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Ella the Sweet Human Pony - Part 2


Chloe's life took an exciting turn when she started dating a girl named Courtney. The budding romance filled Chloe's heart with joy and anticipation, but it also brought unexpected emotions to the forefront.

As Chloe's relationship with Courtney grew stronger, Ella couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. For so long she had been Chloe's constant companion, but now she couldn't shake the feeling that she was losing her place in Chloe's heart to this new person.

Ella's jealousy manifested in subtle ways. She would occasionally give Chloe longing looks when she saw her spending time with Courtney. During their daily routines, Ella felt a sense of competition, as if she needed to prove herself to maintain her position as Chloe's devoted support.

One day, Chloe decided to invite Courtney to join her on a ride with Ella. Ella's heart sank as she watched Chloe and Courtney mount her back together. The jealousy that had been simmering within her now flared up, and Ella found herself feeling resentful.

During the ride, as Courtney and Chloe enjoyed their time together, Ella couldn't help but feel like an outsider. She was torn between her love for Chloe and the new presence of Courtney.

Later in the afternoon, Chloe invited Courtney to experience the thrill of riding Ella at faster speed by herself. At that point Ella's jealousy escalated, and she became rebellious beneath her new rider. Chloe was surprised by Ella's sudden attitude: the young girl refused to obey Courtney's commands and was clearly challenging her authority. The ride became tense, and only a series of harsh whiplashes allowed Courtney to regain Ella’s obedience.

Chloe knew that something needed to be done to resolve the situation. After Courtney dismounted, the air was thick with unresolved emotions. It was then that Sarah, always the perceptive and caring matriarch of the family, noticed the tension between her daughter and Ella.

Sarah called Chloe and Ella aside and sat them down for a heartfelt conversation. She encouraged them to express their emotions openly and honestly. Chloe admitted her desire to share her life with Courtney and her fear of losing Ella's love and support. Ella, in turn, expressed her feelings of jealousy and fear of being replaced. She also voiced a complaint about Chloe not asking her how she felt about being ridden by Courtney, feeling as if she had been shared like a possession, but that was dismissed by Sarah who insisted Ella should always obey whoever they choose to share her with.

Through tears and understanding, Chloe and Ella came to realize that their bond was unbreakable. Chloe assured Ella that her love for her would never change, and Ella understood that Chloe's heart had room for both her and Courtney. With Sarah's guidance, they found a way to communicate and support each other in this new phase of their lives.

Jealousy had briefly disrupted their harmony, but it ultimately strengthened the Smith family's commitment to each other and the unwavering love they shared with Ella at the center of it all.

As the days passed, Courtney and Ella also began to build a connection. They understood that they both cared deeply for Chloe and were committed to making her happy.

It all started on one sunny afternoon, when Courtney decided to take Ella for a long ride alone. She had heard about a steep trail in the woods and thought it would be an exciting adventure.

As they ventured deeper into the woods and began the challenging ascent up the steep trail, Ella quickly realized that Courtney was a different kind of presence on her back. In fact, Courtney turned out to be the most dominant rider Ella had ever carried. She held the reins firmly, guiding Ella with authority. She used her heels to urge Ella forward, demanding speed and precision. And she accompanied almost every command with a firm lash of the riding crop. Ella was surprised by the intensity of Courtney's commands and the strict control she exerted.

However, Ella found herself responding to Courtney's dominance. She pushed herself to climb the steep trail, her muscles straining with effort. Courtney's presence was powerful, and Ella felt a combination of exciting challenge and deep submission as Courtney's riding crop kept hitting her, without even leaving her time to think.

By the time they reached the summit, Ella was completely exhausted. Her butt and thighs burned intensely from the countless whiplashes. Ella didn’t dare move as Courtney kept her in place with a tight grip on the reins and stayed seated in the saddle for several minutes, admiring the view.

Then Courtney finally slipped her feet out of the stirrups and stood up. She walked around Ella – who stayed on her hands and knees breathing heavily – and knelt in front of her. Then she removed Ella’s bit, pulled her up on her knees, and gave her a deep passionate kiss. After a few moments of shock, Ella found herself responding to the kiss. Courtney’s mouth and tongue felt and tasted amazing.

“Do you even realize how remarkable you are?” Courtney asked after breaking the kiss, looking at Ella with an aroused expression.

Ella was always a girl of few words, but this time she truly had none.

“The Smiths are lucky to have you,” Courtney continued “and you are even luckier to belong to them. Do you realize how gorgeous, intelligent, and superior they are? They are truly Goddesses on Earth, and I am honestly shocked that you have not created opportunities to serve them in deeper and more intimate ways.”

Ella looking pensive and sad for a few seconds. “I really wish I could, but I just don’t know how. I am too shy, and afraid of being rejected,” she finally spoke.

“Believe me, Chloe is a very sexual person. And I bet her mom is too. They probably still see you as an innocent youngster, so it’s your job to show them that you are a woman now. Would you like my help, in exchange for your unconditional submission to me?”

“Yes, please. I love them so much, and I would do anything to please them.”

“Very well, I will help you. But I expect your complete trust and blind obedience. And whenever we are alone, you will be my slave.”

“Yes, I will do anything.”

“I like the sound of that. I am planning to become increasingly submissive to the Smiths myself, but I am actually a switch, so I need a good submissive at my service from time to time. Just always remember that you are at the bottom of our hierarchy, and you always will be.”

Ella lowered her eyes and nodded.

The two girls kept talking for a while, and Courtney came up with a detailed plan made of several phases.

Then Courtney placed the bit back into Ella’s mouth and mounted her. As they descended from the trail and returned home, Ella knew that she and Courtney had reached a new level of understanding. They were both committed to Chloe's and Sarah’s happiness and willing to support each other in their unique roles within the Smith family.

Ella's devotion to Courtney deepened with each passing day, and it became evident in the way Courtney controlled and dominated her, much like a rider with a trusted steed. It was as if Ella craved the challenge of serving her most dominant rider yet. Sarah and Chloe couldn't help but notice the growing bond between Ella and Courtney, and it both surprised and intrigued them.

Courtney's presence in the Smith household had brought about a change in Ella's demeanor. She had always been obedient and devoted, but with Courtney, there was a new level of determination and enthusiasm. Ella seemed to thrive under the guidance of her dominant rider, eagerly anticipating their rides together.

Chloe often watched in amazement as Ella followed Courtney's every command and withstood intense whipping, their connection seemingly unbreakable. It was as if they shared a unique understanding that transcended words. Courtney, too, appeared to have grown fond of Ella, appreciating her unwavering commitment and the strength she exhibited during their rides.

Sarah, the perceptive matriarch of the family, had a keen eye for observing the dynamics between her daughter, Courtney, and Ella. She decided that Courtney's dominant approach was motivated by a desire to make Ella stronger and more resilient for Chloe. Sarah couldn't help but admire Courtney's dedication and the positive influence she had on both Ella and Chloe. Ella's devotion to Courtney, while unexpected, was a testament to the strength of their family and the love they all shared.

When Courtney mounted Ella, her presence was commanding. She held the reins firmly, guiding Ella with precision. Courtney's spurs pressed into Ella's sides, urging her forward with determination. Ella could feel the weight of Courtney's authority in every command, and she willingly followed, eager to please her rider.

Courtney's dominance extended beyond their rides. She would spend time grooming Ella, caring for her as if she were a prized horse. Ella would stand still, relishing the attention and care she received. Courtney's touch was firm yet caring, a testament to the trust that had developed between them.

The realization that Ella craved and needed a firm hand like Courtney's didn't escape the attention of the Smith women. They began to reconsider their behavior and approach towards Ella, recognizing the positive impact of Courtney's dominant yet caring presence.

Chloe and Sarah decided to embrace this new understanding and adapt their interactions with Ella. During their rides, they nearly eliminated verbal cues and instead started giving Ella firm commands through kicks and whiplashes. It was a shift that Ella responded to with eagerness, as the Smith women increasingly offered her the leadership and domination she thrived on, acknowledging her need for a firm hand. Ella, in turn, embraced this change and continued to demonstrate her unwavering commitment to their family.

As the days passed, the Smith women found that their evolving approach had a positive effect on their bond with Ella. They discovered that by providing the firm guidance she craved, they were able to strengthen their connection with her. As they used Ella with an approach that an uninformed observer would have found harsh and merciless, they were actually strengthening their loving relationship with their subservient family member.

This change also affected their evening ritual. As they gathered in the quiet moments of the night, Ella always knelt beside Chloe's and Sarah's beds, offering herself as a symbol of their unwavering unity. The Smith women would pat Ella's head affectionately, their gestures reflecting the harmony and understanding that had become an integral part of their family. However, Ella no longer reacted just by kissing their feet, but she licked them passionately, sucking their toes and looking up and Sarah and Chloe with an expression of pure worship.

The Smith women reacted with surprise and delight. Courtney’s plan was starting to bear fruits, teaching the Smith women that the more dominant and demanding they were with Ella, the more subservient and loving the girl would become.


One day Courtney, always eager to contribute to the unique dynamics within the Smith family, offered an intriguing idea. She proposed becoming an occasional pony for Chloe, allowing the Smith women to experience a new adventure – riding alongside each other on two different mounts. The prospect excited Chloe, Sarah, and Courtney alike.

Chloe rode Courtney several times during the following days, and she found her to have great potential. She couldn’t wait to share the new mount with her Mom as well, and Courtney suggested doing that on their next ride together.

One sunny day, the Smiths decided to embark on a wonderful long ride in the heart of nature, deep in the lush forests and along picturesque trails. Ella and Courtney were ready, their spirits high and their backs saddled. Chloe sat atop Ella, while Sarah mounted Courtney for the first time.

Using the new approach they had learned from Courtney, the Smith women controlled their ponies exclusively through physical commands. Their spurs delivered firm kicks to guide their mounts, while their hands held the reins with confidence. The dominance they exhibited was classy and authoritative.

Courtney, while carrying Sarah on her back, was both a powerful and responsive pony. She carried out every command with precision, feeling a sense of pride in serving her girlfriend's beautiful mother. For her, it was a unique experience, one that strengthened her connection not only with Sarah but with the entire Smith family.

As they ventured further into the wilderness, the landscape unfolded before them, a tapestry of vibrant colors and soothing sounds. The Smith women rode side by side, their mounts carrying them gracefully through the serene scenery.

However, Courtney, though eager, was not as experienced and well-trained as Ella. After about an hour, she began to struggle to keep pace with Chloe and Ella. Sarah's firm encouragements spurred her on, but it became evident that Courtney was carrying a heavier rider for the first time.

At the halfway point, the Smith women decided to swap ponies for the journey back. Ella, accustomed to long rides and carrying two riders, effortlessly adapted to the change. The forest echoed with the sounds of hands and knees against the earth, the soft rustling of leaves, and the laughter of the Smith women as they shared this remarkable experience.

The ride was exhilarating, their ponies responding with eagerness to their every command. It was a ride that brought them closer together, deepening their connection and reminding them of the love and support that bound them as a family.

They rode on, cherishing the moment, as the world around them seemed to fade into the background. The beauty of nature mirrored the beauty of their unique family, and in that harmonious blend, they discovered a profound sense of contentment and joy.

As the ride came to an end, the Smith women dismounted, their hearts full of gratitude for the extraordinary journey they had shared. They knew that love could take many forms, and they had found a way to embrace it all, cherishing the bonds they had forged with each other and with their beloved ponies.

That same evening, Courtney was on her knees in Chloe’s bedroom, licking her girlfriend’s pussy with passion and devotion. When Chloe erupted into an intense orgasm, she swallowed every drop of her juices as if her life depended on it.

Then the two lovers smiled at each other. “You are so good at pleasing me, honey,” Chloe whispered as she caught her breath.

“And you are insatiable, my love,” Courtney replied.

“Well, you knew what you were getting into.”

“Oh yes, I remember you calling yourself a Pillow Princess in your dating profile. It’s one of the reasons why I asked you out!”

Chloe smiled, then she stood up from her armchair and hopped on her plush bed, laying on her stomach. Courtney knew what was expected: she laid on the bed behind Chloe, gently parted her sexy ass cheeks with her hands, and she started licking.

Chloe found that analingus had a special way of prolonging her pleasure after an orgasm, but she liked it slow and delicate and she didn’t mind short breaks. So the two girls often chatted during this ritual, sometimes for hours.

“Have you ever had Ella service you?” Courtney asked, before pushing her tongue gently but deeply into Chloe’s asshole, so that her lover's brain would associate pleasure with that thought.

“No, it’s not like that with her. She’s more like a pet to me and Mom,” Chloe replied with a drowsy voice, enjoying her girlfriend’s attentions.

“I think you are underestimating Ella.”

“Hmm, I don't know. Where is this coming from anyway? Do I work your mouth and tongue too hard, and you want reinforcements?”

“Haha, no way. You know I would worship you 24/7 if I could. I just wonder if Ella is completely fulfilled. She is a young woman, and she truly adores both you and Sarah. I also noticed that she’s been increasingly passionate when servicing your feet since you have become more dominant with her.”

“I did notice that. I just wouldn’t know how to make such a change: she’s been at our service for years. Besides, wouldn’t you be jealous?”

“Well, all relationships evolve. I really believe that she could be so much more than your pony and chair. And no worries, I am not the jealous type. Besides I am not suggesting that you replace me with her. Perhaps we could just gradually involve her in our lovemaking…”

“You are talking too much. Keep licking my ass,” Chloe said with authority. “Good girl. Now, I am not sure about this, but you have shown to have surprisingly good instincts about Ella. So what would you have in mind?”

“First I have a question: do you enjoy it when Ella licks your feet and sucks your toes?”

“Oh yes, I love it. I feel so dominant and superior, and it’s relaxing for my feet. It even turns me on a little, especially when she licks my entire sole from heel to toes.”

“Well, how would you like it if she was doing that right now, while I lick and tongue-fuck your pretty asshole at the same time?”

“Actually that sounds amazing!”

“Okay, I’ll go get her,” Courtney said, aware that Ella was taking care of some chores in the house, like she always did when it was Chloe’s day to use her but the girls wanted their privacy in the bedroom.

“No, wait! I still don’t know about this. I don’t even get naked in front of Ella.”

“What are you talking about? She carries you to the bathroom on her hands and knees, then she becomes your human footrest while you sit on the toilet and do your business. What could be more intimate?”

“I guess you have a point. Okay, bring her in. But I want her blindfolded for this first time. She has never seen you naked after all.”

“Okay, we'll take this one step at a time. But I need a promise from you: I will always be above Ella in the hierarchy, no matter how things develop.”

“Absolutely, my love. And besides, Ella doesn’t have a single dominant cell in her body.”

A few minutes later, Chloe was in heaven as Courtney tongue-fucked her asshole while Ella passionately licked her feet. And about half an hour later, a few quick flicks of her own fingers on her clit were enough to give her a first-ever orgasm mostly achieved through anal stimulation.

Recognizing that Chloe probably needed a break, Courtney slid down to the floor and knelt next to Ella. The two girls could now lick and worship one foot each, soliciting a lazy moan of pleasure from their adored Chloe.

It wasn’t long until Courtney heard Chloe lightly snore. After checking that her girlfriend was in fact sleeping, she took Ella’s blindfold off and started making out with her. Both of their tongues held the delicious taste of Chloe’s feet.

Then she took hold of Ella’s hair and made her lay on the floor, only to immediately straddle her face. It was challenging for Courtney to stay quiet and avoid waking up Chloe, as she rode Ella’s mouth and tongue to orgasm after orgasm.

Finally satisfied, Courtney turned around to face Ella’s feet, then she spread her own ass cheeks with her hands, and sat back on Ella’s mouth. The girl was probably caught by surprise by the smell of unwashed ass, but she started obediently licking when Courtney cruelly pinched and twisted her nipples to remind her who was in charge.

"Hmm, so you meant it literally when you said that you should be above Ella…” Chloe’s voice startled Courtney.

“I’m sorry babe, I thought you were asleep, but I should have asked you about this. I was just so horny, and she’s so submissive...”

“It’s okay. Our lovemaking is all about my pleasure anyway, so I am glad if you can take advantage of Ella. Wait, I guess you could even train her to become a good sex slave for Mom! She’s been single for too long. Anyway, whenever you use Ella, just never forget who’s above both of you!” To remark those last words, from her high position on the bed Chloe placed her feet on Courtney’s breasts, using them as a plush footrest.

“Yes, my Goddess,” Courtney replied, happy to see an appreciative expression on Chloe’s face for the introduction of that new term. She placed her hands under Chloe’s heels, holding the weight of her legs as her feet pushed hard into her own boobs, while she kept enjoying Ella’s obedient tongue.

Although the Smith women’s first ride with two ponies had been an overall success, Courtney felt disappointed with her own lack of stamina, so she approached Chloe with a heartfelt plea. She desired to be as capable as Ella and to keep up with her, even when carrying the heavier Sarah. Eager to support Courtney's goals, Chloe decided to put her through a demanding training regimen to enhance her strength and endurance.

Under Chloe's watchful guidance, Courtney dedicated herself to daily workouts, focusing on building the necessary physical attributes to become a reliable pony. She tirelessly practiced carrying weights, improved her posture, and honed her responsiveness to Chloe's commands. The training was rigorous, but Courtney was determined to succeed.

As days turned into weeks, Courtney's efforts bore fruit. Her endurance and strength grew, allowing her to often match Ella's performance. Her determination had paid off, and she was ready for the next step in their unique family dynamic.

The Smith women saw Courtney's progress and were impressed by her commitment and dedication. It was then that they decided to include Courtney in their rotation: the one of them who was not using Ella on any given day would get the chance to use Courtney instead. This arrangement allowed both Smith women to achieve a new exciting goal: to never touch the floor of the house with their feet.

The house that once seemed ordinary had transformed into a place where chairs had become relics of the past. Instead, the dining table was surrounded only by the comfortable backs of Ella and Courtney, where the Smith women enjoyed every meal together, forging an even deeper connection as a unique and loving family. Their journey continued, filled with new challenges and adventures, all bound by the unbreakable bond of love and devotion that defined their family.

Using Courtney as an alternative pony and servant whenever they weren't using Ella brought a mix of emotions for the Smith women. For Chloe, it was an exhilarating experience. Having her own girlfriend at her service all day long was not just exciting: it deepened their bond in a unique way. Chloe relished in the sense of closeness and cooperation they shared, as well as her constantly increasing power over Courtney.

But for Sarah, the situation presented a different set of emotions. Using her daughter's girlfriend, even within the context of their unique family dynamic, initially raised concerns. She wanted to ensure that Courtney was comfortable and respected in her role as an alternate pony and servant. However, as time passed, Sarah realized that Courtney fully embraced her role and genuinely enjoyed being part of their family's unique experiences. Sarah's reservations eased, replaced by a growing sense of appreciation for Courtney's willingness to contribute to their shared moments.

Courtney's presence was a reminder that relationships could evolve in many forms. The Smith women had found a way to embrace these unique connections and cherish them all. Whether using Ella or Courtney, their shared experiences bound them closer together, and they continued to explore the boundaries of their extraordinary family dynamic.

In the quiet moments before bedtime, Courtney's bond with both Chloe and Sarah deepened. After a day of serving and being a part of their unique family, these evenings held a special significance for them all.

For Chloe, the evenings with Courtney were a time to unwind and connect. Courtney's gentle presence as she helped Chloe prepare for a restful night allowed them to share intimate moments of closeness. Their quiet conversations and shared laughter served as a reminder of the love they shared.

For Sarah, these evenings brought a sense of tranquility after a day of responsibilities. Courtney's support and companionship in those moments were a testament to the strength of their family bonds. It was a time when Sarah could let go of the stresses of the day and simply enjoy the love and devotion that Courtney brought into her life. The girl even matched Ella’s passion for kissing and licking Sarah’s feet. Then one night, she moved past the older woman’s feet and started slowly traveling upwards along her beautiful long legs, kissing every inch of the woman's smooth skin.

When she reached the middle of Sarah’s thigh, she could clearly hear the arousal in the woman’s breathing growing with each kiss. Sarah stopped her for a second by placing a hand on her forehead, trying to fight her own desire and to find something to say.

“Chloe doesn’t mind, we talked about it,” Courtney whispered.

Sarah’s hand moved to the back of her head, grabbed a fistful of her dark hair, and urgently pulled her deep into her intimacy. Courtney loved Sarah's taste possibly even more than Chloe's, and she enthusiastically used her own mouth, tongue, and hands to give her girlfriend's mother orgasm after orgasm. At the end, when Sarah simply could take no more, she went back down for a few tender kisses on her feet and she said softly: "Thank you for letting me serve you, Goddess. Good night."

On the following night, Courtney shared with Chloe the news of her success, while Ella traveled with her mouth the entire length of Sarah’s legs, never to be stopped.

With the addition of Ella and Courtney as their two devoted human ponies, the Smith women found a new and exhilarating way to bond – racing. Mother and daughter were always up for a friendly competition, and their pony races became a thrilling routine. Besides, with the recent evolution of Courtney and Ella becoming enthusiastic sex slaves always at their beck and call, Sarah and Chloe felt a deeper sense of ownership that made them even more dominant as riders.

The races were held in their spacious backyard, where a designated track had been marked out. The first leg of the race would see Chloe riding Ella, and Sarah taking Courtney. Both ponies would be poised, muscles taut and hearts pounding in anticipation. At the signal, they would burst forward, the riders urging them on with firm kicks and enthusiastic lashes of the riding crop.

Ella, under Chloe's dominant yet loving command, would surge forward with determination. She knew Chloe's expectations and was eager to meet them, her powerful arms and legs propelling her forward with speed and grace under Chloe's weight. The thrill of the race and the strong connection she shared with Chloe made every moment exhilarating.

Meanwhile, Courtney carried Sarah, who had adopted a similarly dominant approach by now. With firm commands and well-timed lashes of the riding crop, Sarah and Courtney moved as a synchronized team. Courtney, always eager to please her girlfriend's mother, pushed herself to her limits under Sarah's guidance. Her devotion to Sarah was unwavering, and she strived to prove her worth with each stride.

As the first leg of the race concluded, there would be a pony swap. Ella would transition to carry Sarah, and Courtney would become Chloe's ride. The second round of the race would commence with equal enthusiasm, each pony giving their all for the Smith women they so deeply adored.

The races were not just about competition: they were a celebration of their unique family dynamic. It was an opportunity for both mother and daughter to experience the joy of racing astride their loyal human ponies, reaffirming the bonds that had grown stronger with each passing day. Ella and Courtney, driven by love and devotion, were more than willing to meet the challenges presented by their loving yet dominant riders, making every race a memorable experience for the Smith family.

As time went by, the outcome of their races began to evolve, adding an exciting twist to their friendly competitions. Ella, with her experience and strength, had initially dominated every race, regardless of whether Chloe or Sarah was riding her. Her determination and connection with her riders were unparalleled, making her a formidable opponent.

However, Courtney's determination and eagerness to please gradually paid off. In shorter races with the lighter Chloe on her back, Courtney's agility and speed allowed her to secure some first victories. These small triumphs brought an extra spark of excitement to the races, demonstrating the progress Courtney had made under Chloe's guidance.

The evolving dynamics of their races not only added a new layer of excitement but also highlighted the unique strengths and abilities of both ponies. Ella's unwavering commitment and experience continued to shine, while Courtney's growth and determination were on full display. It was a testament to their love for the increasingly dominant approach the Smith women had adopted, making every race a thrilling and bonding experience for their unique family.

At the end of a sunny day filled with races, once concluded the evening rituals with their assigned Smith woman, Courtney and Ella met in the small and modest bedroom that they had been sharing since Courtney had moved in. They were too tired for sex tonight, especially because the pony races were followed by plenty of time with their mouths and tongues selflessly pleasing the two living Goddesses that ruled over them.

As they kissed, they realized that both of their mouths tasted like ass: Sarah’s and Chloe’s preferences in bed were remarkably similar, although the usually calmer mother turned out to be the more dominant one in the intimacy of the bedroom. The girls smiled at their realization, then Courtney squeezed Ella’s face until the girl opened her mouth. Looking at Ella deeply in the eyes, she let some spit fall from her own mouth into Ella’s. Since the two girls had essentially become interchangeable slaves to the Smith mother and daughter – with the same exact tasks and level of subservience – Courtney was even more eager to find daily ways to assert her superiority over Ella. Ella didn’t mind: she loved Courtney, and she was eternally grateful for her pivotal role in expanding the extent of her service to Sarah and Chloe in such an exciting way.

“Don’t you have the perfect life that you wanted?” Courtney inquired with a whisper, as they got ready to sleep.

“Yes, this is incredible. I love feeling like a slave to these wonderful women.”

“But I sense that something is still missing for you. Am I right?”

“Well, maybe. Sometimes I feel that you can read me like a book. But this is a very embarrassing thought...”

“Speak your mind, or I will bite your nipples off.”

Ella smiled, although she knew Courtney was capable of extreme sadism. “Okay, there is one thing that I still desire and I have not been able to express. As you know, I have been carrying Sarah and Chloe to the bathroom for years, then waiting beneath their feet as they do their business on the toilet."

“Yes, I am aware. I do the same thing for them now, remember?”

Ella was seriously blushing now. “Of course. Well, I feel literally jealous of the toilet they are sitting on. When they pee, I wish I could swallow every drop. And when they finish pooping and they use toilet paper to clean themselves, I wish they would use my tongue instead. Wow, I can’t believe I just said this!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed, Ella. I have played with pee before, including with Chloe a couple of times. Poop is much more challenging, but it’s not like Sarah and Chloe ever bother to wash themselves before making us lick their ass...”

“So do you think we could achieve this last level of subservience?” Ella asked, almost shaking for the excitement.

Instead of responding, Courtney slipped out of her PJ pants and she quickly straddled Ella’s face. The girl immediately started licking her, thinking that she wished to be pleasured. “Stop, and listen carefully,” she said while placing her pee hole against Ella’s open mouth. “Now make a seal with your lips around me, as if sucking a little air in, and then swallow my pee at regular intervals as fast as it enters your mouth.”

Courtney had been holding it while spending the whole evening at Sarah’s service, so she had plenty of pee to give Ella, who remarkably didn’t miss a single drop.

“Not bad for a first timer,” she said at the end. “Now lick me clean. I shouldn’t need to say that. You have potential, but I peed slowly on purpose. There is no way that our spoiled Goddesses would accept such a limitation, it’s uncomfortable, so you need to learn to take the full speed before you are ready to offer yourself to them.”

“Yes, I will do anything. It didn’t taste too bad, by the way.”

“I know you will do anything. You are such a natural slave. But I will also start feeding you morning pee, which always tastes much stronger.”

“Great, thank you! How about the ass cleaning part?”

“I like your eagerness, but let’s take this one step at a time. I need to seriously think about it, because once you become their toilet paper, they will certainly demand the same service from me...”

“I know. We are in this together, sister.”

Courtney smiled, but then she replied: “Shut up, slave.” Courtney turned around and Ella diligently licked her ass, intentionally reminded that they were not equals after all.

Returning to their lovely beach house, the Smith women were eager to enjoy the picturesque seaside once more. This time they had two devoted ponies, Ella and Courtney, to enhance their beachside adventures.

The soft sands of the deserted beach provided the perfect terrain for their pony rides. Chloe and Sarah, both excited to experience the thrill of beach rides, would take turns riding Ella and Courtney all day long. The women reveled in the feeling of the wind in their hair, the sound of the waves crashing in the distance, and the rhythmic motion of their human ponies' powerful strides beneath them.

Ella, with her experience, was always a reliable mount as the Smith women explored the shoreline. She carried her riders with grace and strength, her hands and knees leaving delicate imprints on the sandy canvas. Courtney, always eager to prove herself, matched Ella's pace with determination, allowing mother and daughter to ride side by side and enjoy their conversations.

As they rode along the beach, the Smith women couldn't help but feel a sense of freedom and unity. The combination of the sea breeze, the soothing sound of the waves, and the devotion of their ponies created a unique bond among them. It was a time for relaxation, laughter, and cherished family moments.

Having both Ella and Courtney at their disposal allowed them to venture further and ride faster than ever before. Regardless of whether they were riding Ella or Courtney, the dominant approach they had adopted became second nature. Firm commands and painful hits were exchanged from rider to pony, and the Smith women guided their devoted companions with confidence. It was a testament to the special bond they had developed with Ella and Courtney, where trust, love, and dominance intertwined to create a unique family dynamic. At this point Sarah and Chloe even felt comfortable with leaving nasty marks abd welts on the skin of their mounts, and they would compare their work at the end of the rides to see who had done the most damage.

As the Smith women and their two ponies reached the area of the beach with steep dunes, excitement filled the air. Last time, when they rode together on Ella, the challenge of traversing the dunes had pushed Ella to her limits. But this time was different: they had two ponies at their disposal, ready to take on the rugged terrain.

With determined smiles on their faces, Chloe and Sarah couldn't wait to conquer the dunes. They took turns riding Ella and Courtney, switching between the experienced guidance of Ella and the determined enthusiasm of Courtney. The steep sandy slopes that had once seemed daunting were now an exhilarating adventure waiting to be explored.

As they ascended and descended the steep dunes, the thrill of the challenge washed over them. With each crest they conquered and each descent they navigated, their bond with Ella and Courtney deepened. The combination of the challenging terrain, the rush of the ride, and the unity they shared created an unforgettable experience.

Their beachside adventures had taken on a new dimension, and the addition of two ponies had made every moment even more special. Ella and Courtney had become an integral part of their family, and their rides along the beach, especially over the challenging dunes, were a testament to the love, trust, and connection they all shared.

The Smith women's competitive spirit was ignited as they decided to race each other on a challenging course that included several steep dunes. With Ella and Courtney as their trusty steeds, they were ready to push their ponies beyond their limits of strength and endurance.

Chloe and Sarah positioned themselves at the starting line, the excitement palpable in the air. Their human ponies, Ella and Courtney, stood poised and ready to embark on this thrilling race. The course ahead was a combination of sandy dunes, winding trails between the dunes, and stretches of hard-packed beach.

With a signal from Chloe, the race began. The Smith women urged their ponies forward, their bare heels pressing into the ponies' sides, and their riding crops used with painful precision. Ella and Courtney responded with determination, their powerful strides carrying them swiftly over the sandy terrain.

The race was intense, with each Smith woman giving her all to outpace the other. The dunes, once a challenging obstacle, now became part of an exhilarating racecourse that pushed the boundaries of their strength and endurance. The sound of Ella’s and Courtney’s labored breathing echoed against the dunes as they ascended and descended under their demanding riders, striving to gain an advantage.

After a hard-fought race, Chloe crossed the finish line first on Courtney, a triumphant smile on her face. Sarah wasn't far behind on Ella, a testament to the strength of both ponies and their riders. The sense of accomplishment filled the air as they caught their breath, their hearts racing with adrenaline.

As was their tradition, they decided to repeat the race with a pony swap, giving Ella and Courtney a chance to showcase their abilities with different riders. Ella would now carry Chloe, while Courtney would be ridden by Sarah. The anticipation was high, and they were eager to see how the second race would unfold.

As the signal was given, Chloe and Sarah spurred their new mounts forward. Ella, with her experience, quickly adapted to Chloe's riding style, while Courtney, always eager to please, responded to Sarah's commands as if her life depended on it. The race was on once again, and this time the dynamics had shifted.

Ella, determined to prove herself, gave it her all as she carried Chloe over the sandy dunes and along the challenging course. Her powerful strides and unwavering spirit pushed them forward, and they made quick work of the terrain. Chloe's riding skills and Ella's strength were a formidable combination, and they gained an early lead.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Courtney navigated the course with precision, using their newfound partnership to their advantage. Courtney, although less experienced, was a quick learner and matched Sarah's determination with her own. They pressed on, refusing to let the lead slip away, as Sarah whipped her young mount almost constantly.

As the race approached its conclusion, it became clear that Ella and Chloe had managed to secure a victory. Their coordination, experience, and the bond they had built over the years allowed them to cross the finish line first, with Courtney and Sarah following not far behind.

The second race had showcased the unique strengths of each pony and the adaptability of their riders. It was a thrilling and competitive experience that left them all exhilarated and closer than ever.

The two thrilling races over the challenging dunes had left Ella and Courtney completely exhausted. Their powerful strides had been pushed to the limit, and they were now tasked with carrying the Smith women along the beach all the way back to the house. It was a ride of over an hour, and the sun was setting, casting a warm, golden glow across the sandy shore.

Chloe and Sarah, eager to return home after the exhilarating races, urged their ponies forward. Without a second thought, they stayed mounted on the pony they had ridden in the last race. Exhausted but determined, Ella and Courtney resumed their steady pace, carrying Chloe and Sarah back to their beachfront house. With weary but unwavering determination, Ella and Courtney resumed their steady pace.

The Smith women sat on the tired backs of their beloved human ponies, feeling the gentle sway of their bodies beneath them. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the shore provided a soothing backdrop to their journey. As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink, a sense of tranquility washed over them.

Ella and Courtney, despite their exhaustion, continued to carry their riders with grace and resilience. The bond between them and the Smith women was unbreakable, and they pressed on, carrying their beloved riders back to the comfort of their beachfront house.

The ride back was a testament to the enduring strength and unity of their family, and as they approached their destination, a feeling of contentment settled over them. The Smith women dismounted, patting their ponies' heads in gratitude for their unwavering devotion and strength, to which the girls responded by kissing and licking their feet.

The sun had fully set, and the warm glow of the house welcomed them. It had been a day filled with excitement, challenges, and triumphs, and as they retired for the evening with their worshipful servants, the Smith women couldn't help but reflect on the incredible journey they had shared with Ella and Courtney thus far.

Jane and Emma, Sarah's sister and her daughter, came for a visit to the Smiths' beach house, having previously experienced their unique lifestyle involving Ella. The Smith women were delighted to welcome them back, knowing that Jane and Emma were already familiar with their unconventional way of life.

With the addition of Courtney to their family, the Smith women were eager to see how Jane and Emma would react to having two human ponies at their disposal. They exchanged warm greetings and caught up on each other's lives before discussing the plan for their stay.

Chloe and Sarah reminded their guests of the routines and tasks that Ella and Courtney could perform, from carrying them to serving as comfortable chairs during meals. Jane and Emma, having experienced it once before, were open to the idea and were curious to see how it had evolved since their last visit.

The Smith women decided to share their unique lifestyle with their returning guests, allowing Jane and Emma to choose a favorite pony for the duration of their stay. Ella and Courtney stood by, ready and patient, as the visitors made their selections.

Jane chose to ride Ella once again, having enjoyed the experience during their previous visit. Emma, her daughter, would try riding and using Courtney this time, looking forward to exploring this unconventional way of life further. With Chloe and Sarah's guidance, they mounted their chosen ponies and embarked on a beachfront ride.

The ride brought back familiar sensations for Jane and Emma as they felt the power and grace of the ponies beneath them. Ella and Courtney, ever obedient and attentive, responded promptly to their riders' commands. The Smith women watched with pride from the house, as their family expanded to include Jane and Emma in their special way of life.

Throughout the day, Ella and Courtney served their riders diligently, providing them with the same level of care and attention that Ella had offered during the previous visit. Laughter and conversation filled the beach house as the family bonded over their shared experience. Ella and Courtney, with their unwavering loyalty and adaptability, quickly formed connections with their new riders. It was a testament to the enduring bond they had with the Smith women and now extended to their returning guests.

On the following day the Smith women, excited by the prospect of a family adventure, decided to take their beach rides to the next level. They retrieved two double-rider saddles from the closet, eager to have all four family members enjoy a long ride on the beach together. Each saddle had two pairs of stirrups, ensuring that all four riders could be comfortable and safe.

Chloe and Sarah decided that they would mount Ella, as they wished to live their old tradition of riding together on their original pony. So Jane and Emma would ride Courtney and have an opportunity to bond with her. The Smith women helped each other secure the double-rider saddles onto Ella and Courtney, ensuring they were properly fastened and secure. Once everything was in place, they mounted their respective ponies and positioned themselves in the saddles: Sarah and Jane took their positions at the front of their respective saddles, holding the reins in their hands, while their respective daughters settled in behind them. The younger generation wielded riding crops, ready to assist in guiding their ponies as they embarked on this unique family journey.

The family set out on their long beach ride with the two ponies side by side. The pairs rode in harmony, enjoying the feeling of the wind in their hair and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

As they traveled along the beach, they shared stories, laughter, and enjoyed the breathtaking views. Ella and Courtney, accustomed to carrying single riders, adjusted to the added weight and responded to the commands of their riders, proving once again their adaptability and devotion.

The ride allowed the family to bond in a unique way, strengthening their connections with each other and their ponies. It was a memorable experience that they would cherish and remember for years to come, a testament to their love and the extraordinary lifestyle they had chosen to embrace.

Towards the end, Courtney struggled to maintain the pace with Ella, the weight of Jane and Emma taking its toll on the less experienced pony. It was clear that Courtney's arm muscles were getting stiff, and her back was starting to sag under the women's weight. Sarah started pondering if a pony swap was in order, but Chloe, always enthusiastic about a challenge and eager to push the limits, turned to Emma and, with a determined glint in her eye, invited her to use the riding crop more decisively.

With that encouragement, Emma applied the crop in a way that communicated her intentions more clearly to Courtney. The young pony responded to the increasingly painful and frequent lashes, finding hidden reserves of energy and pushing herself to keep up with Ella and her riders. As they continued their ride along the beach, the family marveled at the determination of both ponies, with Courtney in particular now navigating the sand and waves with renewed vigor.

The four women rode on, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the bonding experience that came with it, their family unity and love growing stronger with every stride of the girls' hands and knees.

That night, Chloe seemed hornier than ever, and she rode Courtney’s face to orgasm after orgasm. At times the girl beneath her almost passed out from the lack of oxygen. Once satisfied, Chloe moved back a little and sat heavily on Courtney’s comfortable breasts. She had a confession to make: “You have no idea how much I enjoyed encouraging Emma to whip you harder today. Seeing you work and suffer under the weight of my old Aunt and big-ass cousin – two women you had never met until a couple of days ago – got me so wet and made me feel so powerful, knowing that you will do anything and serve anyone just because I say so. I own you completely. And I love you for that, Courtney.”

“I love you too, my Goddess. I am your eager slave, and I exist to make you happy.”

Chloe smiled warmly. “Okay, slave. I like the sound of that word! Now get down on all fours and carry me to the bathroom. I need to pee.”

Incredibly aroused by Chloe’s confession, Courtney replied with a hoarse voice: “There is no need for all that.” Then she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s hips and pulled her body towards her face. It took Chloe a moment to understand her slave’s intentions, then she enthusiastically sat over her open mouth and started peeing. As Courtney had predicted, she made no effort to slow down her flow, but somehow the girl was able to keep up and swallow it all.

As Chloe looked down at her new personal urinal with an ecstatic smile, Courtney thought: I hope Ella is ready for this, because I'm sure both mother and daughter will now be using us this way all the time.

The next morning, Sarah and Chloe's sister Jane woke up early and decided to go for a serene and relaxing experience by the ocean. With the sunrise casting a golden hue on the beach, they each mounted one of the ponies – Jane on Ella and Sarah on Courtney – and rode them down to the water's edge.

The gentle waves lapped at their bare feet as they settled comfortably on the ponies' backs. With steaming cups of coffee in hand, they savored the tranquility of the moment, enjoying the soothing sound of the ocean and the feel of their loyal ponies beneath them, supporting their weight in a beautiful still moment. It was a perfect way to start the day, in quiet contemplation, appreciating the unique bond they had formed with these extraordinary young women.

Of course, as the two sisters enjoyed their morning by the ocean, they took the opportunity to catch up, sharing stories and reminiscing about the past. They spent over an hour sitting by the water's edge on their docile human chairs, strengthening their bond as siblings before eventually riding the girls back to the house, where the rest of the family was just beginning to wake up.

Chloe, having missed the presence of Ella or Courtney for her morning rituals, suggested that she and Emma should have both ponies to themselves for the rest of the day, to enjoy a time of bonding and adventures between cousins. They took Ella and Courtney to the beach for long rides, exhilarating races, and a day filled with fun and connection.

Chloe mounted Ella gracefully, her familiarity with the routine evident in her confident movements. She patted Ella's neck affectionately and whispered, "Today, it's just you and me, Ella. Let's make it unforgettable."

Emma followed suit, climbing onto Courtney's back with a sense of excitement. She could feel Courtney's energy beneath her, ready for the day's activities. "Courtney, today is our day to bond like never before," Emma whispered into her ear, her voice filled with warmth. Chloe heard that and smiled, already thrilled to see Courtney beneath Emma once again after the events of the previous day. Courtney's right thigh and butt displayed nasty marks from that previous ride, and Emma wasted no time adding new ones, using her riding crop with abandon after Chloe's encouragement from the previous day.

The two pairs set off towards the beach, the gentle morning sun casting a golden glow on the horizon. Ella and Courtney moved smoothly beneath their riders, their well-trained bodies responding to every cue and command.

As they reached the shoreline, Chloe and Emma allowed their ponies to pick up the pace, riding along the water's edge. The breeze carried the scent of salt and sea, and the rhythmic sound of waves crashing against the shore provided a soothing backdrop to their ride.

The cousins couldn't help but grin as they urged their ponies into a friendly race along the sandy stretch. Ella and Courtney, ever eager to please, responded with enthusiasm, their hands and knees pounding the sand with a steady rhythm.

Laughter filled the air as Chloe and Emma trotted side by side, their ponies neck and neck. The bond between rider and pony grew stronger with every stride, and the young women felt a deep connection to the girls beneath them.

After their exhilarating race, they slowed down and allowed the ponies to enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach, carrying them at a more relaxed pace. Chloe reached down and trailed her fingers through the cool ocean water.

Emma, on the other hand, decided to take Courtney into the shallows, where the water lapped at the pony’s hands and knees. She could feel the muscles in Courtney's back tense and relax with each step, and she marveled at the power and grace of the submissive girl beneath her.

Throughout the day, Chloe and Emma engaged in various activities with their ponies. They took breaks to rest on the warm sand, where Ella and Courtney nuzzled their riders affectionately. They also had a picnic while using Ella and Courtney as their human chairs. The young women felt a profound sense of connection and gratitude for the bond they shared with their human ponies.

In the late afternoon, Chloe and Emma couldn't resist the opportunity to have one more thrilling race, and they chose the sand dunes as part of the course. The steep, rolling mounds of soft sand provided the perfect terrain for an exciting competition. Chloe had earned the title of "Queen of the Dunes" with her unbeatable record against her Mom, and Emma was determined to give her cousin a run for her money.

With Ella and Courtney standing side by side, the young women readied themselves for the race. The sun hung low in the sky, casting long shadows on the beach as the cousins exchanged playful banter.

"Get ready to eat my dust, Chloe!" Emma teased with a mischievous grin.

Chloe chuckled and winked. "We'll see about that, Emma."

At the signal, they urged their ponies forward, and Ella and Courtney raced up the first sand dune with incredible speed. The young women leaned low over their ponies' necks, their eyes fixed on the horizon as they navigated the challenging terrain.

Ella's powerful strides carried Chloe swiftly up the first dune, and she maintained her lead as they crested the hill and raced down the other side. The wind whipped through her hair, and she felt an exhilarating rush of adrenaline.

Emma, determined to catch up, urged Courtney to give her all. Courtney responded with equal determination, her hands and knees churning through the soft sand as she closed the gap between them.

As they approached the final dune, Chloe's experience and Ella's strength proved to be an unbeatable combination. Chloe and Ella crossed the finish line first, securing Chloe's title as the Queen of the Dunes once more.

Emma and Courtney followed not too far behind. Emma couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in her cousin's victory, and the two cousins shared a warm embrace as they caught their breath.

With the first race completed, they decided to swap ponies and give it another go. This time, Emma would ride Ella, hoping that the more experienced pony would give her an advantage over the dunes.

The second race was just as thrilling as the first, with Ella's strength and Emma's determination propelling them forward. However, Chloe had become a skilled rider with Courtney, and the competition remained fierce.

In the end, it was Chloe and Courtney who emerged victorious in the second race, proving that they were a formidable team on the dunes as well. The cousins laughed and congratulated each other on their hard-fought races, reveling in the joy of their shared adventures with their beloved human ponies.

The sun had dipped below the horizon by the time they returned to the beach house, their exhausted ponies carrying them with pride. As they dismounted and led Ella and Courtney inside for a shower, they knew that their day of bonding had only deepened their connection, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Chloe had also had a confirmation during this long day of riding: she got incredibly turned on when allowing another woman to use and abuse Courtney. It gave her an exhilarating feeling of superiority and ownership, and made her incredibly wet. So she pulled Courtney into a bathroom, locked the door, and ordered her on her knees. The girl instantly obeyed, reading arousal in her Goddess' eyes.

As Courtney sat down on her own ankles and turned her face up to look towards the ceiling, Chloe stepped on her thighs, turned around to face away from her, and sat down on her face. Then she started peeing, rapidly and copiously. They had been practicing this position, so Courtney did an admirable job keeping up and swallowing.

As she relieved herself into her girlfriend's obedient mouth, Chloe looked down at the body that was serving her so thoroughly, at the contrast of her own well-rested white feet resting on top of Courtney's darker and muscular thighs, sweaty and tired from carrying her cousin for hours like a beast of burden. She looked further to the right side and saw that some areas of Courtney's thigh and butt were approaching a dark purple color, ravaged by the hundreds of lashes they had received from Emma's riding crop, as a consequence of Chloe's encouragement the day before.

She would have been even more turned on if she had known that Courtney was struggling to support the weight pushing down onto her face and down to her neck, that her whole body ached after being ridden for hours, and that her mouth was sore from the bit being harshly pulled over and over by Emma's clumsy and aggressive use of the reins.

"I own you completely, my Courtney. You are my slave, my property" Chloe said with her most aroused voice. She had barely finished peeing when she started rubbin herself against her girlfriend's mouth. Then she commanded: "Fuck my pussy with your tongue, slave," and she started bouncing on Courtney's face while touching her clit with her own fingers. It took less than a minute for Chloe to reach an explosive orgasm that flooded Courtney's mouth with thick sweet juices.

After a few seconds to recover, Chloe pushed herself up slightly, only to sit back down with her asshole on Courtney's mouth. "Lick, slave," she commanded. "We are going to play a new game. Every time I kick your abdomen with my left heel, you stop licking and you keep your lips wrapped around my asshole. Every time I kick you with my right heel, you start licking or, if you are already licking, you go ahead and lick harder. Understood?"

Courtney was obviously not in a condition to reply, but she diligently followed the rules of Chloe's new game.

Right kick. She licked harder. Two more right kicks. She licked as hard as she could, pushing her tongue deep into Chloe's asshole.

Left kick. She stopped licking and she opened her mouth, making a seal around Chloe's asshole. A small fart filled her mouth with warm hair, followed by a slightly longer one. Courtney didn't have time to process the shock from this unprecedented act, when a much longer fart invaded her mouth and took hold of her tongue: this last one was wet, and Chloe was clearly aware of it as she kicked Courtney's abdomen with her right heel and ordered: "Lick me clean, slave."

It seemed that Ella was going to get her wish of serving as toilet paper for the Smith women no matter what.

On the following day, the Smith women hatched an innovative idea. Sarah, Chloe, Jane, and Emma were eager for a unique experience, one that would allow them to spend quality time together, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and each other's company.

The plan was simple yet ingenious. Ella and Courtney, their loyal and devoted ponies, would take on an unprecedented role. The Smith women, with laughter and excitement, secured a sturdy wicker sofa atop their ponies' strong backs. It was an unconventional but charming way to create seating for all four of them, ensuring they could enjoy a long, leisurely ride on the beach as a united family.

Ella and Courtney positioned themselves on all fours beside each other, at a distance equal to the width of the wicker sofa, ready to embark on this novel adventure. The wicker sofa was secured firmly in place, creating a comfortable and stable seat for the four women.

With laughter and anticipation in their hearts, the family settled onto the wicker sofa, finding it surprisingly cozy. The Smith women quickly realized that this innovative riding arrangement required an extraordinary level of coordination between Ella and Courtney. With the sofa securely fastened to their backs, the two ponies essentially became interconnected, bound by their shared responsibility.

Ella and Courtney, having been together through countless adventures and challenges, understood the unspoken communication that existed between them. Through subtle shifts in their movements, they maintained a perfect synchronization, ensuring a smooth and harmonious ride for their four riders.

Their hands and knees fell in rhythm, creating a gentle rocking motion that mimicked the soothing cadence of ocean waves. It was as if Ella and Courtney had developed their own secret language, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

When one pony adjusted her gait or shifted her weight slightly, the other responded in kind, compensating to keep the sofa level and the riders comfortable. It was a remarkable display of teamwork between the two devoted ponies, born from years of shared experiences.

The Smith women marveled at the coordination between their ponies as they chatted and laughed. They could feel the unspoken connection between Ella and Courtney, a silent understanding that allowed them to navigate the sandy terrain with ease.

As they continued along the beach, the women couldn't help but appreciate the remarkable bond that existed not only between themselves but also between Ella and Courtney. It was a testament to the strength of their family, a reminder of the extraordinary journey they had embarked upon together.

As the ponies carried them along the beach, the women exchanged stories and laughter, basking in the stunning views of the rolling waves and the serene beauty of the coastline. The gentle rhythm of their ponies' steps added a soothing quality to their conversation, enhancing the sense of togetherness that filled the air.

Ella and Courtney, though carrying an unusual burden, executed their roles with grace and dedication. They were more than human ponies and slaves: they were the vessels of cherished moments and family bonds. Their hearts swelled with pride as they carried the four women along the beach, knowing they were part of something truly extraordinary.

As time went on, the innovative riding arrangement, with Ella and Courtney carrying the sofa and the women sitting on it, began to pose new challenges for the devoted ponies. The initial excitement of the ride gave way to a growing sense of fatigue as Ella and Courtney bore the combined weight of the four women and the sofa. The soft, shifting sands of the beach created additional resistance, making each step more laborious, and this started affecting their coordination.

Sarah and Chloe, feeling the immense effort put forth by their loyal human ponies, decided to offer a gesture of encouragement. As they sat on the outermost seats of the sofa, they extended their legs and placed the bottom of their feet on top of the ponies' heads to convey a message of togetherness, ownership, and dominance. Ella and Courtney could feel the weight of their riders' legs atop their heads, a reassuring touch that reminded them of the strong bond they shared with their beloved Smith women, whose beautiful feet were not meant to walk but to be carried, obeyed, and worshipped.

Ella truly appreciated the warmth of Sarah's presence, their enduring connection through the touch of Sarah's feet and the weight of her legs on her head, a silent reassurance that they were in this together, facing the challenges as a unified team. Courtney also understood the significance of Chloe's gesture, and she knew that failure was not an option. With each step she took, she felt Chloe's unwavering dominance and superiority pressing on her head, strengthening her resolve to persevere.

The two ponies pressed on, their hands and knees sinking into the sand with determination. The humbling push on their heads from Sarah and Chloe served as a reminder of the unbreakable bond they shared. It was a moment of unity amidst the challenges, a testament to the deep connection that had been formed between them all. The physical strain remained, but their spirits were lifted by the knowledge that they were not alone in their efforts. Together, they would overcome whatever challenges lay ahead, bound by love and devotion.

When Ella’s and Courtney’s exhaustion started affecting their presence of mind, it reduced their coordination and the sofa occasionally shifted, assuming a slightly diagonal position as one pony crawled a little further ahead than the other. Sarah and Chloe, attuned to their ponies' movements, recognized the need for subtle adjustments. With their feet still resting atop Ella's and Courtney's heads, they began to tap on the head of whichever pony had remained slightly behind, using the bottom of their feet to transmit a command to work harder.

The ingenious teamwork between riders and ponies proved quite effective. It was a testament to the deep connection they shared, where physical cues and intuitive understanding prevailed, thus allowing the four women on top to seamlessly carry on with their conversation.

Ella and Courtney, ever eager to please, adjusted their pace and gait according to the humbling commands of the feet that they carried on their heads. It was a testament to their unwavering commitment and the trust they placed in their riders. Through this silent means of communication, they mostly managed to maintain a steady and harmonious journey along the beach.

As they continued to travel in unison, the bond between the four women and their devoted ponies grew even stronger. It was a demonstration of their remarkable connection and the lengths they were willing to go to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Ella, with her years of experience, dug deep into her reserves of strength and endurance, determined to fulfill her role as the unwavering servant of the Smith women. Her muscles flexed and strained as she carried the weight, her breathing steady despite the effort, her neck muscles engaged to support the weight of Sarah’s legs resting on her head through the superior woman’s feet.

Courtney, while less experienced, showed her determination to match Ella's dedication. She knew that this ride was a unique test of her abilities, and she was determined to prove herself worthy of the Smith family's trust. Beads of sweat glistened on her skin as she worked tirelessly alongside Ella and under the commands of Chloe’s demanding feet.

The women on the sofa could feel the exertion of their loyal ponies beneath them. The ride that had started as a leisurely adventure now became a testament to Ella and Courtney's unwavering commitment.

And as the sun began its descent, casting long shadows across the beach, the Smith women knew that this ride would forever remain etched in their memories as a symbol of the extraordinary devotion and strength of Ella and Courtney.

As the ride on the beach came to a close, and the Smith women and their ponies made their way back to the house, a heartwarming display of gratitude unfolded. Ella and Courtney, appreciative of the subtle signals provided by Sarah and Chloe throughout the journey, found their own unique way to express their thanks by kissing and licking the feet of all four women, focusing especially on Sarah’s and Chloe’s soles that were wet with sweat from their heads.

It was a heartwarming moment that captured the deep bond between the Smith women and their devoted slaves. The silent communication and cooperation during the ride had strengthened their connection, and this tender display of affection and submission served as a reminder of the love, trust, and appreciation that bound them together.

After the departure of their visiting relatives, Sarah and Chloe mounted their loyal ponies, Courtney and Ella, for one last adventure on the sandy dunes. The vast expanse of the dunes stretched out before them, inviting exploration.

The mother and daughter duo guided their ponies up and down the rolling dunes, taking in the breathtaking views of the ocean and the coastline. Courtney and Ella, despite their exhaustion from the countless rides and races of the past few days, moved tirelessly, their devotion to the Smith women unwavering.

After a long and exhilarating climb, they reached the peak of the tallest dune, where they paused to catch their breath and savor the moment. The wind ruffled their hair, and the endless expanse of sand dunes stretched out in all directions. It was a view that took their breath away, and they shared a moment of awe together.

Sarah and Chloe reached into their saddlebags and retrieved water bottles. While remaining mounted on Courtney and Ella, with their bare feet comfortable and secure in the stirrups, they quenched their own thirst and relaxed, admiring the view.

"Doesn't it feel wonderful to be so far up, so comfortable, without any sand or dirt on our feet, having climbed the dunes without moving a muscle?" Sarah rhetorically asked.

"I think we did our fair share of the work: those riding crops are not going to whip Ella and Courtney by themselves!" Chloe replied, chuckling. "I wonder if our ponies are thirsty too, though."

"I never thought of that. Perhaps we could bring water for them in the future," Sarah wondered.

"I have a better idea, Mom. Watch this." Chloe lifted herself in the stirrups and moved forward to sit on Ella's neck and shoulders. Then she took her feet out of the stirrups and moved them to hang in front of her mount's face. Next, she pulled the bridles back until Ella got up on her knees with her back vertical, sitting on her own ankles and holding Chloe in a shoulder ride. At this point Chloe removed the bit from Ella's mouth, lowering it to hang around her neck, and she stood up on Ella's thighs, letting the girl's head slip out from between her thighs. As Ella promptly looked up towards the sky, Chloe lifted her light Summer dress, revealing that she was wearing no underwear or bathing suit, and she sat down on Ella's face. Then she looked at Sarah with a bright smile. "How do you like my portable human urinal?"

Her Mom was literally open-mouthed. She looked shocked and a little skeptical, but Chloe could tell that the idea intrigued her and turned her on.

"Go ahead, I'll wait for you," Courtney encouraged her. "Courtney learned to do this first, so you are getting the more experienced toilet."

Sarah didn't say a word, but she quickly followed the same sequence as her daughter and, after lowering her bathing suit down to her own ankles, she sat down on Courtney's waiting mouth. Chloe loved the sight of her girlfriend's pretty face disappearing between her Mom's full ass cheeks.

As they relieved themselves and quenched their ponies' thirst, Sarah and Chloe exchanged glances, a silent understanding passing between them. They had created a unique bond with these incredible young women that served them every day, and this moment on top of the dune was a testament to their deep connection.

With renewed energy and gratitude, they mounted Courtney's and Ella's backs once more, ready to head to the beach house. The ride back was a mixture of exhilaration and melancholy, knowing that it would be their last for a while on this beautiful beach. Courtney and Ella, though tired, carried their precious riders with the same unwavering devotion that had defined their time together.

As they approached the beach house, the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows on the sand. The day was coming to an end, but the memories of their adventures together would live on forever in the hearts of the Smith women and their loyal slaves.

Back at their city house, as Chloe and Sarah enjoyed their breakfast seated on Ella and Courtney, a casual question from Chloe prompted a thoughtful conversation about their unique lifestyle. Chloe, looking genuinely curious, turned to her mother and asked, "Mom, do you remember the last time your feet touched the floor inside this house?"

Sarah, taking a moment to reflect, realized that it had been quite a while since she had had her feet on the ground. She chuckled softly and replied, "You know, it's been so long that I can't recall the exact date. Our lives have transformed in remarkable ways since we embraced this unique lifestyle."

Chloe nodded in agreement and continued, "Yeah, it's incredible how we have created this amazing world for ourselves. We are like queens, seated comfortably, and Ella and Courtney are always there, ready to serve our every need."

Their conversation took a reflective turn, as both women pondered the privileges they enjoyed. Sarah took a sip of her morning coffee, her thoughts deepening. "It's true, Chloe. We are very fortunate to have such loyal and devoted companions. Ella and Courtney not only serve us tirelessly, but they have also become cherished members of our family. They are truly are remarkable. It isn't just about serving us: it is as if they embraced their roles with a sense of purpose and genuine affection."

Chloe smiled warmly, her affection for Ella and Courtney evident. "They're incredible, Mom. And you know, it feels like they want to serve us, like it's their purpose and their pleasure, their calling and their source of happiness."

Sarah nodded, her gaze filled with gratitude. "I feel that way too, Chloe. But it's essential that we always appreciate their devotion and take good care of them in return."

Their conversation continued, touching on the many facets of their unique lifestyle. They explored the importance of nurturing the relationships they had with Ella and Courtney. Both women reflected on how their lives had changed, acknowledging the privileges they enjoyed while recognizing the responsibilities that came with them.

As the morning sun streamed through the windows, mother and daughter shared their feelings openly, reaffirming their commitment to the exceptional bond they shared with Ella and Courtney. Each word they exchanged served as a testament to the extraordinary love and devotion that defined their lives.

Ella and Courtney, perceptive and deeply attuned to the voices of their beloved riders, listened intently to the candid conversation between the Smith women. On their hands and knees beneath them, they found themselves reflecting on the extraordinary journey they had embarked upon, which by now went far beyond the roles of ponies and servants.

For Ella, the memories of her life before becoming a treasured member of the Smith family seemed distant, as though they belonged to another world. She recalled her initial insecurity, the tentative steps into a new role she had never imagined. But it wasn't long before those hesitations were replaced by something much stronger: devotion.

With Chloe and Sarah, Ella had discovered a sense of belonging, a profound connection that extended far beyond her duties. Their dominance was an expression of love, a sign of trust in her strength and endurance. As she carried them and served them throughout their days, she felt a sense of fulfillment that transcended the physical exertion. Their well-being became her purpose, their happiness her reward.

Courtney, too, had undergone a remarkable transformation. Her entry into this unique family dynamic was marked by a deep curiosity about what lay ahead. She marveled at how quickly she had adapted, how her own sense of dominance and control had become subdued so she could fit seamlessly into their lives.

As Ella listened to the conversation above, her thoughts turned to the trust that had developed between them. She had learned to anticipate their needs, to respond to the unspoken cues that bound them together. The dominance her owners displayed was not a mere exercise of authority but a testament to their faith in her abilities. With each command, each action, they affirmed their unwavering reliance on her.

Courtney, too, had her own revelations. She thought about how her connection with Chloe had deepened, the trust that had grown between them. Chloe's assertiveness and dominance had become a source of pride for Courtney, proof that she was capable of meeting the challenges of her unique role. She had willingly embraced the lifestyle that was now an integral part of her identity.

As Ella and Courtney exchanged glances, an unspoken understanding passed between them. The bonds they shared with Chloe and Sarah transcended mere servitude, evolving into a profound connection rooted in mutual love and one-sided devotion.

With a sense of pride, Ella and Courtney returned their focus to the conversation above. They knew that the Smith mother and daughter appreciated the unique relationship they had built, and they were ready to continue serving, carrying them on their backs – literally and figuratively – as they embarked on the next chapter of their extraordinary journey together.