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Pleasure Pony


*Yes, sometimes a human pony is not used for fun and convenience. Sometimes their role is purely to give a Rider pleasure.

I recently stumbled upon an old story on Sir Jeff’s website. You can read the entire text here, but I also want to include below a few selected paragraphs.*

I stood there, my mouth going dry despite the sweet bit clenched between my teeth. Lena strode into the ring with a sexy and dominant walk, a riding crop swinging back and forth in her hand. “We are going to get to know one another most intimately.” She seemed to smirk down at me, even though she was not any taller than me. I could not help the tremble that coursed through my body (…)

“Down!” she ordered and that crop swung with a deadly accuracy and caught me right on the side of my stomach. I yelped and immediately dropped down to all-fours, a tear unconsciously rolling down my cheek. I wanted to desperately rub the stinging spot the crop had lashed me, but I dared not to! I could see Lena’s shiny boots circling around me and then to my surprise I saw her slide off her tank top and then her shorts until she was utterly naked except for her boots before me. Her body was gorgeous and toned, but I did not want to look at her, did not want to even imagine what humiliations she had in store for me.

“Since you are not so thrilled with women riders, you are going to get to know them most intimately, learn to show better respect to them.” She crooned in a not so nice way. She swung her leg over me then and sat down naked against my own naked back. She felt so much more different (…) the smoothness of her, the feel of her neatly trimmed bush against my back as she slowly began to grind herself into me. Instinctively I bent my back (…)

“Well at least you know something right.” She said with an arrogant attitude and now took her booted feet and slowly drew the spurs down my arms, then shifted and slowly raked them down my thighs. She was not spurring, not harming me, but the implications were clear. It was at this point purely a dominance thing, a sign of what she could do to me if she wanted. I unconsciously trembled with humiliation as I realized I felt wetness against my back where she was sitting atop me. She was beginning to get totally aroused by using me and humiliating me in this way. She grabbed my shoulders and now began to grind and pump against my back even faster, dry humping my back and I could feel her hot wetness coating my back even more as well as smell her musky female arousal. “Oh yes, I am so going to enjoy using you, my bitch mare!” her voice was rough with arousal. She stopped rocking and grinding on me then, and grabbing up the reins she squeezed her thighs against my sides and gave me a swift dig with her spurs into my thighs.

At first she allowed me to walk as she steered me towards the rail to ride me around the ring. The whole time we walked, I was totally aware of her wetness beginning to blanket my back like a saddle of lubrication. She almost seemed to enjoy my humiliation at her arousal on me. “You should be pleased when any Mistress or Master arouses themselves on you, stupid beast.” She taunted me, “And I will arouse myself on you several times. If you are smart you will obey me implicitly, because if you do not, I will strap you down so tightly to a table that you can barely breathe, and I will still ride your body and cum on you and then I will beat you unmercifully. I warned you I can be a bitch!” She grabbed my hair roughly then and gave it a hard yank back so my back bent even further under her. “Now trot!” she commanded and dug those spurs cruelly into me.

I did my best to ‘trot’ on my hands and knees (…) With each jarring step I could feel her smooth ass cheeks slapping harshly against my back. I knew she was an elegant and skilled rider, but she was purposely letting her weight drive into me, her ass slapping roughly against me punishing and humiliating me. I could also hear her breathing growing more intense and deeper and the wetness growing more where she was sitting on me. A few times I tried to slow down, begged and prayed she would let me stop and rest (…) but she only spurred me harder or whipped me harshly with that crop. Slap! Slap! Slap! Her ass cheeks slammed down against my back as we trotted round and round the ring. The sound seemed to grow louder the wetter I got beneath her slick juices. Now my own sweat mingled with the juices of her arousal to make a nice slippery surface for her to grind and ride on and she thankfully finally pulled me into the middle of the ring, but she made no motion of getting off of me.

“Arch that back!” she ordered and I did, humping my back up like a cat arching its back, “Now down, bend it beneath me like a U!” she instructed. “Up, now down, arch, now bend!” And so she decided to ride me this way. “Now I am going to cum all over you, bitch mare, and if you interrupt my rhythm you will regret it.” She got me into a rhythm of arching and bending my back precisely at the speed and style she liked, and she now rode and ground herself on my bare back like a demon possessed. I could hear her moans and feel her wetness as she ground, slid and pumped her cunt all over my back. I could feel her wet bush, her clit, the folds of her pussy grinding, crushing and smashing into me as she rode and masturbated herself atop me. She threw her head back and I could hear her harsh moan of passion as she came on me, felt her orgasming atop me as her juices flowed even faster on me actually lathering and dripping off me. At first I had been utterly humiliated and completely turned off, but now… now, something had clicked deep within me as only a female can understand, and I felt myself become totally aroused at the thought of her using my body to masturbate on (…)

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned as she rode me harder, “Feel me cum on you bitch, use your back to pleasure me!” her sultry and commanding voice seemed to rock my soul as I obeyed her implicitly wanting to please her, wanting her to use me until I could no longer stand. Finally after several long minutes she stopped moving and sat there breathing raggedly atop me. I could feel the quivering and weakness in her own body, actually feel her clit throbbing against the groove in my back. I took a chance and hoping it would please her, I began to once again walk towards the rail, allowing her body to slide and rock against the juices she had flooded my back with. “That’s it, my bitch mare.” She grabbed my hair roughly, but I could sense she was also pleased in my instinct and desire to please her. “Walk with me on you, let me feel you beneath me until I am ready to cum on you again.” (…)

Finally, my body exhausted beyond its limits simply broke and collapsed beneath her. I dropped to my elbows but she had already gotten off me. “Lay on your back, my bitch mare.” She ordered me. It seemed almost impossible to obey. I was so weak with pleasure and exhaustion but I used every last ounce of strength to fling myself over so I was now laying flat on my back, my chest panting in ragged gulps. I knew I was not allowed to talk, but I hoped and prayed she would be able to see the gratitude and arousal in my eyes. “Oh yes…” she now stood astride my stomach glaring dominantly down at me, “I think you are liking this just fine. I see I have broken you into a complete and utterly helpless heap.” She moved up so she was standing nearly over my tits and ribs, then knelt down and sat on my stomach as she continued to grind into me and coated me even more with her juices. “I don’t think you could even fight me if you wanted to. You are so weak I could do anything I want to you.” She chuckled in a dark but sensuous way. “I think it’s time you showed your Rider and Mistress just how thankful you are, my little pony.” And with that she now moved herself up and over my face. I could see her dripping cunt, wet thighs and ass right over my face. I was stunned, never had I ever done anything like this with a woman, never had I had any sexual feelings for a woman, but at this moment in this instance I was just lost in the fog of total arousal, my mind filled with a heady haze of primal lust and passion. She now sat down on my face and I was instantly surrounded by the heat of her body, her scent and wetness all over me, encompassing me. I also realized that if I wanted to breathe I had better start licking that pussy of hers, as she had my mouth and nose buried deep inside the folds of her cunt. (…) I was far too weak and exhausted to fight her. But I didn’t want to fight her; I wanted to show her my gratitude, to pleasure her even more. I began to thrust my tongue up into her folds around her labia, circling her clit bringing her pleasure, and she rewarded me by letting me breathe. “Yes, that’s it my pretty bitch pony.” She moaned as she now began to ride and grind on my face, “Lick and drink from your Mistress, pleasure me and let me feel your gratitude.” I pleasured her with my tongue as only a woman knows how to do to another woman, tonguing and pleasuring her until I felt her orgasming again. She sat down hard on my face with her full weight, smothering me with her cunt, her juices flowing over my face as she ground down and came atop me. At that point I was so tired, so used (…) so smothered I finally passed out beneath her.