Nothing beats the practicality of a Shoulder Ride, which turns the human pony into an actual means of transportation. But what about the Rider’s feet? Tucked behind the pony’s back may be the most common solution, but it can get uncomfortable for the Rider after a while. Just hanging in front? Same thing, and it […]

It was almost dawn. The two women were asleep on a large bed, close together in a spooning position, wearing nothing but underwear. They couldn’t look more different, yet the combination was astoundingly beautiful. The first was a young and athletic black girl, 19 years old, tall and sexy. In front of her – and […]

This Rider looks extremely comfortable, as she bounces on the saddle placed astride her human pony’s shoulders. I wonder how close her experience was to riding an actual horse. Saddle or no saddle? What would be your preference? […]

There’s something so special about two Riders enjoying themselves in tandem. Don’t you think? It makes their carriers look like simple beasts of burden, used for fun and comfort while the Riders hold hands and chat with each other in their superior position. Whether it’s on a beach or at a concert, such a situation […]

I love the sense of entitlement of this Rider. She takes her human pony completely for granted, showing no concern for his wellbeing even after riding him for hours in a deserted region […]

The experience of using another person was completely new to Amanda: she had always been a pleaser, focused on other people’s needs above her own, never accustomed to giving orders. Yet she found it exhilarating to ride Tiffany like a beast of burden. And very arousing. She simply couldn’t believe how even the most subtle […]