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The Rider Academy - Part 1


A relationship between two pleasers can be wonderful at first: you constantly compete to make each other happy, in bed and outside.

Soon enough, however, I found myself eager to win: I wanted to become Mandy's slave more than anything. But she only let me go down on her if I allowed her to reciprocate, and she kept worrying about me getting too tired whenever she indulged my biggest fetish: being her human pony.

One fateful day, I decided it was time for her to embrace a steady dominant role and I signed us up for the Rider Academy. Of course I presented it as a wonderful couples-only vacation on a tropical island in Indonesia, which it was, except for the very specific D/s roles those couples were expected to play.

I only revealed the real nature of our trip to Mandy during our flight to Jakarta. I know, how inconsiderate of me! She was not too upset though, and she seemed to buy my explanation that it was simply a surprise: "It will be fun, and you can decide to ride me as much or as little as you wish. It's a beautiful island, and we will have plenty of time for other activities as well. Besides, I have gained a few pounds this year, so we can think of it as a fitness retreat for me to get back in shape with your help, while you relax and enjoy yourself!"

The flight was followed by a long bus ride to a small port, where we found a petite woman by the name of Vicky waiting for us. She had a sign that read "Mandy (+ mark)"... yes, with my name in parenthesis and not capitalized! I thought it was quite fitting, except we were exhausted and jet-lagged, so I was not really in the mood to fully appreciate it.

Vicky greeted Mandy with a warm hug, then she looked at me and said in a neutral tone: "Follow us with the luggage."

Mandy didn't exactly travel light, but of course I obeyed and started carrying all of our bags behind the two ladies. After a few minutes we reached a small pier with a fishing boat that appeared to have seen better days. I found myself saying out loud: "No way!" But yes, that was our vessel. At least the ocean seemed calm.

We got on board and we were shown to the only indoor space: a carpeted and air-conditioned room where three young women were sitting at a round table, facing us. There was enough space for a couple of additional people to sit with them, but no chairs on this side of the table. The explanation was soon evident, as Vicky snapped her fingers and a muscular guy appeared crawling out of nowhere and became her chair on all-fours.

The jet-lag made my brain process things more slowly than usual, so I found everyone looking at me with an annoyed expression while my sweet Mandy could not suppress a smirk. Then I understood. I took my shirt off, quickly pulled a pair of kneepads out of my backpack, and got down on my hands and knees next to the table. As my girlfriend's sexy ass got comfortable on me, I felt my back bend a little under her weight and I was immediately sore, courtesy of the hours spent cramped on an airline seat.

From my new vantage point I could notice that all five girls were sitting on human chairs, and I was pretty sure that one of the chairs was a female. Of course we chairs were all silent, focused on the task of keeping our superiors comfortable. The dominant women above us, on the other hand, lost no time and started introducing themselves.

"Hi everyone, my name is Vicky and I will be your guide for the next 10 days! I have lived and worked on the island for the past two years, and I would not give it up for anything in the world. Looking forward to enjoying it with you! Oh, I am originally from a small town outside of London, in England, where we don't see nearly as much sun as around here."

"Hey girls, I'm Gloria! It's nice to meet you all. I was born and raised in New York City, but my family is originally from Colombia. I have always been the assertive type, and I love turning men into my playthings: you might say that I had my first little slave in middle school! This one under me right now is Josh, my first serious human pony. I can't wait to ride and use him all over the island, and of course you are all welcome to borrow him!"

"Hello ladies. I am Midori from Japan. Excuse my basic English please. I am pony rider without pony, so this one is rented from Vicky. Nice meeting you!"

"What's up gals, this is Jenn and my chair is Beauty. I don't use her real name anymore, since she became my 24/7 slave two years ago. She's very obedient and quite strong, but she needs training to carry me as far and fast as I wish... so here we are! Oh, and we are from Chattanooga, Tennessee."

"Hi everyone! I'm Mandy. You all sound pretty experienced, while I don't know exactly what I'm doing here. In fact, I only found out about the nature of this vacation on our flight! Mark here decided it was a good idea to lie to me, and I am wondering how I should punish him. Any suggestions?"

That of course sparked a conversation that the ladies seemed to love! Gloria and Jenn – who seemed the most outgoing as well as the most sadistic – came up with plenty of ideas on how Mandy could use me in painful and exhausting ways.

Then Midori said: "I think that would be all good things for him. He wants to be Mandy's slave. Maybe real punishment is better from other people."

"That's an interesting approach, Midori," Vicky jumped in. "I am sure we can figure something out. We will all be using our own mounts for the first three days, then we will start rotating them anyway."

That sounded very exciting to me: I love Mandy, but being ridden by all of these attractive girls would be fun. I started looking forward to it.

Dinner was served shortly thereafter, and by the time the ladies were done eating I must have been Mandy's chair for well over an hour. My back was killing me, but the feeling of my beautiful girlfriend's comfortable butt kept me motivated, together with the sight of her pretty feet barely covered by her flip-flops and gently crossed below my abdomen.

The chairs did not get any table food, but Vicky made hers carry her around the table and she pushed a dense cereal bar into each of our mouths. I wasn't that hungry, but I obediently ate mine and it definitely gave me an almost immediate burst of energy. I also had a chance to notice that Vicky's slave looked very large and strong beneath his diminutive rider.

"Okay ladies, we'd better get comfortable now. It's going to take another four hours or so until we reach the island," Vicky announced as she stood up. All the other girls followed suit, and my back hurt so much the moment Mandy got up and I relaxed its muscles. I was also hit by the usual mix of feelings: relief for getting a break, immediately followed by an irrational desire to have her beautiful body back on top of mine.

Our duties were far from over though. Following the example of Vicky's well-trained slave, we all laid on our backs next to each other and placed our feet firmly on the ground, so that our legs were bent and our knees pointed towards the ceiling. That turned us into human sofas, so the ladies soon took a comfortable seat on our abdomens while using our thighs as a backrest. Most of them also used our faces as a footrest and Mandy soon followed their example, taking one of her pretty feet out of its flip-flop and uncerimoniously covering my mouth and nose with it.

As we were building the human sofa on the floor, I couldn't help but notice that all of the slaves looked bigger and stronger than me. I am pretty fit, and not a small person at 6'1" and 210 pounds. But the guys towered over me, while Beauty – the only female slave – was about my height and looked like a body builder! I felt pretty intimidated, also because I noticed at the same time that Mandy – whom I have always considered petite at 5'2" and about 120 lbs – was easily the tallest and most curvy among the ladies. What had I gotten myself into?

The new position felt lovely for my back though, and it definitely required much less work than the all-fours chair. In fact, soon I felt myself dosing off.

I was woken up by a foot stomping on my chest. I soon realized that it was Gloria, the Latina from NYC, who was standing to chat with Mandy and obviously regarded me as nothing but furniture. I was sleepy and disoriented, yet I quickly became turned on by her bold and dominant attitude. I just hoped Mandy wouldn't feel the beginning of my erection pressing against her lower back.

"So, where are you guys from?" Gloria asked.

"We live in California, but we are originally from New England. You said you're a New Yorker, right?"

"That's right, Mandy. Too bad we live so far away: I like you guys, and I wish we could play for longer than 10 days. Well, I guess I'll have to make the most of the time we've got! Do you play with others often?" As she asked that question, Gloria knelt down to be closer to Mandy, painfully placing her knees and shins on my upper arms, then her bubbly butt right on my face. It hurt like hell, and it felt like Heaven at the same time. Gloria was wearing nothing but a thin Summer dress, and I could clearly inhale the scent of her intimacy as I struggled to breathe through the fabric.

I felt Mandy pull back her legs to make space for her new friend, as she replied: "We have never played with others before, but I feel like you would be a perfect first!"