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Amanda, the Family Slave - Part 2


On the following morning, Megan woke up to the smell of pancakes. How did Amanda know they were her favorite?

Her stepmother had had to wake up early, because not only she had prepared breakfast for Josh and Megan, but she was also already dressed. This gave her all the time to take care of Megan on that morning, in the same way a servant would pamper a Princess: she combed the girl’s hair, helped her get dressed, kneeled down to put shoes on her feet… And when she saw Megan slightly bent forward in front of a full-sized mirror to apply make up, she didn’t miss her chance: “This may be more comfortable, sweetheart!” she said, dropping down on her hands and knees to be the teenager’s chair, right next to the mirror.

Megan sat in the middle of Amanda’s back for just a few seconds, then she stood back up. “No, this doesn’t work: I am not close enough to the mirror. Let’s try something else.” She grabbed Amanda’s hair, and pulled it harshly to make the woman crawl with her head closer to the mirror, facing it. Then she sat right on Amanda’s shoulders, with her thighs on either side of her neck. This was really hard for the woman, as Megan’s weight was now pretty much entirely on her arms. But she was determined to resist, while the girl seemed to do anything she could to give her a hard time: first, she gradually slid forward until she was literally sitting on Amanda’s neck. Then she pulled her own feet back – crossing her legs underneath her stepmother’s chest – to make sure she had her full weight on her neck. And when she finally stood up from her exhausted human chair, she did so by painfully stepping on Amanda’s hands with her sneakers. Then she left the room without a word.

As she got up on her knees, massaging her sore neck, Amanda noticed that Josh had been witnessing the entire scene. His evil smile revealed deep arousal. He helped her up, and whispered in her ear: “Good start of the day, my little slave. Now I want you to drive Megan to school. She will be with her mother tonight… which means you will be all mine! I want to find you naked, on your knees and blindfolded when I get home from work…”

On that evening, Josh enjoyed the hell out of his girlfriend’s body. They had plenty of oral and foreplay, they had savage sex, they both orgasmed several times… and while he was mostly dominant, he also praised Amanda and made sure to give her pleasure: “Oh babe, it’s so hot to see you be Megan’s servant!” he said during sex. “You have no idea how it turns me on! You are my woman, and you make yourself a humble slave for a teenager just to make me happy… oh yeah… you are our servant, Megan’s and mine… our property, our family slave… and you will spend the rest of your life serving us, adoring us, making our life better… no matter how painful and humiliating it gets for you… oh God, I love it!”

Two days later, Megan was scheduled to spend 48 hours with her Dad, who was however asked to take care of a job 300 hundred miles away. That meant that he had to spend two nights away, which was not uncommon for an IT technician employed by a national firm. He would have normally called his ex-wife to rearrange things, but this time he decided otherwise: that was a perfect opportunity for Amanda and Megan to bond!

Josh had just enough time to pick up Megan from her gymnastic practice, and to drop her off at Amanda’s before heading to the airport. But his daughter was upset: “Dad, I sprained an ankle! It’s a minor injury, but my coach said I should not put any weight on it for a couple of days, if I want to heal quickly and compete at the upcoming meeting in two weeks. Can I stay home from school?”

That was bad timing. Josh felt guilty, having to leave his daughter alone for two days with an injury. But he was sure Amanda would step up to the challenge, and the woman did not disappoint when she heard the news. “No worries, I will find a way to carry her around the house. I’ll take good care of you, Megan. Now I am going to make dinner. Feel free to stay comfortable here on the sofa, sweetheart, and let me know if I can do anything for you. I am at your complete service…” she said when the two got home.

“That’s right, you are at her service” Josh whispered in his girlfriend’s ear, as he said goodbye to her in the kitchen a few minutes later. “I expect Megan to be the happiest girl in the world by the time I am back, no matter what it takes…” Then he kissed Amanda passionately, while grabbing her hair with a clear sense of ownership, and he left for his business trip.

While cooking dinner, Amanda looked at a photograph of Megan – pinned on the refrigerator – in which the girl was wearing snow boots. And she found herself thinking of how she would gently take those boots off and bathe those adorable feet… using nothing but her mouth and tongue! What was wrong with her? She was aroused beyond belief by her role as Megan’s servant, and she couldn’t wait to see what the following 48 hours had in store. This was crazy… yet intoxicating… so ridiculously arousing!

When dinner was ready, she walked to the living room to pick Megan up. The girl was asleep on the sofa. Amanda stood there for a few seconds to study her adorable stepdaughter: a petite redhead, she looked even younger than her 19 years of age. And the view of her small feet, perfectly shaped and with a soft pale skin, was always the ultimate motivator for the woman to endure any pain and discomfort. Amanda knew she would need all the motivation in the world to physically serve her in the coming couple of days: Megan must have weighed barely a hundred pounds, but Amanda was not much bigger at 115 lbs and 5’2″.

She woke Megan up by gently caressing one of her naked feet. “Dinner is ready” she said, when the girl slowly opened her eyes.

“Ok. But you know I can’t walk on my left foot, right?”

“Yes, of course” Amanda replied, almost feeling stupid for not being as prompt as the girl probably expected. She kneeled next to the sofa, then immediately got down on all fours. Megan stood up on her good foot, then she let herself literally plop down with her butt on Amanda’s back. The woman couldn’t help but groan, as her back bent to absorb the sudden weight, but she didn’t dare protesting. Megan seemed indifferent to her reaction, as she placed her legs on the woman’s shoulders and grabbed a fistful of her hair to ensure her own stability. “Ok, let’s go!”

Being ridden like a human horse was more demanding than Amanda had imagined, especially because Megan’s weight was mostly on her arms in that position. On the other hand, that gave her a delightful view of the girl’s pretty feet, dangling just in front of her face as she obediently crawled like a trained animal, looking towards the floor. Amanda was strong enough to endure the distance to the kitchen table, but as they entered the room and left the carpet for tiles, her knees started hurting.

Megan directed her towards the table, using her hair like makeshift reins. When they finally reached it, she used her good foot to push a chair to the side. Then she pulled Amanda’s hair to make her stop. The woman expected her young rider to stand up and sit on that chair, but she realized that the girl was close enough to the table and was just starting to eat! She also turned on the TV, while completely ignoring the servant beneath her. Oh my God, how could she resist in that position for so long? And had Megan not noticed that dinner was prepared for two on the table?

Soon enough Amanda was in a lot of pain: her arms were getting tired, and her hands and wrists were pretty sore, but what hurt the most was her knees. She resolved to find her old volleyball kneepads as soon as possible: they must have been somewhere in the basement.

Megan enjoyed her meal and watched TV on her comfortable human seat. For the entire time, Amanda looked at her stepdaughter’s pretty feet and focused on her own deep desire to serve her, to make her happy, to belong to her. That’s the only way she could be motivated enough to endure the pain. When Megan seemed to have finished eating and turned off the TV, the woman started hoping for an order to crawl back to the sofa. But the girl started playing with her smartphone, and then she called one of her girlfriends and started chatting with her. Amanda heard her say “I really hope I’ll be ready for the meeting. My left foot is still sore… No, it’s not swollen. It’s just painful to put weight on it. I wish I could just get a nice massage.” As she pronounced those last words, she swayed her left foot in a way that Amanda interpreted as a signal. So she lifted her right hand from the floor – sustaining most of the girl’s weight with the other arm – and used it to gently caress and massage Megan’s left foot. “Actually, perhaps I have found someone who could do that: my stepmom!” Megan continued on the phone. “She seems very motivated to make me love her, clearly just to conquer my Dad’s heart. And I have every intention to take advantage of it!” she added with a giggle.

The phone call seemed to last for an eternity, but Amanda could not let herself interrupt the foot massage until she heard: “Ok, let’s go back to the sofa” with a harsh pull of her hair at the same time. She started crawling, but her knees were so sore that she nearly collapsed. “Come on, you are so slow. I want to get to the sofa. I am not comfortable anymore on your back, and you are getting sweaty under me…” she heard her rider say.

A few minutes later, Megan was watching TV on the sofa. Her stepmother was sitting on her knees in front of her, holding one of the girl’s feet in her hand to massage it, while the other foot was pressed on her breasts like on a soft pillow. The two had not yet really exchanged a word, since Amanda had woken Megan up from her nap before dinner.

“So, what is this?” Megan broke the silence. “Let’s be honest. It’s clear that you want to make me happy just to please my Dad. But I’ve been really pushing the limits, yet you keep accepting everything. Are you really that desperate?”

“I love your Dad. But this is not just about him. I think that you are a beautiful, innocent, adorable young woman. And it feels good for me to take care of you, to make your life better. I think of you as a Princess, and of myself as a mentor and a servant at the same time…”

“Princess? I like that. From now on, that’s how you should address me.”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Very well. Now, seriously, are you a masochist? A lesbian? Are you in love with me? I mean… I have been playing along with this, and really enjoying it, but it’s weird!”

“My Princess, I have always had a submissive personality. I am a people pleaser. But no, I am not a masochist or a lesbian. I love your Dad. And I adore you!”

“Hmm… What would you do for me?”


“Come on, there must be something you would not do.”

“I would not seriously hurt anyone, or put myself in serious danger. But I really feel like doing anything that makes you happy. I wish to spoil, serve and adore you in every way you choose.”

“Don’t you mind when I am bitchy, when I give you orders like you are some sort of slave?”

“No, Megan. I don’t mind. It makes me feel that I belong to you, and to your Dad. If you wish to own a slave, I would be honored to be yours.”

“Hmm… ok. I am not entirely convinced, but I will give you a chance. How would you like to show me that you are my slave?”

Amanda now felt scared. What was she getting herself into? She had not planned to come out so much. She wanted to make everything seem normal, like a perfect family with a very caring stepmother. A slave? Why had she said that? Yet she was so wet, so overwhelmed. On her knees in her own house, alone for the next 48 hours with a teenager, she was offering herself to Megan with no limitations.

She found herself lying down on the floor, placing her stepdaughter’s feet on her own face, and starting to kiss and lick them with abandon. Megan seemed surprised for a few seconds, then she started enjoying this new game. She sat on the woman’s belly, using her thighs as a backrest while placing her own feet on her neck, on her face, pushing them into her mouth. Amanda kissed, licked and sucked. Soon the girl pulled her feet away, placing them on the woman’s breasts. “Do you want them back?” she asked.

“Yes please, my Princess. I would love to keep adoring your feet.”

“Ok, here you go!” Megan replied, slapping Amanda’s face with the bottom of her foot. The woman was surprised by the hit, but she immediately reacted by kissing Megan’s foot. The girl kicked her, slapped her, stood up and started trampling her all over her belly, stomach, breasts, face and even throat. Amanda moaned and suffered, but she always kissed her tormentor’s feet whenever they came close enough.

“You are crazy” Megan said, while standing with a foot on each of Amanda’s breasts. “And this is going to be so much fun!”

“May I ask you something, Princess?” Amanda said, as soon as Megan sat back on her stomach.

“Sure. But keep caressing my feet while you talk. It feels so good…”

“Of course, Princess. I am glad you are enjoying it. So, here’s my question: how come you are such a natural at being dominant, at using someone as your servant? It feels like you have done this before…”

“Well… yes, I guess I have been doing it for a while… in a way. It’s about my cheerleading team. I am a flyer, so my job is to hold my position in the sky and look pretty. Flyers get all of the spotlight. On the other hand, our bases do all of the work and get much less recognition. They hold our weight, they lift us, they place their hands and shoulders beneath our shoes as we step on them. It’s like they are at my service…”

“Ok, but that’s just for the performance… right?”

“Yes, originally. Then, little by little, me and the other flyers started assuming that the bases are at our service. We asked them to kneel down and tie our shoelaces, or to go fetch our water bottles. Small things. But we became the spoiled brats of the team.”

“Did all of them comply right away?” Amanda was starting to get turned on.

“Most of them did, and the others ended up following the example. It helps that we have plenty of bases and a shortage of flyers, so they need to make us happy if they want to keep their place in the team. And it’s a great team to be part of! Did you know that we won the regional championship last year?”

“Oh, that’s great! Congratulations!”

“That was actually a turning point. We had a parade to celebrate our victory, and the bases took turns carrying us flyers on their shoulders around the campus. We were transferred directly from one’s to another’s shoulders, so I literally never touched the ground for over an hour. I loved it!”

“Sounds great! But how was it a turning point?”

“At the end of the parade, the bases were exhausted. The coach was disappointed and said that – to get even better this year – they needed to work on their strength and endurance. She said they needed to get used to handling our weight all the time, using any opportunity, even outside of practice hours. So now we ride around on their shoulders every day, pushing them to go further and faster every time. We get them to be our chairs on all fours during any breaks we can spend outdoors, to avoid sitting on grass. They even became proactive about it, and they organize their own shifts: I literally find a base waiting for me by the bus stop every morning, kneeling down for me to mount her.”

“That sounds amazing. How do the other students react?”

“They immediately got used to it, and they see it as part of our training. But they also realize who’s in charge: sometimes a friend will talk to me while I’m riding, and I won’t hesitate to pull my carrier’s hair to stop her or to give her directions.”

“Seriously, nobody complains?”

“Absolutely not. And we keep pushing things further. The other day I had to go study at Rachel’s house with Emily, a friend of mine who’s not on the cheerleading team. Rachel lives at walking distance from school, 20 minutes or so, and I really wanted to get a shoulder ride all the way there. So I ordered two of our bases – Erika and Suzanne – to carry myself and Emily respectively, so we could be at the same height and chat along the way. Emily is not as lightweight as myself and the other flyers, so Suzanne was really struggling towards the end, but I told Emily not to worry because she was actually helping her training!”

“Wow, so now they have to serve whoever you decide, even outside of the team! It sounds like you are treated like a Princess at school, just as well as at home…” said Amanda with a smile.

“That’s right. Now get on all fours, slave!” Megan said, while standing up. “I need to pee.”

Amanda received Megan’s weight and crawled all the way to the bathroom, carrying her stepdaughter. As she stood up and sat on the toilet seat, Megan said with a smile: “You may have noticed that my foot has miraculously healed!” She started peeing as she spoke. “I made up my injury, and everybody believed me. Even the coach! I wanted to skip class tomorrow, because I was late with an assignment. And I was also curious to see how it would be to have you all for myself, at my service 24 hours a day in your own house! Now, if you truly are my slave, and you are not just trying to please my Dad, you will protect my secret and not say anything to him.”

“Your secret is safe with me, Princess” Amanda replied, while bending her own arms to kiss Megan’s feet from her position on all fours.

“Oh my God, you really adore me… don’t you?”

“Yes, my Princess!”

“This is so awesome. I am starting to believe you. But I won’t stop pushing you to prove it! This is just the beginning” As she finished her sentence, Megan used a piece of toilet paper to clean herself, then she extended her hand towards Amanda and said: “Now eat this!”

In her position on all fours, Amanda felt her own elbows buckle with arousal. This was going way too far, way too soon! But she was ready for anything. She had never felt so attracted and so submissive to any person in her entire life. She opened her mouth, received the piece of toilet paper drenched in piss, and obediently swallowed it.

Megan’s pleased expression was the instant reward that she needed. Amanda now belonged to her, body and soul.

To be continued...