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The Transformation - Part 1


The following tale is a spur-of-the-moment idea inspired by “A Change of Heart”, a short story by Balance published here, which I recommend to any ponygirl enthusiast.

“Mallory, how about you don’t ride me today? I will still carry all of our supplies: I am strong enough for that. But my back is still human, and your weight makes it very sore. It hurt so much last night that I could barely sleep!” Allison was starting to sound desperate and look exhausted, one week after her transformation.

“Oh, stop it! You will become stronger with practice, as I keep riding you all the time. After all, there must be a reason why that witch turned you into my donkey!”

“She never said that I was meant to be yours. And I am not a donkey!”

“She definitely improved you with this transformation, but the truth is that you were already mine as a person. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wished to have a personal servant. When Mom and Dad adopted you – younger than me, and so eager to make me happy – I knew that my prayers had been answered.”

“How can you say that? I have always let you boss me around only because I love you. And I have always looked up to you as my big sister, and taken care of your needs in any way I could, but I am not your servant!”

“Open your mouth” Mallory said in response, smiling as Allison instinctively obeyed, letting her sister pull the bit harshly into her cheeks and fasten the straps. “See, you do everything I say without even thinking. You always have. You were clearly born to be my slave. I am actually surprised you have waited so long to turn into something useful like a beast of burden!”

As Allison started sobbing, Mallory added: “Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be uncomfortable. If it hurts when I pull the reins, you’ll react faster and serve me better. Don’t you want me to be happy with you, slave?” Before the bridle, Allison had felt she was just giving her sister a ride. Now, she was being ridden. The difference was very clear.

Mallory stepped with a foot in the stirrup and swung her other leg over, avoiding the sacks of supplies slung over Allison’s body, and landed heavily with her bubbly ass on her sister’s soft back. Allison’s groan clearly expressed her pain and discomfort, but Mallory smiled with satisfaction as she felt her own ass sink delightfully into her mount’s sensual back. She harshly pulled the right rein to make Allison turn in that direction, then she started her at a walk with her heels and immediately spurred her to a brisk pace with a couple more kicks.

Mallory was simply ecstatic with how things had turned out. Only one week earlier she had felt completely exhausted and hopeless: she and her sister – traveling merchants – had been robbed of their donkey and part of their merchandise during the night, and were traveling on foot while carrying those heavy sacks to the next town for a market. A witch had appeared out of nowhere, just while Mallory was expressing her frustration against Allison, blaming her for not waking up during the theft and asking her to carry some more sacks, even though she was already the most burdened. “You two don’t look very happy today” had said the witch, trotting along on a little pony.

Mallory had explained their unfortunate situation, and the witch had left them with an evil smile and a cryptic sentence: “I may have a solution for you, but someone is going to pay a price. You will see…” The two sisters had reached the market and made some good sales, but they had decided to sleep in the woods again – instead of lodging at a hostel – to save money and buy a new donkey soon. In the middle of the night, Allison had woken up and screamed: “Oh my God, what’s happening to me?” Her feet had turned into hooves, and her lower legs were all furry. She looked at her upper body and touched her head, finding it to be still human, except her ears that were now much bigger. And all of her clothes had disappeared! Mallory tried to comfort her, and promised they would look for the witch or some wizard who could help them reverse the spell.

By morning, Allison’s arms and hands had also transformed into furry legs and hooves and she could only stand on all fours, with her back perfectly parallel to the ground. Allison’s stomach, breasts, back and head were still human; everything else looked like a small donkey. As they got on their way in the morning, Allison quickly realized that her new body was much stronger, and she offered to carry most of the supplies, then all of them. Mallory started seeing the advantages of this new situation, and soon started complaining about her feet being tired from all the walking of the last few days. “Right now I am kind of envious of those hooves you got!” she told her sister with a smile. Allison had felt sad for the entire morning, but she smiled back and said: “Perhaps I could try giving you a ride?” That’s how it all started.

Allison now realized that while her new legs were pretty strong, her back was still human and quickly getting sore beneath her rider’s weight: Mallory was an attractive young woman, but she was tall and she had always had curves, so she must have weighed about 140 lbs. They kept proceeding as rider and donkey for the rest of the day. On the following morning, Mallory loaded all the supplies on Allison’s back and then mounted her without even asking, as if it was already their new normality. “Ouch, my back is so sore!” Allison exclaimed, as soon as her back received Mallory’s weight and bent under it. “So are my feet. I don’t want to walk. Come on, let’s go!” Mallory replied, slapping her human donkey’s ass with her hand for good measure. Humiliated and scared, Allison obeyed. And she let her sister use her like a beast of burden without further comments for the following two days, until Mallory decided to hire a saddler to have her sister fitted with bit, bridles and stirrups. “You are pushing this too far! And why have we not been looking for the witch?” Allison tried, but Mallory’s answer terrified her and prevented any further resistance: “If you are not happy with how I treat you, I can always leave you somewhere in the woods. What do you think any stranger would do to you, donkey?”

Mallory specifically asked the saddler to put no actual saddle on Allison’s back, but only a thin sheet of leather to protect her own ass and thighs from her mount’s sweat: she absolutely loved feeling Allison’s soft and flexible back bending under her at every step. And her sister’s resulting pain only added to her pleasure.

Now – a week after the transformation – Mallory was getting more demanding every day.

“Faster, faster!” she said a few minutes into their morning ride, kicking Allison’s moving thighs with her heels. The woman’s torso, still human, was too narrow to be reached by Mallory’s feet like a horse’s. “You know what? I’m tired of having to kick you. I should get some sort of whip, like a riding crop, or maybe one of those long and thin whips that are used for dressage horses. I bet you would stop being so lazy!”

Allison – who was carrying her sister and their heavy supplies at the best of her abilities, working very hard and enduring constant back pain – started crying and sobbing, wondering if this nightmare would ever end. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden tug of the reins, that made the bit painfully sink into her cheeks.

“I have an idea. It should work for now. Stop here, and stay absolutely steady” Mallory ordered. The she removed her feet from the stirrups, got up on her knees on top of Allison’s back, and finally stood up on her. “Don’t move. I’ll kill you if you drop me!” Allison could hear some noise from the tree above them, but she had no idea what was going on. Then Mallory squatted slightly from her standing position, and let herself fall down and land astride her mount, who screamed in agony as her sister’s full weight hit her back. Mallory placed her feet back in the stirrups, grabbed the reins and took a deep breath, bracing herself for what was about to happen.

One moment later, Allison felt the most acute pain of her entire life, as her rider hit her one, two, three times with the thin flexible stick she had managed to get off a tree.

Allison had never gone beyond a brisk walk since her transformation, and she never thought she could go any faster, overburdened as she was with her older sister’s weight and all their supplies. But the pain from the stick made her stop thinking. She just reacted like an animal, trying hopelessly to escape whatever was hitting her back, thus offering her sadistic rider – comfortable on her back – a desperately fast trot. She could have even galloped, if she had only had Mallory on her back without all of those heavy sacks.

“Yah! Yah!” Mallory kept yelling, hitting her every few seconds to maintain the pace. She felt so powerful, so aroused by all the bouncing against her sister’s flexible back, so entitled to be served, so excited to abuse Allison as much as she liked. The world had finally recognized their natural roles, and she was now the owner of her own personal slave. Life was good.

To be continued...