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A Bloody Race - Part 2


Michael’s Summer was a continuous exhausting practice.

Every morning he woke up early and swam about 3 miles in the swimming pool: the most effective way to develop a strong and resilient back. Then he harnessed himself with kneepads, gloves, saddle… everything to make his owner’s ride safe and comfortable.

Jessica wanted him to be ready at 9:00 am, waiting for her on hands and knees in the stables. She didn’t need to enforce that order: Michael worshipped her and was never late… while of course she didn’t care and sometimes made him wait even one entire hour. One day it was about 11:30 and Jessica hadn’t shown up yet. Michael got up on his knees for a while, just to give his wrists a short rest, then got back to the default position. Jessica arrived 10 minutes later. Without a word, she mounted him in reverse position and slashed his naked ass with a narrow whip for what seemed an eternity. Then she dismounted, just to mount him again in the correct direction and start their usual ride with this sentence: “Next time you’ll think twice before disobeying my orders. You are meant to fulfill even absurd wishes, as long as they come from me. Don’t you ever raise on your knees without permission again!”

Michael has no idea how she found out, but he never dared disobeying her again.

The morning ride used to last three or four hours. In the first couple of months, Jessica was focused on two aspects: strength and blind obedience. For the first, she made him drag weights (while always sitting on his back, of course). As soon as other female vampires joined her in the castle, she also added long double-riding sessions. For the second aspect, she rode him blindfolded across a thin track surrounded by sharp stones: every time he didn’t perfectly understand the orders she gave through the bridles, he would get hurt by the stones. Furthermore, she spurred him to run into obstacles like trees or rocks. He learned not to slow down until his face hit the obstacle: he wasn’t meant to think, but just to trust her and obey, no matter what.

Michael’s afternoons were quite similar to the mornings, but gym session preceded the afternoon rides instead of swimming.

After a couple of months, his already athletic body had become a war machine. This result was also helped by a high-protein diet, useful also because Jessica drank his blood on a daily basis: usually in the evening, before letting him go to sleep in the stables.

Like mentioned before, the castle soon became populated by several female vampires. Each of them had her own slave, so the stables became full as well. In late August, Michael shared the stables with another 18 human horses. Slaves weren’t allowed to talk, and they were anyway so tired that falling asleep was immediate after those hard days. But one day, when he woke up, Michael found Camille sleeping next to him: she was one of the few female slaves, strong and very pretty. Ponygirls were trained for a different competition: Michael always saw them mounted by heavier women, who used every possible means to make them proceed beyond complete exhaustion. “That fat bitch!” Camille exclaimed one night referred to her owner, while entering the stables on her hands and knees. The marks on her body showed merciless spurring on her naked boobs and several whip slashes even on her face.

That night Michael held her in a strong, warm hug. Soon they started whispering during the night, so he learned that Camille was being trained for an endurance race, whose score was calculated with a complicated formula involving ridden miles, time before collapsing and weight difference between rider and human horse. The lighter she was compared to her heavy rider, the higher score she could gain with the same performance. This involved a strict diet during the last days before a race, with Camille being also bitten and drunk by multiple vampires to lose as much weight as possible. Then of course she needed to retrieve energy for being ridden, so a huge amount of painful drugs were injected into her veins at the last moment. She had already survived six of those races in three years…

Michael didn’t know yet that his own destiny was going to be even worse.

Some clues came from the last part of his training: Jessica started working less on pure strength and much more on endurance. She also started biting him during the day, and each time she drank some more blood from him. Then, just when he was very weak, she immediately spurred him and demanded long rides. Sometimes she also ordered him to completely abstain from food. For the first time ever, because of this treatment, Michael experienced a collapse beneath his merciless rider.

Of course Jessica had pushed him to that point on purpose. But when it happened, she didn’t dismount. Instead she whipped his shoulders and neck savagely, until he summoned up some unexpected energy and got up on all fours, pushing her weight back up. “Good boy” she said, in a rare moment of speaking directly to him. “You’re my best slave ever. This year I’m going to win!” Then she bit his neck and drank some more of his warmer-than-ever blood, while rubbing her pussy on the saddle and reaching a sweet orgasm. At that point Michael passed out. Jessica rested for a few minutes on his back, then she got up and woke him up with some harsh kicks.

They were about one mile from the castle, in the woods, and she didn’t want to walk. But she needed at least to quench his thirst or he would have been useless: so she pulled his hair to turn his face up and, for the first time, she pissed into his mouth. He could manage to swallow most of it, thanks to a couple of breaks she made when his mouth was completely filled. Once it was over, his tongue predictably had to clean her up.

A few days later, Camille was being ridden by her merciless owner around the track, inside the walls of the castle. Oksana – this was the name of Camille’s owner – lazily spurred her with a couple of sharp chilean spurs: she wouldn’t even make the effort to dig ordinary (and less dangerous) spurs into her ponygirl’s flesh… and her lazy attitude and lifestyle was proven by her weight of 170 lbs, which crushed Camille’s back every day…

After a while, another vampire started a slow ride beside her for some chatting. Her name was Joanna, she was a blonde beauty and rode a muscular black guy. “You know, my dear Oksana, I’m really proud of this slave. Last year I rode him to my first victory! But I’m getting tired of him… somehow it was better when I didn’t win, so I could pick a new slave… I love hunting!”

After a while, Camille almost collapsed. Oksana dug the spurs into her slave’s breasts, causing a desperate moan. Then she said to her friend: “Actually this poor girl is right. Because of our chat, I’m riding her even longer than usual today. But I love hurting her so much!”

“Listen, if you want” Joanna replied “we can exchange slaves and have some more riding. My slave can carry you for longer, and I would love to try your girl.”

They did that. Camille was exhausted and would have preferred to rest, but being ridden by Joanna’s 130 lbs was already a relief. Furthermore, she could listen to the conversation and learn more about Michael’s destiny: why was Joanna implying that only the race winners were not replaced by new slaves?

Those final 30 minutes beneath Joanna were hard, but provided her all the details. Being in love with Michael by now, Camille realized that she definitely needed to do something…

The race Jessica had entered was in fact a massacre. Female vampires from all over the world rode male humans on all fours through a desert. Slaves couldn’t eat anything and were allowed to drink only their riders’ piss, while the women’s only source of nourishment was the ponyboys’ blood. Of course just a few slaves survived, and even those were killed and drunk out in a final party… except only for the winner.

Camille thought about that for the entire night, while held in Michael's arms as usual. The issue was that Michael would never have agreed to escape: while she was a forced slave (since female vampires’ hypnotic power doesn’t work on women), Michael truly worshipped Jessica and would have willingly died for her.

Camille’s unique chance presented itself just four days before the race. Once a week, Oksana used to ride her up to her room in the evening for some amusement. This time Camille, while crawling along the corridor beneath her, noticed that Jessica’s door had been left open. Of course she carried Oksana into her own room and fulfilled every order of the cruel vixen. She cleaned her fat feet with her tongue, licked her dirty asshole and gave her pleasure in many ways. Oksana gained her fourth orgasm and ended the session by painfully biting the slave’s thigh… on the inside, where lots of warm blood flows…

Five minutes later, Camille was discharged. She set off for the stables on her hands and knees along the corridor, like she was supposed to. Though scared and so weak, she couldn’t miss the chance. After all, what did she have to lose? Her desperate life as the human horse of a much-heavier-than-her hateful spinster?!?

So she did it: she entered Jessica’s room and stole one of her cowgirl outfits.

When Michael recognized his owner’s boot kicking him during the night, he was startled. This is probably why he didn’t notice a different voice ordering him: “You’ve got five minutes to get ready, slave. Your Goddess wants a night ride.” This was Camille’s first time as a human horse rider. She felt clumsy and frightened, but she needed to act like a realistic Jessica… so she made large use of spurs and whip against the muscular body beneath her.

Fortunately she weighed about 120 lbs, just like Jessica.

While acting as Michael’s demanding and cruel rider, as soon as they got far from the castle and the adrenaline started decreasing, she felt incredible pleasure… although she had suffered the same kind of abuse for years… or perhaps also because of that!

She truly loved Michael, yet she started thinking that a proper boyfriend should behave as a humble slave every time his woman desires...

Camille and Michael are now back to a normal life. They work, they have a large house, and Camille has recently become pregnant. But every time she wants, he turns into her willing slave. There’s no need for hypnosis, when you’re in love.

On the night of their escape, Michael actually recognized Camille after just a few minutes. Yet he obediently kept carrying her for miles and miles, responding to every painful order without saying a word…