February 12, 2018

Human Stirrups

Nothing beats the practicality of a Shoulder Ride, which turns the human pony into an actual means of transportation. But what about the Rider’s feet?

Tucked behind the pony’s back may be the most common solution, but it can get uncomfortable for the Rider after a while. Just hanging in front? Same thing, and it also increases the pressure on the pony’s neck. Some motivated ponies may even wear actual stirrups.

Personally, I am a fan of the “Human Stirrups”: placing my hands beneath my Rider’s feet, sustaining their weight at the height that she prefers, and of course leaving her free to move them back and forth whenever she wants to kick me. It’s comfortable and empowering for the Rider, and it’s a great form of dedication and submission for the human pony.

In this animated photo by Club Stiletto, the Rider looks extremely comfortable. And she is so confident in her steed that she rides barefoot, without even contemplating the possibility of having to dismount.

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