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Amanda, the Family Slave - Part 3


“Hello, anybody home? Daddy is back!”

Josh heard no response. He dropped his keys on the table, his bag on the floor and his jacket on the sofa. Then he took his shoes off and left them right in the middle of the living room. He knew Amanda would tidy up later.

“Megan, honey, are you home? Amanda, babe? Is anybody home?”

Where the hell were his girls? Could have they gone out for a movie or something? It was only about 9 pm, but he felt they would have let him know if they had any such plans. Then he heard a voice, moaning from a distance. He started getting worried. A quick tour of the house revealed light coming into the kitchen, through the cracked door to the basement. Josh opened it, and immediately noticed that someone – most likely Amanda – must have spent hours tidying up the basement: the floor looked clean in front of the stairs, and the old pieces of furniture that belonged to his girlfriend’s grandmother had disappeared. All he could see on the floor – as he proceeded down the staircase – was a line of interlocking foam mats. Were the girls setting up some sort of home gym?

Then he saw them, and he froze in the middle of the narrow staircase. Megan had the biggest smile he had seen on her for months. She was wearing cotton shorts and an old t-shirt, as if she had spent the entire day at home. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, showing her pretty face and neck. His little girl was growing into such a beautiful woman – thought Josh! As she got closer, he noticed that Megan was also wearing a pair of old cowgirl boots on her bare legs, on which she had fastened shiny rowel spurs that looked brand-new. Beneath her, Amanda seemed to be crawling for her life.

This was possibly the most exciting scene he had ever witnessed. He quietly sat down in the middle of the staircase, which offered him a very partial view of the basement, and he managed not to be seen as Megan rode by.

“Faster, pony!” the girl ordered, hitting Amanda’s butt with a long and thin dressage whip that Josh had just noticed. The woman immediately cried in pain, and increased her already respectable pace. She was wearing a sports bra and a thong, leaving the skin of her ass available for her rider to whip. She also wore volleyball kneepads, some sort of chest harness that included stirrups for Megan’s feet, and – most exciting of all – a bit in her mouth, connected to bridles that Megan was firmly holding in one of her hands, and including a blindfold that was closed over her eyes.

Once they passed, Josh leaned forward to look at them from behind. Amanda’s ass was severely marked by the whiplashes, while Megan’s bottom seemed not even entirely visible: Amanda had a natural arch in her back, and she was clearly letting her rider sink into it, making a natural saddle that must have been as comfortable for Megan as it was painful for her human steed. As they reached the corner, Megan pulled the left bridle until Amanda completed a 90-degree rotation, then she let her continue straight, and kicked the woman’s thighs with her spurs to regain speed. “You are learning quickly, my little pony!” the girl said, apparently ignoring the fact that Amanda was clearly exhausted and in a lot of pain.

As they completed another turn, Josh stepped forward and looked at his daughter, while at the same time placing an index finger on his own nose, to suggest that Megan did not to say a word. The girl saw him and immediately understood that he wanted to watch the action while the blindfolded Amanda could not see him. Then Megan pulled the bridles as harshly as she could, forcing Amanda to suddenly stop in the middle of the room with a groan, while bending her back even further beneath the weight of her rider.

Nobody said a word for a few seconds. Josh looked at his daughter, so pretty and innocent-looking, yet so powerful astride his own girlfriend, who obediently kept her position on all fours and sustained the teenager’s full weight in the middle of her bare back. Then he noticed that the basement had been transformed – in record time – into what looked like a martial arts gym, with padded flooring and mirrors. Looking back at his girls in full light, he was astonished by how many red marks Amanda had on her ass and thighs, shaped like Megan’s dressage whip and rowel spurs respectively.

“All right, my slave. You get to rest for a few seconds now” Megan said. But she did not dismount. Instead, she took her boots off the stirrups and placed her thighs on Amanda’s shoulders, letting her legs dangle right next to the woman’s face. From that position, she hit Amanda’s arms with the spurs in a playful way, not so hard as to hurt her, but enough for the blindfolded human horse to feel them. “I want you to kiss the feet that kicked you, and to thank them for pushing you to crawl faster and farther, so you could serve your Princess better!”

“Yes, my Princess.” Amanda lifted one hand at a time, placed it underneath the sole of Megan’s boot, and started kissing it. She was now on three legs – so to speak – and still sustaining the girl’s full weight on her back.

“Once you are done resting” Megan continued, apparently without even realizing how far from a rest this was for her human pony, “We will go one more time through every single trick that you have learned in the last two days. Then we will be done for this evening. It’s a lot of work to train you!”

“Thank you, my Princess” Amanda mumbled through the bit in her mouth, while still kissing her boots.

Megan was clearly planning to show off her slave’s new skills to her Dad, who smiled and quietly took a seat on the floor in the middle of the room.

“First of all, I am going to get some water though. You will get to drink once you are done. Wait here and don’t move!”

“Yes, Princess.”

Megan stood up, stepping with the heels of her boots on Amanda’s hands in the process, then she headed towards the staircase to reach the kitchen. Josh followed her with silent steps. Once they were upstairs, the only words that he could say were: “Wow, that was impressive honey!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Dad” she replied, hugging him. “She is the best gift you have ever given me!”

“Well, she is not exactly…” he could not complete his sentence.

“Yes, she is mine. There is no discussion about it” Megan interrupted him. “She will tell you herself… not that her word counts more than mine, of course…”

“All right, whatever. I am not here to argue with you, sweetheart. Now, are you going to show me what she can do as your pony?”

“Yes, in a minute” Megan replied, finishing her glass of water. “She is really tired though. I’ve been riding her for hours. I don’t know where she finds so much endurance, and how she can take so much pain. I keep pushing her – to find her breaking point – but she keeps beating my expectations. These past few days have been so much fun… and I can’t wait to share her with my girlfriends!”

“Well, we are going to need to talk about stuff like that. And please, try not to hurt her too much. Those spurs you are wearing look pretty vicious, not to mention the long dressage whip downstairs! Where did you get all this stuff, by the way?”

“Oh, I simply spent a couple of hours with Amanda on the Internet, looking up all the possible ways to use a slavegirl. Then I made her order spurs, bridles and everything else on a website with overnight shipping. Doesn’t she look great with all that gear on? And she is so comfortable to ride on!”

“Slavegirl? Honey, I was the first to suggest that Amanda spoil the hell out of you. But this is getting a little out of hand, don’t you think?”

“Nonsense. And if you really want to know, she is the one who offered herself to me as a slave. Now follow me downstairs, but don’t reveal yourself yet. I know you totally loved seeing me ride her like an animal, so I will show you what else she can do!”

The sound of Megan’s spurs at every step was more than enough to prevent Amanda from realizing that Josh was following his daughter. Megan found her ponygirl in the same exact spot where she had left her, except she was now lower to the ground, with her butt sitting on her own ankles and her forearms on the floor. It was a clever way to rest her wrists, which must have been very sore at this point. But Megan did not seem to appreciate the initiative.

“Up!” she ordered with a vicious kick in her ribs, immediately clarifying that she had no intention whatsoever to go easier on her slave after the chat with her Dad.

As Amanda got back on all fours with a groan, Megan placed one boot in a stirrup, swung her other leg above Amanda, and landed with her ass on her back as hard as she could, making the woman visibly bend beneath her weight. As Amanda – clearly in deep discomfort – engaged the muscles of her back to push Megan a little higher and relieve her own spine, the girl immediately corrected her: “No, bad pony!” she said, adding a harsh whiplash that made the woman scream out loud in agony. “I want my most comfortable saddle. Now, you know what to do. Yes, that’s right. Even lower. That’s good”

Josh – sitting on the floor in the middle of the room – was speechless. How could his sweet daughter be so incredibly cruel? Amanda’s back was bent enough that Megan’s weight certainly pushed directly into her spine. That must have been very painful, especially now that Megan started her ride by digging her spurs into the woman’s thighs. In fact, at every step Josh could see Amanda’s back flex up and down slightly beneath Megan’s ass. The girl was clearly enjoying the feeling of obtaining maximum comfort at the cost of her slave’s pain.

For the following 30 minutes, Megan put Amanda through her paces. She was a demanding and merciless rider, who clearly enjoyed the strain and suffering of the woman beneath her. Every single order was accompanied by a whiplash, a kick with the spurs, or both. Every turn was guided by sharp and cruel use of the bridles, that made the bit pull deep into Amanda’s mouth. A few times Megan even lifted herself up on the stirrups, only to land back with her butt on Amanda as hard as she could. They went through an obstacle course with cones that reminded Josh of barrel racing at a rodeo, although on a smaller scale.

When Megan finally stopped Amanda and dismounted, the wounds on the woman’s thighs had gone from red to blue. However there she was, waiting obediently for orders on her hands and knees. Josh was very aroused, but also feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the intensity of what he had just witnessed. He felt like going to Amanda and hugging her, giving her an actual break from her tormentor. But Megan had a different idea: “Why don’t you try to mount her? I bet she could hold your weight for a little while” she whispered in her Dad’s ear.

Josh’s arousal won over his concerns. He walked quietly towards his girlfriend, opened his legs to walk his feet by her sides, then he slowly lowered himself on her. Amanda received his weight and instinctively bent her back to provide him with a comfortable saddle, a split second before realizing that it was clearly not Megan’s. Josh immediately got a hard-on, and completely understood why Megan loved sinking into Amanda’s archy back so much.

“Hi babe. Do you want to welcome me home with a little ride?” he asked, while grabbing a fistful of Amanda’s hair and pulling her head back to kiss her forehead. Then he lifted his bare feet and firmly kicked Amanda’s thighs. Incredibly, the exhausted 115 lbs woman started a slow crawl with her 180 lbs boyfriend on her back. Josh directed her with the bridles and kept her going for a few minutes. Then he stopped her, pulled her hair again and enjoyed how this made her back bend a little further underneath him, stimulating his erection.

“Megan, honey… why don’t you go get ready for bed? Daddy and Amanda need to say hi to each other.”

“Yeah, sure…” the girl replied, rolling her eyes. But she complied. “Just send her back to me for a goodnight kiss though!”

“You got it!”

Josh knew that Amanda’s back must have been in terrible pain for the past few hours. He was sure his weight was now putting it through real agony. But once Megan was gone, his lust prevailed, and he started rhythmically rubbing himself off on the woman’s back, while pulling her hair to make her back bend as much as possible. It was brutal, yet so exciting. Close to a devastating orgasm, he stood up and pulled bridles, bit and blindfold off the woman’s head, without even trying to properly unfasten the whole head harness. Amanda didn’t even had the time to regain her sight – after being blindfolded for God knows how long – as Josh started fucking her mouth and throat in the wildest way ever. She thought she would certainly gag, but a few seconds were enough for the man to come in her mouth. Without even thinking, she started swallowing and stayed there on her knees until he was done.

Josh looked down at his girlfriend, and felt a twinge of remorse. Her entire body looked devastated. He seriously considered taking her to a hospital. Then he took all the riding gear off her, lifted her in his arms and took her to the bathroom for a long shower. Amanda did not say a word for the entire time.

As he was drying her up with a towel, she finally spoke: “I hope you enjoyed it, because this was the last time you and I will ever have sex. I am sleeping in Megan’s room tonight.”

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Josh asked, with fear in his voice.

“Don’t try to stop me. We will talk tomorrow.”

Amanda wore a nightgown, walked out of their bedroom and knocked on Megan’s door. As the girl let her in, she knelt by the side of the bed and gently kissed her feet.

“You did great today, my slave.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

“I am ready to sleep, and I bet so are you. But first, I saved something for you! I wanted to make sure we did this together every time today…”

Amanda immediately understood, and lay on her back next to the bed, on the wooden floor. Megan carefully placed her own feet on the woman’s breasts, then she stood up facing Amanda’s legs, using a hand on the wall by her side to maintain her balance. A few seconds later she squatted, resting her back against the side of the bed, while keeping her full weight painfully on the woman’s breasts.

Amanda looked up at her adored owner, opened her mouth, and got ready to drink every drop of her piss. As the teenager used her mouth in that humiliating way, she felt lucky to belong to her. Amanda’s life was never going to be the same.

She was owned, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.