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The Wonderful Miss Mackenzee


Sometimes a human pony feels the need for professional training to stay in top shape. When that happens to me, I email Miss Mackenzee to book a session. She is a very experienced Domme, sensible yet demanding, friendly yet always in charge.

In truth, words can’t do justice to her charm. She will literally own you before you even know it, and make you feel consumed by a burning desire to please her.

She is also an amazing Rider, who pushes me hard and clearly enjoys my performance at her service. One of the key techniques that I use to ensure her comfort and stability astride me – as you can see in the picture – is to bend my back in order to welcome her weight and let it “sink” into me, creating a natural saddle with my body throughout the ride.

After our last ponyplay session, Miss Mackenzee graciously agreed to be the first Riding Domme interviewed on my web site.

Steven: “Miss Mackenzee, you have over a decade of experience as a Dominatrix, Model and Sex Educator. What fuels your continued interest and involvement in the BDSM world?”

Miss Mackenzee: “This isn’t just a job for me. This is something that has been inside me for my entire life and I know it is part of who I am. I’m a lifestyle Mistress as well. Power exchange is extremely exciting for me and is at the core of all my kinky interactions, which is the main driving force in why I do what I do. I feel a great sense of pride when I see someone in a floaty, submissive headspace knowing I put them there with my skills and expertise. I love the connection and energy I feel with each and every person I play with, because it’s different with everybody. There’s so many different realms in the BDSM world and I get many different requests that every day allow for something new, which I love and lets me be creative. The psychology of it all is fascinating to me.”

Steven: “You are also very much in demand with your clientele. What’s the secret of your success?”

Miss Mackenzee: “Hard work. I never stop advertising and marketing. For me, one of the important parts is making sure that it isn’t just a transaction. I care about the experiences that my clients have with me. I didn’t come up over night. I worked very hard to get where I am. I built my clientele up over time. A lot of females that want to get into this business think that it’s easy money and those with that mindset tend to phase out quickly.”

Steven: “Let’s talk about ponyplay: you recently told me that it’s considered a ‘classic’ in BDSM. Can you elaborate?”

Miss Mackenzee: “What I meant by that answer is that a typical, older FemDom artistic type photo with a female Dominant and male submissive would often depict ponyplay. It is seen as gentlemanly for the man to carry the woman around in a cart or on his back. Also, in ancient times, the queen was carried by her male servants as a form of reverence. The costumes and ponyplay attire that is worn in BDSM are leather-based which is going back to the roots of BDSM.”

Steven: “How long have you been interested in ponyplay? Do you remember your first human-pony ride?”

Miss Mackenzee: “I saw a picture of Jeff Gord many years ago. It was a photo of him posed on two females set up as a cart in strict bondage being pulled by another female in ponyplay attire. I was very much into that photo and wanting to explore that type of play but didn’t know anyone that was into it personally. Around 2011-2012, I went to a BDSM event and they had a pony show which included a parade on the boardwalk with handlers and their human ponies. There were competitions for outfits, following commands, etc. The ponies were very exquisite and eye-catching. It brought my attention from just a passing interest to definitely wanting to try that type of play. I did a pony ride during that event. I asked one of the handlers if I could ride their pony. They had me on their back, going all around the entire hotel because it was a hotel takeover event. I will never forget that experience.”

Steven: “All-fours, shoulder riding and carts: what is your personal ranking, and for what reasons?”

Miss Mackenzee: “I like them all for different reasons but my favorite would have to be all fours, because it shows the strength and endurance that my pony is willing to put themselves through for my comfort and enjoyment. It also allows for me to use my crop when they are on all fours. It’s a personal connection; I can feel every muscle and movement to control my pony how I want. It’s the most work a human pony can possibly do. Shoulder riding is fun but tends to be very short because most cannot keep you on their shoulders for very long. I also really like the carts because it reminds me of a carriage ride and has a romantic feel to it. I like knowing that I can have another person or two in the cart with me that they wouldn’t be able to carry on their back.”

Steven: “On a more personal level: I recently had the pleasure of serving as your human pony. What did you enjoy about those sessions?”

Miss Mackenzee: “I loved having your chiseled body underneath me and putting you to work. Having you climb up and down the stairs and making you sweat was very sexy to me. Knowing you were doing everything possible to make it pleasurable for me. I enjoyed your dedication to serve me and going into struggle positions, pushing your body to its limits for my amusement. One of my favorite parts of our sessions is the ritual of having you strip and watching you put on your gear then getting into position for me to start my ride. The careful attention you took to be aware of where I was on your body, even if we were going fast, so I wasn’t in danger of falling off showed devotion.”

Steven: “Last but not least: what advice would you give to someone who loves the idea of ponyplay, and wants to turn their fantasies into reality?”

Miss Mackenzee: “There’s only one way to turn your fantasies into reality: don’t be afraid. Take that step and contact a professional. I know this sounds like shameless promotion but this really is an interest of mine so email me. I would also recommend joining groups online and talking to people that share these interests.”