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The Dairy Ponyboy - Part 1


England, 1839. Dog carts are widespread and represent a precious resource for those families who can’t afford an equine or oxen as means of transportation. Meanwhile the RSPCA, a charity fighting for the five freedoms of animals, defines it an untolerable cruelty and pushes the government for a ban.

Life was pretty hard in the British countryside, but Emily didn’t complain. She considered herself lucky, after all: her parents had died ten years before when she was just 16, so she could have become one of many orphans in some institute. Instead, her elderly aunt Jane had welcomed her as employee at her dairy farm.

Along her way home, Emily looked at the small dog pulling her carriage. “Oh… I wish we could afford a horse, or at least a donkey… I’ve just made the last milk delivery and now it’s going to take one hour until we reach home. Come on, you little bastard! Go faster!” she yelled, using the reins to encourage him.

Just that morning, aunt Jane had wished them a good day from the doorstep (see picture above) and said: “Treat my little dog fairly, niece. I’m afraid he’s really getting old.”

Emily could realize how hard the dog’s life was, carrying her and so many gallons of milk for several hours every day… but she was just tired… and life was too hard to take care of others but herself.

Mrs Hutton, her hateful neighbor, suddenly overtook her and was soon a small dot at the horizon. She drove a two-dog carriage and used to whip the poor animals mercilessly.


When Emily finally reached home, she found aunt Jane choking back tears.

“We’re completely ruined” the elderly woman said. “The government has just issued something named the Dog Cart Nuisance Act. Dog carts are banned! The whole town is talking about it. How are we going to survive?”

In the following days, Emily and her aunt’s other two employees did their best to deliver most of the milk to the best customers by walking. But they couldn’t reach more than 60% of them and this was going to kill their backs. They had to find a solution.

One night, while walking back home after the last delivery with an empty bin fastened on her back, Emily saw a definitely new thing: a two-wheel carriage driven by a nun… and pulled by a young boy!

“Are you all right, darling?” the nun asked, after stopping her human horse with a harsh move of the bridles. “I’m Sister Helen… and you appear exhausted. Would you like a ride home?”

Emily was hesitant, but her tiredness won and she climbed on the carriage, taking a seat beside the young nun. After a couple of minutes spent fully realizing the whole thing, Emily was simply astonished: Sister Helen, without ever losing her carefree smile and while lovely chatting with her, treated the boy harshly like a beast of burden and whipped his bare back as though she intended to kill him! Of course he ran for his life, carrying the two women at a very respectable speed.

“Don’t be upset, young woman” Sister Helen said, like reading her mind. “He’s an orphan, grown up in the streets and destined to a life of crimes. We welcome many of these boys in our convent and teach them discipline. They need pain and struggle, so their sins will be forgiven after death. Give it a try!”

Although still baffled, Emily took the bridles and was soon surprised by the sensitivity the human horse demonstrated to her commands. Then the nun handed her the whip.

“I don’t know, Sister. How can I feel right by enslaving a human being?”

“You’re already doing it. Whose efforts you think are making your trip home so fast and comfortable? Furthermore, you’ll do him a favor: he needs to suffer and expiate. Come on, hit him!”

Emily thought a Sister couldn’t be wrong. She slashed the young slave once, twice… every time harder… until he was on a desperate gallop. The two women burst into laughter, enjoying the breeze from the forward motion.

“You see. It wasn’t that difficult!” Sister Helen said.

“You’re right. And I actually like it!” Emily replied.

After a while she led the human pony into a slightly slower pace, just to save his energies, but she kept whipping him regularly to maintain the desired speed. Once they reached the farm, Emily handed the bridles back to the nun and thanked her warmly.

“Wait a second before you get off” Sister Helen said. “Let me show you something. Boy! Step-position, and honor our guest!”

The boy pulled a small lever to block the wheels, got on his hands and knees beside the carriage and humbly kissed one of Emily’s boots.

The woman, at this point already a bit accustomed to being served by the young slave, used his bare back as a step and comfortably got off. She couldn’t avoid to notice the red marks on his back and shoulders while stepping on them, but everything (incredibly) appeared almost normal by now.

“Let me make you a proposal” Sister Helen said. “We have so many orphans and you clearly need some help here. I suppose you’re among the families hit by the dog carts ban. Would you like to take one boy? Of course slavery is not really legal… so you should adopt one as your son and use him exactly as you have just used mine. God would be very grateful!”

“I don’t know what to say. That would be so helpful for us! On the other hand, are you sure it wouldn’t be misperceived? I mean… think of the neighborhood, what will they say?”

“Don’t worry, my darling. Everyone will know you’ll be doing that on our behalf. We’re making similar deals with other deserving women, so human-led carriages will soon be common around. Just come over tomorrow, early morning. I will wait for you at the convent.”

Sister Helen smiled, then she hit the ponyboy with her whip and took the road.

Emily was a bit afraid about what had happened in the last 30 minutes, but… more than that… she felt overwhelmingly excited!

On the following morning, she woke up before sunrise and told her aunt that she would go to pray at the convent. “I know I will miss some deliveries this way, but we’re going to be broken soon anyway… perhaps God has a better solution” she said.

It was a two hour walk. Emily surprised herself wishing to have a human pony in her service already.

She reached the convent and found the main door open. Inside, she saw a beautiful and silent cloister. An elderly nun appeared at a window. “I’m here to see Sister Helen” Emily shouted.

The nun just nodded, without speaking a word. Emily kept waiting for about 10 minutes, then she finally saw Sister Helen approaching… and felt even more incredulous than the day before: the nun was riding a saddled boy, who obediently crawled on his hands and knees beneath her considerable weight.

The human pony had a bit in his mouth and wore a couple of kneepads. He was completely naked, except for a couple of tiny shorts. His body was actually mostly hidden by the nun’s dress, but Emily could understand exactly how that worked because a second human pony was crawling beside Sister Helen’s, without any rider on his saddle.

The nun harshly pulled the bridles, stretching his slave’s mouth and making him stop. She had no whip this time, but a sudden sparkle revealed a couple of razor-sharp spurs fastened to her boots. “Hello, my darling. Hope you had a safe trip here. Mount on your slave, I’m taking you for a complete tour inside the convent!”

Emily hesitated for a second, then she remembered the explanations from the day before and gently sat on the small saddle, putting her boots into the stirrups. It was very comfortable… and it became even more so when the boy, feeling that she had settled her full weight on him, bent his back a little to let her ass comfortably sink into him… adding further arousal to his already excited new rider.

Emily weighed about 130 lbs, while Sister Helen must have been at least 170. Their slaves clearly struggled to carry the two women, but they appeared extremely determined to please their riders… whatever the cost…

They rode across the cloister and entered a huge garden. Then they took a steep track, which led on a small hill and supposedly down on the other side. Sister Helen wanted to maintain a good speed despite the slope, so she repeatedly dug the spurs into her slave’s thighs. Of course it worked. Emily didn’t have any tool but the bridles… nonetheless her human pony kept crawling just beside Sister Helen’s, maintaining the same pace: the boys were clearly trained to let the nuns chat while riding in parallel.

Emily had never felt so well in her entire life. The muscles working beneath her arse were overwhelmingly turning her on… and she felt like a princess, served and in charge for the first time in her life. She wished she could spur her slave as well, just to feel his body react under her. An unknown sadism was arising inside the young woman.

Once beyond the hill, the two riders found themselves surrounded by bucolic scenes of deep submission.

Emily was literally open-mouthed. Here a young nun rode a two-legged slave on his shoulders, keeping his head under her dress. He walked in circle around a large vegetable garden where several boys were working, while his rider cracked the whip against those whom she judged weren’t behaving properly.

There two elderly and fat nuns rode two four-legged slaves in parallel and kept chatting, exactly like Sister Helen and Emily were doing.

On the other side, three boys pulled as many ploughs through a large field. On each plough sat a young nun, who whipped her slave mercilessly.

Emily felt overwhelmed. The whole thing appeared so unfair… yet so exciting… or perhaps just exciting because of its unfairness! Sister Helen carried on explaining the different scenes, but Emily’s eyes were definitely more attentive than her ears. After all… which explanation did she need?

That place was the waiting room of Heaven for the nuns, while a very special Purgatory for those boys, meant to save them from an eternity in Hell. A beautiful win-win deal… of which, at this point, Emily undoubtedly wanted to be part!

To be continued...