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Women's Planet - 15. Back to Zara


Elise thought she had never desired a hot bath so much. Fully relaxed in the soapy water, she felt the exhaustion of those last days slowing leaving her beautiful body.

She looked at her handsome pack animal: Steven was humbly positioned on hands and knees beside the bathtub, waiting for her. Elise had ridden him for three days through the forest before reaching that motel, just inside the border of Zenobia’s Kingdom. He had been a perfect horse. His naked body still showed marks from the saddle belts and the bleeding wounds caused by Elise’s spurs, but a quick treatment at the motel’s stables had already put him back in good shape.

Elise eventually stood up. She walked out of the Jacuzzi. Still wet and soapy, she pulled Steven’s hair to get him upright on his knees and caressed the wounds on his abdomen with her foot. “My amazing strong horse! You can’t imagine how exciting it is to feel your muscles respond every time I spur you,” she said. “Your pain for my comfort and satisfaction. Mmm…” She put his mouth between her thighs. He drank every drop of her golden nectar, then started cleaning her pussy. Of course Elise made his tongue continue until she reached a marvelous orgasm. At this point she noticed his powerful erection and smiled, very pleased. She pushed him down, sat on his naked back with a large smile and said: “Let’s go to the bedroom, honey…”

After the tough days across the forest, their journey continued with a slower pace… and with many hours spent in motel rooms… It looked like Elise didn’t really look forward to reach their destination, but preferred enjoying Steven full-time for a while.

That afternoon, Steven was being ridden at a slow pace. He heard Elise chatting with an attractive woman, who was riding a rickshaw beside them, but couldn’t understand everything because her thighs often covered his ears. Anyway, she was a woman from the town where Elise had grown up, so the girl was listening to some local news. Given the sunny spring day, the young ancilla weared just shorts and a t-shirt. The skin of her beautiful soft legs nicely clashed with the muscular tanned body she was mounted astride. Her mobile phone suddenly rang. “Hi, Elizabeth… my Goddess, how are you doing?… ehm… yes, of course… I’m not so far… I think tomorrow… ah, ok… you want us to arrive by the evening… ok, of course… anything you want… I’m sure Steven will endure it, I just wanted him to recover from the first tough days… no no, of course, as you wish… see you later.”

“Holy shit!” Elise quickly said goodbye to her friend, then she took her bare feet off the stirrups and moved her butt from the saddle onto Steven’s right shoulder, in order to pick her boots out of the large bag fastened on Steven’s back, just under the saddle. While in that uneasy position, she wore the boots and tightened the spur straps. Then she sat back on the saddle, put the boots into the stirrups and whispered: “I had different plans for us tonight, baby… but now I’m really going to need every drop of your energy. Giddy up!” She repeatedly hit Steven’s abdomen with her razor-sharp spurs. The cowgirl-hat she wore fell hanging at her neck, her long blonde hair moving in the wind, while Steven summoned up all his strength to carry his beautiful rider at a full gallop.

They reached Elizabeth’s palace at 11:00 in the evening, after an exhausting non-stop ride. Elise, even if tired and cold, dismounted very quickly and left Steven in the hands of the grooms. “Take care of him, hurry up! He’s bleeding because of my spurs and a fall happened 30 minutes ago. I shouldn’t have pushed him to gallop even along that downhill section.” Of course, Elise didn’t have a scratch on her beautiful body, as Steven was trained to protect his riders with his own body. “If I bring him to Elizabeth in these conditions, she will kill me! Make him presentable very quickly, while I go take a quick shower!”

Twenty minutes later, somebody knocked on Elizabeth’s bedroom door. “Come on in,” she calmly said. Elise and Steven, both cleaned out and completely naked, entered the room and shut the door. Of course Steven proceeded on all fours, while Elise sat on his back with no saddle nor bridles, just a hand pulling his hair for directions. The young ancilla had her legs hanging off the slave’s shoulders, beside his arms, but she stopped Steven and put her bare feet onto the soft carpet when she saw her Goddess walking towards them.

Elizabeth hit her face with a rough slap, which made her lip bleed a little bit. Then she smiled, sat on Steven’s neck and kissed her favorite ancilla with gentleness… then with passion, then with all her tongue into her mouth. "I missed you, stupid girl!" They had sex for a long time. Steven’s injured knees and hands were in pain, but he endured the weight of two ladies for the whole time. Elizabeth seemed completely indifferent to him. Once finished with her lover, she said she wanted to sleep alone and let Elise ride Steven back to her own room. The girl, even if conscious of Steven’s conditions, didn’t dismount until she reached her bed. Walking on her bare feet was out of discussion! She fell asleep in a couple of minutes, so Steven laid on the floor and tried to get some rest.

When Elise woke up, he wasn’t there anymore. An initiative of his own was excluded, so she thought Elizabeth must have asked for him. Her guess was right. When she walked out of the balcony, the noise of a continuous whipping welcomed her, together with a warm bright sun. Elizabeth was downstairs, making some loops of the race track on a light rickshaw pulled by Steven. His back appeared already marked by the whiplashes, as he galloped like a desperate wild animal. “Can I join you for a ride, my Goddess?” Elise yelled.

So the two ladies went for a long relaxing ride in the countryside. Elizabeth let Elise use bridles and whip, but sometimes encouraged her to be more demanding. “Are you planning to punish him for a long time, my Goddess?” Elise asked at a point. “Oh, no honey. Don’t be sad… I’m just having some fun, I love this slave so much and I’ve been missing him… But I know he’s a good boy, and I don’t blame him for the escape: he’s loyal to Danielle because of the way he’s been trained.”

During the following days, Elizabeth took Steven back to his usual duties: ass licker inside her throne, human horse both indoors and outdoors, human toilet every single morning. He was often involved in the ladies’ hot nights too… but he used to spend all the remaining time with Elise.

Elizabeth became obsessed with an idea: she wanted Steven and Elise to generate a beautiful male baby, meant to become her young slave when she got older. So she pushed them to have sex almost every day, usually in her presence. Her favourite position had Steven penetrating Elise with Elizabeth sat on his back, so she could spur him and feel his muscles under her naked ass. She often made Steven penetrate herself too, but then he had to continue with Elise and cum into her only.

Steven heard no news about Danielle for months, until the day Elizabeth rode him upstairs and entered a room he had never seen before. She caressed his hair and said: “I know you love her, my dear. Nonetheless, you’ve always been an excellent slave for me, even in the days I’ve been more merciless than ever. So you deserve a little reward.” Remaining on his back, she switched on a huge tv screen… and an unaware Danielle suddenly appeared: the twins had an invisible microcamera on the back of their skulls, so Elizabeth and Steven could now watch a very special reality show. The cameras showed Kate and Danielle on their rickshaw. Kate kept the bridles, and her whip often hit the twins’ back. Danielle was more beautiful than ever. She was chatting with Kate and had some books on her thighs. She was obviously going to the College, before letting Kate begin her work day as taxi driver.

Steven felt very sad, and thought she had probably forgotten him. Elizabeth ordered him to keep watching and to stay on three legs, in order to sustain one of her feet and kiss it… just there, in front of Danielle’s live broadcast. “Lick my foot, slave. You’re going to be mine forever…”