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The Au-Pair Girl - Part 1


*An au-pair (plural: au-pairs) is a foreign-national domestic assistant working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a small monetary allowance for personal use.

The title comes from the French term au pair, meaning “on a par” or “equal to”, indicating that the relationship is intended to be one of equals: the au pair is intended to become a member of the family, albeit a temporary one, rather than a domestic servant (source: Wikipedia).*

Every summer in Laura’s teenage life had been approximately the same: beach-volley tournaments, perfect suntan, a flirt or two…

This time she wanted something radically different. Just turned 19, with a diploma and many dreams in her pocket, Laura wanted to bet on her own future and study international business. The first step was to become more fluent in the English language.

Unfortunately she couldn’t afford more than a couple of weeks in a British or Irish college. The island of Malta was an option as well, but she knew the beaches would have been too tempting there. Either way, two weeks were definitely not enough! And she didn’t have the heart to ask any money to her mother, a divorced high-school teacher.

Then a friend introduced her into a circuit for au-pair girls. It was perfect! She could spend the entire summer in England. Albeit it wasn’t London but a small town in Leicester, she had complimentary room-and-board and even a small allowance. In exchange, she was supposed to help with some domestic chores and babysit the kids of her host family. The allowance paid for almost half of the English course, so the remaining part and the return flight from Italy were sustainable with her budget. She might even have enough left for a few nights out!

Laura arrived on a cloudy Saturday. She realized how expensive trains were in the UK. She hadn’t considered any budget for that at all! "Ok, the option of a couple of nights out is already gone" she thought. After all it was her first time abroad on her own. She had only travelled with the volleyball team she was captain of, so far.

Her host family picked her up at the station. They greeted her with extreme kindness and took her out for dinner. “An unexpected benefit, already!” Laura taught with relief, given her tight budget. During dinner she studied the people she was going to spend the following three months with.

Elizabeth was very pretty. She looked like the mother from a lovely TV commercial, very British and sweet with her red hair and childlike white skin. She must have been 35, Laura assumed. Unfortunately she wasn’t in perfect shape: probably some 30 lbs over her ideal weight, Laura reckoned like the sporty girl she was. Elizabeth’s husband appeared like another stereotype with his huge belly, the one of a guy who has swallowed rivers of beer in his life. His name was William and he was in his mid 40s, a quite uncommunicative man in contrast with his extroverted wife. About the kids… well, Laura decided that they looked exactly like Edmund and Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia!!

“Ok, I definitely watch too much television” Laura thought, laughing at herself. The kids’ real names were Henry (11 y.o.) and Lindsay (9).

Laura settled quickly and spent a couple of pleasant weeks. She attended the language school in the morning, took care of some chores in the early afternoon and then played with the kids for hours. One or two dinners per week with some friends from the school were enough: she had little money and didn’t like them so much.

While her husband was always out, supposedly for work during the day and with his friends at some pub at night, Elizabeth was a constant presence in Laura’s days.

One afternoon, Henry was playing being a prince, with Lindsay in the role of the endangered princess. Which other role could Laura play, with her strong body of a volleyball player, than Henry’s horse? It was fun for a while. Laura crawled on all fours across the house with the boy on her back, who “faced many challenges on his road to the castle” including some journeys along the stairs, while never dismounting for a good forty minutes. When he finally rescued the princess, Laura seriously started thinking about a way to end the game: now Henry was still astride her back, while Lindsay sat on the girl’s shoulders with both her legs dangling from a side!

“Ok kids. Now your horse is feeling very tired. Let’s go play cards, ok?” she said while carrying her heavy load towards the living room. Elizabeth was just there on the couch, so the girl counted on her support.

“What a lazy horse” she said instead, laughing at her. “Come on, giddy up!”

Of course the kids liked it. “Giddy up, giddy up!” Henry kept shouting while slapping Laura’s butt. The girl was a bit upset, but made some circles around the living room at a faster pace, with the result that Lindsay grabbed her hair to remain in balance upon her. After a few minutes, it was finally over: Elizabeth called the kids off for dinner.

Two days later, almost forgetful of that weird ride (even though her knees were still aching), Laura felt astonished when Elizabeth gave her children a pony saddle as an unsolicited present.

“You know, Laura… horse riding is very popular in British tradition” the woman commented. “I used to be myself a pretty good rider as a teenager! Unfortunately my husband doesn’t allow the kids to attend riding school, so I thought a strong and kind girl like you might be an ideal replacement. Moreover, think about the perfect shape you’ll gain before starting the new volleyball season!”

It proved more manageable than expected. Laura was ridden just a few times by the kids, who gradually got bored and switched to other games. Moreover, the saddle prevented them from riding their human horse together: a clear relief for Laura, given that their combined weight was comparable to that of an adult person!

On the following Saturday Laura came back home late, after dinner with her friends from the school. She saw Elizabeth asleep on the couch, in front of the TV. “What a beautiful woman” she thought. So bad that she clearly hadn’t had the happy life she’d surely dreamt about.

“Hello, dear” Elizabeth whispered, catching out the girl’s sweet stare. “I was waiting for you: today I had a minor accident and I can’t climb the stairs without some help.”

Step by step, they went upstairs together. Elizabeth had a bandage on her ankle and didn’t put that foot on the ground, so at every step she briefly pushed all her weight on Laura’s shoulders through the arm she kept on her.

The girl was strong enough, and of course willing to help her hostess. Moreover, she found out that she loved the contact of Elizabeth’s smooth skin and scented hair: she was almost disappointed when they reached the woman’s bedroom and they had to separate.

“Jesus, where do I have my mind? I forgot to check if everything is shut down in the kitchen. Honey, would you be so kind?” Laura nodded with a bright smile and rushed downstairs. Having a few moments alone, she realized her feelings about those last moments: she was definitely aroused!” As a volleyball player she saw naked teammates all the time in the changing rooms, but she’d never felt attracted to a woman before.

Of course everything was fine in the kitchen. Laura even checked on the kids in their room: they were sleeping like young angels. Then she headed back to Elizabeth’s to let her know that everything was fine. She gently pushed her bedroom door, which was half-closed… just to find out that the woman was naked except for a pair of tiny underpants. Laura found her body still beautiful, the overweight well distributed and her soft skin simply enchanting… and she was literally hypnotized by her buttery, full, amazing breasts.

She couldn’t recall any English word, while Elizabeth appeared perfectly relaxed. “Was everything all right?” she asked.

“Ehm… yes… sure, ma’am!” she replied.

Instead of discharging her overwhelmed young guest, the woman kindly asked her for some help in wearing a pajama short. “You know, with this aching ankle I’ve turned so clumsy!” Now she was sitting on the bed, with her feet on the ground in a couple of cute slippers. Laura felt like possessed. Without a complete control of herself, like in a trance… she got on her knees in front of Elizabeth, took her slippers off and put the woman’s feet on her own naked thighs, then slowly pushed the shorts along her smooth legs.

The woman looked at her adoring guest, down at her feet. She knew the girl had entered subspace. She was completely at her mercy. However she decided not to push her further. She lightly kissed her cheek and said “Good night, honey. Thanks for being so kind.”

Laura was delighted and felt somehow relieved: she could finally run away from that thrilling situation she couldn’t really understand… but she immediately felt disappointed: the last thing she wanted was to get away from Elizabeth.

To be continued...