“Nope, sorry boss. It’s my wedding anniversary today, so I’m going home. I’ll finish that report tomorrow.” Some female eyes were lifted from the monitors as he walked along the corridor and entered the elevator: angel face and athletic body, clearly visible even under the business suit, Steven was very popular among his colleagues, and […]

Elise thought she had never desired a hot bath so much. Fully relaxed in the soapy water, she felt the exhaustion of those last days flowing off her beautiful body. She looked at her handsome pack animal: Steven was humbly positioned on hands and knees beside the bathtub, waiting for her. Elise had ridden him […]

“I’m going to be late, as this rickshaw is slower than the ones I’m used to ride!” Danielle whipped Steven again. “Kate, I expect you to come and pick up me at 5:30 in the afternoon. Have a good day!” she said a few minutes later, passing her the bridles and disappearing through the College […]

Danielle couldn’t figure out the reason of her recent sadness. Her 18th birthday had just been celebrated with a great party. She had a wealthy life at Court, her beloved Steven and many other slaves were at her beck and call, Elizabeth was an expert and irresistible lover. The duties she had as ancilla were […]

Steven quickly learned how to recognize who was riding him, even if blind: tradition wanted slaves to stay constantly naked, four legged, saddled and with their eyes covered by a bandage in the harem. They were allowed to see only when ridden on shoulders, in the outdoors. Elizabeth weighed about 140 lbs, had soft and […]

The ancillas had a look out of the palanquin curtains to check the situation: now they were quite far from the battlefield and no further chasers could be spotted, but the men’s army was surely going to win, because more than double in number: that attack had been an unexpected tragedy. And their only hope […]

Danielle and some classmates were having lunch in the campus, enjoying the fresh September air. Each girl was sitting on her slave’s back… including Monica, who had finally turned 21! Monica’s new slave was devoted and well trained, but small and weak compared to Steven and other first-choice ‘products’. Her mother had chosen the minimum […]