routine, the Smith women began to chat about the day's exhilarating races.

"I still can't believe how fast Ella and Courtney can go," Chloe exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement. "It was like a dream, and they responded so well to the whip."

Sarah nodded, her own admiration evident. "Our ponies are truly remarkable. They thrive on challenges and respond to the bond we share with them. It's a testament to their incredible loyalty and devotion."

Mia's gaze turned toward the shimmering sea, lost in thought for a moment from the comfort of Courtney’s lower back, before she tried to communicate with gestures and a few words she was starting to learn: “Courtney… whip… so so fast!” The Smith women smiled warmly at her, complimenting the new vocabulary she was acquiring.

Chloe's eyes sparkled with curiosity as she expressed to her mother, Sarah, a doubt: did the increased performance Ella and Courtney had exhibited during their rides with the dressage whip mean that the ponies had been holding back before?

Sarah contemplated the question for a moment, her gaze drifting toward the flames. She then turned to Chloe and began to respond, "Well, sweetheart, sometimes we all have hidden reserves of energy, strength, and speed. It's like a secret part of us that only comes out when we really need it or when we're pushed to the limit."

Chloe nodded in understanding, while Sarah continued, "It's not that Ella and Courtney were holding back intentionally. It's more like they have this incredible capacity, and some of it is hidden until summoned by the irrational reaction to something as painful as that long whip. So we need to use it sparingly: they're so loyal and devoted that they always want to please us and give their all, but we can't tap into that hidden reserve all the time."

The Smith women exchanged knowing glances, a silent acknowledgment of the profound bond they shared with their human ponies. They were a close-knit family, each member playing a vital role in their unique lifestyle.

As they continued to chat and enjoy the warmth of the fire, the night sky above them filled with a blanket of stars. The soothing rhythm of the waves and the crackling fire accompanied their conversation, creating a sense of unity and contentment that defined their extraordinary journey together.

The following morning was very rainy, and only the fearless Mia ventured out of the shelter, riding Courtney like she almost invariably did.

While seated with her daughter Chloe on Ella’s back, Sarah had the idea to recover a long coat she had spotted in the suitcase they had recently found, to try and patch a spot where the roof of their makeshift shelter always leaked.

As Sarah stood up on Ella’s back, using her like a ladder to reach the roof, Chloe noticed something in the inner pocket of the coat: it was a newspaper!

The women carefully unfolded the wet newspaper. It was from the day after their arrival on the deserted island. As they glanced at the pages filled with images of unrest and fighting, her expression grew concerned.

They couldn’t wait for Mia to come back and read it, since it was written in the local language.

When the girl came back with her bounty of speared fish, Sarah tried to communicate her questions to Mia through gestures and a few simple words. "Mia," she said, pointing at the pictures om the newspaper, "What is happening... in your country?"

Mia looked at the newspaper and then back at Sarah, a mix of emotions flickering across her face. She began to speak in her native language, her voice soft and filled with emotion as she tried to convey the situation. She then pointed at herself and made a sad expression, indicating a personal connection to the events.

Sarah nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. She placed a reassuring hand on Mia's shoulder, offering her support and comfort. "I'm sorry, Mia. It must be so difficult for you," she said softly, her eyes filled with empathy.

Mia gave a small nod in response, appreciating Sarah's understanding. Despite the language barrier, they had managed to communicate the basics of the situation. It was clear that Mia had been through challenging times, and Sarah was determined to provide her with a safe and supportive environment amidst their common misadventure.

As Sarah continued to look through the newspaper, hoping to find more information or clues about their current situation, Mia sat beside her, her presence a reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of compassion and understanding in times of hardship.

The rain tapped rhythmically on the makeshift shelter as Sarah and Chloe sat on the backs of Ella and Courtney, deep in conversation. The discovery of the newspaper had opened up a multitude of questions about their current situation, and the Smith women were determined to make sense of it all.

Chloe furrowed her brow, her eyes reflecting the concern that mirrored her mother's. "Mom," she began, "I can't help but think about what's happening in Mia's country. It looks like there's some serious unrest or even a civil war going on."

Sarah nodded solemnly, her gaze fixed on the rain outside as she tried to find the right words. "Yes, Chloe, it does seem that way. And if there's been turmoil for weeks, it could explain why no one has come to rescue us."

The thought hung heavy in the air, and Chloe continued, her voice filled with worry. "And what about Mia's father, Mom? Do you think his death was related to all this chaos? It's just too much of a coincidence."

Sarah sighed, her fingers idly tracing a pattern on the saddle in front of her. "It's certainly possible, Chloe. We may never know for sure. But what we do know is that Mia has been through a lot, and she needs our support."

Chloe nodded, understanding the gravity of their situation. "You're right, Mom. We have to be there for her and for each other. We'll get through this together."

The rain continued to fall outside, but within their shelter, the bond between mother and daughter grew stronger. They were determined to face whatever challenges lay ahead, armed with the unwavering support and love they had for each other and their loyal slaves, Ella and Courtney.

As the rain continued to fall outside their shelter, Sarah and Chloe sat on Ella and Courtney, their thoughts still heavy with concern. Mia, on Courtney's back next to Chloe, had been intently reading the newspaper they had found, her brow furrowed in concentration.

After a while, Mia carefully folded the newspaper and set it aside. She stood up and headed towards the beach.

Sarah and Chloe had saddled their ponies even as they were using them as chairs, to use the additional protection from the rain provided by the canopies mounted over their saddles. So they decided to follow Mia, and their eyes widened in surprise as they observed the girl systematically dismantling the massive SOS sign they had painstakingly built with rocks on the sand.

"What on earth is she doing?" Chloe asked, a mixture of confusion and concern in her voice.

Sarah tried to make sense of Mia's actions. "I don't know, honey. But it certainly looks like she's intentionally destroying the SOS sign."

The two women watched in silence as Mia continued her task, seemingly indifferent to the pouring rain.

Once Mia had reduced the sign to scattered rocks on the beach, she turned and mounted Courtney in front of Chloe. The young girl took the reins and began to lead the pony back towards the shelter. Sarah followed them on Ella, her expressions a mix of curiosity and concern.

"Why did you do that, Mia?" Chloe asked, her voice gentle but inquisitive.

Mia met their gazes, her eyes filled with a determination that hinted at her intentions. She pointed to the newspaper she had set aside earlier and then gestured towards what was left of the SOS sign.

"She's trying to tell us something," Sarah realized, her voice tinged with understanding. "Something in that newspaper must have made her think that we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves."

Chloe nodded, beginning to see the bigger picture. "Maybe the unrest in her country is so severe that being rescued could actually put us in danger."

As if understanding her tone of voice, Mia nodded in confirmation, her expression solemn. She had acted out of concern for their safety. Mia had made a difficult decision, one that spoke of her deep care and loyalty to the family that had welcomed her into their unique world.

Inside the shelter, the rain continued to pour outside, providing a backdrop to the serious conversation that unfolded between Sarah and Chloe. With the SOS sign destroyed and the possibility of rescue now deemed too risky, they needed to consider their options.

Chloe broke the silence, her voice steady but tinged with concern. "So, if we can't rely on being rescued, what should we do next?"

Sarah nodded, her expression thoughtful. "First, we need to understand more about what's happening in Mia's country. The newspaper might have information, but we should also try to learn from Mia herself. She could be a valuable source of insight."

Mia, sitting on Courtney's back, listened attentively, her eyes focused on the conversation, even though she couldn't understand the language they were speaking. Sarah continued, "We also need to ensure our safety and well-being on this island. We've been fortunate so far, but we shouldn't take anything for granted."

Chloe chimed in, "And we need to keep our spirits up. We're a family, and we have each other. We can't forget that."

Sarah smiled warmly at her daughter, her heart swelling with pride. "You're absolutely right, Chloe. Our family bond and our obedient girls are our greatest strengths. Together, we'll navigate this uncertain journey."

Mia, though she couldn't fully grasp the details of their conversation, understood the tone of determination and unity. She nodded in agreement, a small but significant gesture of solidarity.

The three women continued to huddle in the shelter, seeking warmth and comfort from their loyal slaves as they faced an uncertain future together.