“Nope, sorry boss. It’s my wedding anniversary today, so I’m going home. I’ll finish that report tomorrow.” Some female eyes were lifted from the monitors as he walked along the corridor and entered the elevator: angel face and athletic body, clearly visible even under the business suit, Steven was very popular among his colleagues, and the boss didn’t represent an exception.

He left the office by motorbike, bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and went home. The fast Suzuki let him avoid most of the traffic. He entered the house, got undressed and started cooking a delicious dinner.

When Danielle reached home, one hour later, the living room was silent and warm. She saw flowers and candles on the table, juicy hot courses ready to be tasted… Everything was perfect, including her favourite chair: Steven was naked, on his hands and knees, ready to worship his Goddess. Danielle smiled and took place on his back. “Come on, honey. Carry me to the bedroom first!” She got undressed in her large dressing room, using Steven as a stool, then she wore a light gown and sat back on him. “Move! I don’t want that delicious dinner to get cold!”


Steven crawled into the living room and took position, so Danielle could remain sat on his back and use his calves as a comfortable, warm footrest for her bare feet.


Kate entered the apartment, using her own keys. She kissed Danielle’s lips, caressed Steven’s shoulders and took place. Her role was both waitress and fellow diner. She lived in the adjacent apartment and was therefore always handy as Danielle’s best friend… and devoted sexy slave. After the first course, Danielle said: “The food is delicious. But I was so hungry that I forgot to make a stop in the bathroom. Kate, would you take place under the table please?” The girl readily lied onto the floor and put a funnel into her own mouth. Danielle turned 90 degress on Steven’s back, stretched out with her ass from there and put her feet on Kate’s breasts. Her golden nectar targeted the funnel and was quickly swallowed into Kate’s stomach.


The dinner was very pleasant for everyone. Steven was even involved in their lovely conversation, though from his low position. After the dessert, Danielle said: “Let me propose a toast! Steven, Kate, you’re my beautiful family. And I can’t find the words to describe how perfect I now consider my life! I had almost lost faith… but today, December 30th 2008, we’re celebrating one year since mine and Steven’s wedding, and two years since we three finally gained freedom. It required a lot of time… my biological age will be 32 next year… but everything’s been worth it!”.


Two years earlier, Danielle had eventually reached one of the most remarkable goals in the history of science: time traveling! Graduated in biology, she had succeeded where hundreds of scientists had previously failed. Like it often happens, her research had started from an accident. She was working on a new kind of energy pill for slaves, when she had noticed a surprising effect: beyond a determined speed, human horses particles started to move in a way potentially capable of overlapping the time-space continuum.

In need of money and laboratory slaves, she had found the most unexpected partner for her research: Elizabeth, who had become Queen after Zenobia’s early death. Time travelling opened unlimited possibilities to the ambitious new Queen, who had profusely funded Danielle’s efforts. Several months of experiments hadn’t brought results yet, when Danielle had asked Elizabeth for an audience: “My Queen, I perfectly remember our agreement, especially the part in which you disallowed any contact between Steven and me. But I’m at a dead end, unless you give me a human horse able to pull me and Kate at 33 mph for at least 3 minutes. And I only know one slave capable of that” Danielle hadn’t even waited for an answer. She had gotten on her knees and started licking Elizabeth’s toes: her daily duty, part of the agreement mentioned above, was to worship every inch of the Queen’s legs, then to orally service her until the desired number of orgasms. Danielle’s tongue must have worked better than usual that day… because she had finally earned a positive response to her request.

Two days later, the experiment had taken place. Danielle hadn’t met Steven for years, but she had forced herself to appear indifferent while harnessing him to the rickshaw: Elizabeth was attending the entire experiment. Danielle had taken place and pulled the bridles to make Steven stand up, while Kate (who had become her full-time assistant since the project start) had connected some electrodes to his handsome body. Once both the girls had sat on the rickshaw, the Queen had said: “You can go. Danielle… any trick, and I’ll kill you right here, in front of Steven”. Kate had whipped Steven’s shoulders just once: they needed a couple of trot miles to make his muscles warm, before injecting the formula and gaining the maximum speed. After several minutes, Danielle had let Kate proceed with the formula… then she had immediately taken the bridles and started whipping Steven with all her strength: “Fly, my beautiful slave! I need you to make us fly today!”

They had reached 33 mph and kept that speed for about 4 exhausting minutes. Steven’s feelings had been terrible: he had heard about experiments causing the death of many slaves… and now a very cold and demanding Danielle, the only woman he had ever truly loved, appeared determined to make his body explode! The formula had made his muscles powerful but also aching in a way he had never tried before. That pain was even higher than the one caused by Danielle’s whip, but his devotion had prevented him from slowing down. Then he had suddenly saw a blinding flash and… once recovered his sight… he had almost bumped into a bus! The very polluted air, together with some surprised exclamations of people looking at the girls on that human-pulled rickshaw, had given them the final confirmation: they were back to 2008.

“So my toast” Danielle continued “is dedicated to you, Kate, my best friend and precious assistant… and to you, my beautiful Steven, who brought us here across the time. You’re gonna be my slave for your entire life, although most people are not ready to accept this kind of lifestyle in the present-age.”
“Not many people, Danielle… but an increasing part of them! Today our web site has received dozens of requests again!”
Danielle and Kate’s current activity, worth a very wealthy life, was almost as bright as the time machine itself. Through the Internet, they offered submissive men the chance to realize their dream of a lifetime slavery. Wishful men were eager to pay thousand dollars for being time-transported beyond year 2500, when male slavery had been officially declared.
Danielle’s greatest fun was to send those men to the precise moment in which they had travelled back from Elizabeth’s kingdom.
“Maybe one day, after I’ll have sent her hundreds of new slaves, Elizabeth will forgive me” she used to say with a mocking smile. “Sometimes I even miss her world, especially the outdoor rides… But my life is here now. Steven will be mine forever not by law, but because he chooses to be my slave every single day. This is the real female supremacy!”


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  1. hoooo, i am very sad because this story ends here. i thought it is going to be continud. wonderful ponyboy story.


  2. Yes indeed !Great!Hopefully the author will begin a new one!Demanding mistresses whipping their slaves to exhaustion…Maybe in an amazon- like world ,or in ancient roman times or……..
    Many thanks so far and keep up your wonderful work!
    best regards

  3. One of the ponyboy story i found in net…

    Natasha was living with her old grandmother in a remote village. popuation was very low in this village.Her parents lived in foreign.
    They were very rich landlord and owned almost 50% land in the village . There was boundry wall all around the land.
    There were a number of orchards, they used to sell the crop of fruits every year.
    The area was big enough. her parents wanted her to go with them, but she liked the natural environment over here.
    Natasha is 25 yrs old and was healthy enough,must be near 78 kg.it was a hard task for her to make a visit to whole area on foot
    and looking after the whole land, but she had to do it.
    once a relative came to visit them,she was her aunt and came with a boy who was her son.The boy was looking strange, and acting as a fool.
    His height was only 4ft 5′”, but his body was strong according to his height. Her aunt told that he has some desease in
    which mental growth stops. his age was near 21 but was very dumb like an animal. his mind was just like any other animal.
    She told that she won’t able to lookafter him as they were poor enough to have his burden. she asked us to give him some work
    in our farms. Natasha didn’t wanted to keep him, but her grand mom insisted to be helpful, so she had to agree.

    Next morning Natasha asked him to gather some fruits from the garden, but he was useless, she tried a no. of other small tasks also,
    but he was worth nothing, as senseless as an animal.
    Next day Natasha had to visit other corner of her land ,must be 4 miles far. She was much tired, but had to go. She was wearing a tight pajama
    with a pink top. The pajama was revealing her pink tight panty, and fleshy buttocks. After going about half mile
    she notice that the boy was following her. She scold him but he kept on following like a dog.
    Natasha plucked a stick from a tree and frightened him with stick. He got very fearful and sat down on the ground fearing the hit of stick.
    Natasha understood that he was like an animal, and his mental ability was near an animal.
    She instantly had an idea that animals are used to serve human beings. Human can dominate them with power, so she could also dominate
    him. She thought to ride the boy so that she could sit comfortably like we ride ponies.
    She picked a firm cane stick from ground and whipped him with it. He cried and started to asking for mercy in some broken language.
    He could not speak like u and me, as he had not enough mind to learn. Natasha felt some pity but overcome the thoughts to avoid her
    journey on foot. She asked him to stand in front of her with his back towards her. He obeyed as she had the whip in hand. Natasha noticed
    that his shoulders were lower than her breasts. So she thought that if she bends him a bit she could mount him easily. He was trembling with fear.
    Didn’t know what was coming next for him
    Natasha pressed his shoulders with her hands , he bent due to her weight, she instantly mounted his neck but her feet were still on ground.
    She pulled her cotton belt and put it in his mouth like reins. She pulled the reins and his head touched her stomach. but he could not understand
    anything. Now Natasha whipped on his back twice and urged him to stand. He held he thighs and made it after some try. Now Natasha was on his shoulders
    and her feet were half meter above ground. She pulled the reins and whipped him in his back to run, he was suffering under her butts and at least 75-76 kg
    of weight. But to avoid a hit from stick he started a quick walk. it was a dream for Natasha. For the first time in her life someone was carrying her weight.
    Also his struggle under her weight was giving her a strange satisfaction. She began to feel horny. Now Natasha a was happy that there is an animal who will
    give her a ride and she won’t be tired anymore. The boy was walking slowly after half mile and was breathing heavily. She gave him 15 minutes of rest
    and again mounted him. He started at a nice pace to avoid the pain of whips. after another half mile he became slow and started breathing hard, Natasha
    was being late so she did not cared and cracked her whip to urge him to move fast. she kicked him with the heel of her sandal.
    He was working very hard and due to his small structure Natasha was sitting on his shoulders as well as a part of his neck. His neck was bending downward
    due to her weight on it, but she avoided it by pulling the reins upward. Her cunt was getting horny due to constant work of his neck bone under her.
    She wanted him to run much faster to have a heavenly feeling between her thighs.
    Natasha noticed a nail in the heel of her sandal. she adjusted the nail so that it was pointed towards back of heel. Suddenly she moved her legs forward
    and hit back with a strong kick above his thighs. The nail pierced his flesh and he felt a pain like never before. at the same time she beat the hell out of him with her whip. He started like a rocket. Natasha spoke” that’s why people use spurs to ride beasts. u animals u do not give your 100% until
    tortured properly. Natasha pulled her leather belt and threw the stick. She lashed him mercilessly all over his naked body, and kicked very hard
    with her nail in heels. He was running for his life and carrying a merciless girl , she didn’t give him any rest and made him run for 40minutes.
    She burst to a strong orgasm, his neck also got wet with the fluid, but the animal did not know what it was.
    After her such nice orgasm, she rode him to house. She was still riding while whipping him without any mercy. Her grandmother came out hearing the sound of whiplashes, and was surprised to see her riding such a small mount and so mercilessly. She asked her to show some mercy to the poor boy. But Natasha was in no mood to let her mount leave. She told her grad mom That he could live with them only if he serves her. and will be punished if he do not obey.
    She told that he had to earn his bread in her house and it was the only way left for him as he was
    no better than any other animal for her., and she knew how to tackle with animals.
    She told her grand mom that she did not wanted any more discussion on this matter.

    Thrn he put a collar around his neck and tied him to a pillar with a chain. She gave him food . She did not wanted her animal to waste energy while moving around without her rider on his shoulders.
    She went to market after having bath and buyed a pair if really sharp spurs, a small bit with reins,
    And a meter long coiled whip of leather.
    She was dreaming all night about the ride next morning. Next mornings she provided the boy with
    Some very healthy food, he enjoyed it, he could not realize that he was going to pay for it.
    After half an hour she came to untie him, she was wearing a transparent tight pajama but did not
    Wear any undergarment. Today she wanted to enjoy full. she also weared riding boots with the cruel spurs. She was having a coiled whip in her hand.
    As soon as she approached him, she lashed him on his back very-very sharply to let him taste the new whip, with a very cruel smile on her face. He had tears in his eyes. She untied him, put the new sharp bits in his mouth and tied the reins very tightly. Then she commanded him to do his duty. The poor animal had learned a lot last day, he immediately bent to put his neck under her cunt, picked her up and started running to avoid whipping. Natasha turned him towards a road which was almost 6 mile straight road. As soon as the road started, she whipped him on his back and at the same time dug both spurs in his ribs, He could not even scream due to such a pain and started running at top of his speed, but she wanted to go more faster, so she dug her spurs in the wounds she made yesterday with the nail in her sandal. He put his last energy and
    Was moving more faster, She kept him running at the same speed with the help of her riding tools. Due to constant rubbing of his neck against her pussy she got a wonderful orgasms after four miles of torture. He did not have courage to be slower as she constantly let him taste of her
    Spurs. She ride him for full hour . Then she came back to home and locked the chain, and told
    “You have to carry my sweet butts in the evening now, till than restore your energy”. She laughed
    With most cruel smile and went to take rest.
    He had to wait to be tortured again under her weight .

    To be continued……………………………………

  4. Can I be a ponygirl in this world…? Please? ~SD

  5. This is still, after several years, the best single story of a whole society based on Femdom Horse and Pony slavery for ALL men. please write a sequel.

  6. I am a male, and I want to live in this society,

  7. Hey please write a sequel….very much needed..:) it was an awesome story


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