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Amanda and the Sorority - Part 4


The experience of using another person was completely new to Amanda: she had always been a pleaser, focused on other people’s needs above her own, never accustomed to giving orders.

Yet she found it exhilarating to ride Tiffany like a beast of burden. And very arousing.

She simply couldn’t believe how even the most subtle of her own actions – like pulling a bridle, or kicking a thigh with her heel – triggered an immediate reaction in the four-legged girl crawling between her legs. Amanda’s orders were gentle, yet immediately and effectively obeyed. She gradually relaxed and started experimenting with a faster pace, making Tiffany carry her all over the beach until the young ponygirl’s dark skin was glistening with sweat. She felt powerful and served for the first time in her life.

That’s when Megan seemingly lost interest in her book and called her slaves back. Amanda promptly pulled a bridle to make Tiffany turn in the right direction, squeezed the girl’s ribs with her knees as a signal to increase the pace, and finally gave both bridles a gentle pull in order to stop her mount right in front of Megan’s beach chair.

“This is pathetic. Are you riding the slave, or letting her carry you around?” Megan snapped, placing a foot on top of Tiffany’s head.

“I’m sorry, Princess. I was just getting familiar with riding her” an embarrassed Amanda replied. “And she seemed very reactive, even with subtle commands…”

“All right, no excuses. Let’s just say that was the warm-up” Megan interrupted her. “But we want to win a race here. We can’t just let the mount decide what should be her level of effort. As soon as you mount her, she should be terrified of what you could do to her. Understand?”

“Yes, Princess” a shaken-up Amanda replied to her Owner.

“First, we need to improve her fitness through strenuous work” Megan continued. “And then, on race day, I will push her beyond her limits, making her hurt until she loses her mind if that’s what it takes to win!”

As she heard those last words, Tiffany had chills run through her spine: what had she signed up for? But the potential reward was just too great to give up. She took a deep breath – letting Amanda’s weight sink a little further into her back – and got ready for whatever was next.

“Here’s a little demonstration” Megan stood up. “Take your feet off the stirrups, and slide forward to make space for me.”

As Amanda obeyed, Tiffany felt the increased weight on her arms and saw the woman’s legs and feet dangling in front of her. Without even thinking, she gently kissed the right leg of her new rider. Perhaps it was a way to thank her for the gentle handling so far, or even to let her know that it was OK to follow Megan’s directive to get tougher going forward. Amanda was surprised, but she didn’t have time to think about it as she felt Megan mounting just behind her.

The Princess placed her feet in the stirrups, adjusted herself to sit as close as possible to Amanda, and said: “All right, now it’s the two of us. Let me see how you make the mount go.”

Amanda didn’t have Tiffany’s ribs between her legs anymore – in her less stable position on the ponygirl’s scapulas – so she decided to squeeze the mount’s head between her knees and say a firm “Go!”

Burdened by the full weight of two riders, Tiffany slowly and carefully started advancing on the soft sand while moaning in pain.

“Do you think she’s giving us her best effort?” Megan asked after a minute or so. She didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, she produced a riding crop and started hitting Tiffany’s butt and thighs with regular precision, once every couple of seconds. The girl cried in pain and increased her pace substantially, becoming less stable and controlled to the point where Amanda had to grab her hair with both hands to keep her own balance. The torture seemed to last forever, but Tiffany kept suffering and crawling under the double weight of her riders, until Megan reached around Amanda’s waist and harshly pulled the bridles to make her stop.

“I think I’ve maid my point” Megan said with a self-satisfied smile. Then she dismounted, handed the whip to Amanda and added: “Now, I want you to use it. And if you don’t hit her hard enough, tonight I will use it on your naked body until you pass out.”

“Yes, Princess” a terrified Amanda replied. She had herself been ridden with similar cruelty many times, but never under the weight of two riders: Tiffany’s strength and endurance seemed already quite impressive, not to mention her mental toughness.

“I want you to do most of the riding for now. You are heavier than me, which will make her stronger.”

“As you wish, Princess. I will do my best.”

As Amanda said that, Tiffany – though still breathing heavily – lifted a hand to place it under Amanda’s dangling foot and kissed it several times. This time Megan noticed the girl’s gesture of submission to her fellow slave: she seemed surprised and amused, especially when Amanda blushed in response.

Tiffany was clearly asking her new rider to go ahead and use her hard. Together with Megan’s threat, that was enough for Amanda to promptly slide back to the center of the girl’s back, – landing not as gently as she had before – put her feet back in the stirrups, and get her started with two firm hits of the riding crop on the nape of her neck.

A few hours of hard training later, as the two slaves traveled in the trunk again, an exhausted Tiffany found the energy to go down on Amanda. “Let me return the favor” she whispered into her ear. And then – after giving her a sweet and long orgasm – she added: “I may officially belong to Megan. But my heart is yours. I love serving you, Amanda.”

The training successfully continued during the following weeks. Amanda became increasingly confident as a rider, and Tiffany deeply submissive to her. It looked as if the young girl would obey Megan out of fear and opportunism, whereas she served Amanda out of love. She confessed to her that she was a lesbian, and had always been attracted to older women. It was very hard to find any time to meet, but Tiffany and Amanda became secret lovers.

However, as race day approached, Megan started doing most of the riding. It was excruciating for Amanda to see her lover tortured by the merciless Megan, but Tiffany kept reassuring her every time she had a chance: “I can take the pain and the struggle. I’m a fighter. This will be worthwhile… and one day, after college, we will leave it all behind and be finally together!”

Then, about a week before the race, the Princess showed up in a terrible mood. “Who do they think they are? I’ll let them win this one battle, but I won’t forget and there will be retribution!” Apparently two senior Princesses had argued with Queen Janice that Megan – as organizer of the race – should be above the fray and not participate.

The solution was obvious: it would be her former stepmother to ride Tiffany in the race. Amanda’s additional 20 lbs and higher compassion were clear liabilities, but Tiffany was in amazing shape and Megan remained confident.

On the night before the race, Megan decided to give her slaves a break: they would sleep together in her bed, while she had a sleepover with a fellow Princess. “I want you two to be rested and in perfect shape. It’s going to be a great day tomorrow! And there will be more perks like this if you win the race. But if you don’t, my punishment will be like nothing you have seen before…”

To be continued.