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The Au-Pair Girl - Part 2


Everything kept going as usual on the following day, until after dinner when Elizabeth announced: “Hey kids, won’t you show me the progress you’ve made as horse riders?”

Of course Laura was sent upstairs to get ready. She wore a training outfit, made by tiny shorts and top, then fastened the saddle on her back. She remained barefoot and put a couple of volleyball kneepads on. So good that she’d packed them back home, in case she had a chance to play in the UK! Of course she had in mind a much different kind of game.

She expected the following hour to be quite demanding, but the awkward goodnight of the previous day made her feel very willing to please her charming hostess.Laura did her best to make the whole family have fun. Even though the kids hadn’t made relevant improvements lately, she crawled at different paces and made them appear a perfect pair of cowboys to her Mum, who watched everything from the couch and applauded with gusto. Laura felt barely aware of her young, innocent riders. Everything she wanted was to make Elizabeth happy.Her back was a bit tired though, after more than one hour playing no-stop with the kids taking shifts on it. Then Elizabeth ordered them to bed. “Henry, Lindsay… go brush your teeth! Come on!” She was very good at making her orders appear like inevitable, without any chance of negotiation. The kids obediently stepped upstairs, chatting about how much fun they had this time with their friend Laura: the girl definitely had a place in their heart at this point.

Laura approached the stairs. “I’m going to put this stuff off” she told Elizabeth, referring to the saddle and kneepads.

“Not so fast” the woman unexpectedly replied. “My ankle is still aching, and it was very hard to climb the stairs on one leg yesterday, even though you helped me. Therefore I’m thinking… perhaps I could just ride you upstairs!”

“You mean on all fours, like the kids?” an astonished Laura asked.

“Yes, of course. I’m not that heavy, and you’re a beautiful athletic girl. I’m sure you can do it, and I bet it will be fun!”

Laura felt a bit worried… and overwhelmingly horny! She entered a trance similar to the night before, perhaps even more acute, and silently got on her hands and knees while staring at Elizabeth’s legs and feet, without a word.

The woman slowly approached her little horse, with an unseen bright smile. She was amazed by Laura’s clear fear and excitement, and felt her own crotch getting warm and wet. “Quiet, little horse” she joked, caressing Laura’s hair with her hand. Then, without any warning, she resolutely mounted astride her and immediately put her naked feet in the stirrups. She settled her full weight on the tiny saddle, enjoying the feeling of the cute girl beneath her.

Laura instinctively bent her back a little, like to welcome the lady’s weight and to become more comfortable for her. This definitely took Elizabeth’s sadism out. “Ok, let’s make some training before you make me fall along the stairs. Giddy up horsie, carry me around the sofas!” she ordered with commanding voice, but still kind and thoughtful, digging her soft naked heels into the girl’s thighs like to spur her.

Now Laura could finally address her tension into physical effort, so she welcomed her order like a relief and started crawling with good will. Elizabeth must have weighed about 150 lbs, roughly 20 more than her, and Laura could definitely feel it. But she was in shape, she could endure. And she was determined to please Elizabeth, whatever the cost. This whole situation was completely unexpected until two days before, but Laura was now lucidly aware of the big crush she had on her host. The two women made a few laps in complete silence, except Laura’s hands stepping on the floor and the girl’s breath taking an increasingly fast pace.

Every time she crawled beside a full-body mirror Laura felt somehow shocked and, at the same time, incredibly aroused by what she saw. Her proud athletic body was clearly struggling, the muscles of her arms especially tense and shiny with sweat. Meanwhile, Elizabeth sat blissful astride her as if that was perfectly natural. The two women had approximately the same height, but Laura was thinner and crawling on all fours like a beast of burden! Therefore, their sight recalled one of those overloaded mules from third-world countries seen on TV, or even better a kid’s pony briefly ridden by an adult just for fun. On the following lap, Laura noticed the most exciting detail at all: the sharp contrast between her own tired and serious face, focused on the ongoing effort, and Elizabeth’s relaxed expression and amused smile. It was so unfair… yet so exciting to be abused this way by such a lovely woman.

Just when Laura felt like slowing down a bit, Elizabeth broke the silence: “Come on, now go faster little slave!” she yelled. The woman’s sudden attitude caused an electric shiver across Laura’s spine. Now she was getting afraid: how much did Elizabeth intend to push her? And how the hell did she dare referring to her as a slave? She soon realized that her biggest concern wasn’t about that though: she just didn’t want to disappoint her charming, beautiful rider. She was completely, irreparably into her!

A couple of strokes by Elizabeth’s bare heels, although not painful at all, succeeded in leading Laura into a sort of trot. Now her hands were scratching against the carpet and her muscles were quickly getting exhausted, but the worst was going on with her back: although supposed to be a former skilled rider, Elizabeth didn’t care helping the trot with her feet in the stirrups, but let her ass bounce on the tiny saddle at every step. Elizabeth’s full weight kept painfully hitting the center of the girl’s spine every second, and nothing made her think that this torture was going to be over soon: Elizabeth wanted her to maintain the pace until further orders, and even started slapping her shoulders and ass. “Faster my horsie. Giddy up! Make me proud of you, or next time I’ll use real whip and spurs!”

When Laura was completely exhausted and felt close to a ruinous fall, Elizabeth somehow knew it. “Ok, slow down sweetie. You’ve been great.” She let the girl carry her around for a couple of laps on a slow pace, caressing her sweaty hair and switching back to a kind tone of voice.

“I’ll tell you a little secret, honey. You just gave me the most overwhelming orgasms of my life!” Elizabeth whispered.

“Are you serious? But how…” Laura replied, panting beneath her. The girl’s arms were trembling with tiredness, but this slow pace was already a relief compared to the previous unsustainable trot.

“I was already aroused by you getting on all fours without any hesitation. Then my crotch rubbing on the saddle made the rest. You’re amazing, my little slave!”

“Why do you keep calling me that way?”

“Don’t be upset, honey. You’re so adoring and submissive to me, and I find it so beautiful… Few people have the self-confidence of giving up so quickly. It takes a very special girl to do what you did. That’s why I clearly feel that you’re my little slave. And you can’t imagine how much I already love you for this…”

Those last words made Laura’s heart almost explode with happiness. She couldn’t reply, she would be Elizabeth’s slave and whatever else she wanted!

“Now stop, my darling. It’s time to go to bed” Elizabeth said, but she didn’t show any aim to give her relief by standing up. She remained comfortably sat instead, and continued: “Before I let you carry me upstairs, you need to show me one more skill: rise on your legs, but keep your back perfectly horizontal for me to keep riding.”

Laura did as instructed and suddenly realized how hurt her knees looked, despite the kneepads.

“Very good. Now walk around this way, just one lap, then climb the stairs and carry me up… my little slave.” She said the last two words after a brief pause, with a sadistic smile.

Of course Laura did as instructed. This was a bit easier to perform, especially because her exhausted arms could take some relief, but the pain on her back was still severe: Elizabeth’s full weight had been insisting nonstop on her spine for more than 30 minutes!

“Ok, now get back on your hands and knees” Elizabeth commanded, once they reached the upper floor. Laura obeyed with slow movements, but when her hands landed on the floor Elizabeth’s ass painfully sank into her back.

“Now you think I’m going to get up, uh?… I know you’re tired, my beautiful little pony. But believe me: in a few seconds you won’t want me to be anywhere else in the world” Elizabeth stated with a slow and horny voice. Then, without either a word or a single glimpse at her young guest, she simply dismounted and walked into her own room, closing the door.

Laura didn’t know what to do. She remained on her hands and knees, astonished. And she realized what Elizabeth had just meant: she suddenly felt lonely, useless without her beloved rider on her back. Was this a test or something? Ten minutes later, she started considering the option of getting back to her room. Perhaps she had offended Elizabeth in some way, or she hadn’t simply been a good enough slave for her. “Oh God… am I really thinking of myself as a slave? And this came up so naturally!” Elizabeth opened the door in that precise second. “Very good. You didn’t move at all.” she said. Completely naked, she walked towards Laura and fastened a collar to her neck. Then she hooked a leash to it and let the girl slowly follow her into the bedroom. That was going to be an unforgettable night, the beginning of a new life for the young Laura. Completely hypnotized, she hadn’t even realized that Elizabeth’s bandage was suddenly gone and the pretty lady was walking just fine. She wasn’t going to walk much in the following weeks anyway…