August 29, 2018

Happily Ever After

He loves the way she looks in those crystal shoes, but she finds them so uncomfortable to wear! So he gladly accepts to carry her to their castle, pulling her weight on a long uphill ride.

He has no idea this is only the first step in his descent towards marital slavery. Soon she will demand a bit in his mouth, bridles to direct him and a cruel whip to encourage him. They will take long rides in the woods every day, and he will be pushed beyond exhaustion for her comfort and pleasure. Inside the castle, he will always carry her on all-fours through the long hallways.

One look at her adorable feet will be enough for him to accept anything.

Who else believes that husbands should become servants to their own wives, putting their own strength at the service of feminine grace and beauty?

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  1. Hello Friend. I think this is a nice plot and you can write a very interesting story with it. In addition she may learn to ride him on shoulder and spur him eventually….

  2. Thank You for Your stories


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