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Ella the Sweet Human Pony - Part 5


Under the gentle morning sun, Sarah and Chloe rode along the pristine beach, their human ponies moving gracefully beneath them. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the soft creaking of their leather saddles provided a soothing backdrop to their conversation.

Sarah smiled as she glanced over at her daughter. "You know, Chloe, despite our unexpected circumstances, I can't help but feel grateful for the comfort our ponies provide us."

Chloe nodded in agreement. "Absolutely, Mom. It's incredible how they make this life on the island so much more comfortable. Just look at us, sitting in these premium saddles with our feet resting in the stirrups, protected from the sun by the canopies built for us by the girls themselves. We can go wherever we want without breaking a sweat."

Sarah chuckled softly. "You're right. It's almost as if we've created our own little paradise here, thanks to Ella and Courtney. And of course they are so much more than our tireless ponies: I barely miss being able to use toilet paper or soap, thanks to their soft and obedient tongues."

Chloe's eyes sparkled with appreciation. "I feel the same way. And they do it willingly, adoringly, making sure we're always pampered and comfortable."

As they continued to ride, Sarah couldn't help but reflect further. "You know, Chloe, I used to dream of luxury vacations in far-off places staying in fancy hotels. But now, I realize that true luxury is having these loyal slaves who cater to our every need. We're living a life of ease and comfort, even in the midst of isolation."

Chloe smiled warmly at her mother. "I couldn't agree more, Mom. It's a reminder that our true wealth isn't measured in material possessions, but in the love and devotion that we constantly receive."

Mother and daughter continued their leisurely ride along the beach, cherishing the profound bond they shared with Ella and Courtney and the unique comfort they brought to their lives on the beautiful but isolated island. At the same time, they couldn't help but observe Mia's boundless energy and enthusiasm. The young girl alternated between running around on her own and hitching rides as a second rider on Ella or Courtney, occasionally taking over in directing them with the whip.

Sarah glanced at her daughter with a thoughtful expression. "Chloe, have you ever wondered why Mia still chooses to ride our ponies, even though she certainly has the energy to run free and explore the island on her own?"

Chloe furrowed her brow in contemplation. "You know, Mom, I've been thinking about that too. I believe she enjoys the feeling of power and superiority when she's being carried and obeyed by Ella and Courtney. It's like she revels in the control and dominance she has over them."

Sarah nodded in agreement. "Yes, it's quite fascinating. Mia, despite her petite stature, has found a way to assert herself and become a commanding presence on our slaves."

Chloe's eyes sparkled with curiosity. "Do you think she sees them as a means to exert her authority in this unique situation?"

Sarah considered the possibility. "It's very likely, Chloe. In a way, Ella and Courtney have become symbols of her newfound strength and independence after a time of loss and fear. Riding them is a physical manifestation of the control she wields over her environment. It's an interesting dynamic that we've observed."

Chloe couldn't help but smile as she observed Mia's interactions with the ponies. "And Mom, look at them. Ella and Courtney seem to adore Mia. Remember when we were initially concerned about letting her ride them? It's like those concerns have vanished."

Sarah nodded in agreement, her gaze fixed on Courtney and Mia. "You're right, Chloe. Courtney, in particular, appeared to be a bit resistant to Mia's authority at first. But now, it's as if she's become enthusiastic about carrying and obeying her."

Chloe chuckled softly. "It's like they've formed their own unique bond, transcending any initial doubts we may have had. Mia's energy and youthful spirit have certainly brought a new dynamic to our little family on this island."

Sarah couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude and warmth. "Yes, it's a beautiful thing to witness. Ella and Courtney have not only been our loyal companions but have also embraced Mia as a part of our family. They truly are remarkable."

After another brief pause, Chloe decided to address the elephant in the room, her voice tinged with worry. "Despite our current comfort and safety, I still wonder: what are we going to do about our future? With the news from Mia's country and the unrest there, it seems like trying to be rescued would be more of a risk than a relief."

Sarah sighed, her grip on Courtney's reins tightening. "I know, Chloe. It's a difficult situation. Going back home might not even be an option right now, and we can't put Mia in danger either."

Mia, though not understanding the words, could feel the tension in the air. She glanced between Sarah and Chloe, a look of concern in her eyes.

As they rode on, the uncertainty weighed heavily on their minds, and they knew that they needed to navigate the challenges that lay ahead, even if the path forward remained unclear.

After a while, Sarah pulled on Courtney's reins, bringing both ponies to a halt on the sandy beach. She turned to Mia, and with a series of gestures and expressions, she tried to convey a question: “How did Mia manage to reach the island?”

Sarah pointed to herself and mimicked a boat's movement, then pointed to Mia and gestured to the island. She raised her eyebrows inquisitively, silently asking Mia about her journey to the island after the tragedy that had separated her from her father.

Mia, sitting on Ella's upper back in front of Chloe’s saddle, observed Sarah's gestures attentively. She furrowed her brows, taking a moment to understand the question. After a brief pause, she stood up and she began to use her hands and body language to respond.

Mia pretended to sit in a rocking boat. Her facial expression grew solemn as she gestured to the ocean, suggesting that the journey might have been a long and difficult one. Mia ended her communication by extending her arm toward the horizon, emphasizing that her arrival on the island was from a faraway place by boat and took a long time, and by pointing at her own mouth and throat while holding her tongue out to convey that she had almost died of thirst.

Then Mia used a series of gestures to convey to the Smith women that she had something important to show them. With curiosity piqued, the three riders — Mia and Chloe on Ella, and Sarah on Courtney — embarked on an expedition along the beach, riding for about three hours until they reached a secluded spot. There, hidden among the trees not far from the beach, was the small boat that had brought them to the island in the first place.

The discovery left the Smith women in a state of shock and surprise. The boat was intact, seemingly untouched by the elements. Sarah and Chloe exchanged puzzled glances, wondering how it had ended up here, hidden away.

Mia pointed to the boat, then to herself, and finally she gestured toward the ocean and repeated her impression of herself sitting for a long time in a rocking boat. Sarah and Chloe could only guess that she had drifted for a long time by herself before ending up on the island. The poor girl must have been so scared.

A quick inspection showed that the boat appeared to be seaworthy, but its small engine had run out of gas. Sarah and Chloe felt that it was a good idea to take the boat to their camp anyway, so they dismounted their ponies and made them drag the boat into the ocean. Once they had double checked that the boat floated without boarding water, they set a plan in motion. Mia, Chloe, and Sarah boarded the boat, while Ella and Courtney stood ready, harnessed with ropes that were securely attached to the vessel on one side, and to their saddles on the other.

As the boat gently rocked under them, the Smith women signaled to their faithful ponies: with a coordinated effort, Ella and Courtney began to pull the boat, their powerful muscles flexing as they waded into the shallow waters of the ocean. The women watched with a mixture of gratitude and admiration as their beloved girls demonstrated their unwavering dedication, willingly exerting themselves to aid in this unconventional endeavor.

The journey back to their camp was slow and arduous. The boat, now in tow, made its way through the shallow waters, with Ella and Courtney providing the necessary strength to overcome the resistance of the waves. Mia, Chloe, and Sarah maintained a vigilant watch over their loyal companions, but they realized that they could not effectively guide them and motivate them from the boat.

As the strength and coordination of the two human ponies started to fade – perhaps also because they were walking upright on their feet, rather than crawling on their hands and knees like they were accustomed to – Mia took the initiative: she picked up a whip, hopped off the boat, and walked up to Courtney. Then she tapped the back of the girl’s knee, signaling the pony to kneel down. With a graceful movement, Mia stepped on Courtney’s thigh, swung her leg over Courtney's neck and sat upright on her shoulders, holding the reins firmly.

Courtney, accustomed to the dominant style of the women she served, was quick to respond to Mia's assertive kicks on her abdomen. With renewed motivation, the pony began to pull the boat, demonstrating her incredible strength and unwavering loyalty, with Ella immediately doing the same.

Mia, seated confidently atop Courtney, held her whip and used it to encourage both ponies. The expedition back to camp continued with both Ella and Courtney pulling the boat next to each other, making their way through the shallow waters of the ocean.

Seated in the boat, the Smith women marveled at the sight of Mia's resourcefulness and the ponies' cooperative spirit as they worked together to navigate the journey. It was a testament to the unique bond they had formed on the isolated island, where each member of their unconventional family played a vital role in their daily survival.

“Mom, did you notice the remarkable improvement in our pace? It’s as though Ella and Courtney tapped into an extra reserve of energy, almost effortlessly. It got me wondering.”

Sarah smiled, appreciating her daughter's curiosity. "Exactly, Chloe. I couldn't help but notice that it happened when Mia climbed on Courtney, despite the fact that she is now burdened with Mia’s weight. It makes me think that a significant part of our girls’ strength comes from the bond with their riders, and the control we can exert when we're directly seated on them."

Chloe furrowed her brow, considering her mother's words. "So, you mean, now that Mia is riding, it’s like the ponies feel more connected and driven to perform at their best?"

Sarah nodded. "Yes, that's what I believe. It's as if they thrive on that connection and the dominant control we can assert when we're in the saddle."

Chloe chimed in, "That makes sense. It's like the trust between us and them fuels their strength. And Mia, even though she's new, has quickly built that trust with them."

"Indeed, Chloe. It's a testament to the incredible bonds we've formed with our slavegirls. They're our partners in this unusual life we've embraced."

Chloe smiled, glancing at Courtney. "I'm grateful for the bond we share with them, Mom. It's a unique connection that not many people can understand. In the past I sometimes felt bad when pushing them really hard, but now I am fully aware that they eagerly welcome even the most grueling ride and the most intense pain from our whips, as long as they feel that it’s all in our service."

“I completely agree, honey. And as always, the same applies to all the other ways in which they serve us. I can read true happiness and pride in their eyes when I use them even in the most demanding and humiliating ways, which have become second nature to me by now.”

As the two women continued their leisurely ride, the sound of the waves carried their conversation along the shoreline, reinforcing the unbreakable bonds they shared with their devoted slaves.

Only once the boat was safely hidden in the woods by their camp, the Smith women and Mia could finally have dinner by the fire and then relax on their comfortable “lounge chairs”.

On the following day, as Sarah, Chloe, and Mia rode their ponies back from the water source, the warm sun cast long shadows along the shoreline. The rhythmic sound of the waves provided a calming backdrop to their journey, and the canopies on their saddles shielded the Smith women’s white skin from the sun's direct rays.

Mia, riding on Courtney with Chloe, suddenly pointed towards the distance, her expression filled with urgency. The three women followed her gaze, squinting to get a better view of what lay ahead. Far away on the beach, well beyond the area where their camp was located, they could make out three small rafts, guarded by a man who bore the unmistakable look of a soldier.

Chloe turned to her mother, Sarah, and spoke in hushed tones. "Mom, those rafts and the man guarding them... This doesn't look good. What do you think it means?"

Sarah's eyes were fixed on the distant figures as she pondered the situation. "It's hard to say, Chloe, but we need to be cautious and avoid any confrontation."

Chloe nodded, her grip on Courtney's reins tightening slightly. "I agree. Let's steer clear and head back to camp quietly. We don't want to attract any unwanted attention."

The women turned their ponies to proceed through the first layer of forest, unseen as they reached their camp, their hearts heavy with uncertainty. The mysterious presence on the beach left them with questions, but for now, their focus was on keeping themselves safe and away from potential danger.

As soon as they arrived, Mia dismounted from Courtney with a determined look on her face. She glanced at Sarah and Chloe, her eyes conveying her intentions. Without a word, she removed Courtney’s saddle. Then, with a swift and agile motion, she effortlessly swung herself onto Courtney's bare back.

The human pony stood still, accustomed to Mia's spontaneous decisions. She had grown used to her new rider's fearless nature and had come to trust her completely. Mia's thighs pressed against Courtney's sides, her legs gripping the pony's flanks for balance. With a firm nudge of her heels, she urged Courtney forward, guiding her through the woods towards the area where the rafts had been spotted.

“Be careful, my sweet girl,” Sarah whispered to herself.

Mia's bare feet dangled on either side of Courtney's body as they ventured into the dense foliage. The forest offered a stark contrast to the sunny beach, casting cool shadows and rustling with the sounds of unseen wildlife, but Mia’s senses quickly attuned to any changes in the surroundings.

As they moved deeper into the woods, Mia's heart raced with a mix of excitement and apprehension. She was determined to uncover the mystery of the rafts and the man guarding them, her curiosity driving her forward. Courtney, ever obedient and responsive, carried her through the underbrush, her hands and knees making minimal noise on the forest floor.

With each step, the canopy of trees grew thicker, casting an eerie, greenish light on the path ahead. Mia remained vigilant, her eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of danger or answers to the questions that had arisen on the beach. The adventure had just begun, and she was determined to discover the truth lurking in the depths of the island's wilderness.

Eventually Mia found herself crouched in the underbrush, her eyes locked on a group of soldiers as they descended into a mysterious underground hatch. Their footsteps echoed faintly through the forest as they disappeared below ground, leaving their gear near the opening. She watched from her seat on Courtney’s upper back as one of the soldiers, the lone guardian, grew restless and began to pace around the area. His boredom presented an opportunity that Mia couldn't resist.

With a silent grace, Mia stood up and began to move through the dense foliage, her bare feet navigating the forest floor without making a sound. Her petite frame allowed her to slip through the gaps between trees and bushes unnoticed. She approached the area where the soldiers had left their equipment, her heart pounding with a mix of fear and excitement.

Mia's nimble fingers reached out, snatching a two-way radio from one of the backpacks. She held her breath, fearing that any sudden noise might give her away. Fortunately, her movements were as swift and silent as a jungle cat on the prowl. Clutching the radio tightly, she retreated from the scene with the stolen device, remaining unseen.

Rejoining Courtney, Mia mounted the human pony with a sense of triumph. She watched intently as the soldier continued his restless pacing, unaware of the intrusion that had just occurred. Minutes stretched into what felt like hours as she observed the soldier's vigilance, waiting for the moment when the soldiers below ground would return. Always eager to proactively serve, Courtney quietly lifted one hand and wrapped it around the elbow of her own other arm, turning her horizontal forearm into a footrest for Mia’s bare feet. The girl gratefully took advantage of it, rewarding her favorite slave with a pat on the head.

Finally, the soldiers emerged from the underground hatch. They retrieved their gear, shouldering their backpacks and preparing to leave the island. Mia's heart raced as she realized that the soldiers were departing, taking their secrets with them. She knew that the stolen two-way radio might hold answers though.

As the soldiers made their way to the rafts and departed from the island, Mia couldn't help but wonder about the mysteries hidden beneath the ground. With Courtney beneath her, she watched the rafts disappear into the distance, determined to uncover the truth that had eluded them for so long.

After relieving herself in Courtney’s mouth, Mia rode her onto the beach and returned to the Smith women, her eyes filled with a mix of excitement and frustration. She gestured to them, indicating the stolen two-way radio she had acquired and how she had attempted to use it during her ride back. With a series of animated hand movements, she conveyed her disappointment in not receiving any signals, and her decision to switch it off in order to save its battery.

Seeing Mia's determined expressions, Sarah and Chloe exchanged glances and nodded in agreement. They decided that their best chance of utilizing the radio's potential was to reach a higher vantage point, climbing the highest peak in the middle of the island to maximize their chances of receiving a signal. It was mid-afternoon, so they decided to do that on the following day.

However, Mia wanted to show them something else right away, so the Smith women saddled up Ella and Courtney once more. Following Mia's lead, they made their way back to the mysterious hatch in the forest, their curiosity burning as they tried to find a way to access whatever lay hidden beneath the island's surface.

However they decided against trying to break the lock that kept it shut, because that would reveal their presence on the island to the soldiers whenever they came back.

So the three riders and their two ponies headed back to their camp, the two-way radio carefully stowed away, awaiting their ascent to the island's pinnacle. As they returned, their thoughts were filled with the mysteries that lay beneath the ground and the potential for communication with the outside world that the radio might provide. The journey was far from over, and they remained resolute in their quest for answers.

The morning sun cast a warm glow over the island as the three riders embarked on their journey towards its highest peak. Sarah, mounted atop Courtney, and Chloe, riding Ella, were seated comfortably in their saddles.

Mia, the petite and agile addition to their group, alternated between riding in front of Sarah or Chloe and taking short breaks to stretch her legs by walking in front of the ponies, leading the way.

The lush vegetation of the island surrounded them, the vibrant greens of the leaves and the colorful blossoms painting a picturesque landscape. As they ascended higher, the air grew cooler, and the views became breathtaking. The sound of the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves and the distant calls of birds filled the air.

For the Smith women, the long climb was a serene and reflective journey. The rhythm of their human ponies' movements was soothing, and the sense of unity and purpose filled their hearts. With each step towards the island's summit, their spirits soared higher, fueled by the anticipation of reaching their goal and the hope that the radio might provide them with a lifeline to the outside world.

However, the relentless incline began to take its toll on the ponies. Ella and Courtney, while steadfast and dedicated, could not escape the physical strain of the steep terrain. Their breath grew labored, and their powerful muscles, though accustomed to hours of crawling on their hands and knees as they carried the women's weight with grace, now bore the unusual burden of the long uphill climb.

Sarah and Chloe, unwavering in their determination to reach the summit, knew that they needed to employ their most dominant riding style to motivate their girls. They had developed a deep understanding of Ella and Courtney's needs, and could sense the weariness in their companions. With subtle shifts in their posture, increasingly harsh lashes of their riding crops, and unwavering commands, they conveyed their expectations to the loyal ponies.

The Smith women rode with authority, asserting their dominance to encourage Ella and Courtney to persevere through the challenging terrain. They could feel the ponies respond to their commands, their steps becoming more resolute and determined, as they worked hard through pain and tiredness beneath them. The bond between riders and ponies grew even stronger as they worked together, the unspoken connection between them guiding their actions.

Mia, who had quickly adapted to her role as a rider, observed the subtle dance between the Smith women and their ponies. She could see the mutual trust and respect that existed between them, even in moments of such extreme exertion. Inspired by their dedication, she decided to join the effort by using the dressage whip that Sarah had thoughtfully decided to bring, eager to communicate her expectations to Ella and Courtney.

Mia joined the Smith women in their dominant approach, motivating the ponies to continue their ascent. She stood with her bare feet on the ponies’ lower backs behind the Smith women’s saddle, switching pony every few minutes while maintaining her own balance by gently keeping her hands on Sarah’s or Chloe’s shoulders. From that position, she regularly hit the crawling human ponies with the dressage whip as hard as she could, aiming for their butts, thighs, legs, and even to the bottom of their feet.

The three riders, united in their goal, pushed forward with determination, their ponies responding desperately to their merciless guidance.

Despite the challenging climb, the sense of unity and purpose among the riders and their ponies remained unwavering. They knew that reaching the peak was essential to their mission, and they were willing to push their limits to achieve it. Together, they forged ahead, their bond growing stronger with every step the ponies’ hands and knees took towards their destination.

When the women and their ponies finally reached the peak of the island, they eagerly retrieved the two-way radio that Mia had acquired and they switched it on, hoping to hear any sign of communication. The static crackled to life as the Smith women sat in their saddles, straining to catch any sound.

However, the radio remained silent. There were no voices, no messages, and no signals of any kind. It seemed that the device was still unable to receive any transmissions, leaving the women with a sense of disappointment.

Sarah, Chloe, and Mia exchanged glances, their expressions reflecting a mixture of frustration and concern. The unrest in Mia's country and their isolation on the island had created a daunting barrier to any potential rescue, and the radio was their only potential source of additional information.

With a heavy sigh, Sarah turned off the radio and placed it back into her saddlebag. The peak of the island, while offering a commanding view of their surroundings, had not brought them any closer to a solution. As they gazed out over the island, the Smith women and Mia couldn't help but feel a sense of isolation and uncertainty. It was clear that their journey was far from over.

The women settled down on the peak, taking a moment to catch their breath and savor the feeling of accomplishment for reaching this vantage point. The island stretched out before them, with its lush greenery, the endless expanse of ocean, and the shimmering horizon in the distance.

They dismounted and took the saddles off the ponies’ back, ordering them to assume the “lounge chair” position so that everyone could take a rest. They decided to turn on the two-way radio at regular intervals, checking every channel available in the hope of catching a signal. They set a routine, turning it on for a few minutes every half hour while enjoying the view and sharing quiet conversations, enjoying Ella’s and Courtney’s comfortable bodies beneath them, and the girls’ tireless tongues massaging and washing their feet.

On their last attempt, they decided to sit on a tree log overlooking the ocean to let their ponies stretch their bodies a little, since they were going to be saddled and ridden back soon. That’s when Mia's sharp ears detected a faint but discernible voice coming through the radio. Her eyes widened with excitement, and she leaned in to listen more closely. The voice was speaking in the native language of her country, and she could understand it. The Smith women, unable to comprehend the language, watched Mia's face intently, their hearts pounding with hope and anticipation.

Mia’s gestures confirmed that the unrest was still in full swing, triggered by a military coup. She also heard something about an international peace force possibly being sent to the country soon, which seemed to worry the soldiers whose conversation she was listening to.

Mia took two additional trips to the same spot by herself during the following week, choosing Courtney as her loyal mount while the Smith women shared Ella to gather fruits in the vicinity of their camp. However, she did not learn any new information.

Then one morning, as Sarah and Chloe awoke to the gentle rays of the morning sun streaming into their makeshift shelter, they couldn't help but notice that Mia was hunched over the radio, a determined expression etched across her face. Wires and components were scattered around her, and the radio lay in pieces, its inner workings exposed.

At first, a surge of concern washed over the Smith women. Were they now left without any means of communication again? But as she observed Mia's focused efforts, their worry gave way to curiosity.

Chloe quietly approached Mia, careful not to disrupt her delicate work. She watched as Mia carefully removed the radio's battery, her brow furrowed in concentration. The women realized that Mia was attempting to rewire the battery to power the satellite phone they had found in the suitcase on the beach.

The discovery left them in awe of Mia's resourcefulness. They were filled with hope that their chances of contacting the outside world might be within reach, thanks to Mia's ingenuity and determination. And sure enough, the phone eventually came alive with a friendly beep.

With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, Sarah took it outside until it located a satellite. Then, with her hands shaking, she dialed her sister Jane's number. The anticipation of hearing a familiar voice after their long isolation was palpable. Chloe, Ella, Courtney and Mia watched as Sarah set to phone to loudspeaker mode and waited.

After what felt like an eternity, a voice crackled to life on the other end of the line. It was Jane, Sarah's sister, and her relief was evident as she exclaimed, "Sarah? Is that really you?"

Tears welled up in Sarah's eyes as she replied, her voice quivering with emotion, "Yes, Jane, it's me. We're alive. We're okay."

Jane's response was a mixture of joy and disbelief, her words rushing out in a torrent of relief. "Oh my God, Sarah! We thought you were... we thought you were gone. Where are you? Are you safe?"

Sarah quickly provided their coordinates, reading them off the phone screen. Jane assured her that she would contact the embassy immediately and that a rescue team would be dispatched as soon as possible. The news filled the women with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation.

As Sarah hung up the phone, she turned to Chloe and Mia, her eyes glistening with tears of gratitude and relief. "They're coming for us," she whispered, her voice trembling with emotion. "We're going to be okay."

The weight of uncertainty that had hung over them for so long was finally beginning to lift, replaced by a glimmer of optimism for their future.

In that moment, the bond between these women, forged through their shared trials and challenges, felt stronger than ever. They had faced the unknown together, relying on their resourcefulness, resilience, and unwavering support. And now, with rescue on the horizon, they could dare to dream of returning to the world they had once known, forever changed by their remarkable journey of survival.

As the excitement of their imminent rescue settled in, the Smith women found themselves in a reflective mood. Sitting together in their shelter, the gentle sounds of the ocean in the background, they began to contemplate what the future held, particularly for Mia.

Chloe, her eyes filled with concern, turned to Sarah and asked, "What will happen to Mia when we get rescued?"

Sarah asked Mia, through gestures, what she thought her future should be like. Perhaps she had other family she wished to be reunited with?

Mia, who had been listening attentively, pointed to herself and then mimed riding a pony, emphasizing her desire to continue being a part of their unique family.

Sarah and Chloe exchanged thoughtful glances, realizing the depth of the bond they had formed with Mia during their time on the island. It was clear that Mia had become an integral part of their lives, and they couldn't imagine simply parting ways once they were rescued.

With a sense of resolve, Sarah extended her hand towards Mia, offering it to her as a gesture of inclusion and unity. Mia, her eyes bright with gratitude, accepted Sarah's hand, symbolizing their commitment to finding a way to remain together even after their rescue.

As they clasped hands while sitting on Ella and Courtney’s backs, the three women shared a silent understanding that their journey was far from over. They would face the challenges of the future as a united family, bound by the extraordinary experiences they had shared.

The satellite phone rang moments later. The embassy was going to send a team, but it would take until the following morning, given the difficult political situation in the country.

“Well, it’s still morning. How should we spend our last day on the island?” Sarah asked with a smile.

“I was just thinking that we have never ridden the entire perimeter of the island since Mia has joined us…” Chloe suggested.

The Smith women smiled at each other and sprang into action, saddling their human ponies and putting in their saddlebags everything they needed for a long day of riding and exploring.

“Don’t forget the dressage whip, honey. We might need it today,” Sarah suggested to her daughter with a mischievous smile. Then she mounted Courtney, who was going to be at her service on that day, and she resolutely tighten her reins.

“Sure thing, Mom,” Chloe turned around to look for their most effective whip, but she couldn’t find it. Without looking at her mom, she wondered out loud, “I wonder which pony Mia is going to ride the most today…”

Just as she spoke those words, Mia stepped with her bare feet on Courtney’s lower back, standing behind Sarah’s saddle, dressage whip in hand.

“Follow us, honey,” Sarah teased her daughter as Mia set them into motion.

Chloe hopped on her own saddle, and spurred Ella to get into their hot pursuit.