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The Amazing Mistress Katharina


The ultimate dream of most Human Ponies is to be ridden just like real horses. And there is one Rider that can lead us the closest to that experience: Mistress Katharina of Munich, Germany.

Dressed like a real equestrienne, including sharp spurs and cruel whips, she will push any all-fours pony to their absolute limit. And she will love every minute of it!

I am honored that she accepted to be interviewed for this humble web site.

Steven: “Mistress Katharina, thanks for taking the time for this interview. I would be surprised to find a ponyplay fan anywhere in the world who has not seen any of your photos and videos. What is the secret of your popularity?”

Mistress Katharina: “Dear Steven, thank you very much for the invitation to this interview. You're welcome. Actually, I’ve never aimed to reach this kind of international popularity. I used to ride real horses when I was younger and so I am just really enjoying it instead of just pretending. Also my weight and height are perfect for riding human ponies, and what makes it possible to do longer rides.”

Steven: “Let's look into the past for a second: have you always known that you were a dominant woman? And when did you start using submissive men as your slaves and human ponies?”

Mistress Katharina: “I always knew what I want and how I can use the people around me to get it. I started dominating men in a Dom-sub context at the age of 22. I was at uni at that time and kept it as a secret, also because I didn’t have any friends who were involved in this too. Now I feel a lot more confident and open about my fetishes, so I don’t mind sharing them with my videos. I feel very happy to receive so much positive feedback which motivates me a lot to continue with this project. Producing clips on a professional level is actually very time consuming and connected to a lot of effort.”

Mistress Katharina

Steven: “Your riding style is extremely realistic: you wear classy equestrian gear, you have excellent balance and control, and you demand long rides on the back of your human ponies. How did you develop such a remarkable style?”

Mistress Katharina: “Thank you very much. Yes, it’s like I said before – I really DO enjoy it and have experience with real horse riding. But other than horse riding, I am most focus on MY own pleasure. I love it when I notice how my pony starts to suffer under me. Then the fun part really begins. I know now that mentally, my pony doesn’t want to disappoint me, but its physical resources are depleted. So now the slave is in a twist. Haha. I love driving him into this dilemma. Now he has to suffer under my whipping and use of my spurs as long as I want it!”

Steven: “Spurs, whips, verbal commands... What are your favorite ways to extract the best performance out of your human ponies?”

Mistress Katharina: “I think you need to find out what works best for the certain slave. Some respond better to harsh and loud verbal commands and others need to feel the dominance more physically. I get the best kick out of it when I realize that I managed to figure out how to own and enslave the individual. There are also what I call looser ponies because they totally fail in terms of endurances. I absolutely cannot accept a pony that breaks down after not even five minutes. I expect a minimum level of performance! New ponyslave applicants should therefore train before being ridden the first time by me. Otherwise, a pony-session will turn into an harsh whipping session. ”

Steven: “You are usually seen riding human ponies on all-fours, often even outdoors and on rough terrains. Are you also interested in other styles, such as shoulder riding, piggyback rides or cart pulling?”

Mistress Katharina: “I like 'on all-Fours' Style the most because it simply feels the most comfortable to me and reminds me the most of real horses. Also I think other riding styles like shoulder riding are much easier for the slave, which does not match my sadistic side.”

Steven: “Last but not least: what advice would you give to a fan who wants to embrace their love for ponyplay? What are the best ways to become active in this wonderful world?”

Mistress Katharina: “Just do it and try it out. There are enough ways to try yourself out today. But, as I said before, you need to start practicing at home. Get a pair of knee pads and a heavy backpack and do your training!”