Yes, sometimes a human pony is not used for fun and convenience. Sometimes their role is purely to give a Rider pleasure. I recently stumbled upon an old story on Sir Jeff’s website. You can read the entire text here, but I also want to include below a few selected paragraphs… I stood there, my […]

I love discovering little snippets of female domination in “regular” movies or TV shows. My latest find is in the seventh episode of the Netflix series Maniac. At minute 16:55, a mysterious Lady is hosting the characters played by the beautiful Emma Stone and Julia Garner. It may go unobserved to the casual watcher, but […]

He loves the way she looks in those crystal shoes, but she finds them so uncomfortable to wear! So he gladly accepts to carry her to their castle, pulling her weight on a long uphill ride. He has no idea this is only the first step in his descent towards marital slavery. Soon she will […]

There is something so special about a girl submitting to another girl. This lovely GIF makes me imagine two roommates at a boarding school: the Rider is the heiress of a rich family, whereas the ponygirl is a scholarship student who accepted to be her servant as a condition for her admission. How delightfully unfair. […]

One of my Riders strongly feels that her human pony should also serve as a human chair, whenever they take a break during a ride. Of course I am very happy to indulge her. However, it is undeniable that such a “break” allows the pony to recover much less of his energy, potentially resulting in […]

Nothing beats the practicality of a Shoulder Ride, which turns the human pony into an actual means of transportation. But what about the Rider’s feet? Tucked behind the pony’s back may be the most common solution, but it can get uncomfortable for the Rider after a while. Just hanging in front? Same thing, and it […]

There’s something so special about two Riders enjoying themselves in tandem. Don’t you think? It makes their carriers look like simple beasts of burden, used for fun and comfort while the Riders hold hands and chat with each other in their superior position. Whether it’s on a beach or at a concert, such a situation […]

More drawings by this talented artist […]

He can immediately tell that she’s going to be a very demanding Rider…

Are you a fan of spurs? Or you think they are too cruel?