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Ella the Sweet Human Pony - Part 3


The Smith women arrived on a beautiful Pacific island, eager to enjoy a relaxing and adventurous vacation with their loyal ponies, Ella and Courtney. The island offered a perfect backdrop for new and exciting experiences.

On their first day, they headed straight to the pristine beach. Ella and Courtney were their trusty companions, ready to carry them wherever they wanted to go. They rode along the shore, as the ponies effortlessly glided through the soft sand on their hands and knees. The clear blue waters stretched out before them, inviting them for a swim. After a refreshing dip, they enjoyed a picnic on the beach in the shade of some palm trees, with Ella and Courtney serving as comfortable human chairs.

The next day, they decided to explore the lush interior of the island. Ella and Courtney carried them along the winding trails through dense forests. The women marveled at the exotic flora and fauna, listening to the sounds of birds and insects. They stopped at a stunning waterfall to cool off, and of course Ella and Courtney provided them with the best seats in the house as they admired the natural beauty.

The island was known for its vibrant coral reefs, so they also decided to go snorkeling. Ella and Courtney patiently waited on the boat as the women explored the underwater world. Afterward, mother and daughter enjoyed a leisurely boat ride back to the shore, with Ella’s and Courtney’s backs providing a comfortable spot to rest and dry off.

On the fourth day, seeking more adventure, the women embarked on a tour to a picturesque, uninhabited island by boat. The plan was to spend a few hours exploring the island's beauty and return in the afternoon when the boat would pick them up.

They spent the day adventuring across the pristine beaches, admiring the lush tropical vegetation, and marveling at the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. Sarah rode atop Ella, while Chloe was mounted on Courtney as they explored the long beach and ventured deeper into the island's interior. The hours passed by in a blissful haze of discovery, and they felt the freedom and serenity that only a secluded paradise could offer.

Back to the beach, with the sun beginning its descent toward the horizon, they realized something was amiss. The boat that was supposed to return for them had yet to make an appearance. Anxiety crept in as they scanned the horizon from their pony's backs, but no vessel was in sight.

With the sinking feeling that something had gone wrong, they made preparations to spend the night on this remote island, far from civilization.

As the sun rose, casting a warm, golden hue over the tranquil beach where they had spent the night, Sarah and Chloe knew that a day of survival and discovery on the uninhabited island awaited them. They looked to their loyal ponies, Ella and Courtney, knowing that they would be their partners and lifelines in this challenging endeavor.

With the usual silent understanding, Sarah and Chloe swapped mounts from the day before, giving Ella a turn to carry Chloe, and Courtney to bear Chloe’s mother Sarah. The day was filled with determined exploration, as they embarked on a quest to find the essential resources they needed to survive.

First on their agenda was the search for fresh water. The tropical sun beat down relentlessly as they rode along the island's coastline, scanning for any signs of a freshwater source. Ella and Courtney, though tired from the previous day's journey, powered on tirelessly, responding to every command with their well-trained obedience.

As always, mother and daughter sat on their comfortable saddles with their bare feet secure in the stirrups, and they held their bridles tightly to make their ponies feel even the most subtle command through the bit in their mouths.

However, since they had only planned for a one-day leisurely ride on this small island, they had not brought their trusty riding crops with them. Now they knew that they would often need to push their ponies hard through this ordeal, and that their most dominant approach was always guaranteed to extract the best performance out of Ella and Courtney. Therefore Sarah and Chloe decided to craft makeshift riding crops from the flexible twigs they found scattered on the ground. Each twig was carefully selected for its length and flexibility, ensuring it could withstand the task at hand.

They began by gathering several twigs, each about the length of their forearms. Chloe took the lead, demonstrating her resourcefulness by intertwining two twigs together, using their natural bends and curves to form a handle. She secured them tightly with a vine she had plucked from a nearby bush, creating a sturdy grip.

Sarah followed suit, mimicking Chloe's technique to fashion her own riding crop. They both knew that these makeshift tools might not be as effective as their usual riding crops, but they were determined to make do with what they had.

Once their improvised riding crops were ready, the Smith women tested their flexibility and durability, first by giving them a few experimental swings through the air, then by hitting their ponies’ butt and thighs several times and obtaining a satisfying reaction. They may not have been as polished as their usual equipment, but they would serve their purpose in motivating and guiding their loyal ponies during their island adventure.

After riding back and forth for several hours, they finally stumbled upon a small, trickling stream that led to a hidden freshwater spring. Without dismounting, they urged their ponies into the shallow fresh water until it reached the ponies' hips. There, they allowed Ella and Courtney to drink their fill while they themselves leaned down to scoop water in their hands, savoring the cool refreshment and using it to wash and cleanse themselves.

Next, they filled the water bottles stored in their saddlebags, empty from the day before. Sarah and Chloe had six plastic bottles each, and they knew from the day before that they would need to drink their entire content to stay hydrated in that heat. As for Ella and Courtney, since that first time on top of a sand dune a few weeks earlier, they were accustomed to receiving hydration directly from their riders’ bodies by serving as human urinals during their outdoor rides.

Since the water source was not far from their camp, the Smith women decided that they would ride to it every morning to fill their bottles, wash their own bodies, and let their ponies enjoy the refreshing feeling of wading into the water under their owners’ weight.

Their next challenge was to forage for food. They ventured into the dense jungle, riding through narrow trails and thick undergrowth. Sarah and Chloe, accustomed to their dominant roles and noticing that Courtney and Ella were getting tired, started using their makeshift riding crops with more vigor to maintain a brisk pace. The ponies, having served their riders faithfully for so long, responded with unwavering determination. Throughout the day, they gathered edible fruits, berries, and edible plants they had learned about in their adventures together.

As the sun began its descent, casting long shadows through the tropical foliage, they turned their attention to securing shelter for the night. With their combined efforts, they fashioned a rudimentary shelter using palm fronds and fallen branches, creating a protective haven against the elements.

Exhausted but determined, they huddled together beneath their makeshift shelter, Ella and Courtney close by. The Smith women knew they had embarked on this journey with their beloved ponies, and together, they would face every challenge this island presented, drawing strength from their unique bond and unwavering trust in each other.

In the dimly lit shelter, surrounded by the rustling sounds of the jungle outside, Sarah and Chloe huddled together, their thoughts drifting toward their loyal companions, Ella and Courtney. The circumstances that had led them to this remote island were dire, and yet, their ponies had remained unwaveringly loyal, devoted, and obedient throughout their ordeal.

Chloe, leaning against her mother for warmth and comfort, began the conversation. "Mom, can you believe how incredible Ella and Courtney are?" Her voice was filled with a deep sense of awe and gratitude.

Sarah, her gaze fixed on the soft glow of the shelter's entrance, nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, Chloe, I have. Especially in a time of emergency like this. Almost anyone else would have panicked, focused on their own survival, and maybe even tried to escape or fend for themselves. But not Ella and Courtney."

Chloe continued, her voice tinged with admiration, "Exactly, Mom. They've been with us every step of the way, tirelessly at our service. They trust us implicitly, allowing us to make every decision for them, even in the most challenging circumstances."

Sarah couldn't help but smile, her heart swelling with pride and affection for their loyal slaves. "It's the ultimate testament to the authenticity of our family bond, Chloe. It's not a game or a role we play—it's a genuine connection built on love, trust, and devotion. Ella and Courtney are truly cherished members of our family."

Chloe nodded in agreement, her eyes shimmering with a mixture of emotions.

As the night deepened and the sounds of the jungle enveloped them, mother and daughter found solace in their shared understanding of the unique and unbreakable bond they shared with their loyal ponies. In the face of adversity, they drew strength from their family connection and the trust they placed in each other.

In the shadows of the shelter, almost hidden from view as they helped their owners relax by kissing and licking their beautiful feet, Ella and Courtney laid close to each other, their bodies bathed in the soft, flickering light of a makeshift fire. The conversation between their beloved owners, Sarah and Chloe, had reached their ears, and they couldn't help but listen intently, their hearts stirred by the heartfelt words.

Ella, ever the thoughtful one, was reminded of the countless hours of service, the races, the beach rides, and the laughter they had shared. She was a special part of the Smith family, woven into the very fabric of their lives.

Courtney thought that even now, as they all laid in the shelter, the Smith mother and daughter relied on them, trusted them. And they trusted them back, knowing that they'll always make the right decisions.

Their thoughts intermingled, a silent echo of their owners' sentiments. In the face of adversity, they drew strength from the unwavering bond they shared with the Smith women. Through trials and tribulations, they stood as a testament to the authenticity of their unique lifestyle, one marked by love, trust, and devotion.

On the following morning, as Sarah and Chloe stirred from their sleep, they were met with a pleasant surprise that filled their hearts with warmth and gratitude. Their faithful slaves, Ella and Courtney, had been up earlier than them, using their resourcefulness to construct two small canopies from branches and leaves, and to attach them securely to their saddles. It was a gesture of thoughtfulness that touched the Smith women deeply.

Chloe, with a smile on her face, couldn't help but express her appreciation. "Mom, look what Ella and Courtney did for us," she exclaimed, her voice filled with awe. "They made these canopies to shield us from the sun as we ride them. They're amazing, aren't they?"

Sarah, equally moved by the gesture, nodded in agreement. "They truly are, Chloe. They don’t just serve us: they proactively care for us in every way they can. They understand our needs and do their best to provide for us."

With a sense of gratitude and affection, the mother and daughter mounted their loyal ponies, this time with Sarah riding Ella and Chloe on Courtney. The day was bright and promising, and they decided to take a ride along the beach, soaking in the serene beauty of the island, before making their way towards the water source they had discovered the previous day. As they arrived, the shimmering, shallow waters awaited them. Without hesitation, they rode their ponies into the cool embrace of the stream, the water gently rising to their hips.

Sarah and Chloe, still seated on their mounts, took the opportunity to drink from the stream, savoring its freshness. The crystal-clear waters also allowed them to wash away the residue of their long journey from the previous day and refresh themselves, all while remaining comfortably astride Ella and Courtney, who also drank some water through their bits although not as thirsty, having swallowed all of their owners’ morning pee as soon as they woke up.

About one hour later, as they rode Ella and Courtney along the shoreline of the island, they noticed a particularly calm and shallow area where the ocean waters met the sandy beach. It seemed like an ideal spot to try their hand at fishing, and they were determined to make it work.

With makeshift fishing spears in hand, they urged their trusty ponies further into the shallow waters. Ella and Courtney, ever obedient and adaptable, waded into the ocean, the water lapping at their legs as they ventured deeper.

Sarah and Chloe, remaining seated on their ponies, carefully observed the tranquil waters for any signs of fish. The sun glistened on the surface, creating a serene and picturesque scene. The Smith women knew they had to be patient and still in order not to disturb the aquatic life below.

With their spears poised and their eyes keenly focused, they waited in anticipation, fully aware that their ponies' presence in the water allowed them to cover a larger area as they searched for their next meal. It was another testament to the unique bond between the women and their loyal slaves, where every task, even fishing, was an opportunity for teamwork and shared experiences.

As the Smith women and their loyal ponies stood in the shallow waters, their eyes fixed on the tranquil ocean, a sense of determination filled the air. It was a moment that required patience and teamwork, and they were ready for the challenge.

For Sarah and Chloe, this experience was a stark reminder of the incredible adaptability and devotion of Ella and Courtney. The ponies, who had been their steadfast companions throughout their adventures, now stood still in the water on their hands and knees without complaint, bearing the weight of their owners with devotion, a testament to their trust in their riders and their willingness to assist in any situation.

Ella and Courtney, with their riders on their backs, remained vigilant. They knew that their role in this endeavor was crucial, and they were determined to assist in any way they could. The gentle swaying of the water and the soothing sounds of the ocean waves served as a backdrop to their shared effort.

The ponies' thoughts echoed their riders' sentiments. They felt a deep sense of connection and purpose in this moment, knowing that their ability to stay still and navigate the water was contributing to the survival of their beloved Smith women. It was a reminder of the unique bond they shared, where every task, no matter how challenging, was an opportunity to strengthen their connection.

Together, riders and ponies waited patiently, united by their determination to catch fish and their unwavering trust in each other.

The wait for the first fish felt like an eternity, but the women and their ponies maintained their focus, their makeshift spears poised and ready.

Grateful for the shade provided by the small canopies attached to their saddles, they patiently scanned the water, their eyes fixed on any sign of movement beneath the surface. As time passed, Sarah noticed that her own feet were getting clammy from staying in the water for so long. So, she slipped them out of the stirrups and rested them on top of Ella's head, seeking relief from the water. Chloe, observing her mother's action, followed suit by resting her feet on Courtney's head.

The ponies, ever attentive to their riders' needs, engaged their neck muscles and adjusted to this new position without hesitation. They stood still on their hands and knees, their riders' feet resting comfortably on their heads while they kept sustaining their full weight as always. It was a testament to the trust and understanding that existed between the Smith women and their loyal subservient girls.

It was Chloe who spotted the first movement beneath the water's surface. A school of small fish swam gracefully, their scales shimmering in the sunlight. Courtney perceived her rider’s tension, through the bottom of her feet becoming heavier on top of her head, and renewed her effort to stay perfectly still. Chloe carefully aimed her makeshift spear and struck with precision, skewering a silvery fish. With a triumphant cheer, she pulled it out of the water, her face beaming with excitement.

Ella and Courtney, ever attentive, watched as Chloe proudly displayed her catch. They knew that this was a significant moment, a testament to their combined efforts and teamwork. Their riders had relied on them to stay mounted in the water, and their patience had paid off.

Sarah, inspired by Chloe's success, redoubled her efforts. She adjusted her stance on Ella's back, her eyes scanning the water with determination. They had clearly reached a good area, because it didn't take long before she spotted an opportunity. With a swift and practiced motion, she struck her makeshift spear into the water, successfully catching a fish of her own.

The sense of accomplishment and unity between the Smith women and their ponies was palpable. They had faced a challenging situation together and had emerged victorious, with fresh fish to sustain them. It was a reminder of the unwavering trust and bond they shared, one that extended beyond the ordinary boundaries of rider and mount.

With their catch secured, they returned to the shore, their ponies carrying them through the shallow waters and the soft sand. They were grateful for the sustenance provided by the sea, and the sense of resilience that had grown within them during those first few days on the uninhabited island.

The women managed to cook the fish over an open fire with a makeshift spit. The scent of the freshly cooked meal filled the air, making everyone's mouths water with anticipation. Sarah and Chloe remained seated on their ponies' backs, the canopies providing a welcome shade as they enjoyed their meal.

As they savored each bite of the nutritious fish on their comfortable human seats, their hearts swelled with gratitude. The comfort of their unique lifestyle was never more apparent.

The ponies, too, could sense the bond and the shared experience. As their riders indulged in the fish, they lovingly shared some with Ella and Courtney. The Smith women fed bite-sized portions of fish directly into their ponies' mouths, a gesture of appreciation and affection that conveyed their mutual reliance and affection.

Under the shade of the makeshift canopies, the women and their loyal servants shared not only a meal but also a moment of profound connection and gratitude. It was a reminder of the extraordinary relationship they had built together, one based on trust, loyalty, and a shared journey of a lifetime.

Early on the following morning, Chloe and Sarah were getting ready for a new beach expedition. This time, they decided to split up and ride in opposite directions along the stunning shoreline of the island, planning to meet on the opposite side of the island. They were excited to explore new parts of the island, hoping to discover something that could lead to their rescue.

The sun was already high in the sky when they placed plenty of food and water in the saddlebags, and they prepared to mount their loyal ponies. Chloe, with a smile of anticipation, approached Ella, her trusted steed for the day. Ella stood patiently, her eyes reflecting a deep connection with her rider. Chloe gracefully climbed onto Ella's back, settling into the comfortable saddle that had become so familiar to her, and placed her delicate feet in the stirrups.

Meanwhile, Sarah approached Courtney, who stood waiting on her hands and knees, a sense of determination in her eyes. Sarah had ridden Courtney countless times, but today's journey felt different. She knew that this expedition was about more than just exploring: it was a chance to find help and return to their normal lives.

With both riders now mounted on their ponies, Chloe and Sarah exchanged encouraging smiles. They understood the importance of this mission and the need for precision in their plan. The Smith women nudged their ponies with their heels, urging them forward.

Ella and Courtney moved gracefully along the sandy beach, their powerful arms and legs carrying their riders with pride. Chloe and Sarah felt the soothing rhythm of their ponies' movements as they embarked on their respective journeys. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore provided a calming background melody to their adventure.

As they rode further apart, Chloe and Sarah maintained a sense of communication, their eyes meeting occasionally across the distance as they turned to look back. They missed each other's presence, but they knew that their reliance on Ella and Courtney went beyond words.

Long after losing sight of each other, Sarah and Chloe had been riding along the beach for what felt like hours, each lost in her own thoughts, hoping to find a sign of help or rescue. As they traveled in opposite directions, the island's expanse seemed to stretch on endlessly.

But then, on the distant horizon, Sarah caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. Her heart leaped with joy as she recognized Chloe riding Ella towards her. It had been too long since they'd last seen each other, and the sight of her daughter filled Sarah with warmth and relief.

Chloe, too, spotted her mother on Courtney, and her face lit up with a brilliant smile. The bond between them was unbreakable, and those hours of separation had been difficult. The desire to reunite overwhelmed them.

Sarah and Chloe spurred their ponies into action. They had missed each other so much, and now they couldn't wait to be together again. The makeshift riding crops they had fashioned came into play as they urged Ella and Courtney into a race towards one another, forgetting any sense of mercy as they whipped them constantly with all their might, ignoring any thought about saving the ponies’ energy.

Ella and Courtney responded desperately, their powerful but tired muscles propelling them forward along the sandy shoreline as they carried their impossibly demanding owners as fast as they could. Their increasingly labored breathing, and the sound of their hands and knees pounding against the sand, echoed in the warm, salty air.

As the distance between them grew shorter, Sarah and Chloe couldn't help but laugh with joy, just as the pain from the relentless whipping drew tears from the eyes of the faithful Courtney and Ella beneath them. With every stride of their ponies, the Smith women were closing the gap between them, ready to hug each other and celebrate their togetherness once more.

Sarah and Chloe pulled the reins harshly to stop their ponies side by side, and they embraced tightly for a long time, their love and relief palpable as they reunited on the vast beach.

“Please Mom, let’s not do this again,” Chloe begged.

“You are right, sweetheart. We’ll always stick together from now on.”

Ella and Courtney stood patiently on their hands and knees beneath their riders, understanding the significance of this moment. Once they had recovered enough from the strenuous long sprint towards each other, they joined in the celebration of unity and relief by kissing the foot of the Smith woman mounted on the other pony, who rewarded them with affectionate pats on the head.

Chloe also whispered a heartfelt “I love you” to Courtney, whom she still considered her girlfriend, even when she let her own mother ride her like a beast of burden all day long like today. And Sarah took Ella’s sweaty face in her hands while saying: “Thanks for keeping my precious daughter safe. You are amazing, my sweet girl.”

As the riders pulled their reins to turn them in the same direction, Ella and Courtney were also able to quickly kiss each other on the lips through their bits, celebrating their own reunion as well.

As the Smith women rode back to their camp together, side by side, the sun started sinking lower on the horizon, casting long shadows across the sandy shore. They soon realized that time was of the essence: they needed to make it back before darkness descended.

Sarah and Chloe knew it wouldn't be an easy ride. Ella and Courtney had already been through a long day of exploration and exertion, and their stamina was waning. But the mother and daughter were determined to reach their camp before nightfall.

With each passing moment, the daylight dimmed, and the urgency of their journey grew. Once again, Sarah and Chloe used their makeshift riding crops to urge their ponies forward, constantly demanding more speed as the sound of their hands and knees on the sand reached a frantic rhythm.

Ella and Courtney, though extremely weary, gave their all to carry their beloved riders. The pain from the riding crop was almost unbearable on the already ravished skin of their butt and thighs, but the bond between them all was unbreakable, and they would go to any lengths to protect and serve the Smith women. So they found the strength to press on, their powerful muscles propelling them forward and their eyes shedding more silent tears of pain.

As the last light of day began to fade, their makeshift campsite came into view. Sarah and Chloe exchanged a relieved glance as they whipped their ponies one final time. They had made it back just in the nick of time, the last rays of sunlight disappearing over the horizon.

Exhausted but grateful, the Smith women dismounted and hugged their loyal ponies, Ella and Courtney. They had faced another challenge together, their bond growing stronger with each test they endured. In the midst of uncertainty, they found solace in the unwavering support and devotion of their trusty steeds.

Mother and daughter quenched the ponies’ thirst in the usual humbling and intimate way, relieving themselves into their servile mouths. Then Sarah retrieved some aloe leaves from her saddlebags and tended to the bloody marks that covered the girls’ butts and thighs, left by their makeshift riding crops. She nursed them with care, but no trace of remorse, as the respective roles were very well defined by now: Ella and Courtney existed to serve every need and whim of the Smith women, no matter the cost.

After everybody ate some nutritious food, Ella and Courtney already looked much better: their life of constant service had turned them into incredible athletes.

It didn’t take long until Sarah and Chloe could rest their tired bodies on the soft backs of their loyal human chairs, seated comfortably by the crackling campfire. The flickering flames cast a gentle glow over the small campsite, creating a cozy atmosphere for the Smith women to share their discoveries from their individual explorations.

Sarah, her feet comfortably resting on Courtney’s calves, began the conversation. "You know, Chloe, while you and Ella were off on your own, I ventured a little into the jungle. I came across a new stream with fresh water where I filled the bottles in my saddlebags, and I even managed to find lots of edible fruits and berries. It was only a couple of hours from here, so we could go back there any time.”

Chloe, with her feet dangling from Ella’s side, nodded appreciatively. "That's great, Mom. While you were doing that, I scouted the beach and found some larger shells that could potentially be used as makeshift utensils for cooking or storing food. It's not ideal, but it's something."

Sarah smiled, feeling proud of her daughter's resourcefulness. "Good thinking, Chloe. It's essential to gather whatever supplies we can find: our saddlebags are spacious enough, and we can also leave some food here at camp if we find a way to keep it away from bugs and animals. We'll need to be resourceful to survive until we find a way back home."

Chloe's gaze turned introspective as she looked into the dancing flames. "You know, Mom, this whole experience has made me appreciate Ella and Courtney even more. They've carried us through thick and thin, and they've never wavered in their devotion, no matter how hard we have pushed them. It's incredible."

Sarah nodded, her heart swelling with affection for their ponies. "You're right, Chloe. Ella and Courtney have been our steadfast companions, and they've shown unwavering loyalty. It's a bond unlike any other."

As they sat in quiet contemplation, their servants beneath them providing both comfort and warmth, the Smith women knew that their journey on this deserted island had brought them even closer to their beloved ponies. In the face of uncertainty, their unique lifestyle had become a source of strength and resilience, and their trust in one another had never been stronger.