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The Retreat - Part 3


I am starting to wonder if I can make it through this. I am so exhausted. Men are not meant to be ridden all day like beasts of burden, after all. Or are they?

Either way, the fact is that my back has been hurting constantly for the past couple of days, which makes it hard to sleep. And once I finally fall asleep, Alyssa wakes me up at least once in the middle of every night, so I can carry her to the bathroom on my back. Her pale thighs are so sexy as she seats on the toilet, and I wish she ordered me to dive in and clean her, but she keeps using toilet paper instead. She just doesn’t seem interested in any form of intimacy with me – or any man, for that matter. The only part of her body that I am allowed to lick is her beautiful feet and long toes. I do it with passion and enjoyment, but it feels like she only cares about having them clean at all times.

As a rider, she has gradually become more demanding since we got here. But there is something else: I feel like she’s suddenly embraced a gratuitously sadistic side in the past week, as my constantly bleeding ribs can testify. It all started after that night with Anne and Laura. Alyssa had promised to lend me to them, but – as I expected – she came with me and offered to stay. Something must have happened on that night to upset her, but it’s hard for me to figure out: they immediately blindfolded me and put earplugs into my ears. I was just steady on my hands and knees for hours, while their bodies sat and moved on me in so many different ways that I can’t recall them all. I know for a fact that – at one point – one woman was laying with her back on my back, while the other two sat and moved on top of her. Oh, I wish I could have witnessed that scene…

My thoughts are interrupted as I see something strikingly new. It’s actually one of the most politically incorrect scenes I have ever witnessed in my life: a pretty blonde girl is wearing nothing but cowgirl boots and hat and a confederate flag bikini, while walking towards a fit black woman. She kicks her hard in the ankle, and the woman immediately kneels down on one knee. The white girl mounts heavily, yanks the reins harshly, and the slave obediently stands up, keeping her neck bent forward to provide her rider with a comfortable saddle and placing her hands under the soles of her boots as stirrups. The rider looks very young and attractive, with the attitude of a true spoiled brat. And the carrier looks selflessly and genuinely dedicated to pleasing her. I have never seen anything so unfair, yet so intoxicatingly exciting!

(Note – I am not a racist: I would find it hot even if it was the other way around. I just think interracial S/M can look very erotic…)

Alyssa must be just as impressed by what just happened, because I immediately feel her spurs jabbing me to trot in that direction. A few seconds later, we are riding next to the new couple as the group starts a long morning ride and Alyssa makes her acquaintance with Jenny, whose spurs seem to constantly torture her black female carrier.

“My family has owned black slaves for centuries. I don’t see why I should deprive myself of the same comfort and pleasure…” Jenny says in a heavy Southern accent, when Alyssa asks about her relationship with her carrier.

“She is gorgeous. I would love to try riding her, one of these days” Alyssa responds.

“Well, I would love to ride your stud here. And I am not just talking about his back and shoulders! Do you realize how handsome he is?”

“Oh yes, I know. But I am not interested in him that way. So you could do anything you want with him.”

“Ok, that’s perfect. Let’s swap rides right now. I can’t wait to feel him between my legs. And you can do anything you want with my slut here.”

“That sounds great. But I recently swapped rides with another girl and ended up slowing down the whole group. Sally was not happy. So maybe we should wait until the afternoon…”

“I have a better idea. Let’s go faster for a little while to gain a head start, so we will have already swapped mounts by the time the group catches up with us!”

I can’t hear Alyssa’s answer, but it must be positive because I am immediately attacked by her spurs and riding crop at the same time. Jenny probably does exactly the same, because I can hear her “Yah!!” followed by an immediate grunt of her carrier, who is surprisingly able to keep up with me even though I am running for my life! Alyssa’s spurs keep jabbing me every few seconds to make sure I don’t slow down. I can hear her laugh with excitement and that makes me happy: I still love this girl, even though some of her recent behaviors have disappointed me. It’s my first time galloping under her though, and I wish Sally or Anne had taught her how to do it without bouncing heavily on my neck at every step.

Ten minutes later I am back to a walking pace, and the rider on my shoulders is Jenny. She is significantly lighter and more petite than Alyssa – whose weight is clearly testing the strength of the black girl next to us – but I soon realize that Jenny is by far the most sadistic rider I have ever served. Even as we go at a leisurely pace and she chats away with Alyssa, she enjoys hitting me every few seconds with the sharpest spurs I have ever felt, while yanking the reins at the same time. The result is that I don’t actually increase my speed, but I obey her orders by taking a single big step as if I wanted to start galloping, immediately followed by landing on the other foot and slowing down. It’s almost like a jump. Jenny is clearly enjoying rubbing off her crotch against my neck through her thin bikini, and that little trick seems to be enhancing her pleasure. It also gives me a lot of pain and it unnecessarily consumes plenty of my energies, but I am captivated by her selfish and demanding attitude, as well as by her very sexual approach to riding me.

As she keeps chatting with Alyssa, I learn that my new rider is the 19 year old daughter of a rich farmer in West Virginia. They are aware that slavery was abolished a long time ago, but she met Coleen – the black girl – on a S/M website and had her move in with her as a 24/7 slave shortly thereafter. She doesn’t really believe in white supremacy, but she likes playing with that concept since her slave happens to be black. And she’s been actively looking for a male white slave to own. Jenny clearly likes me, and I seriously wish I could be hers. At the same time I find her a little scary: she is the most sadistic rider I have ever served, at only 19 years old. How long until she literally rides me to death?

“You are so young. How come you are already such an expert rider?” Alyssa asks, while whipping poor Coleen to keep up with us.

“My sister is 8 years older than me, and she has always been into S/M. She is incredibly dominant. Seriously, I am compassionate compared to her!” Jenny laughs. “When our parents passed away in a car accident, she inherited the farm and acted as a total bitch with our employees. When they involved the unions, she fired all of them. Then she invested in advanced machinery to limit the number of workers necessary to run the farm, and she started turning some of the slaves from her S/M hobby into 24/7 free labor. They work incredibly hard, in exchange for basic food and shelter and the pleasure to serve her.”

“Wow, that must be a great life for you two!”

“The transition was hard, and we had a couple of rough years. But things are great now. We have more slaves than we need. And my sister and I use some of them as human horses to ride for miles every day in the fields and monitor the work. She also taught me so many different uses for our slaves! They can improve every single aspect of your life, if you are creative and merciless enough. Coleen is my only female slave, and the first that I acquired for myself, after borrowing from my sister a lot through the years. I like her because I can feel her struggle as my human horse. It’s so rewarding to push her to complete exhaustion, and then beyond her limits…”

“That sounds amazing. I would love to learn some of your tricks! I mostly use Steven as my pony, chair and foot cleaner. I know some of the ladies here demand intimate services, but on this trip I am fully realizing that I only want that from other women.”

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that myself, Alyssa. I’m straight. But you are welcome to take advantage of Coleen. Why don’t you keep her for a few days, while I make full use of your Steven?”

“We have a deal!” Alyssa replies with a high-pitched voice. I slightly turn to my side for a second, and I see a bright smile on her face. She looks ecstatic, and I am very happy for her. Apparently there are things I can’t do for her, irrespective of how hard I’ve been trying to be a perfect servant. I also get to see Coleen’s face between her thighs. She looks scared, and I wonder if she’s going to make it as Alyssa’s rider for a full day: she looks strong, but Alyssa is probably taller than her and just slightly lighter. I can see lots of spur marks in two areas of her abdomen – where Jenny must have hit her – and more fresh marks below them, where Alyssa’s longer legs must be reaching when she jabs her.

“All right, I’ll see you later! Taking a little deviation with my new stud…” Jenny tells Alyssa, interrupting my thoughts with a sharp yank of the reins that makes me turn 90 degrees, followed by one, two, three vicious jabs of the spurs. I start galloping into the woods without even thinking, immediately losing sight of all the other riders and carriers on the beaten track. But Jenny doesn’t have enough. As we reach an open field, she spurs me one more time and then starts whipping me continuously with her riding crop while yelling “Yah, yah!!”

I am literally flying now. I have never run so fast with a rider on my shoulders. My muscles ache, but it’s nothing compared to the pain Jenny is inflicting on me, so I keep running all out. This girl is starting to terrify me, but at the same time this is the most amazing time of my life! She is an extremely competent rider and she doesn’t bounce on my neck at all, but she squeezes it hard to stick to me as one body. The feeling of her soft inner thighs pressing against my face is absolutely amazing. I have never felt so abused in my life, and I absolutely love it. Jenny is just unreal!

After a couple of minutes at this unsustainable pace, Jenny suddenly pulls the reins and I feel the bit dig cruelly into my mouth. I slow down as quickly as I can – hoping she won’t fall off – but she points her feet forward and I feel her weight press hard into my neck through her crotch. She definitely knows what she is doing.

As soon as I come to a complete stop, she orders: “Down!” It’s the first time she talks to me, and I feel lucky to be addressed by such an amazing Riding Goddess. This teenager could be my daughter. Yet I am already completely under her spell.

I kneel down – breathing heavily – and I lower my head even further to let her slide off the back of my head, just as I’ve been taught. She jumps down so quickly and with such agility that I don’t have time to remove my hands from under her boots, so she steps on them. I am hurting everywhere at this point, but I can’t wait to find out what she has in store for me. I could really use some sexual relief as well…

Jenny looks at me, grabs my hair and walks with her bikini bottom into my face. “Smell your new owner, slave!” she says while rubbing her crotch against my nose, and I immediately get turned on, despite my exhaustion. “Starting today, your only purpose in life is to please me” she adds, with a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

“Now, you are going to stay on your knees and bend your head back, looking at the sky.” As she says that, she pulls my hair to force me into the position she just described. This actually feels good for my neck, that has been bent forward for hours today under the weight of my riders.

Jenny shows me how to cross my arms behind my back the way she wants, grabbing the left forearm with my right hand and viceversa. Then she painfully steps on my forearms with one boot, swings the other leg and lands with her crotch on my face, facing my back. I immediately realize with immense pleasure that she took her bikini off. Several times she pushes into her feet to lift herself, then she lands heavily onto my face. I lick her as much as I can, but her full weight and sudden landings don’t help. Then she starts riding me back and forth, rubbing her wet pussy all the way between my chin and my forehead. I can hear her moan with pleasure, but she is probably getting tired of moving so much because she kicks my back with her spurs, which I interpret as a signal to rock back and forth to help her movement. That really gets her going, and I can soon feel the sweet taste of her orgasm in my mouth.

Jenny stops moving, and remains sat with her full weight on my face for a minute or two. She even lets her feet dangle freely. The bottom of her thighs are covering my eyes, so I can’t see anything. My mouth is in heaven, but my neck and shins hurt like hell at this point.

Then she opens her thighs and she looks into my eyes. “Open wide!” Before I have enough time to understand her intentions, I feel her warm pee flowing into my mouth. Fortunately a dominant ex-girlfriend taught me what to do a few years ago: I press my lips against Jenny to create a seal, and when my mouth is almost full I close it enough to be able to swallow, but not completely so that her nectar keeps flowing though my lips. She has a lot, and I keep swallowing while we look into each other’s eyes. It’s absolutely magical to see her expression of complete satisfaction, as she uses me in such a humiliating way. At one point she farts while peeing, and immediately giggles about it while still maintaining eye contact with me, her human toilet. Once I have swallowed every last drop, I start licking and cleaning her. She enjoys my tongue as her toilet paper for a few seconds, then she places her boots back on my forearms and lifts herself up from my face. “Wow, you didn’t miss a single drop! I am completely clean. You are fucking perfect, slave! I am so going to own you!” Then she lowers herself again, but this time she is sitting closer to my forehead. “Now lick my ass. I feel like it needs some cleaning after that fart you heard…”

A few minutes later, I still have the taste of Jenny’s pee and asshole in my mouth as she rides me like the wind. It takes me at least 15 minutes at full gallop to carry my newly found Goddess along the trail until we catch up with the group. For the entire time she sits comfortably on my neck and shoulders in her confederate flag bikini, squeezing my face between her soft white thighs, while constantly spurring and whipping me to maintain speed even as I get more and more tired. I have never been ridden so hard for so long, yet I absolutely worship her and by no means I resent her selfish and cruel treatment. The more she hurts me, the happier I feel because that allows me to serve better. And the idea that she is fully relaxed, pleasured and clean – thanks to her use of my mouth – makes me feel so compelled to be the most comfortable and reliable beast of burden in the world. I think I might be falling in love…

Of course I am completely exhausted, once she slows me down by the tail of the group. It’s literally hard to breathe, but her spurs keep me in check and I maintain a walking pace. Unsurprisingly, the last rider of the group is Anne, astride her girlfriend Laura.

“Hi there. My name is Jenny. How are you?”

“Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Anne. And this is my girlfriend Laura, who’s starting to get seriously tired but she’s been doing an amazing job!”

“Yes, she is. You two are the same size! It’s impressive. And I love how she rubs your bare feet while using her hands as stirrups for you. I should try that with my Steven here, though I would miss the spurs so much…”

“Oh, that’s ok. They have stirrups with spurs, in case you want to ride barefoot while still using them. I don’t like them though. Laura is motivated by her love and adoration to me, with no need for unnecessary pain. Anyway, did you say he’s your Steven? I thought he was Alyssa’s…”

“Yes, we just swapped rides. But I am enjoying this stallion so much that I am planning to do everything in my power to keep him!” My heart is leaping with joy.

“Do you know Alyssa well?” Anne inquires. Then she gently kicks her mount with her heels and says: “Come on, babe. You can do it. Keep carrying your Princess, and go a little faster now. You don’t want my beautiful feet to walk, do you? Show me what you’ve got!”

Jenny replies with a giggle: “Oh my God, you two are so cute! I just met Alyssa this morning. She really liked my black female slave, and I was immediately attracted to this handsome man, so the swap was definitely a win-win. How about you?”

“We met last week. She must have realized that she really prefers female mounts, because she insisted in swapping rides with me. She promised to be gentle, so I eventually gave in. But as soon as I lost sight of her, she was much more dominant with Laura and made her cry. I galloped on Steven all the way to the head of the group to make them slow down and wait for us, yet she had already managed to force Laura to reach the group by the time we got back to them. I was so mad…”

“What did you do about it?”

“Nothing right away. But that night she showed up with Steven, thinking that I would share Laura with her and we would use her together. I think she is very attracted to me. But instead I forced her to be the soft human mattress on which Laura and I loved each other for hours. It was the sweetest revenge. We even rode her face, both of us. And we did all of that on top of Steven, who was blindfolded and wearing earplugs. So the poor bastard was sustaining the weight of three of us, without even knowing what was going on!” Anne concludes with an evil laugh.

Why does everyone keep talking about me as if I wasn’t there? They must be really getting used to considering us nothing more than beasts of burden. While I feel bad for Alyssa, the scene that Anne described will be stuck in my mind for a long time. I just love sensual domination between women…

That night is the first I spend with Jenny. By the time we reach her bedroom, I am experiencing a new all-time peak of exhaustion. Nobody has ever abused me so thoroughly, while making me literally fall in love in the process.

Jenny looks at me, kneeling on the floor beside the bed after carrying her all the way there. “You are a mess: sweat and dirt and blood everywhere. But before I go for a shower and send you to the stables to get cleaned up, I have some more use for you. Put this towel on that chair, and then your head on it, looking at the ceiling.” I know what’s about to happen, and seconds later I am swallowing Jenny’s piss for the fourth time today. She has never done it in a toilet since she saw me for the first time, and I hope she won’t anymore.

I obediently lick her clean, then I do the same with her ass as she moves a little forward and offers it to me. After a while she stands up, sits on the edge of the bed and orders: “Take my boots off.” As I do that, she immediately pushes her feet into my mouth, one at a time while the other rests on my chest or shoulders. I bathe her feet and toes for at least 10 minutes, until she dismisses me with a playful but harsh kick.

“Go get cleaned up, slave. You might get lucky and sleep in my bed tonight…”

I am over the moon. Never in my dreams I thought I would get this lucky. “Oh, wait!” she adds, as I am about to leave her room.

“Come here, and look at me in the eyes,” she orders while pushing me back on my knees and placing a foot on my crotch. “You will be mine, forever.”

And that’s the beginning of the next chapter of my life.