“Nope, sorry boss. It’s my wedding anniversary today, so I’m going home. I’ll finish that report tomorrow.” Some female eyes were lifted from the monitors as he walked along the corridor and entered the elevator: angel face and athletic body, clearly visible even under the business suit, Steven was very popular among his colleagues, and […]

Elise thought she had never desired a hot bath so much. Fully relaxed in the soapy water, she felt the exhaustion of those last days flowing off her beautiful body. She looked at her handsome pack animal: Steven was humbly positioned on hands and knees beside the bathtub, waiting for her. Elise had ridden him […]

“I’m going to be late, as this rickshaw is slower than the ones I’m used to ride!” Danielle whipped Steven again. “Kate, I expect you to come and pick up me at 5:30 in the afternoon. Have a good day!” she said a few minutes later, passing her the bridles and disappearing through the College […]

Danielle couldn’t figure out the reason of her recent sadness. Her 18th birthday had just been celebrated with a great party. She had a wealthy life at Court, her beloved Steven and many other slaves were at her beck and call, Elizabeth was an expert and irresistible lover. The duties she had as ancilla were […]

Steven quickly learned how to recognize who was riding him, even if blind: tradition wanted slaves to stay constantly naked, four legged, saddled and with their eyes covered by a bandage in the harem. They were allowed to see only when ridden on shoulders, in the outdoors. Elizabeth weighed about 140 lbs, had soft and […]

The ancillas had a look out of the palanquin curtains to check the situation: now they were quite far from the battlefield and no further chasers could be spotted, but the men’s army was surely going to win, because more than double in number: that attack had been an unexpected tragedy. And their only hope […]

Danielle and some classmates were having lunch in the campus, enjoying the fresh September air. Each girl was sitting on her slave’s back… including Monica, who had finally turned 21! Monica’s new slave was devoted and well trained, but small and weak compared to Steven and other first-choice ‘products’. Her mother had chosen the minimum […]

The two weeks of holiday finished in a flash. Steven loaded Danielle and Monica’s luggage while the girls said goodbye to their friends, with long hugs and commitments to keep in touch. Lindsay rode her slave on the shoulders for the first mile beside their rickshaw, keeping Monica’s hand and saying that they absolutely had […]

Danielle took Marjorie to the local slave rental office, then she rode Steven back home where she met Monica.The sea house was quite large. The girls had slept in the same room at first, in order to share Steven’s services, but now Monica kept their previous room, while Danielle didn’t dismount and made Steven go […]

The beach is ideal for fun riding. Women make slaves get on all fours and spend entire days on their comfortable backs. Slaves don’t need to wear anything but shorts: their hands and knees can walk on the sand with no serious injuries, and this makes their use extremely flexible: they can switch from ponies […]

It was a hot and dry day in a desertic region. This made Steven’s work pretty hard, especially after a few hours. The girls didn’t even think about it: they had parasols, sunglasses and an ice-bag with fruit and drinks. Nicely seated in the rickshaw, comfortably cross-legged, they enjoyed the breeze from the forward motion. […]

“Steven should be able to keep an average speed of 5 miles per hour, even fully loaded” Danielle’s mother said, “but you’d better persuade Monica to take her own rickshaw.” “It’s impossible, Mum. You know she’s a few months younger than me and doesn’t have her own slave yet” Danielle replied “It was even a […]

Spring arrived soon, and the girls started spending long afternoons in the outdoors. Equestrian activities of course became a daily game for Danielle and her friends. The girls still used faster and comfortable rickshaws every day, but now started riding their slaves’ shoulders regularly too. Steven knew that day was going to be hard: while […]

It took Danielle several days before she felt like speaking to Steven for the first time: she initially gave him direct orders only, using her feet and the riding crop. She was conscious of being superior and she truly considered Steven like a private property, fully dedicated to her comfort and pleasure, but she needed some […]

Danielle struggled to fall asleep, her mind so full of emotions and anticipation. Steven kissed her feet and then lied on the floor, just next to her bed, ready to be her carpet in the morning. On the following day, Danielle was enthusiastically welcomed by her friends when she arrived at school on her new […]

On the day of her twenty-first birthday, Danielle finally received the most desired gift: her personal lifetime slave. Some classmates were some months older and had already received their own. This was a day of revenge though: the slave kneeling before her was a beautiful young man, he was completely hers, and Danielle’s eyes were […]

Year 2525. Climate change has almost destroyed the Planet. The last humans now live in balance with the environment. A new zero-impact Constitution has been ratified: pollutant engines are prohibited, and the few survived animals can’t be tamed. Women have taken control of the society, declaring men responsible for all the past disasters and proclaiming […]