Alexis was unlike anybody he had met before, and Tom couldn’t stop thinking about their first encounter: her long legs had felt so good when briefly wrapped around him at the dance-improvisation class he had attended on a whim, looking for a distraction after a long week at work. And her soft long feet were […]

I have always loved introducing people to Ponyplay, but few have embraced it as enthusiastically as my new friend Miss M. She and her husband are in a 24/7 Femdom Relationship, and they have decided to share their journey online on a web site called Bdsm Couple that has already scored over 1.5 Million views […]

“I thought we would do this differently today, if you don’t mind” Lindsay tells me when we meet in the morning. I follow her to what looks like a soccer field without any goals, surrounded by bleachers. Two athletic boys are right in the middle of it, on all-fours and wearing full tack. I immediately […]

Yes, sometimes a human pony is not used for fun and convenience. Sometimes their role is purely to give a Rider pleasure. I recently stumbled upon an old story on Sir Jeff’s website. You can read the entire text here, but I also want to include below a few selected paragraphs… I stood there, my […]

I love discovering little snippets of female domination in “regular” movies or TV shows. My latest find is in the seventh episode of the Netflix series Maniac. At minute 16:55, a mysterious Lady is hosting the characters played by the beautiful Emma Stone and Julia Garner. It may go unobserved to the casual watcher, but […]

Everything looks different yet so familiar at the boarding school where I spent my late teens and early twenties. What a sense of déjà vu. Back for the first time in almost 20 years, I fill my eyes with sights of the campus as Lindsay escorts me towards a new building. She is the student in charge […]

Sometimes a human pony feels the need for professional training to stay in top shape. When that happens to me, I email Miss Mackenzee to book a session. She is a very experienced Domme, sensible yet demanding, friendly yet always in charge.

In truth, words can’t do justice to her charm. She will literally own you before you even know it, and make you feel consumed by a burning desire to please her.

She is also an amazing Rider (…)

He loves the way she looks in those crystal shoes, but she finds them so uncomfortable to wear! So he gladly accepts to carry her to their castle, pulling her weight on a long uphill ride. He has no idea this is only the first step in his descent towards marital slavery. Soon she will […]

Here’s a brand-new way to ride humans! I have mixed thoughts about it. On one hand, I l’d rather feel the full weight of my Rider on top of me […]

Michael was beyond exhaustion. His legs felt heavy and shaky, while his lower back was getting stiffer with each step. But the short rope between his own neck and the human pony’s harness did not allow him to slow down. In a state of confusion, he kept chasing Sarah’s ass like the proverbial carrot for […]

There is something so special about a girl submitting to another girl. This lovely GIF makes me imagine two roommates at a boarding school: the Rider is the heiress of a rich family, whereas the ponygirl is a scholarship student who accepted to be her servant as a condition for her admission. How delightfully unfair. […]

It was another restless night for Michael. When the sun finally started rising, he turned away from the window to observe his lover in the morning light. Her body was only partially covered by the sheets. He stared at her long toes, tan legs and the sexy curve of her bubbly ass. He adored her. […]

One of my Riders strongly feels that her human pony should also serve as a human chair, whenever they take a break during a ride. Of course I am very happy to indulge her. However, it is undeniable that such a “break” allows the pony to recover much less of his energy, potentially resulting in […]

Nothing beats the practicality of a Shoulder Ride, which turns the human pony into an actual means of transportation. But what about the Rider’s feet? Tucked behind the pony’s back may be the most common solution, but it can get uncomfortable for the Rider after a while. Just hanging in front? Same thing, and it […]

It was almost dawn. The two women were asleep on a large bed, close together in a spooning position, wearing nothing but underwear. They couldn’t look more different, yet the combination was astoundingly beautiful. The first was a young and athletic black girl, 19 years old, tall and sexy. In front of her – and […]

This Rider looks extremely comfortable, as she bounces on the saddle placed astride her human pony’s shoulders. I wonder how close her experience was to riding an actual horse. Saddle or no saddle? What would be your preference? […]

There’s something so special about two Riders enjoying themselves in tandem. Don’t you think? It makes their carriers look like simple beasts of burden, used for fun and comfort while the Riders hold hands and chat with each other in their superior position. Whether it’s on a beach or at a concert, such a situation […]

The experience of using another person was completely new to Amanda: she had always been a pleaser, focused on other people’s needs above her own, never accustomed to giving orders. Yet she found it exhilarating to ride Tiffany like a beast of burden. And very arousing. She simply couldn’t believe how even the most subtle […]

More drawings by this talented artist […]

He can immediately tell that she’s going to be a very demanding Rider…

The training started on a Sunday morning, when Megan rented a car and drove to the New Jersey shore. Amanda and Tiffany traveled in the trunk, handcuffed to each other, “so they could bond” in the words of their young Owner. “Have you really chosen to become this girl’s slave? What’s in it for you?” […]

Are you a fan of spurs? Or you think they are too cruel?

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“I can’t do this anymore. I am constantly exhausted, in pain… and most importantly, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind!” Amanda sounded desperate. “Of course you can do it. You will do everything I say, because you are mine” Megan replied with a matter-of-fact attitude. “You know that I adore you, Princess. […]

Amanda could feel her own body bend a little further by the minute: the exhausted muscles of her back were giving in, allowing the weight of her tormentor to painfully push directly against the center of her spine. She wondered: how have I ended up in this nightmare, serving a sadistic girl who is so […]

That afternoon’s ride was the most challenging yet for Steven. The Queen was much heavier than Marjan on his shoulders, and unreasonably demanding: whenever they hit an uphill section she demanded that he not only keep his speed, but even increase it. She was clearly testing him, and she literally rode him to the ground: […]

Princess Marjan continued the training of her new slave during the following weeks. He learned quickly and he showed remarkable strength and endurance at her service, as well as blind obedience to her orders. The Princess soon received a full tack for him: a comfortable shoulder saddle made of the finest leather, bit and bridles, […]

Princess Marjan entered the room and walked confidently towards her throne. Her heart was beating fast, but she kept the composure of a future Queen. Now 25 years old, she had definitely inherited her mother’s royal attitude. The entire court – dozens of eyes in the silent room – was staring at her as she […]

United Kingdom, 2012 AD Steven ran through the last part of the field and nimbly dived into the water. As a skilled swimmer, the lake was easy for him to cross and he gained a bigger lead on the first of his chasers. A steep uphill run followed, then he lowered himself down through a […]

Her mother’s hug was everything Marjan needed to finally burst into tears, letting her emotions out. “Oh, Mom… I was so scared!” “Where did that happen? I’m going to make sure that those rebels are slaughtered one by one with no mercy!” “I’m afraid you won’t like my answer…” the Princess had to admit. “What do […]

Kingdom of Ashmeera, 330 BC Princess Marjan loved the feeling of her black hair gently caressed by the wind, especially when generated by the forward motion of a ride in the woods. A firm flick of the riding crop on her mount’s sweating muscles triggered a further increase in speed on the straight path. Comfortable on […]

Allison could not stop crying, but at least she had enough control to do it quietly, so she could avoid waking up her older sister and self-proclaimed owner. Her buttocks and sides were marked by Mallory’s stick – to the point of bleeding in some areas – and her back was intolerably sore from sustaining her rider’s weight for the […]

The following tale is a spur-of-the-moment idea inspired by “A Change of Heart”, a short story by Balance published here, which I recommend to any ponygirl enthusiast. “Mallory, how about you don’t ride me today? I will still carry all of our supplies: I am strong enough for that. But my back is still human, and […]

I am starting to wonder if I can make it through this. I am so exhausted. Men are not meant to be ridden all day like beasts of burden, after all. Or are they? Either way, the fact is that my back has been hurting constantly for the past couple of days, which makes it […]

“Good morning, Ladies. And welcome to your first day at Windham Stables! You have signed up for a one-of-a-kind experience, together with the partners at your service. Rest assured: we will take your interest in lift / carrying – whatever your current level of experience – and transform you into nothing less than Riding Goddesses.” Sally […]

As the airplane comes out of the clouds – on its descent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – I look at the islands below us and feel eager with anticipation. In the window seat next to me, Alyssa seems just as excited. She gives me one of those innocent-looking smiles that I love about her. I […]

“Hello, anybody home? Daddy is back!” Josh heard no response. He dropped his keys on the table, his bag on the floor and his jacket on the sofa. Then he took his shoes off and left them right in the middle of the living room. He knew Amanda would tidy up later. “Megan, honey, are you […]

On the following morning, Megan woke up to the smell of pancakes. How did Amanda know they were her favorite? Her stepmother had had to wake up early, because not only she had prepared breakfast for Josh and Megan, but she was also already dressed. This gave her all the time to take care of Megan on that morning, […]

Things were finally looking up for Amanda. After inheriting a small house from her adored grandmother – who passed away at age 87 – she could finally move out of her parents’ place and live by herself: the constant drunkenness of her father and mood swings of her mother were no longer tolerable. And she found an attractive, […]

Everything kept going as usual on the following day, until after dinner when Elizabeth announced: “Hey kids, won’t you show me the progress you’ve made as horse riders?” Of course Laura was sent upstairs to get ready. She wore a training outfit, made by tiny shorts and top, then fastened the saddle on her back. […]

An au-pair (plural: au-pairs) is a foreign-national domestic assistant working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a small monetary allowance for personal use. The title comes from the French term au pair, […]

While four-legged ponyboys were all comfort and easy control, two-legged ones could go much faster… but clearly required a skilled rider! Emily thought so while leaving the convent astride her new slave’s shoulders. She didn’t feel very confident yet, but she hadn’t dared to bother Sister Helen. “You’ll be perfectly in control. Ben is very […]

England, 1839. Dog carts are widespread and represent a precious resource for those families who can’t afford an equine or oxen as means of transportation. Meanwhile the RSPCA, a charity fighting for the five freedoms of animals, defines it an untolerable cruelty and pushes the government for a ban (true historical references here and here). […]

Thanks to Qjo Jotaro for the amazing drawing that inspired the following story… which is dedicated to every woman waiting for her man to realize her actual huge worth. Enjoy!   Looking back to my previous life, well… it wasn’t bad at all. I used to be an executive. My smartphone could barely last one […]

Michael’s summer was a continuous exhausting practice. Every morning he woke up early and swam about 3 miles in the swimming pool: the most effective way to develop a strong and resilient back. Then he harnessed himself with kneepads, gloves, saddle… everything to make his owner’s ride safe and comfortable. Jessica wanted him to be […]

What happens if you marry a beautiful woman and she suddenly becomes a star? Very simple – Michael used to think – you find yourself alone before you can even realize it. Yes, he had earned a rich divorce. But his brand-new house, surrounded by woods and wildlife in the middle of a forest, was […]

The following story is inspired by the popular TV series Dollhouse. Eliza Dushku is undoubtedly its beautiful star, but according to my criteria the character played by 41 y.o. Olivia Williams is way more charming: she’s mature, self-confident, cynical, conscious of her own power. Needless to say, what follows is pure fantasy. The reference above […]

The following story was written in a very short time after reading one of the amazing comics on the Heroes TV series web site. Here you can find the original comic. What follows the strips below is however an original femdom novel. My reference to the comic is purely inspirational and represents a tribute to […]

Alison ran through the park. Some sweat covered her pretty face, while the hair was collected in a ponytail. She wore just sun-top, shorts and sneakers, so her sexy and well-trained body could be admired by every people, whose glances were unequivocal. Despite the hot temperature, she was running at a very good pace from […]

“Nope, sorry boss. It’s my wedding anniversary today, so I’m going home. I’ll finish that report tomorrow.” Some female eyes were lifted from the monitors as he walked along the corridor and entered the elevator: angel face and athletic body, clearly visible even under the business suit, Steven was very popular among his colleagues, and […]

Elise thought she had never desired a hot bath so much. Fully relaxed in the soapy water, she felt the exhaustion of those last days flowing off her beautiful body. She looked at her handsome pack animal: Steven was humbly positioned on hands and knees beside the bathtub, waiting for her. Elise had ridden him […]

“I’m going to be late, as this rickshaw is slower than the ones I’m used to ride!” Danielle whipped Steven again. “Kate, I expect you to come and pick up me at 5:30 in the afternoon. Have a good day!” she said a few minutes later, passing her the bridles and disappearing through the College […]

Danielle couldn’t figure out the reason of her recent sadness. Her 18th birthday had just been celebrated with a great party. She had a wealthy life at Court, her beloved Steven and many other slaves were at her beck and call, Elizabeth was an expert and irresistible lover. The duties she had as ancilla were […]

Steven quickly learned how to recognize who was riding him, even if blind: tradition wanted slaves to stay constantly naked, four legged, saddled and with their eyes covered by a bandage in the harem. They were allowed to see only when ridden on shoulders, in the outdoors. Elizabeth weighed about 140 lbs, had soft and […]

The ancillas had a look out of the palanquin curtains to check the situation: now they were quite far from the battlefield and no further chasers could be spotted, but the men’s army was surely going to win, because more than double in number: that attack had been an unexpected tragedy. And their only hope […]

Danielle and some classmates were having lunch in the campus, enjoying the fresh September air. Each girl was sitting on her slave’s back… including Monica, who had finally turned 21! Monica’s new slave was devoted and well trained, but small and weak compared to Steven and other first-choice ‘products’. Her mother had chosen the minimum […]

The two weeks of holiday finished in a flash. Steven loaded Danielle and Monica’s luggage while the girls said goodbye to their friends, with long hugs and commitments to keep in touch. Lindsay rode her slave on the shoulders for the first mile beside their rickshaw, keeping Monica’s hand and saying that they absolutely had […]

Danielle took Marjorie to the local slave rental office, then she rode Steven back home where she met Monica.The sea house was quite large. The girls had slept in the same room at first, in order to share Steven’s services, but now Monica kept their previous room, while Danielle didn’t dismount and made Steven go […]

The beach is ideal for fun riding. Women make slaves get on all fours and spend entire days on their comfortable backs. Slaves don’t need to wear anything but shorts: their hands and knees can walk on the sand with no serious injuries, and this makes their use extremely flexible: they can switch from ponies […]

It was a hot and dry day in a desertic region. This made Steven’s work pretty hard, especially after a few hours. The girls didn’t even think about it: they had parasols, sunglasses and an ice-bag with fruit and drinks. Nicely seated in the rickshaw, comfortably cross-legged, they enjoyed the breeze from the forward motion. […]

“Steven should be able to keep an average speed of 5 miles per hour, even fully loaded” Danielle’s mother said, “but you’d better persuade Monica to take her own rickshaw.” “It’s impossible, Mum. You know she’s a few months younger than me and doesn’t have her own slave yet” Danielle replied “It was even a […]

Spring arrived soon, and the girls started spending long afternoons in the outdoors. Equestrian activities of course became a daily game for Danielle and her friends. The girls still used faster and comfortable rickshaws every day, but now started riding their slaves’ shoulders regularly too. Steven knew that day was going to be hard: while […]

It took Danielle several days before she felt like speaking to Steven for the first time: she initially gave him direct orders only, using her feet and the riding crop. She was conscious of being superior and she truly considered Steven like a private property, fully dedicated to her comfort and pleasure, but she needed some […]

Danielle struggled to fall asleep, her mind so full of emotions and anticipation. Steven kissed her feet and then lied on the floor, just next to her bed, ready to be her carpet in the morning. On the following day, Danielle was enthusiastically welcomed by her friends when she arrived at school on her new […]

On the day of her twenty-first birthday, Danielle finally received the most desired gift: her personal lifetime slave. Some classmates were some months older and had already received their own. This was a day of revenge though: the slave kneeling before her was a beautiful young man, he was completely hers, and Danielle’s eyes were […]

Year 2525. Climate change has almost destroyed the Planet. The last humans now live in balance with the environment. A new zero-impact Constitution has been ratified: pollutant engines are prohibited, and the few survived animals can’t be tamed. Women have taken control of the society, declaring men responsible for all the past disasters and proclaiming […]